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Friday Favorites

Cascade ActionPacs with Gain Dishwasher Detergent


Okay, so it’s no secret that I’m pretty frugal.

I’m not the Duggars, but I’m not the Kardashians either (um, for reasons other than just my frugality smile).

Putting aside the time when we were in Kuwait when I bought some “name brand” Arabic brand, I have totally skimped on dish washing detergent and purchased the generic brand or a lesser “name brand.”

And all these years I’ve complained about our dishes being spotty or having to be rewashed.

HELLO- that’s not a money saver!

So I finally decided to give Cascade, you know the company that has been doing dishes FOR YEARS, a shot.

I may be frugal, but I also believe there are some things you should spend money on- such as (to name a few) name brand peanut butter, toilet paper, and now dish tabs.

I’m officially a believer and annoyed that I didn’t break down and do it years ago. No spottiness, no dishes that need to be rewashed.

Plus the smell is lovely (I love Gain!) and my dishwasher is sparkly.

So yeah- these are a winner.

Downy Unstoppables


Man, oh man. Even frugal people like to “splurge” a little right?


Are totally worth the $5 I paid for the trial size, and I will definitely be buying the full size next time.

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry? I love putting on clean clothes and being able to smell their just washed goodness.

These Unstoppables do that, times 3.

I just dump half a cap full (sometimes more or less depending on my load) into my washer and wash with my normal detergent and fabric softener, and my clothes come out smelling amazing!

My Walmart only had one trial size available when I bought it, so I ended up with the Shimmer scent. There are several fragrances, and I am going to give another one a shot next time.

Seriously- give these a try.

These mashed sweet potatoes

It’s not even thanksgiving and they may be the death of me.


The weekend before short weeks
Why do I feel like Monday might not be so bad? smile

This Picture

Will is letting his beard get thick for No Shave November (it’s so full, right!?). I love the contrast of his beard with Lucy’s fluffy whiteness.


This Song.

So beyond my comprehension in its power, I almost can’t take it. So, so beautiful. The live version from Red Rock is my favorite but I couldn’t find it on their channel.

Okay- your turn, what are some of your favorites this week!?

Yay! Favorite posts are the best. And the smell of Gain is the best! I am constantly smelling my clothes because if it.
My awesome find- $3 e.l.f. lip exfoliator at Target. It is life changing. Or at least lip-changing.

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