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Cleaned Up Fried Rice

I had an insatiable craving for fried rice last week.

So random, and I’m not sure why!

All I knew was, darnit, I needed fried rice.

However, these days the thought of restaurant fried rice sort of lets me down. Sure it’s delicious, but it’s loaded with junk I don’t need or want to eat.

So I set out to make my own cleaned up version to satisfy the beast within. smile This is a spinoff I tried from the Skinny Taste blog, which is also yummy, however I wanted to change it up a bit.

I have to tell you this before we get any further- Will LOVED this recipe, which made me very happy!

I love that boy, but he is addicted to fast food.

He likes my cooking just “fine” (after all, it’s healthy cooking and not greasy burgers and pizza), but when he asked for it again this weekend? I knew it was something I would keep in our rotation.

This recipe makes 4 big servings.

To help save some time, I cooked up two cups of brown rice the night before so I could get dinner on the table (:cough: or in front of the TV) faster.

That morning I tossed two chicken breasts in the crockpot along with some soy sauce, chili flakes, and covered with water to cook all day.

That way all I had to do was remove them, shred them up and they would be ready for Will’s portions.

So I got home from work and had the hard work already done. Now all I had to do was some chopping and stirring!

I made two separate portions since I did not want any egg in mine. The amounts of food, however, are for all four servings.

I started with three chopped jalapenos


Added two chopped green peppers.


Added about half a cup of shelled edamame.


Added a bunch of chopped scallions (I just take a big bunch and cut them over the pot with cooking shears. So much faster.)


Decided it was looking a little too green. smile

Added two hefty handfuls of shredded carrots.


Got lazy and tossed in 3 cups of frozen broccoli


And then it was time to cook! I cooked it with about half a teaspoon of coconut oil for each pan, but you may want to use more or not at all depending on your tastes. I added reduced sodium soy sauce to both, which again is to taste. I cooked everything over medium heat.

About halfway through I tossed in the rice and added more soy sauce.

While everything was cooking down, I shredded the chicken so it would be ready to add to Will’s portion.


I then added three small eggs to Will’s pan, and then began to fold and scramble them into them into the rest of the mix.


Almost there!

I added chicken to Will’s, tofu to mine, and added a little more reduced sodium soy sauce to both pans.

And then it was time to eat!

Here’s a picture of mine, all done (minus the tofu).


This made a big portion for each of us for that night, as well as the next. It made giant portions for Will since he had eggs and chicken in his too, so it could easily be divided even more.

It was a little higher in calories and sodium than I might have liked, but definitely much healthier than the alternative.

And definitely satisfied the craving!

Here’s to a healthy rest of the week! 

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