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This week has been insane.

It’s been six years since I was the new girl, and it sure is overwhelming!

From the commute, to finding a parking spot, to finding where I sit, not to mention all the new employee training and work functions to learn...I feel a little exhausted heading into this weekend!

Everything has been a big transition, and so many things with my schedule have had to change. I know I will eventually get into a rhythm, but right now it all seems very hectic. Like trying to sip water from a fire hose!

Even with the madness, it was a great week. I can’t believe how seemingly wonderful everything and everyone is. I realize there’s pros and cons everywhere, but I’m simply enamored by how this company takes care of its employees. I can’t believe its real.

While everything is great thus far, I haven’t had time for anything or anyone this week.

I fear that even after getting into my rhythm, the long work days will still limit my time during the week to pursue things I love.

As I navigate through this change, things like working out, life group, and even my own personal time with God seem like impossible events.

Let’s be real, though. I know I’m going to make time to do these things, but I’m honestly looking at my day trying to figure out how to make it work and can’t see a way.

I say all this, because my time with God this week was incredibly rushed… just trying to squeeze it in amidst the chaos.

I hate that, and I missed Him this week.

I told Him that yesterday, in fact.

I spent my morning getting ready while in prayer. Praying for Will while applying eyeshadow, and talking to God about the new schedule while blow drying my hair. You get the point.

I realize it’s not ideal, trust me.

Being still this week?

Yeah, not happening.

But I refuse to give up.

I need God each and every day.

Just like I need air or water.

I have watched myself skip daily time with Him here and there over the years, and before I knew it, I found myself down a path I never thought possible. I spent the better part of two years entirely out of God’s will, and never in prayer or His word.

I never want to go back to a point where I’m out of fellowship with God.

For that reason, I realize how important It is for me to be in daily surrender, even when life is crazy.

As dramatic as it may sound, my life depends on it.

It really does.

He’s not part of my life, he is my life.

This week’s memory verse is perfect for my recent circumstances and something I will meditate on daily this coming week and for weeks to come.

In fact, even now I feel a peace about this new schedule. I know I will adjust and it will all shake out.

Sadly, many things have sat on the throne of my heart throughout my life.

However, it is only when I’m living in God’s light and will, that I’ve found true peace and purpose.

He has done so much for me and has extended such grace, that it feels so insignificant to offer all I have, because it’s still not enough.

However, because He’s asked for it, I will surrender.

Day after day.

Devoted to His plans and desires, trusting He will keep me in perfect peace because my eyes are fixed on Him.


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