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an introduction into fair food

Another Red River Shootout is upon us, friends.

I realize to most of you this does not mean much, but for life in the B-Love house?

It’s like a national holiday.

The whole week leading up to OU-Texas is intense.

It’s like a whole different vibe around here. Nervousness, excitement, focus.

You call it weird, but we call it normal.

We start thinking about this weekend a couple weeks in advance, even though we’ve been going seemingly forever.

And do the exact.same.things each time.

Yet we still enjoy planning and talking all things OU-Texas.

Yeah I know, just humor us.

This year (like every other year) is no different.

Much like last year, I have my plan in place so I don’t starve the entire time we are at the fair.

For the last few years, I typically allow myself one fair indulgence, and the last two years Will and I actually ended up splitting the treat.

Back in 2010, I seem to remember the game being later in the afternoon, which freed up plenty of time for us to hit up all the trashy food spots.

I distinctly remember having a cinnamon roll, and then sharing fried frito chili pie and fried cheesecake with Will.

Oh that’s right.

I remember because there’s pictoral evidence:

Fair Food


Oh, and do not let the two forks in the cinnamon roll fool you.

That pastry the size of a Mini Cooper?

Only fed one person.

And heshe loved every bite.

The game has been an 11:00 kickoff the last last couple years, which has left less time to meander around for the perfect fried snickers bar.

And after the game?

The fair is a zoo.

I know that’s part of the “fun” and “charm” of having OU-Texas at the state fair (and admittedly even more fun when you win), but quite frankly, it is total, utter sweaty chaos and the only thing we feel like doing is leaving.

Plus, you can almost set your clocks to the fact anually Will and I will either:

A. Get in an argument on the way down to Dallas because of my terrible navigation skills.
B. Get in an argument about where to get in line after the game, how to navigate, how to avoid drunken frat boys and grannies
C. Both

Good times, I can assure you.

No lie, one year after we lost to Texas an old decrepit grandma in a wheelchair, donning a Texas shirt, rolled right into Will and yelled that OU sucks.

And cussed.


Anyway, because of the madness, we generally only stand in line for one thing before departing.

We tend to get along better when this happens, and the expectation is already established.

I have a feeling this year will be much of the same.

Assuming my calculations are correct, here’s a look at what I plan on doing:

-I will pre-make my green monsters for the weekend, so I can get some level of nutrition each day.

-I will also bring oats I can make using the water from the coffee pot in our room. Depending on what Will does for breakfast, I at least have a healthy option. If we go out? Chances are I can find something decent.

-I am also bringing the following snacks along for this trip: apples, almonds, protein, protein bars, and peanut butter.

YES. Peanut butter. Get off me

And, not that I need to justify it (even though I totally am!), with the exception of the one treat we get, I don’t eat at the fair ever. So of COURSE I would need a cinnamon roll the size of a Mini Cooper.


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