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2012 Review & A Look Ahead

Happy New Year’s Eve friends!

I cannot believe we are about to embark on 2013.

While I definitely love my lists, one list I rarely make is a new year’s resolution list. Sure, over the course of my life I have done it here and there. However, I tend to come from the school of that that- if I wasn’t willing to make a change today, why would January 1 make it stick? But that’s just me. I know a lot of people that make and stick to them, which I greatly admire. Different strokes for different folks!

Anyhow, today I want to take a few minutes to highlight some of the things that stood out in 2012, and do a quick Get My Butt in Gear wrap up. AND (as if that wasn’t enough!) I want to take some time to look ahead to 2013.  Ready? Let’s go!

-Back to school after break. :(
-Had THREE cavities- yikes!
-Decided to take a 30 day no meat and reduced animal product challenge (little did I know how it would stick!).

-Served as a juror for the very first time! Thankfully it only lasted a couple days!
-Went to Patrick AFB for work and took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather!
Cocoa beach

-Did another 30 day vegan challenge and decided to adopt it as my primary diet.

-Will and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.

-I turned 29. And wanted to cry. :(
13 April 12

Went to the red and white game (as usual!), and this time my dad joined us.
RnW 12

-Looked for a bigger moon, couldn’t find it

-Spent Memorial Day weekend with my sister and made art for Layla.
Art for Layla!

-We also went to the OU big 12 baseball game. 
Ou baseball!

-Will started a new job! Definitely a good day for us.
-I also went to Boston (again) for work.

-Had a surprise baby shower for P!
Surprise shower!

-The best month this year! P’s Layla bug was born!

Such an awesome day.

I remember going to the hospital at like 2 the morning of the 5th that it was time.

I will always cherish walking up and down the hall with my sister, hding her hand, as she had contractions and we timed them on her phone.

I will never forget when it was finally time for Layla to arrive, and seeing the miracle of her birth.


Words like awesome and amazing should be reserved for days like that, because that is what that day simply was.


Finished off the month having Will’s parents spend the night with us and celebrating Will’s 32nd birthday at Mickey Mantles for dinner.

-Had the longest weekend ever on the weekend of the 4th and 5th for my comprehensive final exam.

30 hours,

25 pages,

and a pop topic.

Nothing but sheer pain.

But after that I was DONE WITH SCHOOL!!
School is over!

Went to The Stone Lion Inn with my parents for a murder mystery weekend. Had heaps of fun- and Will was the killer! And my mom was the one who died!
Stone Lion Inn

-Kicked off OU football season, and even took a trip back home to our stomping grounds for our school rivalry game. My team won!
OU Kansas St

-OU-Texas weekend! And a victory.
Unhook Em

I also celebrated P’s first Halloween with Layla. Cutest bunny I’ve ever seen!


-Spent the night with Will’s grandparents and had a nice Thanksgiving at their place with Will’s family the following day.
Blove Thanksgiving 2012

Enjoyed round two with my family the day after!

Wrapped up football season, on a very cold day!
Chilly Willy OU-OSU

-Had a string of layoffs at work :(
-Went to Will’s Christmas party.
Christmas Party 2012

-Enjoyed Christmas eve with my family! Had a white Christmas and had to postpone Christmas with Will’s family.

What a year!

I’m glad I took time to do that.

That crap?

It’s more for me than it is for you. In fact, this was a very time consuming and annoying post! But when I am 85 and old, I hope I will actually be able to look on this silly blog one day and remember some of those memories!

So a 2012 recap would not be complete without taking some time to assess my Get Your Butt in Gear results!

I think my weekly challenges to myself were incredibly beneficial in my ability to set a goal and stick to it on a weekly basis. Long-term fitness goals are great, but I think short-term goals are equally important. The weekly accountability of publicly setting a goal and having to report back most definitely kept me on track better than if I just sent it myself and didn’t have someone checking in with me. In fact, even though I am wrapping the challenge to myself up, I still think I might devote the end of my Monday posts to set some goals just for myself.

Alright! Onward to 2013!

Like I said, I don’t really have any resolutions, per say. However, I just want to continue and improve what I’ve already started.

I want to know God more and really seek him. I throw that around so much, but the more I read and learn, the more I feel like I barely know him. I want to really know him in this year.

I want to be a better wife, family member, and friend. I want to make time for people I care about most

I want to continue to further my healthy lifestyle in eating and working out. I want to challenge myself and learn more.

I want to contemplate my career future more. I want to finally realize I’m not that girl in Kuwait learning her way and acknowledge that I am older, wiser, know what the heck I am doing, and am worth it.

I want to be okay with turning 30. Hopefully I will be- because it is coming whether I am ready or not!

I also want to start today, because that is what I am guaranteed. Hopefully you will do the same. Happy new year, and here’s to 2013. 

Great post! It looks like you had an awesome year. I just did the same thing on my blog smile I haven’t really set any goals for this year yet, not sure if I will. But I LOVE the weekly goal idea that you have. I think i like that better than setting a specific goal to accomplish this year. It’s easier to think short term...Happy new year!!!

Posted by Audrey  on  01/01  at  12:11 AM

What a year!  Do you realize how much you did and accomplished and witnessed?  Wow!  I know 2013 will be just as exciting for you.  And I have no doubt you will again accomplish many of your resolutions smile

Posted by  on  01/01  at  04:40 AM
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