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Angstgiving Part One

I jump the gun on everything.

If something big is a couple months away, I like to try and have things squared away well before they come. I was near spastic stage when Will told me in August we needed to wait to book a hotel for our Packers game (I do have to say I was right in this case- everything was booked!).

I was the kid that came home from school and went straight to homework so I could get it out of the way.

I feel like a child that lost their mom in the grocery store without my planner (AKA the second Bible).

I am a planner, so don’t let this post throw you off.

Here we go again. Yet another holiday season to tackle. Yes, most of you are like, “Holiday season? Halloween isn’t even here!” Yeah I know, I love the holidays though, so from Halloween on that begins my holiday planning cheer and everything in between.

Last year was our holiday trial run. Will and I were just married and had the experience of our first married Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sharing time,

making food to bring to the entire family for the next day only to mess it up terribly and then having to go to Walmart the night before to buy something pretty and plate it like, “Yes, MIL, I really DID make this. Are you accusing me of buying these HOMEMADE treats!?”,

getting up before God to drive to Will’s grandparents,

blending traditions,

killing traditions,

and starting traditions.

By most people’s second year they are beginning to get a system down.

“We went to your parent’s last year, so that means we’re at mine this year.”

“No, Sweetie, We can’t afford to give your second cousin’s girlfriend a gift.”

“Does your family really like playing Dirty Santa or is it a way to avoid a yearly garage sale and cycle their crap to other family members?”

Whatever the system may be, the kinks are usually beginning to work out. Last Christmas I was thinking how nice it would be to have a calm 2005 season, with things figured out and a little more stable. Ha. Little did I know that our world would totally change and we would be oceans away from the previous year’s plan.

This year will be like a trial run again, but a little more unique. (and I thought I was done with all that stuff!)Christmas… ......well, as “pee in my pants, If I were a dog my tail would wag all day long” excited I am about going home and being able to really celebrate Christmas (as Muslims, Kuwaitis don’t celebrate the holiday), things just won’t be “normal” because our time is so limited and will be spent going back and forth visiting family.

It will be fun, but at the thought I feel exhausted. So, I don’t even know WHAT that will be considered. How about, “MTV Boiling Points Christmas Addition: How Many 5th Cousins Will Brittny and Will Have to Meet and How Many Potlucks Will They Have to Attend Before Going Insanely Crazy? If they are able to last 2 weeks, they will be handsomely rewarded with a crisp $100 bill.”

Okay, I’m kidding. I have been looking forward to this trip forever, but I don’t know how relaxing it will be. What I do know is that that I’m sure there will be many “parts” to this post as the holiday season approaches.

Thanksgiving will be yet another trial run because we will be spending it in Kuwait. Girls, I’m freaking out about this holiday. I know there are lots of families here that cook huge meals and invite families over. In fact, I think my parents might be hooking on with another family. That’s fine and all, but that’s not really how we want to spend Thanksgiving.

I thought it would be really special to do something totally different than what we normally would have. So, I decided to tackle my biggest project yet.

I thought planning a wedding was stressful? Ha. Welcome to my thanksgiving freakshow.

This will be so humerous you may want to pull up a chair, get some snacks and watch. Think Martha Stewart meets Amityville Horror.  This is the most accurate picture I can come up with. Look! Even Michelle freaking thinks I’m in over my head.

I told Will I would cook us a “lovely thanksgiving dinner(<- my exact words)”, and I know that made him happy. As the words so genuinely full of excitement and cooking goddess ideas left my mouth I began to think, “Oh brittny. What in the crap have you gotten yourself into!?”

The concept itself thrills me. I feel like such a grown up- cooking a huge holiday meal for just the two of us in a foreign country, but then reality sets in and I think, “I don’t even know how to use my gas stove, and I’m really going to plan an elaborate meal that is cenered around it.... Huh.... That makes perfect sense.

I’m not a terrible cook, I just don’t cook “real food (ie: things that don’t come from a box, freezer, or can)” much. I can read and follow easy/medium recipes, but theres this unspoken added pressure of a major holiday being on the day you are cooking this meal. Then, there’s that added pressure I put on myself as I think, “ Will’s grandma did it this way, or I don’t think this is going to taste as good as my mom’s.”

I really don’t want to let all that stuff get in the way (ha- with my worried mind, that will be more of a challenge than figuring out what leaves the bird’s butt cavity and what stays). I get so giddy when I think about making a major holiday meal for the two of us. I don’t know why it excites me so much, but it does. I think the Brittny’s Thanksgiving Cooking Extravaganza excitement is the emotional side of me. Ther terrifed, “How in the world and I going to pull it off” side is the realistic side. So torn!

I know I have a while to figure everything out and maybe even practice a thing or two, but I still think I will be a little bit of a mess as the days to Thanksgiving near. Will and I have talked in passing about most of the details, but if I am really going to give this a go, I’m going to have to sit him down and come up with a plan!

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