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I’m Too Busy for Oprah

You know I love you, that’s why it hurts to write this letter.

Remember all the fun we had my first couple of years of college? Y’know before my boyfriend (who later became my husband) made me get a job- taking me away from you and our special hour together? Of course you remember. You were as devastated. I had to hang up on you because I couldn’t talk through all your sobbing. I’m sorry I had to cut the cord that day. The truth is, I think Will felt threatened by the connection we shared. I know, you probably get that a lot, but this time it’s real.

Who could forget our discussions over weight loss, Brad and Jen (pre-split, of course!), and how great Texas beef really is? Oh the laughs we shared, and the tears we cried. Every weekday at 4:00 was such a special time!

And now… now there’s a chance that we might reunite! I know you were just as thrilled as I was. I’m sure the same things that were going through my head were going through yours when you learned I would be in Kuwait.

“Has she changed since we last met?”

“I hope she remembers me.”

“I hope this pink shirt doesn’t make me look fat.”

Don’t worry, Oprah, I remembered you- oh, and you look great in that shirt! Stop saying you look fat!”

Unfortunately, as excited as you’ve been to meet me, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel.

I know, I know, you rearranged your “busy schedule” to come all the way over to the middle of nowhere, but the truth is, Op, I’m a busy lady in high demand. These websites I visit just can’t wait and I am not going to let them down, darn it. Not even for Oprah Winfrey.

So, I knew this news would be upsetting, and I knew you would have your people call my people to try to arrange a get together. How many more ways can I say, “I’m Busy!” without hurting your feelings!? Gah. Just let it go. You’re really beginning to look desperate.

Okay, I see you are going to pester me about meeting you, so here’s what I decided to do. Here is a list of the reasons I can not meet with you today. I don’t think I can make things any clearer than this!!

10. I wore entirely too much blush today. The lighting in my bathroom isn’t the greatest. I thought I needed a little more because apparently it just didn’t seem like 50 swipes was enough. I reapplied the pink horror one last time only to shock myself in the office bathroom this morning.

I look like a cross between Tammie Faye and a Rose Parade float. I can’t see you like this.

9. If the blush encompassing my entire face wasn’t enough, I have yet another unwanted entity sitting on my face, unrelated to makeup. That’s right, Oprah, I have a huge zit on the left side of my chin.  Talk about embarrassing. I’m greeting people before I even get to them. My chin shows up 20 feet before the rest of my does! I thought there was a chance it would clear up so I could meet you, but that just isn’t the case. In fact, I even bought some “Super Strength Will suck the life out of your zit in 3 minutes or your money back” stuff hoping it would help. Sadly, it hasn’t, and I look the exact same way I did yesterday. Only with more blush and a zit the size of a large ferret dancing around my chin with each word I speak.

8. There is a very strange smell emanating from one of the cubicles in my office. I am very paranoid it is mine. It smells like someone put a fresh bag of kettle corn inside a squishy and explosive baby diaper and let it marinate for 2.5 hours. I keep sniffing, trying to inconspicuously catch where the pungency is coming from, but I can’t be certain. I hope it’s not my cubicle.

7. I am having a fat day. I know you can relate to this. I mean, I’ve watched your fluctuate in the 80s and early 90s to finally blossom into one fit chick. Anyway- you know what’ I’m saying. My shirt is getting tucked into my little stomach roll, so unattractive. I can’t have you see me like this.

I am having a zitty, smelly, blushy, fat day. I could stop in my countdown, walk away, and you would totally understand, but here is more, so much more.

6. There are a whole bunch of new eastern hires standing around dour office. They have been standing around and trading turns on the couch for 4 hours. It’s very awkward because They are staring at my screen and it’s freaking me out. On top of that, I stick out in the office because I look like a typical American and so they keep looking at me and I’m getting creeped. Oprah, I don’t want to add to the awkwardness. If you came in here a riot would ensue. I know these young bucks are huge fans of your successful made for TV movies, and I know they know who you are and appreciate you just like the next guy. However, I am certain things would get out of hand and you would feel overwhelmed. I know you’re not used to autographs and pictures and I wouldn’t want to scare you.

5. I walked into the bathroom earlier today (after I saw my scary blush) and saw I had a little microbooger on the tip of my nose. How much more embarrassing can my life get!!? Too much blush, a huge zit, a FAT DAY, AND a micro-booger!!!? These things are supposed to happen one at a time! Oh, Oprah, you’re not familiar with this term?

Sorry, let me catch you up to speed. A micro booger is a teeny tiny little hanging booger just out the cavity of your nose. It’s not terribly noticeable at first site, but trust me, people see you with it.

Therefore from the time I went to the restroom this morning and saw “Big Blush” to the time I saw “microbooger” I have been walking around with crap coming out of my nose none the wiser. Living my life and talking to people and everyone wants to throw up their tuna salad and I’m smiling and having no clue why everyone is rubbing their nose and giving me strange looks. JUST TELL ME! Don’t let me walk around looking even MORE stupid! Ugh. Oprah, do you feel my pain!?

4.I have a VERY, I mean VERY stressful and demanding job, Oprah. Even more high profile than yours. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Today I was swamped with a load feedback, and then I was weighed down with meetings at, and to top it off I am so stressed about finding new sandals for my Saturday deadline. Ugh! Crucial stuff Oprah! As you can see I don’t just leave work at the door when I come home. I bring these things home. I carry the weight of my shoulders, but someone has to do it. You understand, don’t you? I guess not. I mean, you only have your own production company and TV show. That’s not all that hectic.

3. I’m in training. That’s right. I’m working out tonight and can’t talk to anyone. It’s sort of the age old rule of no sex before a game because the guy needs to be focused. That’s the same with me except I’m all about the first thing and not all about having meaningful conversations today. That means Will wins and you lose. Sorry Oprah, I just can’t waste my sentences. I need to keep to myself and remained focused on the challenge before me.

2. As of 3:00 today I am taking a vow of silence- until 6:00, that is.  The only window I MIGHT have had to meet you would have been between 3 and 6, and I am not speaking then so we can’t meet. It would be me staring at you and you talking away all about A Million Little Pieces and everything in between. I just wouldn’t be much company.

1. Will wouldn’t let me.

Thanks for understanding my situation. I’m just too busy for you and can’t really squeeze you in right now.

I know I’ll see you again sometime. Until then, we’ll always have your show…

Your Friend,


***If you haven’t already guessed, the Oprah thing appeared to be a bad rumor. Sigh…

droopy eyes

Short post today. My eyes are starting to droop, and I can see my self any minuted hitting the keyboard comatose and leaving you all nothing but asldfjklsdjflksdjflksajdflkajsdklfj until I wake up at 3:30 tomorrow to get ready for the day.

This schedule is the worst.

I can’t write long, and my post will be pretty boring today, but I feel like a stranger and will probably continue to feel that way for the next week and a half or so. Things at work are just....


I guess I don’t know yet.

Today I almost flatlined.

My boss was gone so I literally (I’m not making this up) sat on an uncomfotable chair at this lady’s desk for 11 hours. No lie. 11 hours and then had an hour lunch. I got up 3 times to make copies for her. In the 11 hour span I read 3 newspapers which took all of an hour.

It was mindnumbing.

The daily work day is 10 hours and a lunch. We car share, so I am at the mercy of those who take me. The lady that did worked 11 hours today, which added to the long and boring day.

There is lots in the middle. It wasn’t a bad day or anything, but I don’t have a computer, a desk, and my boss doesn’t even have his own computer or desk. They have him at a table. I just didn’t really have a place today.

The day was long, and like I said I was at the mercy of someone else to get me home. I am a vERY time-oriented person, so I felt like today was a waste, and then having to wait an extra hour got me all worked up.

I was so ready to go home, I was literally bored to tears. My eyes watered as I was sitting in the car thinking how much I wanted to go home and how much further we still had to go.

Like I said, lots in the middle, but you probably get the big drift. As soon as I walked in the door I saw Will. I feel right into his arms and lost it. I don’t really know why. I guess for some reason I felt overwhelmed on my first full day, and having to stare at a wall for 12 hours. I don’t really know what it was. I hate that he isn’t just a drive away, he is literally across country. I just cried. Tears have seemed to be a theme the last few days.

I’m sorry this post is boring, but I juts needed to post for myself tonight. I don’t know when I will get to do this again, so I just need to do it know and take advantage of the time I have.

We get our keys for the apartment tomorrow! That means that I won’t have the computer anymore… the only bad thing about moving out. Anyway, I don’t know when I’ll be getting a computer either. things are crazy right now because Doha is closing and they are trying to move everyone out of that camp and to other places, so that is their first priority. So, I’m getting paid to sit, which is okay, but depressing.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I will try not to be a stranger for the next week, but I don’t really know when I’ll be able to post.

I should have an interesting story about our newcomers briefing. My dad has part in it and was telling me all about some of the weird stuff they brief us on.

I wanted to laugh.

Maybe that will brighten my day. It’s on Tuesday, so we’ll see, though I hope I have something to cheer me up work wise before then.

Thanks for listening to me vent. It probably made no sense because I am exhausted and I just want Will to hold me.

Hopefully I’ll be on in the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend. smile

Boomer Sooner (last I heard they were up… I guess we’ll see)

My College BA stands for Beyond Absolutely worthless when it comes to basic stuff you should know.

Do you ever think in some ways college has made you stupider?

I mean, you spend all this time focusing on one main area. It’s like your brain totally forgets basic things everyone should know. Give me a map of the world and ask me basic geography questions like where mountain ranges in Asia are or whatever else, and you would laugh in my face. My sister had algebra homework last night. Basic Algebra 2, and as I glanced at it I thought, “Are these REALLY things I will HAVE to know in life? I hope not.“ The last time I attempted math was my freshman year in college algebra. I got my first and only C in my life and was done with math forever. That stupid class is the reason I wasn’t magna cum laude and just cum laude… stupid class… I’m not bitter though…

Case in point- college made me stupider. All I came out knowing dealt with interpersonal communication or the UN.

No math. No gravity. No XY=USHEUS squared.

You think I’m crazy don’t you??

Okay, so maybe I’m alone on this one, but last night Will and I had a moment when all I could think was, “Wow. If we ever decide to have kids, they have a chance of really being on the dumb side.”

Okay, so we’re really not “dumb” (I caught you smirking!), but I do wonder how we could be “smart” for our lives and then not be able to do basic things…

Will got Madden a couple of weeks ago. I think this game’s demographic is like from 12-30- I have absolutlely NO clue- but I know it attracts both young and “old.” Anyway, one of the features is getting to create your own player, sign him to a team, and make him this all-star.

To do this you have to do fun stuff like create what he looks like and pick his parents and stuff. Well, before you can get drafted into the NFL, your player has to take a 2 minute, 20 question I.Q. Test of “real” questions.

“Yes! Our guy is going to be a genius on and off the field! Everyone is going to want to draft him!”

We start the simple I.Q. test. It didn’t help that we were both trying to take the test, and as Will was reading I was shouting the answer before he could even finish the question. We take the full 2 minutes to answer…

and we get a 60%!!!!

Wow. That is a D. We got a D on those stupid, “If Sara is X times the age of her brother, and her brother is X times the age of their aunt’s second cousin’s estranged mother in jail, then how old is Sara?” Something like that. SEE! I can’t even MAKEUP the stupid question! How am I going to answer it!?

Anyway, we totally died laughing. Our “agent” left a message on our phone saying, “Your I.Q. test was less than desired, Idon’t know how the draft will go.”

Wow. College grads flunking a video game IQ test while 12 year olds are acing it. Hmmm…

We deleted “Whittny L” (we tried our best to combine our names, I goofily suggested Willttny, but Will just thought I was a dork) and started over.

We had to take our test again. It had different questions, but I refrained from yelling and answered politely and after Will had read the whole thing.

And we got an 80%. A B.


Did we not learn anything in school?

It really humbles you when you fail a mindnumbing, brainsucking, “We don’t want you to be smart, we want you to sit here and play video games all day” I.Q. test on Madden, a game devoted to “dumb jocks.”

The game should say, “Madden: rated G for Genius’ only.

Have a good day back to the grindstone.

just call me Monica Gellar-Bing

I have to begin today’s post saying mixed nuts are the most frustrating rip off ever.

Yes, I know I begin with quite a random left field thought, but I was thinking that a few minutes ago as I was digging through (yes, I am one of those gross diggers that am up to my elbows searching for the last macadamia) trying to find anything but a peanut.

Peanuts are okay and all, but they are no macadamia, or almond, or even cashew. Pretty frustrating. maybe I’m just buying a bad brand. All I get are peanuts. Yet another dork confirmation. smile Maybe I have mixed nuts on my mind because I have no healthy eating schedule and seriously need to get a job so I am not 10 feet away from the kitchen! smile

My legs are like stone today, however, because my sister and I did some new boot camp type exercises that she learned from cheerleading- making me hate all cheer coaches now.

No arresting prostitute excitement to talk about today, which in some sick way was sort of a disappointment. I really need to get out more.

Today was pretty boring, and my “Friday” evening has been just about the same. Will is a zombie come every Wednesday night and literally goes to bed around 7:30. The long days here are tiring, but it gets him ready for the weekend, so that’s good I guess. I am waking him up at 10:00 to check on his draft, and then I’m sure he’ll go back to the cave.

Well ladies, I am still hanging in with this fantasy football stuff! Will has three leagues going, two by himself and one with me. Ours is probably the weakest at this point, but a lot can change and we still have several more rounds to go- this is an exhausting hobby! Each person gets like 12 hours to draft each round, so it is a very long and excruciating process because some may use the full amount of time while everyone else is waiting- it is a one at a time thing so you ahve to wait on those in your league. I’m being confusing. Enough with the football stuff.

We booked the hotel and flight for our trip Saturday. Everything under the sun was booked so we are staying somewhere pricey, but we are just going to enjoy it and remember that in a few weeks I’ll actually have a paycheck and that will replenish our Christmas trip savings.

We had to make certain that there was a business center in the hotel before we booked it so Will can keep up with his draft, so maybe while he is spending some time doing that (with me cluelessy nodding to the random pick for our team), I’ll be able to post about all the fun stuff we’re doing. I am really getting excited about our trip. We are going to have to be frugal, but I still think there will be lots of interesting things to see. I have a book at all the things to see and do, so I think it will be fun.

I do hear that it’s stick to your clothes humid, so that is a bummer. I am already obsessing over the fact that I won’t be able to bring my straignthener because we can’t lug our huge converter with us- this will be bad. Beyond bad nay be the correct term. I will resemble Monica’s Diana Ross’ look when they took their trip for Ross’s convention thing. I’m sure our pictures will be quite humerous.

“Where is Will?”

“Oh, he is behind my huge afro.”

“Oh. Okay, yeah I see him now.”

a boring post

Apparently we live in the armpit of the Middle East (gross analogy!).

Okay- minus Saudi, Iran, Iraq, and maybe a couple of others- we do.

I don’t know. Kuwait has some really cool places, but it also has some not so nice areas… maybe I’m being too generous. Anyway, my family’s trip to Qatar opened their eyes to the beauty that is in the Middle East- minus the humidy! smile They had a good time.

The Middle East is known for their gold and pearls, so my parents brought me back a gorgeous string of pinkish pearls with a matching pearl braclet. I can’t even really describe the color, but they are incredible. They also brought me a chunky amber charm. I have to get a necklace to put it on. That was a fun surprise.

Anyway, Qatar sounds awesome… for Middle East traveling that is- plus they have an Arby’s, so I’m already sold. wink

Qatar is hosting the Asia Games next summer, so there is all sorts of awesome construction and things to see. My parent’s got some really good pictures of everything.

I’m not sure where Will and I will go for my trip for a visa, but it sounds like any of the countries we were considering will be a good choice. It would be neat to see Qatar since my family just went there. If only things weren’t so freakin’ expensive over here!!! I do think, though, that the Qatari rial is a lot better than the Kuwaiti dinar.

Anyway, my family took this tour of the area and learned some pretty interesting stuff. Get this, it is totally legal there for a man to have up to four wives. However, he has to buy them all houses that are similar in price and they have to all live on the same street, and he has to have children with all of them (talk about desperate housewives!!). Then, if he buys one wife something he has to buy the other wives the exact same thing. If he spends a few days at one wife’s house, he has to spend the same amount of time at his other wives’ houses. If he doesn’t, a wife has the legal right to call up one of his other wives and ask if he has been over there. If he has been at another wife’s house but not hers, she can report him missing! Talk about some major drama!

I’m sure all men think they hit the jack pot- being able to have more than one beautiful and fertile wife.. ha ha, but I guess the joke is on them! I can just imagine what Will would think if he had to hear not one Brittny, but TWO Brittnys telling him to get off that stupid Play Station. How funny.

All of that was probably totally confusing! Oh well, I did my best. smile

Well, I have some more job frustrations. The main boss that is over the entire division where I will be thought my first day was yesterday. He was hoping I would be able to train under the lady whose place I’ll be taking. It’s frustrating to know that the lady will be gone by the time I get there… and I really don’t even have any clue when I will start yet! I hope it is soon. I would really like to be able to take our trip, get my visa, and start within 2 weeks, but I guess we’ll see.

Tuesday we’re having more visitors over (ha ha). I think like at 5 that morning, people from Housing are going to come by and do inventory of our apartment. So, I am going to be cleaning house today to get ready for the Housing Gestapo. Hopefully everything will be okay with that.


Boring post today! smile

Sorry guys.

Hang tight, maybe this afternoon I’ll have something interesting to report, but if not have a great rest of the weekend

text me

I always feel a little down each time Friday afternoon rolls around because I know that my weekend is coming to a close and that yours is about to begin.

I was always that kid on the day before school started that sulked around because school was the next day instead of getting out and enjoying the last day I had. How stupid, but there you go. Maybe once I get a job I’ll view my time off differently. I hope so!

I think I would much rather be on America’s schedule! I get to read more blogs that way! smile I get sad thinking that I will have to catch up Saturdays on reading your posts from Thursdays and Fridays until Will and I get a computer (I have a terrible Nest addiction). And then the fact that I won’t be able to post on thurdays and fridays until we get a computer… did I mention I’ve become obsessed? This is terrible! A computer is on the top of the purchase list once I get a job, but until then I guess I will have to post at work and play catch-up (Great- that’s JUST what I need, more time spent on the Nest).

Well, in my eyes, the weekend is pretty much over. My parents will be home soon, so our weekend of “being married“ again is over. I was frustrated with Will yesterday because he spent most of the day on the playstation. Not exactly what I had hoped for. We were going to catch a movie, but about an hour before it started Will was still hin his boxers and a tee so that was the end of the movie discussion. Today he is taking me out to Chilis, so that should be fun. I will say though, despite my grumpiness we still managed to have some bouts of fun. I packed Will’s ancient Wal-mart vest from when he worked there in high school and some of college. (we were only allowed two suitcases each, so I managed to pack the important stuff. ha ha) We had some laughs with that. Yes, it is confirmed. I am a total weirdo. wink

I have absolutely nothing of value to talk about today, then again, there have been many days that this has been a truth yet I’ve posted anyway.

I read a cute article in the Kuwait Times (click on the link and then go to page 5) that you will all have to check out. Once you get to page 5, scroll down to “Saudi Youths Find Way to Flirt” and zoom in.....

(waiting while you read) smile

Isn’t that too funny!? I guess you just have to roll with the situation at hand. Cell phones are the biggest deal ever, ever, ever here- and now I guess I can understand why a bit more!

My sister has the Bluetooth chip in her phone (not to flirt with boys… or at least I hope not! I’m not ready for all that yet!), but all she’s gotten from it was a virus on her phone! There are also a lot of terrible things that get sent to Bluetooth users as pranks too- but they are far from funny (I will spare your stomach and virtue), so I’ve never been too impressed with Bluetooth, but I guess for some people, it’s their only communication with the opposite sex.

I can’t even imagine having to live life that way, but I guess for many of them that is all they know. The Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice’s (the Saudi Religious Police) sole purpose is to make sure things like that (and other things such as making sure the womens’ abayas are worn properly) don’t go on. This sounds so crazy, considering I’m living in a similarly conservative region- but I am so glad I live in Kuwait compared to some other places around here.

I can’t imagine Will picking me up from behind a wall at Johnny Carinos! I wonder what sort of text he would of used… Obsessed Sports Fan looking to hook up with y"OU". Probably something real “hot” like that. Ha Ha.

However, that crazy guy totally had be buffaloed about how much he liked sports the first few months we were dating (I had absolutely no clue he was as big of a fan as I later found out… I was totally blind), so he probably wouldn’t have put that.

Maybe Cute Preacher Boy looking for Choir Girl. Ha Ha. This is probably annoying everyone else, but now I’m just having a good time! smile

Makes ya think!

That’s a lot of pressure for guys. Would I REALLY have ended up with Will if it depended on a texting system (I am just being silly-of course I would have… but I do wonder what interesting things we would have talked about having never really met)?

Thank goodness for good old American dating.

As for other news, there isn’t much! Just about to begin another lazy couple of days spent here at the apartment. I decided to enjoy these next few days because they will be my last forever! I will never have this much time off once I enter the “real world.”

Have a great weekend. <3

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The Highlight of My Day (After Reading This You Will Start a Maniacal Job Search For Me)

Let’s talk about Hungary’s very own Little Becky’s Fruit Mallows Original. The pretty colors are so decieving.

I truly gave into male-like carnage today and ate something simply just to eat it. Why do I do this? I know its something I don’t really feel like, yet if I see my sister eating it’s like a trigger in my brain goes off, telling me that I HAVE to eat, just because she is. I could have eaten half a loaf of bread slathered in peanut butter and be about to throw up all over myself, yet because my sister is eating, so must I.

Anyway, today was a good example of how stupid this stigma is. Sweet Little Becky. Child laborer from Hungary. Forced into the marshmallow business to earn money for her circus-star parents.

Green- Lime

Yellow- Lemon

Orange- Orange

Pink- Strawberry

That is what it says on the bag anyway, but I have to believe the verdict is still out on these concoctions, and even Little Becky ponders just what in the world “Green” really is.

Today Little Becky gave my sister and I a huge laugh. We opened the bag thinking we’d indulge in a pre-dinner sweet only to be seriously disappointed.

That is such an understatement. It was like the anticipation you had as the guy you were dating rang the doorbell and you rushed out to confidently welcome him… only to have your underwear stuck in your skirt or something. It was that kind of let down.

I let her go first. I’m not a big fan of flavored marshmallows ( you never would have known this afternoon… I was eating them like they were on fire).

“Yellow.” A funny smile came across her face as she played with the jumbo fluff in her mouth.

However,you can’t just stop there though! For some reason known only to these 2 strange sisters, you have to try every flavor, to see if there is one better than what you just had, or in our case- was there really one that had the potential to be worse? Why we sought eating crappy flavored sugar and gunk and didn’t just throw them away after “yellow,” only we will know.

We had to go on. There were still 3 other flavors! So, I decided to join her. What a goof- I knew she didn’t like “lemon” so why would she like any other ones- and why would I- “I’m not a big fan of flavored marshmallows but pass the bag anyway"- like them if she didn’t?

“Orange. Hmmm. Interesting.”

So then, because we are weird, we had to try every color twice (because another exact form of the exact same color we just had MIGHT be different, right?)- except I let her try lime. I just couldn’t do it.

I don’t know why eating those crappy marshmallows was so funny today, but we were in tears as we each took out a flavor, hoping it to be better than the previous.

I guess you had to be there.

Wow, unemployment is so overwhelming

have another cookie, it will make you feel better

The last few days have been mindnumbingly boring.

My sister and mom are contemplating the serious decision of staying here or going home. My sister hates her school here, and I can’t say I blame her. I would want to go home too. No Friday night football games or prom or just regular teen stuff like getting to drive.

Anyway, I didn’t intend that to be the topic of today’s post. I guess that has been weighing on my mind a lot because I too wonder if Will and I will stay or go home. The selfish side of me wants my sister to stay because she is my dearest friend. I would miss her tons. The practical and honest side of me wants to help her pack and find and find a flight home with a decent movie. She has to decide very soon because school starts in a few weeks. If I was a betting girl I would say she will stay this year and move back next year because she knows my mom wants to stay at least a year. but I guess we’ll see.

It has me thinking about what I am doing here! I have been here almost three months and am far from being able to say I’m simply in a “rut” anymore. I think my articulate and planned schedule would probably have others thinking that my doing nothing is a actually a career- definitely no longer a rut. I feel like I am in the movie groundhog day when I get up and do the exact same thing each day. I have it to a science. Here are some tips to doing nothing everyday:

1. It is not a crime to have a plan on days such as these. So many people just want to go with the flow, but I say that if you are going to do nothing and don’t have a plan you will miss out on “something” if you are just going by the seat of your pants.

2. There must be dangerous amounts of imported jiff peanut butter (peter pan will also suffice) and Kraft Marshmallow fluff. You are doing nothing and deserve to eat a little slobbish.

3. You must have “your show” which you will stop doing anything- even to the point of hanging up on your sweet grandmother so you can sit down and watch it. Mine, for example, is the GREAT Australian hit Home and Away. It is the best and has me wondering what I’m going to do if I ever have to do something. smile Its that good and is only half an hour so you don’t feel too bad for watching a “soap” type show for half the day each and every morning.

4. Comfort is key. If you are sitting around all day PJs are incredibly permissible and expected at my house. Simply change when you go to the gym and then get ready after you get back- around 3 in the afternoon. You’re kind of on European time here- theres no rush and it will get done before your husband sees you.

5. Maybe you have willpower, but my willpower can be compared to a kid at fat camp smuggling choclate cake in on the first night. It’s terrible. there must be a lock on the kitchen door. It must be hidden. Sitting at home has a strange affect on people after about 3 weeks in which you are simply hungry all the time because you know you can have it, and you know there are cherry poptarts that are simply staring you down all the way in the living room. There must be some self-control exercised during doing nothing days. This, is my hardest rule to master. Hopefully I’ll get a job soon and I won’t have to worry about it!

I have a ton more but I’m sure I’m scaring you all at this point. I really need a “real” job don’t I? Living at home and without a job really makes for dramatic yet boring blogs.

Have a good day

just a recap

Just a re-cap post today. Nothing spectacular really.

We had a great weekend. It felt so good to get out and be together. The ultimate would have been to have our own apartment to come home to, but in time we’ll get that too.

Nonetheless, it was just a good weekend. Wednesday night Will wanted to see a movie. It was “opening night” for Monster In-Law and The Longest Yard so it was pretty much between those two. I really really really didn’t want to see Monster In-Law for personal reasons (don’t worry- I won’t get into that), but you’ll never guess what Will wanted to see… Yep… Monster In-Law. That’s true love right there- to sit through that movie with Will. Actually it was really good.

So then we came back to the apartment and uncomfortably had cake and ice cream with my family. I haven’t had a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake in ages. It was divine. I think I’ll have to start celebrating half birthdays and random holidays like Secretary Week so we have an excuse to go out and buy a cake. smile After that we just sat around and called it a night.

Thursday we had our famous phone call and Will got to talk to his family and see what all was going on with Will’s fam. We went back to sleep for a few more hours and then I forced Will out of bed by playing a game of bowling on my phone’s loudest setting. We got up and got around and then went to Hard Rock for lunch. It was so much fun. After that we went and saw yet another movie!We opted for The Longest Yard. It was really good.

We headed back to the apartment and then the “fun” began- we sat down to a very important business meeting to talk about the draft coming up in our league. Will made me get my magazine that I have been so avidly reading and researching (wink wink) and a notebook so we could analyze and discuss what players we want and when we want to draft them.

This stuff is quite a process! I am a person of intense order. I call my planner “the second Bible.” I always have to have a plan. Fantasy Football (yes, I know I’m capitalizing it as if it were a real day) Draft Day is anything but structure! You have no idea what these other 11 guys are going to take so you have to have several options lined up incase they take “your” guy. Wow. I ended up having so much fun though! I can’t believe I just said that! I actually had a good time looking though our magazines, reading about players and then discussing if we should consider them or not. We were about an hour in and Will was like, “Let’s put it away for tonight. I don’t want you to get burned out.” I had to laugh to myself because in all honesty I could have went another hour and been fine. Oh well. It was probably a good idea because I may be singing a whole different tune in a few weeks when draft day starts.

Well, today is our last day of the weekend, which saddens me. I always think as I write my posts on Friday that as I am ending my weekend you all are preparing to start yours!Today is just a lazy day. We have the apartment to ourselves which is nice. Will is playing his game- for the first time this weekend! I was shocked because I thought since it was “his” weekend he would have wanted to play more. smile So, while he’s doing that I’m siezing the opportunity to use the computer while I still have the chance. Will has to work tonight which is a bummer, so I will be on my own tonight- kind of.

So, that was our weekend in a nut shell. Nothing too extra-special, but just what we needed. thanks for all the sweet wishes. Have a great weekend.

I was just thinking…

In terms of yesterday’s post: so far so good. No volcanic erruptions at the moment. Tension is still present, but I’m okay with tension. I’m not okay with ash.

I’ve started about 5 lists in my head of humerous and crazy things that I need to write in my journal and possibly my blog. Its is amazing how having large amounts of time can free your mind of tons of needless stuff and fill it with even more tons of needless stuff. smile

Currently I am jounraling a lenghtly list of “Rules For Living With Your Parents.” It’s pretty funny. I think after all this is over it will be much funnier and more appropriate (I haven’t been able to fully appreciate my rules since I’m still under their roof). I’ve also started a “What I Miss and Appreciate About Home” list. Maybe I’ll post that one day too.

Anyway, today is my hodge podge of some of the many scattered thoughts that run through my head. Will jokes that the scariest thing he could ever experience would be to spend a day in my mind. He is probably right. Believe it or not- too much goes on in there. I’m sure you find that hard to grasp, but I’m being serious. smile I think a lot of women are probably the same way. Everything has to be picked apart and analyzed. I overthing everything. I overthink breakfast. It’s yet another strange oddity I am freely exposing the the Nest World.

I truly miss the convenience of having a dishwasher. You’d think with the thousands of large kitchen appliances my parent’s have bought at the Arabian version of “Best Buy” they’d eventually just throw one in for free. Of course, then I would have major fuse issues. I think I’d take that risk. Anyway, I don’t like hand washing dishes. I’m a germaphob and never feel like I get them as clean as a real dishwasher can. However, it gives me a nice long time to sit and look out the window as I wash and wonder about the people that are outside.

I see the buses take the TCNs to work in the morning, and sometimes I watch them get off at night. I wonder what their days were like and if they miss home too- though I have to believe even the poor conditons they face here are better than where they came from. One of the guys that works with Will is from the Philipines and likes to joke that by working over here he makes more than the president of his country- and he is being totally serious! I know some of you could probably name 5 people off the top of your head that make more than our president too, but what is amazing to me about this guy is how little he makes. Its not because hes making a ton of money over here- its because of the poor conditions of where he came from. Isn’t that crazy?

What other musings to share today… ?…

I wonder about what other people that I used to hold so close to my heart- both recently and long ago- are doing at this very instant. We are such an egocentric culture that it can be difficult at times to realize that another person’s entire world is going on this very instant too. I wonder if these people are laughing right now, or if they’re working hard, or doing something great. I try to remember them and I can’t even picture some of their faces anymore. I think that just happens sometimes with people that were important during one stage of your life.

So many thoughts to process.

I also get this terrible image of Kate Bush everytime I am flipping through channels and approach VH1 International. They love this lady- and I’ve never even herad of her! She had this crazily disturbing music video called Wuthering Heights and it trips me out everytime I see it! It came out in the 70s and it is the scariest thing I’ve seen in a while. The strangest thing about the whole thing is that I’ve lived here 3 months and have seen this randomly old video 5 times. I really wanted to find a link to her video, but I couldn’t. You would all have been wigged out too. What a strange TV selection I have.

I am grateful for online radio stations. I miss my music so much! Everyone is asleep (which is the only way I can actually get on without a fight) now so I have my earphones on and am having to constantly remind myself that I can’t sing along. What a dork. Will misses his sports radio the even more I think. Its blocked at work, so he never gets to listen to it. Its not like mine- I can’t just go out and buy him The Sports Animal on cd… thankgoodness. smile

Better go for now. Tomorrow I am posting before the good Lord wakes, so I need my sleep

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