Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks

because sometimes, i just feel like posting on a saturday


It’s Saturday. Why am I posting?

There are a lot of times when I’m working on content for my blog when I just sort of don’t feel like writing.

It feels too scripted, too structured. On those days (like this one), I just sort of want to ramble.

Is that okay? Can I just ramble a little today?

Actually, I’m sorry to say you don’t get a vote in here.

I’m rambling, it’s happening.

In fact, when I go back and look at my posts throughout the years, some of my favorite were the ones I sat down to write having absolutely zero direction. They were long, wordy, and slightly overkill, but they always (um, well mostly) came back full circle.

Let’s hope that happens today.

Ha, who am I kidding? I’m 30. Of course I can wrap this package up all nicely with a clear underlying message.

Actually, I’m lying.

So I’m camped out on the couch half watching the Colts game with Will, but mostly posting the post you’re reading right this second.

It’s already the end of my first weekend day, and I’m looking at my to do list wondering what the heck happened.

Because the answer is nothing. Nothing happened.

Remember those January Blues?

Let’s blame those.

And it’s not like I had a huge to-do list this weekend, either.

I just simply decided to go on strike, and oddly enough? I’m only hurting myself.

Haha- please tell me you just heard your mom’s voice In your head when I said that?

I would tell you some of the stuff I put off, but I figure I better leave something to discuss Monday. Teaser!

I can’t even blame my lack of motivation on the cold weather. That’s not here until Monday!

So are some of you guys hunkered down in the miserable cold that is crossing the country? Please tell me you’re wearing fuzzy socks, parked on the couch, and watching a movie, reading, or painting your nails.

Even if you’re not, can you please say you did? My ego can’t handle how productive you’ve been this weekend.


Can we please talk about how my blog readership skyrocketed the last couple months? Hey, it’s neither here nor there that the majority of those visitors were courtesy of spam out of China, but hey- perhaps they value my workouts or vegan friendly recipes?

Probably not.

Or let’s talk about how sad I am Will is going to be now that college football is basically over? Thankfully we still have a few weeks of pro football left, but seriously? It’s like a funeral around here come February.

Thankfully we have the Thunder now to help band-aid poor Will’s sad football withdrawals.

Oh, and we also have a trip to plan too! The problem is that this trip is sort of on me this time.

I secretly like when Will makes most of the decisions, but this time? The decision is all mine.

We don’t want to make this trip a major vacation, but rather a trip where we can get away and relax but do it economically.

For that reason, I’m sort of leaning toward a cruise or all-inclusive package.

What do you guys think?

Will and I have never done an all-inclusive aside from our Honeymoon, but it was in the Poconos and I’m thinking this trip would be more beachy. I’ve been on a few cruises, but Will never has, so that’s another option too.

I wonder how he would do stuck on a boat for a few days, but then I realize I can waltz him to the lido deck and stick him in front of the ice cream machine, and God love him I know my love will be just fine.

I’ve asked around to a few people who have done both multiple times, and they say for this type of trip we ought to do an all-inclusive. Plus it’s our 10th anniversary this year and an all-inclusive is more adult friendly. Relaxing, quiet, less “stuff.”

I don’t know! I sure do love cruises… okay- you get to weigh in. what do you think? Oooor- is there a better option?

Sheesh, I hope you say no. I can’t do more options!

Okay…rambling getting long and now I feel like I should save some of these “gems” of conversation points for my “real” blog posts.

Okay, not true. But I do feel like I should be getting those darn things ready today!

Let’s do that.  Ramble over (for now).

What are you doing this weekend?

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