Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks

Because I Care.

I mentioned the real Brittny’s Boot Camp last week.

It is still very real, and still in full effect.

However, the truth is, I miss you guys.

I can’t help but feeling that, although our Spring into Summer plan is done, I still owe it to you to give you some kick butt workouts all.the.time.

Because I care.

So I wanted to take today to do just that.

And, um, maybe it’s just me, but when I’m reading a workout magazine and they’re trying to explain how to do a certain complicated-looking move with stupid little “A” and “B” photos… well, it’s just hard! I end up wrapped up in a pretzel trying to unwind myself.

For that reason, I decided to do today’s workout in a video.

That way there’s no scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck to do with your right arm or your sweaty left thigh.

Because you’ll be able to see.

Seems simple enough, yes?


All you need is a set of 5 lb weights.

I intended to take this workout to the backyard. However, due to the ridiculous heat each evening I got home, it wasn’t realistic. 

Plus I had to have someone video me doing it, and felt guilty having them suffer and sweat all over themselves while taping me.

I’m clearly a terrible drill sergeant sometimes. smile

Anyway, this is a two part workout post. I’m sharing the indoor version today, but will be posting a modified outdoor version soon.

So be on the lookout!

I walked us through slow, but we definitely need push through and do it fast when we do it “for real” to really sweat and get the most bang for our buck.

No go do this darn workout I made for us and let’s Brittny Boot Camp it up.

15 Weighted Straight Arm Jumping jacks
15 Weighted Pushups
15 Weighted Stance Jacks
15 Weighted Jump Squats
20 Weighted 80s Crunches
15 Weighted Triceps Dips
15 Weighted Pop Squats
20 Plank Rows

Repeat 3 times.

Oh and sorry for the silly “no brainer” comment about keeping our AC down! I meant up haha. Silliness smile It is part of a program we joined to minimize electricity during peak hours. I’ve now decided no exercising during that time! Haha

More to come!

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