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There’s nothing like getting real mail.

Real, tangible mail.

The envelope is all worn from travel, and it’s so exciting to see your name on the front. Someone took time to put something in an envelope, address it, stand in line at the post office (which deserves its own post!) and mail something especially for you.

Getting mail is a special thing that I have to believe doesn’t happen as often as it used to. So often we’re glued to the computer. Hallmark E-cards have replaced the fun of physically opening one and seeing the handwritten message inside. Short little mass emails to everyone have replaced the intimate and intricate details one person writes to another.

I am the guiltiest of all regarding this topic.

Every single bit of my communication is through the computer. I am forced to handwrite Will’s grandparents only because they don’t want to join the new advancing world like most people their age (though I can’t blame them! I would miss the simplicity of life too.), but other than that (and like 1 card to my super friend Jamie!), I am a typer. That is how I keep in touch.

Isn’t that sort of sad? I mean, in some ways it’s great because you are able to immediately communicate with people and no longer have to wait for weeks for old news to arrive. However, it’s sad because I’ve gotten lazy! Getting mail is so much fun. How often do we get “real” mail? Will and I get bills and sports magazines and not much more. Getting a letter is such a fun surprise.

Have I rambled enough?

I guess I should get to the point.

Today I got the best surprise. Sweet and thoughtful African Kelli included me in her Calculated Acts of Kindness project. Now, I should tell you, this is what she is doing for lent and I’m not trying to draw lots of attention because I know Lent isn’t about “Wow! Look at what this person is doing for Lent!” but I was just so very blessed by her act that I had to write. I can’t even begin to tell you the elation I felt when I saw a cute little package arrive especially for me. It was such a day brightener.

I had a long morning and-as I have been doing a lot lately- was thinking about home. The sweet Indian mail deliverer came in with his usual smile and heavy accented, “Good morning!” I always smile when he comes in the office. “I’ve got some mail for you,” he says, sounding like the Indian convenience store attendant from the Simpsons. I took the package and contemplated opening it at work or at home. Because I have no willpower- and because I actually received mail that wasn’t one of Will’s sports magazines or wasn’t in the form of the AOL guy telling me I had mail- I was a little excited! I opened the package and totally smiled. I guess that is the point of doing something like this, but it’s so nice to actually experience it- especially on a homesick day!

Inside, I found an adorable apple apron she made (Yes, this woman will take Martha’s place whenever she retires), a Spring mix cd full of songs (which I’m sure is great and I can’t wait to listen to!), a Hershey’s king size almond candy bar wrapped in her own super cute adorable wrapping (I need to be creative like this!), and a sweet homemade card. It was the most fun surprise!

She went to a lot of work to mail all these packages for people. I imagine doing this every week for Lent took a lot of time and energy and I just want to share how it has totally inspired me to bless people like she blessed me!Remember Pay it Forward? It’s so true. Whether you realize it or not, when someone totally makes you feel special you so want to do the same thing for someone else so they feel that way too!

So, I keep looking over at my little package and smiling because first of all it made my boring “I Want to Go Back to America” day much brighter. Secondly, because I can’t wait to listen to the mix cd. Finally, because I ate half the 410 calorie candy bar and am totally mad at myself and am seriously considering just screwing it and finishing the entire thing (which hopefully I will not do!) and simply blaming it on PMS.

So, now I want to pay it forward. I’ll have to think of how I can do that. I hope some of Kelli’s other recipients feel the same way and we all just pass on our little warm fuzzy for someone else so they can feel the happiness of a little surprise the way we did! How can I do this? I really need to think. Here are just a few things I came up with:

*Bring some of the Eastern workers cookies.

*Buy lunch for the person behind me without saying anything.

*Buy the guards doughnuts (hmm, notice how all of these ideas entail food… what does that say about me??)

*Send my own little CAOK gift to someone. Unfortunately I’m not domestically blessed, but I bet I could think of something fun.

So anyway, I think I might go home and repost this with a picture of me and my cute apron just to show off A.K’s great creative goddess abilities.

Okay, Okay…So do I want to continue to ooooh and ahhh over my pretty parcel?


Do I realize you want to vomit by now?


Will I stop talking now?


Thanks for letting me dote, and I’m sorry for going on and on (it annoys me when people do that) but it is lonely here and I feel out of place most of the time, so in my Kuwait life, little blessings aren’t so little. Does that make sense? I hope so.

I pray I am able to be a blessing to someone the way Kelli was to me- and I pray you are a blessing too

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