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A Quick Trip to Greece

I am picturing myself somewhere beautiful and mild. Not too hot, not to cold.

Somewhere perfect.

Beautiful black sand beach,

Gorgeous, crisp white houses with ocean-blue roofs.

The smell of the sea.

Ah Santorini.

My sister and I visited during our cruise extravaganza in 2008, and it was so lovely.

We toured the city, walked the beach, and then ended up finding a fun little restaurant by the water that served all sorts of yummy food.

And the thought of the Mediterranean brings back good memories to my heart.

Especially on days and weeks when I am struggling.

And I am struggling a little right now, friends!

Sequestration could definitely have a major impact on my job, and it has been weighing heavily on me for weeks.

Maybe we will talk about this later?

Today, however, is about being whisked away to somewhere we love.

And since we have to go to work today and can’t just jump on a plane to Greece- let’s at least enjoy a relaxing lunch that takes us there!

I’ll bring the blanket, you bring the wine, and we will have a picnic in our offices.

Good plan!

But first- we have to make lunch!

Tabouli is on the menu today.

It is often made with bulgur, but I want to punch up the protein so I made it with quinoa.

In my rice cooker.

Which I love.

But we have already talked about that recently.

Anyhow- I made a package of quinoa and let it cool.

Meanwhile, I mixed the following:

-Juice from one lemon
- 1 heaping TBSP minced garlic


-2 tsp Dijon mustard


-2 TBSP white wine vinegar
-1/4 cup olive oil


-Salt & pepper to taste

Then I diced a large cucumber


and halved a pint of cherry tomatoes.



I then chopped up four scallions, a big handful of parsley, and about half a cup of fresh mint and tossed it into the cooled quinoa.


Then mix!


I would usually add in the veggies and dressing too, but since I am eating this for the whole week I didn’t want my quinoa to get mushy.

For that reason, I kept everything seperate and will assemble the night before each work day.

We are ready to eat!

Since I am making this last all week, I decided to make it more “Arab-style” by having it as a “mezze,” which means served with lettuce (or in our case- spinach). I topped my spinach with the tabouli and also added some tofu.


Protein, fiber, and fat all in one complete meal.

Now all we need is the perfect day and a serene beach.

More to come…

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