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Biography Fiasco

I think everything I wrote yesterday was setting me up for a huge “jinx” today. smile I was just asking for a crazy day yesterday… well I’m getting what I deserve. smile I’m intering at the hospital this semester so I’ll be able to see what it’s like to have a “real job” in PR as opposed to what I’m told in class. Well, this whole semester I’ve been tasked with writing 15 biographies for the hospital’s foundation cookbook.The bios are due next week. I was rolling through them thinking, “This is great! I will be done early!” Well I was over halfway done when I got an updated list of the names the foundation had decided they wanted for the cookbook. I only had 5 of the ones listed. So today it’s back to the drawing board of researching people and making phone calls to interview local Oklahomans. Such a mess. I have had little success with some of the people. The creator of Strawberry Shortcake apparently lives here in southwest Oklahoma- did you know there is absolutely nothing on the internet about the show’s creator?? smile With the multitude of information on the internet I thought I’d have some success… but no. I guess I am truly learning about deadlines and sucking it up and getting it done no matter what roadblocks I run into.

Today is our long day. We have our Wednesday night youth service at 6:30. Almost all of her kids come from very underprivileged homes, so we have to pick them all up and take them all home.That job in itself can be tiresome.Luckily we have two vans now, so we can split up the route. 15 teenagers in one small van… I have a lot of stories I could tell. This job has truly been a challenge for us. It is a labor of love, one that requires a lot of giving with little getting. This job has truly made us so thankful for the parents we have and the love and support we have gotten from them over the years. The majority of our kids come from broken homes that are full of such terrible things, and the fact that they choose on their own to come to church-without their parents making them has been such an encouragement. It makes for a long evening, but if one student catches what Will says, it is worth it. I am really looking forward to Will’s message tonight. He is such a gifted speaker. He is so good with relating to students and coming up with stories and examples and analogies off the cuff. I just look at him in amazement. I learn so much from the way he relates to our students.

Better get back to my research!

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