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All Aboard the SS Chaos

Hi friends!

I thought it only right to post as often as I can while I’m on vacation.

To do that, it requires me looking a bit into the future, and since I’m so much like Phoebe (read last post) I’m channeling the future so that I can keep you ladies up to date on all the fun and exciting things going on while I’m on the cruise!


Here we go.

Today is 4 August. That means I’m somewhere in the air by now. I bid Will farewell and feel all nervous in my stomach. He always takes care of me. He gets us from Point A to Point B, and I suddenly find myself lonley as I approach Point A 1/2. Do I have my passport? Check. Boarding Pass? Check. Carry on?

Carry on?

Carry on!?

(it’s here where I start to sweat and majorly panic- which only makes things worse)

Ah- carry on. Right behind me.

I get on all my connecting flights with ease in a rushed panic, but nonetheless, I’m on the plane.

Knowing my luck I got a great comfy aisle seat on the short trip to Atlanta, but a tight cramped middle seat on the 50 hour flight to Rome. I’m sure I got a talker too. Someone that can’t wait to share their life story and fascination with cheese.

I don’t even have to look into the future to tell you that’s probably what will happen to me.

I’m sure I eat the airplane food, which makes me think of Will because we always trade each other for the airplane food we can tolerate.

He gets my roll, I get his salad. He gets my cheese, I get his dessert.

I sigh, eat my roll, and miss Will.

How am I going to last 21 days??

As I take a Tylenol PM and call it a night I think about the day ahead, and once again that nervous feeling enters my stomach. I thought today was bad? Ha. Try attempting to find your tiny baby sister in the Rome airport with no cell phone or clear guidance as to where she’ll be.

At this point, I pray the Tylenol kicks in. Sigh, and go to sleep. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure.


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