Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks

A Look Ahead and Pictures!

I am back in the land of the living!

I have a phone.

I spent the first half of the week in convulsions.

No Facebook?

No camera?

No phone numbers?

No Facebook!?


The second half of the week I finally calmed the heck down… a little… and then just wanted my phone to text and take pictures.

I’m sort of lying, but sort of not.

Basically, I realized I heavily rely on my phone, and it was sort of good for me to take a step back and say to myself, “Do I REALLY need to take 30 minutes out of my day to check in on all my ‘friends’ and ‘like’ every status under the sun?”


So maybe I will chill the heck out with all my app-happy usage.

I ended up getting one Friday night, but through a series of issues and fun spats with my husband was unable to use it until this morning.

Everything synched up as it should, as well as me and Will, and he (as well as the rest of the world) no longer has to hear me whimper anymore.

Including you!

Now let’s talk about the week ahead.

Check in this week to hear about our week’s menu,

a homemade tabouli recipe,

why you really need to be lifting weights,

and more.

Just a few fun things to closeout the weekend- pics from last weekend I never got to share!

The phone
Broken phone

Broken phone

My beautiful sister and niece
Ps bday

Me and Layla
Ps bday

The sisters ala black and white

Ps bday

My favorite baby

Ps bday

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