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August Ipsy Review

It’s Ipsy time!

This month’s bag was all about back to school.

(Which makes me feel incredibly ancient)

Time to open up the bag and see what’s inside!


Here’s the back to school glam bag.

August Ipsy

Please tell me you think it screams pencil case, too?

Check out this cutesy mini Lord & Black silk black eyeliner.

August Ipsy

Eyeliner is always a winner, even if it’s a pencil.

Confession: I’m terrible at sharpening the dang things.

I always splinter it off, and it cracks, and is a total mess.

Regardless, I’ll definitely use it up.

It goes on super smooth, and lasted all day. Win.

I also got this mini sample of GLAMGLOW Youth Mud tingle exfoliating mask.

August Ipsy

Can we just talk about how out of this world this stuff smells?!

So so good. In fact, I even looked to see whether they also made body spray or perfume.

Spoiler, they don’t.

I’ve heard of this brand many times before, but have never used any of their products.

I used the mask and it had an instant tingling and tightening effect.

Weird pieces of black stuff came out and sort of randomly smeared across my face, but I think it was supposed to? Let’s hope.

It was an enjoyable experience, but I doubt I’ll be able to determine how well it works from this small sample. Nonetheless, I’ll enjoy using this stuff until it’s gone!

I also scored this mini Manna shimmer lotion.

August Ipsy

August Ipsy

Basically liquid sparkle.

Lord help me.

It’s no secret I love glowy sparkle and shine.

To a fault.

This stuff? Totally beautiful.

Thankfully it’s not over the top, and a little drop added to foundation adds a subtle, gentle glow. least I think so?

If you see me and I look like I dipped my face in glitter, well, you’ll know what happened.

I also got this Urban Decay black super plumping mascara sample.

August Ipsy

August Ipsy

I always enjoy mascara samples, and needed a new tube so this worked out.

Finally, I got this super delicious full size You’re the Balm green apple lip balm.

August Ipsy

It smells and tastes fantastic, and it’s got a pretty and sheer pinkish hue. Totally excited about this stuff.

The bag was a winner, but I was a little bummed everything was sample sized except the lip balm (sheesh, I sound like a brat).

Let’s take a look at the price breakdown:

Lord & Black silk black eyeliner sample- $2.15 (I think...maybe?)

GLAMGLOW Youth Mud tingle exfoliating mask sample- $19

Manna Kadar shimmer lotion sample-$7.80

Urban Decay black mascara sample-$5.50

You’re the Balm green apple lip balm-$3

Despite the samples, the dollars definitely work in my favor.

So there you have it! My August Ipsy.

Check out past months here, my dear! smile

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