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Crossing the Red River

That’s right, my friends. Today I’ll be crossing the Red River into Longhorn country.

It’s time for the (not so annual) annual BTS weekend!

I met Sarah while vacationing back home in 2006 and we had a really fun day full of lunch and facials!

Last year Sarah, Theresa, and I were united in Texas for a weekend of fun which included a Rodeo, shopping, and relaxing (and it was a that point I was certain I wasn’t chatting online with hairy sweaty fossils with Dorito crumbs stuck in between their neck fat).

This year is gearing up to be lots of the same- fun friends, fun memories, and fun plans.

To think we all met on the nest is always so crazy to me.

Here’s to another weekend of fun.

More to come.


Yay!  Have a fun weekend smile

Posted by Angela  on  03/07  at  12:46 AM

Have fun!!

Posted by Jesspond  on  03/07  at  03:38 AM

Have a great time!!

Posted by  on  03/07  at  04:27 AM
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