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the cereal killer

I guess I just can’t stay away this morning.

Once again back to post after just 3 hours of posting. What is my obsession with this thing!? Step away from the computer!

That’s really annyoing.

Oh well. I just had to post about my bizarre breakfast moment.

I was pouring my Frosted Flakes into my bowl when “it” gently rolled out and landed right on top. Ahhhh, the much coveted and long awaited prize in the cereal box. When I was younger that was the holy grail- the reason I would be up to my arm in cereal digging in the box (gross). It was the whole reason I would eat cereal. Now, however, you almost have to pry the box out of my hand in fear that if you don’t step in things could get messy. Without supervision I could easily kill a whole box in a day. Any kind of cereal. I have no prejudices.

So anyway, “it” fell out. I have to admit, I wasn’t nearly as excited as I used to be, but I was still surprised at the elation it caused and the fact that I actually spoke outloud, “Wow! I got the prize!” What a huge dork. I know.

I sat down and started to eat and decided to open my new treasure. It was this top- you know the ones that spin, with a booklet attached (because kids need instructions to work toys that don’t come with a million buttons and gadgets and batteries I guess). So, I opened it up and it wasn’t instructions at all…

It was ring tones and phone backgrounds for your cell phone! What in the world? “All you have to do kids, is text message these numbers to this number and we will send you your very own anime background!”


What is the median age for cereal eaters that really really want the prize (not including me)? What- like 6 or 7? These kids are barely able to fuse together meaningful sentences and they have cell phones now!?

What has the world come to?! “Hey Kayleigh, its Kelsey. I know you live right next door but I don’t believe in going outside anymore so do you want to come over to my house and call boys from my cell phone!?”

Kids have cell phones but still require their mom to hold their hand while they cross the street? Kids have cell phones but still wear pajamas that have the feet in them?

I think we’ve gone way to far.


Clean Hands, Clean Car, Prenatal Vitamins, and Getting Scared

Just some random things today.

I intern in the marketing department of one of the hospitals here in town. We have a resident nurse that works in our office and today she had this cool “germ finding gadget.” It looked like a black light and you shine in on your hands or where ever else you want to check for germs and you can spot them! I am a “germ-aphob” you could say, so I wash my hands several times during the day. I got checked and I was all clear. Some of the ladies had germs on their hands and arms though, it was weird.

Well as of now my car is as spotless as my hands! We are going to sell good old Cameron since we’re moving. I’ve had her since I was 16- so it is time to go. It has accumulated a lot of yuck over the years and was in desparate need of a “deep cleaning,” so we got it detailed yesterday. I have never been more proud! It looks great- for a split second I thought I would want to keep it (not really though). I hope it makes someone want to buy it. Of course, we are expecting rain this week so the true Cameron may be revealed! smile

On to prenatal vitamins. A girl I work with- who is younger than I am- is taking them! She said it is supposed to make your hair grow faster. Anyone heard this? Is it true? She had been taking some biotin vitamin stuff and she said it didn’t work, so she and her roommate were going to try this. I have been growing my hair out for years, all in vain, so I am curious. The whole idea of taking prenatal vitiamins freaks me out. I can just imagine me buying them and setting them on the counter. Will would come home, see them, and faint. smile I think it’s all in the name. They are probably the same as regular vitiamins just with more folic acid and iron or something. Who knows.

Well I have been officially terrified today-thank you Andrea. She is the lady I intern for. When she was in junior high she lived in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. She had a lot to tell me- mostly scary stuff. I had to go check my pants after I talked to her, that’s how much it scared me (not really)! Kuwait is different from Saudi, but it is the same in some ways. I am not motivated enough to go into details about all we talked about, but it totally gave me a lot to think about- mostly worry about

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Just Another Day

Not an overly exciting day today. I have come to realize that is not a bad thing. There are times when the “busyness” and stress of some days have me looking forward to days like these, so I won’t complain. Thankfully, I don’t think there are any major sporting events that Will will want to watch- OU lost at basketball yesterday and we won’t get the Mavs game if they’re playing, so it will be a nice and relaxing evening of watching Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond reruns! smile I tried to put some pics up today, but I had saved all of them as photoshop documents, so I wouldn’t load! Such a dissapointment. smile I am so proud of our pictures and I can’t wait to get them up. Oh well, more to come in the “overly exciting life of Will and I!”

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