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At The Core

Yes, at the core.

And I’m not talking about abs today!

A few weeks ago my friend Angela shared a post that touched on inner beauty.

Even before Angela’s post I had been thinking of this very topic, so reading her post definitely resonated. Obviously I would hope most of us would agree on the importance of inner beauty in our lives, but I wonder how often we stop to emphasize it?

I talk a ton about fitness and health on this site, and follow tons of inspiring women who motivate me to continue living a healthy life.

Some of my favorite girls that bring me such inspiration are Jamie Eason and Jessica Paxon. They are Christian women who have succeeded in the fitness industry, and always share uplifting posts and pictures.

However, there are others, whom after sharing this post, I intend to delete from my social media sites because I feel as though they do not portray an image of inner beauty and rather narcissism and even negativity.

Okay- so don’t flame me.

I know we all have the free will to do and post whatever we please, and yes, I don’t know these people- they could be the most philanthropic people out there. I get it.

I’m not really trying to convey that.

More so, I’m really trying to say how I personally feel when I see such posts.

Some are definitely inspiring and positive, while others are downright trashy.

Why do I want to follow someone that clearly seems all about themselves and wearing zero clothes in the name of “fitness?”

And the answer is, I don’t.

My point is- I love the fitness industry and am so inspired by people who succeed in it. However, lately I have really had to take a step back and look at myself and consider whether I am focused too much on the pursuit of outward beauty to the detriment of inward beauty.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I think about Layla and young girls that may deal with body image issues at some point in their lives.

I think about the recent Abercrombie controversy whose CEO says their clothes aren’t made for “fat people.”

Um what?

I think about how outward beauty is a topic a lot of us deal with- especially as we age and experience big milestones (ahem 30!). Obviously I want to look my best and put forth an outward image that makes me feel confident.

But how often do we think about inner beauty?

For me, it’s not as often!

I always want to exude gracefulness and positivity and warmth to those around me. As long as I’ve been alive, I have always been dubbed “the nice girl.”

And it used to bug me.

“Why couldn’t I be the pretty girl!? Who wants to be the nice girl!?” I used to think to myself.

However, as I’ve gotten older, and as I have come across people who seem to appreciate such nicety, I realize I am okay with that.

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is fleeting,” and that is definitely a worthwhile saying to me.

We’ve all known the beautiful charmers and the schmoozers. For most, it doesn’t take long to see right through them. It’s the core of a person that eventually shines through.

I’ve seen the most charismatic schmoozers show their ugly underbelly far too many times. 

I hope and pray my “core” always puts forth that inner beauty Angela wrote about. I want to be concerned and excited about that inner beauty just as I am about my next Ipsy Glam Bag or my super awesome fake tanner (um, because it is super awesome).

I hope the same holds true for you.

I am also curious about what your thoughts are when you see the thousands of sexy Instagram or Pinterest posts that seemingly try to convey a positive message but are mostly wrapped in trashiness. What about the recent Abercrombie controversy? 

Does it inspire you or is it a turnoff?

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