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April 2014 Ipsy Review


I’m super excited about this month’s bag, and can’t wait to share it with you today!

I thought everything was fantastic.

Let’s dive in!

Here’s the bag it all came in:



Moving on.

The people at Ipsy obviously know I’m ghastly and offensively pale, so they were kind enough to send me a sample sized St. Tropez gradual face tanner.


Thanks guys. No really, thank you.

This stuff is great. I don’t think I would buy a full size of it since I can get something comparable at the drug store, but I was excited to get and use it.

Next, I got this Dr.Brandt sample sized microdermabrasion tube.


I use the Mary Kay microdermabrasion treatment twice a week, so I know how great microdermabrasion is. I was happy to give something else a shot to see how it compares.

This brand was pretty much identical to my Mary Kay version, however it had an invigorating citrus scent that I seriously enjoyed. Definitely a treat.

Next, I got this sample size a Urban Decay black eyeliner.



I realize Urban Decay is extremely popular, but I don’t own any of their products. I was pretty excited to see this in my bag!

I really liked how this eyeliner went on. It was so smooth and easy to apply. I can’t wait to use this stuff up.

I also got this super pretty and shimmery neutral Elizabeth Mott Pop Goes the Shadow in champagne.

It’s so beautiful!


It creased by the end of the day, but it might have been my moisturizer. I have to give it another shot because I’m not yet convinced it’s the shadow.

Last, and definitely not least, look who decided to join in on the Ipsy fun!

That’s right! My beloved Mary Kay is in on the action! I was so excited to see their product in this bag. With all the noise of hundreds of brands, it can be hard to stand out. It’s great Mary Kay is thinking outside the box and making partnerships like these.

I got the Mary Kay at play gloss in berry me. It’s super glossy with a touch of color. Obviously I’m biased when I say I love his stuff, but I seriously do. smile



So let’s take a look at the cost breakout.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion- $9.78 for sample size
Pop goes the shadow- $12.99
Urban Decay Eyeliner- Approx $15 (3/4 of the liner)
St. Tropez tanner-.5 oz for $11
Mary Kay at Play gloss- $10

Pretty great for my $10 investment, especially since I liked everything!

Check in next month for May’s review!

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