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The One Where We Attended a Wedding & Look Ahead

Good morning!!

Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle the week ahead.

I know I am. It’s my short week!

Let’s hit the high points today.

Friday started with my group’s weekly breakfast ritual.

Crap food

Real healthy, as you can see.

It was obviously a splurge meal for me.

Nonetheless, I still scraped off some of the warm peanut butter goodness to help save some calories.


Heaps came off! I’m pretty sure it would have been a 700 calorie bagel. Haha

After work, Will and I had a wedding to attend!

Beautiful day for a wedding!

A couple in our life group tied the knot Friday night, and we were blessed to witness it.

It was an outdoor wedding, and you couldn’t have asked for a more terrific day. It was unreal.

IBeautiful day for a wedding!

Oklahoma has very few perfect days. It’s either hot, windy, icy, or hot. Or windy.

Hmm, didn’t I already say that? smile

Anyway, the wedding was downtown OKC at the Myriad Gardens. It was a crisp day with zero wind. The flowers were blooming, and the smell of honeysuckle was intoxicating.

Perfection. What a blessing to have such a wonderful day for a wedding!

It was really special to see this couple get married.

I guess I ought to tell you guys that after prayer and discussion, a couple weeks ago we made the decision to stop going to our current life group.

Will and I both feel to start something of our own. We are not sure what exactly that means yet, so we are praying and waiting. It was hard to leave our group! I have so much love for each of them and am so incredibly thankful for our time with them.

So, Friday was special!

Saturday was a blur. I managed to sleep in until 7, and then hit the gym.

">Green morning, and a selfie of sorts. <img src=">

We ran errands, I made some green sludge between trips, and caught the new Captain America movie. It was good! Will even accompanied me to the grocery store.

And a few non-approved items made their way into the cart.

Do you see this!?!

Is this real life!?

I also got to spend some time with my mom and Layla. I missed them this week!

Yesterday was all about stuff around the house. Which wasn’t fun, but it was necessary.

The story of being an adult. smile

Let’s talk food, workouts, and posts for the week!

This week the B-Love house will be having:
-Quinoa Tahbouli (with grilled chicken for Will)
-Grilled Chicken/Chick’n sandwiches on wheat rolls w/seasoned broccoli
-Beans and cornbread (Again, leftover from the huge pot I made)

Now onto workouts!

Since this is my short week, my workouts will be better. I like these weeks for so any reasons, including the quality of workouts. smile

T-Full body resistance
F-Back, biceps, shoulders & cardio
Sun-Chest, triceps, shoulders & cardio

Now posts! This week we are talking about,

-Home projects
-Amazing arms month continues!
-Things I’m loving
-How to have a radiant glow

So check in tomorrow! In the meantime lets conquer today!

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