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A Call to Prayer

Today’s post has been on my heart for weeks now.

Heavy and ever there, always on my mind and in my thoughts.

Girls, I don’t know where your heart is, and whether you hate these Friday posts or love them, but I love sharing my faith with you.

Without turning today’s post into an eschatological op-ed, I will simply say as I watch the signs of the times in this world we’re living in, I personally believe we are nearing the end of the end.

It makes me want to be even bolder.

To proclaim the hope of Jesus.

To grab you by the shoulders in love, and ask you to run the race God set before you.

To do the same for myself.

There will be a day (and I’m sure a post) for that, but today I just want to come before you humbly.

Simple and quiet.

Grasping your hand across the aisle, and pulling you by my side.

Friends, today is a day I call on us to join together and pray.

To pray for our world.

It is hurting so badly.

To pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ being executed by extremists.

It makes my heart ache. I hurt for them and I pray The Lord gives them protection and courage to stand strong.

To pray for the hungry tummies all over the world.

For those being trafficked, beaten, and killed.

To pray for our leaders. That God gives them wisdom and His grace in knowing how to guide our country.

To pray for our communities and neighborhoods.

To pray for safety over us and our families.

To join together and pray for vision and God’s guidance.

We may not be able to save the world, but we can each pick up our cause and use our gifts accordingly.

We live in desperate times, and it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in the news and the “what-ifs.”

But what if we got caught up in Jesus and his mighty power working in us?

Thank you Jesus that my hope is in you and your promises.

Do you know him today?

Of friends, what we can do when we are completely surrendered to Him. Give your heart to him.

Let’s join together in an attitude of prayer for all of the above, as well as anything else heavy on our hearts today.

Girls, I believe in the power of prayer. The Bible says he hears our petitions. I know it to be true.

In fact, I would love to pray for you over the weekend. Feel free to leave your request in the “Share the Love” comments section.

Finally, starting next Friday I am going to be going through the book of Ezra each week on the blog.

Yes, Ezra. Seems like such a random book to begin a weekly Friday study with, I know.

I just feel it on my heart and am going to obey. I would love for you to join me!

That’s it for now. Let’s lift each other up today, sisters.

Love and prayers,


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