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Back to the Couch

Back to the couch days… the days of being interrupted, hogging the TV from my family, having to say goodbye to Will each night…

When Will and I were engaged we had a weeknight routine. He would get off work at 4:30, check the house we would be living in when we got married, and then come over to my (actually my parent’s) house and stay until who knows when. We saved the weekends for fun stuff, but our weeknights were reserved on the couch- time to spend together without money.

Well, we are officially back to the couch days for now. My mom and sister came home from their trip last night, but I decided to stay with them until the doctor says I can start walking. Its just easier without the stairs.

It was weird. Will is like by boyfriend again or something! smile Back to the days where my dad would come out to the living room when we were kissing(yeah- that’s not awkward), or we didn’t want to eat what my mom was cooking so we got our own stuff- we would love to have a free meal now! (What were we thinking?) smile I had flashbacks and just couldn’t get comfortable.

I miss Will. I know that sounds stupid because I am going to see him for a few hours tonight, but I forgot how right it feels not to say goodnight. It’s strange not sleeping with him.  I also forgot how much I like the freedom to do whatever I please in my own house. I will be ready to go home. I don’t miss the couch days anymore

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