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Tuesday Things, 2 Sept 14

For the last two weeks, anytime I’ve been running late and had to blow dry my hair, I’ve simultaneously done my makeup.

Is this a thing?

Am I late to the game?

If it is, it’s probably a good thing I waited to start until I was in my 30s.  I think perhaps my coordination has improved over the years.

Although, I’m probably just telling myself that…

No softball last night.

Will was visibly bummed.

The good news is that next Monday kicks off Monday night football.

The bad news is that next Monday kicks off Monday night football.

Football widowhood commences.

My sister and I have a terrible habit of planning super exciting things and never following through.

We’ve been talking about a sleepover for months and months but have never actually done it. It’s tentatively on the books for Saturday night. I bought the pancake mix and she’s got the ice cream. Fingers crossed.

I ate my weight in vegetables yesterday.
We got everything on the grill, and a few minutes into cooking, the propane went out.

Labor Day

Sooo, we ended up finishing everything in the oven. Half grilled, half baked. I feel there’s a joke somewhere in there?

I was supposed to go to the OU-Tulsa game with Will Saturday, but it’s a 10:00 kickoff, our seats were in full sunlight, and it’s going to be 97.

I don’t need to link to the hundreds of times I’ve mentioned how I pour from my head and.cant.stop.ever.

Thankfully Will’s dad took one for the team and is going in my place.

Everyone’s happy.

Back in March Will and I ordered a love seat, followed by its matching couch soon after.

When the love seat arrived this spring, I swore it looked darker than what we saw in the store.


I checked online and confirmed there was only one color made in that style. So while I still swore it was darker, I figured the couch would bought had to be the same.


The couch came in Sunday and was the original color we saw and wanted in the store.

The new (super duper long) couch

I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture, but the love seat is way darker.

I have no idea what happened, and it’s crazy the place still supposedly only makes one color in the style. Ughhhh, guys.

I realize I sound like a brat, but when you buy new furniture it should be what you want.

So yeah. Kind of a couch problem with no real remedy because there are no exchanges or refunds.

So if you ever come over? Please don’t say anything about the mismatched couches.

Any randomness you care to share?

Tuesday Things, 26 Aug 2014

The fall lineup is around the corner.

I’d like to tell you having little to watch over the summer motivated us to minimize loading up our DVR with shows this fall, but sadly I do not think that’s the case.

I’ve decided to forgo a couple shows, but for the most part, yeah… Fall lineup.

I successfully avoided making the chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies I mentioned last week.

However, since it’s a holiday weekend, and OU kicks off the season, I think there’s a celebratory obligation there, right?

Football. Oh Fantasy Football
Speaking of football, after ten years of marriage, you’d think I would be completely accustomed to football widowhood.

I suppose I am to some degree, yet every year is unique in its own right. The draft is tricky in that sense.

There’s lots of “research” and “concentration” required.

I’m using quotes to be funny, but any hardcore fantasy football player knows it’s actually true.

Since we’re still talking sports...

Softball ended last night. I can’t be sure, but I think a tear streamed down Will’s left eye as we left the field.

Or maybe it was sweat?

Regardless, he’s super bummed it is over, and I’m super thankful there’s no fall league.

My closet needs a major overhaul.

It’s been over a year since I combed through, and it’s long overdue.

I needed to do to it last weekend when Will was gone, but didn’t. Perhaps I’ll get a jump on it this weekend.

I think this is my way of saying I’m ready for fall?

Sorry all you summer lovers. Don’t worry, I’m not pulling our Christmas decor like all the stores seem to be (Seriously marketing people?! It’s AUGUST).

And let’s not kid ourselves, we know how bad I am about Christmas decorating anyway!

Everyday for the last week I’ve packed peanut butter for my afternoon rice cake snack.

Everyday I’ve eaten the rice cakes plain, followed by the peanut butter with a spoon an hour or two later. I’m starting to wonder at what point I’ll just start bringing the jar up here?

Alright, dears, that’s it for today. What’s new with you?

Thursday Things, 21 August 2014

Alright sweets, we are nearly weekend bound. Let’s finish strong!

Let’s talk about how this week is most certainly not my best in terms of eating healthy.

It involved this 5,000 calorie cupcake.

I'm dead.

Plus Will had two softball games Monday, one at 6:30 and one at 9:30, also known as past my bedtime.

What do you do when you have a two hour gap between games?

You eat French fries and fried pickles.

Real life.

And then I felt like a big heavy greasy bomb was in my stomach and I kind of wanted to slip into carb coma and pass out until morning.

So I did.

It was raining for Will’s second game so I stayed in the truck and fell asleep.

Supportive wife.

I also got to spent some quality time talking to a dear friend this week.

Oh girls, I am so refreshed by our conversation! We are not extremely close, however we have a common bond and love for God that has allowed us to strengthen, encourage, and pray for one another. 


I’m kind of pumped about the weekend.

It involves a trip to a nearby fair with a little two year old girl. I’ve never been more excited to sweat my butt off in 100 degree heat and pet smelly blue ribbon goats in my life.

Here she is last year. Where does the time go!?

The fair!

Speaking of time passing, Lucy turned 8 this week and Boz turns 8 this weekend.

I fully acknowledge they’re not real kids, but I seriously can’t believe how quickly our time has gone with these old pups.

In hindsight, I feel a little guilty about getting them during our 45 day vacation home from Kuwait back in 2006 (but there was really no other time unless we waited until we moved home).

What were we thinking!? Staying with my in-laws with unruly puppies biting, tinkling, and flopping about!?

the babies

I also cringe about how we tormented our neighbors with their yapping during the nearly 2 years they lived with us in Kuwait.

Bad neighbors. Bad dog parents.

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t have real kids back then. We were totally clueless.

Soooo I’m 100% positive I’m not preggo, but guys, I’m having some seriously strange and insatiable cravings lately.

Like some weird stuff. Last night for dinner Will had leftovers and I had a giant bowl of broccoli and then proceeded to squeeze tablespoon upon tablespoon of mustard over it.


Don’t google that stuff either or it will pretty much make you worry about everything.

Okay, that’s it for now friends. Check in tomorrow! 

TILT: 7 August 2014

We’ve made it to Thursday.  One more day to go. Woo hoo!

Here are a few things I’m loving lately.

Manafest- Impossible

This has been added to my lifting playlist.


I like the idea of this quote and want to be more mindful of this very thought.

This post with questions to ask when making a decision.

Preseason football!
I’m actually sort of mixed about this one. I’m excited about the coming college football season, but also sort of sad about becoming an NFL football widow. For today, we will stick with the positive!

Unexpected blessings
Long story short, I did the right thing yesterday and in doing so, thought it was going to end up costing me $100 compared to the other route I could have gone. However, in doing so I was so shocked when I ended up getting that $100 back for doing the right thing.  Is this real life!? God is good.

Mmm hmm. You know that’s right.

These fun summery skewers. They can be modified a hundred different ways, and I look forward to a delicious veggie friendly version soon.

These delicious roasted eggplants aubergines.

This hilarious picture of me and P

I can’t be sure, but there’s a slight possibility I was holding her just a tad too tight.

Brittny-7 yrs;Carissa-3 months-afraid of being squeezed to hard

Mary Kay Pink Luster
I’m usually a lipstick gal, but I switched to this gloss the other day for a change and am really liking it. It still packs enough color and gives plenty of coverage. Win.

Okay sweets, that’s it for today. Anything you like I should know about?

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Thursday Things: 31 July 2014

The car.

They are still waiting on parts, and sadly it won’t be ready until next week. Boo.

And did you know you’re supposed to break your car in?

Like jeans or new shoes.

Seriously. Google it. It’s a thing.

So yeah. Kind of a bummer. I’m ready to be immersed in technology and buttons.

And heated seats!

I realize it’s August, but heated seats!

The peaches?

They’re still killing me.

I had all these plans to make a crisp or grill them but I haven’t even given myself the chance because I’ve been eating them straight from the fridge.

Attacking the bushel

Eh, worth it.

Will is loving softball.

It’s no surprise, but it still makes me laugh. He gets so amped for his games.


In fact when another team almost had to forfeit, he volunteered to pitch in and act as a sub.

This guy.

It’s church league but you’d think it was the major league. He’s adorable.

I’m rocking the pale
Actually, that’s a lie. I’m never “rocking” the pale look.

However, P and I decided to de-tan this week and start with a fresh tan Sunday.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know we have our own airbrush tanner that’s not without it’s issues.

I’ve finally succumbed to being okay with the issues. Not the paleness.

I’ve been listening to a series of sermons on the influence of music on our thoughts and speech.

Such a good series.

You want to talk about some truth in my own life. Sheesh. I can unequivocally say the trash I used to listen to most totally affected the way I spoke as well as a host of other things. Truth.

it was in the 70s here yesterday.

Is this real life? Loving it.

Sooo I think I’m going to try my hand at homemade laundry soap this weekend.

I’m getting all Laura Ingalls Wilder, y’all. It’s out of control.

I’m sure you’ve seen a thousand posts on blogs and Facebook about making it, so I’m undecided whether I’ll share here. We shall see!

Alright, that’s it for now. Anything you care to share?

The (Peachy) Uneventful One & Look Ahead

Hey guys!

I hope you had a great weekend and were able to enjoy these long summer days.

Our weekend was very uneventful, especially coming off of a busy holiday weekend the one before.

Will worked half of Saturday for the first time in months, so that cut into some of the weekend. In fact, there are not really many highlights to share!

Gym, groceries, church, gym, laundry, and house stuff. Oh and softball practice last night.

Honestly though?

I’m okay with a quiet weekend. The weekend before was busy, and this weekend will be crazy, too.

So a quiet weekend sandwich is okay with me.

I did have one of the best peaches of the summer, Saturday.

Summer peach

That’s a highlight, right?

If sticky juice isn’t running down your wrists, it wasn’t a good one. Haha

I also helped Will do a little more organization in his man cave.

Organization. Kind of.

God love him, the guy has a ticket and program for every single OU game we’ve attended. It’s sort of annoying, but also sort of cool, too.

Oh and check out this glorious sunrise.
Stunning sunbeams

So beautiful. I’ve seen lots of beautiful, colorful ones, but rarely do I ever get one with so many beaming rays.

Let’s get to the week ahead.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up on the blog this week:

-A summer sandwich
-Full body cable workout
-Thursday Things
-Part Two of our King David drama

I hope you’ll check in this week! Now off to tackle what promises to be a busy Monday. 

Things I’m Loving Thursday: 10 July 2014

Hey there sweets! Here are a few things I’ve been fond of lately.
Favorite Indulgence

Celebrating national sugar cookie day

Eileen’s Cookies. 

Specifically her frosted sugar cookies in fabulous neon colors (because neon pink makes everything better).

These things kill me.

Did you know yesterday was National Sugar Cookie day?

It’s a thing.

So naturally I used it as an excuse to celebrate.

Favorite Healthy Side

To balance the cookie, I feel like we also have to have a healthy favorite too.

4th of July fun

I love grilled veggies year round, but usually only make them myself during the summer. These giant skewers totally hit the spot.

Favorite Thoughts Lately

Things I'm loving

Things I'm loving

Plumb- Hang On Remix

Things I'm loving

I like Plumb’s remixes, especially her collaborations with Paul Van Dyk. This is a good one to add to your workout playlist.

How to Grow Herbs

Very helpful.

Tips to Naturally Reduce Cellulite

Always appreciate these sorts of tips. They’re always the same, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Is it me, or does it seem like there’s still a lot of things to wrap up in the last episode?

It’s always like that, though. However, I can’t help but think another 12 hours would have helped! smile

Apparently the ratings aren’t that great, even though the show is so so good. Not sure what’s up with that, but sadly I fear we’ve seen the last of Jack. Boo!

Favorite Recent Pup Pic

Nighty night

Lucy. And an eye nightie. She’s way too spoiled. wink She didn’t enjoy this look as much as we did. Ha!

That’s all for now! Anything you’re loving lately? 

Thursday Things, 3 July 14

1. I’m off today!

Real life. I am also taking Monday, so I’m embarking on a 5 day weekend.

Pinch me.

2. Layla turns two Saturday.



Guys- this is happening way too fast.

Waaaay too fast.

Baby niece

I feel like I just cut her umbilical cord, and now she’s turning two. Wha???

She actually says my full name now. It kills me. And she’s just as sassy as P was when she was that age.

Perhaps more? Oy vey.

Saturday snuggles

3. Totally sucked into The Blacklist.

We finished season one last weekend. Red has to be her dad, right? I’m choosing to believe I’m correct.

4. Will’s first softball scrimmage is today.’ll.

Their team is made up of mostly 30 something’s (some 40), and half the team hobbled off the field after the first practice I attended.

Will pulled his groin and hobbled for days after. I told him he was out of commission for last week’s practice, but reluctantly agreed he was probably okay to play today.

Yes, Dr. Brittny at your service.

Tonight should be fun.

And hot.

Mentally preparing for the buckets I’m going to sweat. 😩

5. I’m pretty sure I’d be completely fine never watching a movie again.

Okay, that’s not true.

However, is it just me it do they not make them like they used to?

What happened to good movies?

Now they’re all overly full of flash and fluff, and not as much content.

Aaand they’re all three hours.


6. We are cooking out with my parents tomorrow.

No major plans, but I look forward to being off and spending time with the fam.

7. I have three umbrellas in my car.


Seems a bit excessive, yes?

I have no idea why.

When I opened up my glovebox and found yet another one this morning, I simply had to laugh out loud.

If you’re riding with me and it’s raining? I gotcha covered

Thursday Confessions: 26 June 2014

Soooo, today’s post is a confessional of sorts.

Just a few random facts or things you should probably know as we continue to be internet friends.

For example, I am seriously sensitive to heat.

(Read: I rain from my head.)

I totally wilt.

I sweat buckets.

It’s embarrassing!

Softball games should be a blast this summer.

I get kind of stressed out about outdoor functions during the summer. So, if you want to invite me to one, please make sure we can mingle outdoors or indoors so I don’t faint and totally ruin your party vibe.

Or you could have them at like 9:30 at night when it drops to 90 instead of 120.

Although, that’s sort of near my bedtime so…

I kind of totally hate parking garages.

Mainly because:

1. I’m kind of terrible at driving and parking. “Oh hey, I know! Let’s put Brittny in a confined, dark, crowded space and make her do both!”


2. I’ve watched way too much TV. Seriously- we all know no good comes from these places.

It drives me batty when Will leaves a tiny single shred of toilet paper instead of simply changing out the roll like every adult in the world knows to do.

Seriously, what am I supposed to do with that thin piece of nothingness? Sheesh.

One of my favorite movies is Ever After.

I think Drew Barrymore is stunning in it, and I fall in love with the good guys in the movie every time I watch it.

I heart the Jose Gonzalez Pandora station at night as I get ready for bed, contemplative days, when I’m doing mundane chores, or during rainy weather.

To this day, I still love the King of Queens.

If you read my blog during the Kuwait days, you know Will and binge watched the box sets. Every now and then I’ll catch it on Nick at Nite and have to watch.

I am also a big fan of Top Gear.

Not the US Knockoff.

The original, British-based show that’s been on for-ev-er. Even if you’re not a big car person (I’m not), the show is still pretty great.

I was an only child for seven years before P came along, and I was boss-sy.

Britt-5 yrs old & ready for school

Like super duper bossy.

Hearing stories about myself back then crack me up because I don’t think I have a single bossy bone in my body.

Where did that girl go? I could probably use a little of her spunk.

Oh, and I realize the “B” word is a little controversial these days.

Don’t worry. I wasn’t saying bossy and meaning I had great leadership skills.

I was straight bossy. B-O-S-S-Y.

There’s a difference.

Maybe having a little sister changed me a bit?

My face in this pic. Ahahahaha

Brittny & Carissa-2 weeks old

I pretty much love the 80s.

I was born just a tad too late to really have enjoyed it in all it’s acid washed, Goonies, Nintendo glory, though. smile

When I was 19, Will made me get my first “real” job.

Will & Brittny-Feb 2003

Okay, he didn’t make me, but I always like to tell him he did.

After all, I was 19. It was about darn time.

I laugh because at the time, I was working as a nanny and also helping my Mary Kay director fill orders and keep up with her books. They were both very fluid jobs, not “real” ones with a hard set schedule and a monthly paycheck with taxes and all that grown up crap.

I totally argued that I already had a “real” job. In fact I was working two “real” jobs. Haha

The truth is, though, having a “real” job came in handy as we prepared to get married.

Not a confession, but still worth saying- I love Jesus so very much.

There was a long time on this blog when I kept my faith separate from my posts, and it was wrong for me to do so. I can’t keep it separate anymore because my life isn’t segmented from Him anymore. He is my life, and I can’t help but have Him come out in all facets now.

Just some fun facts to share today. Any of your own fun facts you care to share?

Thursday Things

This salsa.


If you’re a fruity salsa kind of gal, this stuff is pretty darn delicious (and cheap).  I love it with black beans and warm cherry tomatoes.

Do any of you watch The Blacklist?

Will and I DVR-ed the whole series and just started it last week.

I really like it! I mean, is the guy her dad? Linked to her parents? And what about her husband? A CIA spy, perhaps?

We are only about five episodes in, so perhaps it will unfold soon!

Layla started school this week.

It’s preschool, but hey it’s still school.

I felt a little misty eyed hearing P tell me all about Layla’s big first day. How is she old enough to be taking a lunch and nap mat to a public place, away from home, and interacting with total toddler strangers!?

Before I know it she’ll be driving, heading off to college, getting hitched and having great nieces and nephews.

What is happening!?! 😩

Okay… Perhaps I’m overreacting a little. But seriously. I feel like I just cut her umbilical cord.

I got a steal on this super beautiful flowy Target skirt.


It doesn’t look all that great in this picture. In fact, there’s no way I ever would have purchased it if it wasn’t for seeing P in it.

It’s so light, summery, and romantic. Perfect for everyday and can be dressed up or down. In hindsight I should have bought two!

Will is joining a softball league.

Yes, it’s true.

Some of the people in our old life group are forming a team and asked Will to hook on and play. Maybe this will also be an opportunity to get him to workout with me?

I think it’s a consensus that it’s for fun and not to sweep the league in victories (which kills Will since he is so competitive), but it should hopefully be fun nonetheless.

So, once a week I will be spending evenings cheering on the team from the stands, because let’s be real, no one wants me out there trying to hit a ball or catch one in midair.

We can’t be great at everything. smile

I thought Will was going to kill Boz.

One of the main drivers for working on Will’s “man cave” is to create a cozy space for us to watch TV, since our living room is quickly becoming more formal.

We bought a beautiful new leather couch earlier this year, and have a second longer version ordered and on its way.

Our new furniture isn’t very dog friendly, so we’ve been training the pups to hang out in the man cave with us, and reserve the living room for company.

These couches are like the annoying pristine china your mom would never let you play tea party with.

You look, but don’t touch. Haha

So you can imagine the horror we expressed when Will and I were messing with our home phone and Boz tried to get our attention by leaping onto the cushions and then on top of the couch.

It was totally a moment of giant eyeballs of terror and a slow motion and scream of, “Noooooooo!” while we grabbed Boz off the couch.

Sure enough, he created a giant deep scratch in the leather.

Then scratched couch

I thought Will was going to stroke out.

Some leather conditioner helped, but it’s still very much there.

Boz was in the dog house big time. smile

That’s all for now! Any randomness you care to share?

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