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February Ipsy Review!

It’s time for another Ipsy review!


As usual, this bag was loaded with full size goodies and I loved almost everything!


(remember my spoiler last week?)

In fact, let’s just get that bad boy out of the way first so as not to complete ruin the integrity of the entire bag. That way we end on a good note!

So yeah… another set of JCat Beauty eyelashes.

Feb Ipsy!

Another set. you know, because I totally sport freakishly long hair phalanges at work each day. (haha).

Obviously I would need a new set.


Speaking of- I think it would be hilarious to do a video of me attempting to put these elongated treasures of eye hair on.


And sad.

As mentioned last week, my questionnaire is straight vanilla. No adventure. Just simple and plain. Do you think they’re trying to loosen this 30 year old grandma up a little?


That has to be it.

So yeah, eyelashes. Again.

Let’s move on to the good stuff now!

Because the rest of the bag was splendid!

Check out this beautiful Pop Beauty lip gloss in Fuschia Freesia.

Feb Ipsy!

It’s no surprise that I’ve been wearing it practically every single day (um, interchangeably with the colors I’m trying to use up.)

I’ve liked every product I’ve received from Pop Beauty, and this was no different. It’s lightweight and is super glossy.

And gorgeous bright pink.


I also got this pretty full-size Zoya nail polish in Odette.

Feb Ipsy!

I’ve gotten a few Zoya nail polishes with Ipsy, and they’ve all had staying power and also dry quickly which I appreciate. I’m giving away the blue color I got as part of my giveaway, and even though I think this color is pretty, I am going to add it to the stack too. Yay for a full-size, pretty polish!


I also got this lovely smelling Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter.


I pretty much love everything they make, and this was just like the others. It smells fantasic and does wonders for dry skin. I’m definitely going to bring this up to the office and use it when I need a mental vacation. smile

Finally, I got this full size Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One in Spiced Rum.

Feb Ipsy!


I so so so like this stuff. It’s great!

So, confession. When I first pulled it out, I thought it was a bronze-y lip gloss. I mean, look. It came with a wand.

Feb Ipsy!

So yeah, thankfully I read and realized it was way better than that! It’s a stay-put all day wear cream eye shadow.  If you’re in the market for something like this, I would definitely recommend this Tini Beauty eyeshadow. I figured when I put it on my lid, it would crease and look funny, but it dried super- fast and didn’t bleed into the crease at all. Look! 


Definitely a great buy.

So that’s my bag! A win overall, with one dud.

Here’s a look at the cost breakout:

JCats False Eyelashes & Glue- $3.99

Plump Pout Mini in Fuschia Freesia-. $16

Zoya Nail Polish in Odette- $9

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava travel size Body Butter-$4.50

Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One in Spiced Rum- $18!

My bag totaled $51.49 and was only a $10 investment. Even if you subtract the $3.99 for the eyelashes, it’s still a great deal in my book because I really like everything else. Win!

So there you have it. Check out my past Ipsy bags:

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Stay tuned for a birthday celebration, and also check in for a video IF recap! I’m not sure which will get posted on Friday and which one will be on Saturday, so it will be a surprise for both of <3

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fake eyelashes are way too advanced for my skill level. I got the same color Zoya and like it. Haven’t tried the eye stuff yet, but mine is a more purple color.

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