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Back to Work: Beating the Post-Christmas Blues

It’s Thursday and I headed back to work today. Sadly, I had to work on and off most of this week, so it wasn’t much of a break. :(

The decent thing was that I was at least able to be home while I was doing it.

Something about heading back to work after New Years is depressing.

Anyone else?

It’s more than just the end of the weekend blues, it is a true sadness. For one, Christmas, my favorite time of the year is over. And two- I have no scheduled company holidays until Memorial Day.

Memorial Day!

Granted, that is the next scheduled day, which means I could use a vacation day beforehand, yet just knowing the next company holiday isn’t until May is even more of a bummer.

Not only that, but work has been a bit of a bummer lately, making it a little worse.

You know what’s funny? Pretty much during the entire 3 years in Kuwait I almost always talked about work- all the time! Yet we’ve been back going on 5 years now, and I rarely talk about it these days.

There are lots of reasons, I will not bore you with. However, I thought this post would be helpful not only to me- but maybe some of you who are also suffering from your post-Chrstimas, back to work blues too.

In additional to physical and spiritual health, I also think you have to take care of your mental health- and work is a place that can drive some of us crazy! So here is my plan for the next few weeks to help keep my spirits up as I get over the back to work blues.

As simple as it sounds, that my number one go-to way to stay focused. To pray and surrender each day to God.

There have been days when I have felt downright lousy walking through the doors to my office, and I don’t want to be that way. I want to be thankful for what I have right now and prayerful that I will focus on the joy I have in Christ and reflect that to others regardless of all going on around me.

2.Be expectant
In addition to being prayerful, I want to be expectant.

In fact, I have already taken some steps of faith based on this notion. I want to trust that God is bigger than me, and big enough to take care of me, and I am going to do what I can but also wait expecting God to move.

3.Plan something

Just make a date to look forward to.

Whether it’s lunch with friends, a date with your husband, a trip to the mall, or a trip to somewhere cool- just freaking have something to get excited about and to help you get through tough days.

I don’t have that planned yet, but you better believe I am already thinking about it! Ha, and thinking about the possibilties alone keeps me positive.

4.Focus on what’s important
Let’s not forget most of us have jobs because we have to.

Right now Will and I really want to refinance our house. With the extra money it will help us finally be able to begin paying off our one last piece of debt other than our house.  When I think about refinancing the house and paying off our debt I am reminded of Dave Ramsey’s “gazelle intensity” and feel refocused about working to live instead of living to work (which is all too often what I do these days).

5.Plan a day off
Just one day!

I am so bad about doing this. So much, in fact, that I am constantly in “use or lose time” because my hours accrue too much. Toward the end of last year, I made a point to start taking care of myself and stop letting my vacation stack up to the point where I was going to lose days. It’s not worth it. I haven’t decided when my next day off will be, but it will most definitely be before Memorial Day!

6.Spruce up the place.
We are at work SO LONG each day.

Don’t even stop to think about how it adds up over a lifetime, because it’s depressing when you do.

Anyway, since we are at work so much we might as well make our environment a little friendlier and more personalized, right? Would I rather come to work and stare at a cold, white wall, or pictures of good memories? Duh.

7.Get up and around.
Sitting at my desk all day is a drag as it is (hello sedentary lifestyle!), so I try to get up and do a walkabout every hour or so. It keeps me feeling refreshed and positive.

So that’s my plan for making it through the cold days ahead. I am honestly not all that sure what God wants for me at work, but I want what he wants and am praying that he will take care of me. Here’s to getting over those post-Christmas, winter blues!

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