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a lady in red makes for a crappy evening

Now for the obligatory How Dinner Went Post.

Because I love my husband (and promised not to post our “private stuff” regarding dinner), I will skip all the juciy details and pithy little comments and simply say dinner bombed.

Isn’t that sad!? It was very unfortunate because we opted to go to Kuwait Towers (the Gaucho is on the list for my upcoming b-day!) and the view was spectacular but sadly we were both in too much of a funk to really appreciate it.

I’ll simply say the night started off with Will coming home stressed and exhausted and not really in the mood to go out. On top of that the very first thing he said to me was:

“Wow. That’s really bright red.”

See, I’m a lip gloss girl for the most part, but last night I thought I would pull out the stops and wear a really sexy- but classy- shade of red lipstick, something I don’t do very often.

Sidenote: there is SOO a whole paragraph that should be inserted here, but since I’m being a good girl I will just skip it.

Needless to say the fact that Will didn’t even tell me I looked pretty and simply pointed out my lipstick killed my good attitude, which in turn put me in a terrible mood so the evening was just sort of blah. It wasn’t horrible, and we ended on a good note, but it was far from romantic.

I sort of felt like Frank and Maried Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond last night.

After we ate, we went up to the observation deck which was neat. The view was awesome. I got some pictures but they didn’t turn out, which was sad. I did get a couple us I’ll post someday.

After that we came home and I went straight to bed. I figured a good night’s sleep would do us both good.

So that was our evening- okay but not as wonderful as I had hoped.

Today has been much more normal. We’ve been our normal, cuddly, “laughy“ selves. I love that guy a million times a billion- that’s a lot! smile

We woke up to our weekly phone call from Will’s parents. After that we played around for a while and then decided to go back to sleep. We didn’t get up until 11:00!

We had breakfast and watched a few shows and then Will thought we needed to cuddle on the couch for a while- and sleep some more! I think the fact that we slept in so late this morning has messed us up and now we’re like a cat or something, ready to sleep the entire day away- minus 3 hours.

Fridays are traditionally our lazy days and Thursdays are our errand days, however, we decided to be crazy and flip the two. Wow! We’re so spontaneous! smile I don’t think much is on the agenda today.

I need to work out so bad. You guys would be very dissapointed in the things I’ve eaten since yesterday. Therefore, I won’t even tell you! I’ll simply say I’m going to kick my butt into gear and get a serious work out in.

Sort of a boring post today. I guess it’s because I’m being good.

I listened to Zoe on the radio yesterday! All the way in Kuwait!! You girls totally have to listen sometime. It was so cool to actually HEAR a nestie talk. Okay… I’m weird"… I think you guys understand why I think that’s cool, right??

Oh- that leads me to our “on the way home conversation.” Will thinks I don’t have “friends” on the internet. He thinks I’m weird. Okay, so I used to make fun of people like me… but now I’ve joined the ranks of all the other computer nerds and have to proudly say:

I have internet friends.

Anyway, he doesn’t comprehend how by simply reading a blog I can call you girls my friends. I wanted to get into it but simply said, “You just don’t understand.” It was the best answer because I don’t think I am going to convince my husband that you can have friends that you’ve never met.

He then was like, “We’re never going to meet any of these people, right?” His reason being that everyone on the internet is a terrible psycho path ready to steal all our mounds of money (that’s a laugh- mounds of money).

“Okay, so yes Will, there are terrible psychopaths ready to steal people’s money, but not everyone that owns a computer is that way.”

I’m not sure he believes me.

He probably thinks I’m one of them- minus the steal the money thing.

He told me today my brain is on a “constant field trip.“

ha ha. He said it with love, so I couldn’t be too mad.

I think it has to do with the fact that I go a million miles a minute and am always talking to him about my- as he says with his little two fingers, “Friends.”

Yeah, okay, it doesn’t look normal… but you understand don’t you?

Don’t leave your field trip brained of a girl hanging here “friends!!!“

Okay, so it’s a little weird that I know more what you guys are doing than I do people back home, and it’s even stranger that if you were to list all the nest girls on one column and all your husbands in another column I could match girls to their husbands in like 3 minutes. However, I can never seem to remember Will’s cousin’s kid’s name. Hmmm, I guess that IS a little pathetic.

I think I’ll slowly ease him into the whole “nestie reunion” thing, don’t you think?

Maybe if I start now, in like 5 years he’ll be ready. Ha ha, but then I’ll be on whatever the nest comes up with for people married for like 50 years or Anyway, we’ll work on that one.

So that is what’s going on in my world. I’m thankful for the weekend and for having an awesome husband. So dinner didn’t turn out as perfect as I had planned, but there’s no one in the world I would have rather been with that instant.

Thanks for listening “friends.” smile

Oh- speaking of “friends,” Vanessa and Jill- do you girls have blogs?

CHRISTINAAAA!!! Why can’t I get to your blog!?

Okay, I’m really done now, I promise.

The bus is leaving for the next stop on my field trip and I don’t want to be late.

Ha. What a dork.

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