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for the boy

”...Please don’t tell me to leave you and return home! I will go where you go, I will live where you live; your people will be my people, your God my God. I will die where you die and be buried beside you. May the Lord punish me if we are separated, even by death!” ~Ruth 1 16-17

My Sweet Will~

As I sit down to write you this morning I face the same problem I always do: I have a million things that I want to say and they are all jumbled inside and I’m not really sure where to start! I thought I would devote my post to you today- to tell the “world” how important you are to me. I’ll give it my best and we’ll see where we end up.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Today 25 years ago the most special miracle happened to me. Of course, I wasn’t even a thought back then, only God knew me. He knew He was beginning the masterpiece “Will” that would take 22 years to perfect, and then He would hand him over to me to have the awesome honor of being able to love all the days of my life. Today, in 1980, your sweet mother gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Will. What a special day for not only your family, but mine as well. I am so thankful for your awesome family and the godly way they raised you. You were such a precious child and I wish I was able to have known you way back then so I wouldn’t have missed anything and I would have been able to watch you grow and become the man I love.

God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve by giving you to me. I look at you as you just fall asleep and start to breathe deeper and think, “Thank you God for the blessing of Will.” You are far beyond what I deserve, and I know I surely got the better end of the deal.

Do you remember the first birthday I got to spend with you? It was the big 23. I got you your favorite Playstation game, and then you got your Playstation 2. If only I would have known how that game would dictate your life! I would have banned it! Ha Ha, just kidding. It was such a fun day and I felt honored that I got to celebrate July 27, because before then it was just another day with no significance.

Do you remember your first married birthday? We got the greatest news ever! We were OU season ticket holders! What a wonderful birthday present for the biggest OU fan ever. smile And then we got to go to dinner and have cake twice- once at your parent’s and then at mine! That was my favorite birthday thus far. I got to go home with my husband that year, no more saying goodbye at night. That was so amazing.

I know this birthday is so different than any of the others you’ve ever had. I am so glad that once again I get to be here for it. I am so blessed to get to celebrate the “quarter-century” mark with the man that still takes my breath away. It’s like that goofy Vitamin C song you like and were talking about the other day. I’m know you never pictured being married and living in Kuwait when you turned 25. Yet another one of life’s unexpected turns.

You are my family and I am yours. I am so glad that we get to spend this day, celebrating you, in a new world- both physically and emotionally. “My verses” seem to take on a whole new meaning now, don’t they? They are so literal right now, but I wouldn’t change anything at all. I know yesterday we wondered just what we were doing and if it was worth staying without me having a job. No matter what we decide, those verses still ring true. Whether staying or leaving, I am following you all the days of my life and will be content wherever that road takes us because no one could ever love me like you. It is the most amazing feeling to open the door each evening and see your sweet face as I give you a tight hug and smell the faded remnants of your cologne. No matter what door I open at night- whether here or there- I just want you to be on the other side.I don’t care where we are.

I so wanted you to have something great to open today and my heart hurts and I tear up thinking I didn’t really get you anything. I mean- I know we got your 2 cards and video game- those are super-important gifts, but I wanted you to have something to unwrap today. I know that’s more of a girl thing, but I just want to give you everything I have. That is important to me.

The greatest thing I give you today, and each day is my whole heart that is striving to be the greatest fan of your life. I am learning each day to be the wife God needs me to be and I want so badly to take care of you as good as you take care of me.

Today we add yet another day of “making memories of us,” which was totally different than I ever would have thought! When I met that beautiful “guy” at Cameron University’s PE1001 Ballroom Dancing class, I never thought making memories of us would mean living in a world that is not our own, but it is- and that is okay because we have eachother.

Here is to your 25 years plus 25 more! Today is going to be different than all others- but just as special. I love you, sweet Will.

Today- and every other day I celebrate you.

Happy Birthday.

Love, Britter

2006 Race for my Sanity

Yet another Will Loves Sports posts.

I’m sure you are tired of the many times I talk about this topic- welcome to my world. smile The guy is obsessed.

Yesterday “it” came in the mail. The all new NCAA 2006 Race for the Heisman football game for playstation2. Happy Birthday to Will. He got a super nice football card- one that required a second mortgage to get (just kidding) to add to his collection and then he got “the” game in the mail- and his birthday is still a few days away!

Anyway, Will looks forward to this day (and also August when Madden ‘06 comes out) every year. He has it marked down and know exactly when it goes on sale, preorders it, and watches the mail each day to see if its come. It’d almost be cute if it didn’t consume his every waking hour. smile I have to admit, this game is the coolest by far though. That’s the hard part for me. I do get excited for him because I know he loves it so much and this is the closest thing to football he’ll get over here (unless you see soccer as the “real football,” and believe me, Will doesn’t). I get all excited to see the new features he’s found and I want to see everything all at once. Then once I’ve seen everything new I’m sick of it within a week because I know everything there is to know! I know its his hobby and so I just need to let him be, but he really likes when I sit and watch him and cheer him on- yes my grown husband can revert to childlike tendencies when it comes to his video games. Its like he thinks I’m actually in the stands watching “him” play out there. With this new game you can create your own player, which he did and it looks exactly like him, so now I guess I really AM watching him play. What a strange thing. And guys think we’re weird. Hmm.

So Will is the newest middle linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners. He has his own freshman dorm room, gets fan mail, has a meter to show him how close he is to winning the Heisman… and yet I continue to wonder about the strange attatchment he has for the game. I guess its obivious- they gave him his own living quarters and a fan base for crying out loud!

EA Sports has really done it this time. (full of sarcasm) Way to go guys

two for the price of one

had to laugh to myself today when I saw the birth control in Kuwait thing on the Nest- because that was going to be the topic of today’s post! What a Twilight Zone moment. Are you in my brain??

Well, now I have to think of something else to write about because two posts fully explaining my BC issues is enough- even for me! smile

Well, Sunday is the big day. The day I make the big switcharoo. I wouldn’t be as nervous except for the fact that I have decided to skip an Aunt Flo this month because Will’s birthday is next week.Okay, so how you are all saying. “My eyes have seen too much!” Sorry, I crossed the “we don’t know you very well and REALLY don’t want to hear about your birth control issues, let alone skipping aunt flos and God knows what.” I’ll stop. If you really want to play psychologist with today’s post, I am writing because of my anxiety of not only starting low dose of BC on the day I’m supposed to take my placebo pills, but also one that isn’t approved by the FDA. Yeah, that makes ya feel great.

So, now that I promised I wouldn’t stay on the birth control subject because we’ve all had our fill for the year, I will change subjects.

I am in love. I try to use the world Love carefully, because I hate saying I LOVE Taco Bueno with the same excitiment as I say I LOVE Will. It just happens that way. I know the love is different, but it just comes out with the same zeal. That’s terrible.

Anyway, I really am in LOVE, and as of this very instant it might just borderline the same excitement as a shouting acclamation of an “I LOVE WILL.”

PEANUT BUTTER FLUFF Sandwiches. Ahh, the power that eminates from these few words. Yes, they require capitilzation because they are their own entity. They are simply divine. Let me explain. Bread is a strange thing here. They sell it, but it is a little stale even when it is fresh. It comes in tiny loaves and you must use it within a day after you buy it or it gets moldy. It’s quite an interesting thing. If I knew a kid here that needed to do a science project, I would ask him to find out why their bread is the way it is.

Anyway, you just can’t get excited about plain bread as it is, let alone Kuwait bread. But then it happened. The blessed ordering guy, in charge of choosing the items that go in the military PXs put in an order for WONDER BREAD. The miracle substance of life. I never thought I would be so excited to see a plain, white, bleached flour with no nutritional value loaf of bread. The anticipation of opening a fresh loaf of WONDER BREAD- its almost overwhelming! When they get it in stock- and it only comes to one of the bases in Kuwait- so you actually have to make a trip to get it if you work elsewhere- and believe me, none of the camps are close together.

Anyway, once it hits the shelves it’s gone within the hour. People would give their children’s college funds for a bag. You have to be at the right place at the right time. Luckily, my mom was. She threw her elbows around and fought for the last 2 loaves and got ‘em. I never realized how much I liked slice bread until I couldn’t have it. I missed it so much I could have actually just eaten the “real bread” plain- but it’s like a forbidden rule to “waste” “THE” bread in our house. You’d think we had a stash of truffles around instead of plain white bread.

the one true satisfaction of having the rare and much sought after WONDER BREAD in our house is having the best additions to go with it. PEANUT BUTTER and MARSHMALLOW FLUFF. Just let me take a moment to write that again- PEANUT BUTTER and MARSHMALLOW FLUFF, and yes, I do find it annoyingly necessary to capitalize the words. It just sounds so sinfully terrible! How much more fattening and wonderful can you get?! I figure this bread only comes around here once in a lifetime, so I should at least get the full satisfaction from it. So, I have been consuming my “fluffer-nutter” sandwiches like it was the absolute last time I would ever have one again. I’m really relishing this WONDER BREAD moment. Yes, I am a goof- but I am currently blinded by love.
* * ******************************
I was going to leave you all with that today and start an entirely separate post for the following story, but I thought. “What the heck. I’m already here typing. I’ll just lump them into one big post.” The issues are totally different, and in all honesty they do deserve their own post (PEANUT BUTTER FLUFF sandwiches for crying out loud!), but I am just going to place them together anyway, despite their deserving their own post and title. Today was the most special day in our house! We had our first visitor in Kuwait!!

I wish you knew the elation that I felt today. One of Will’s friends, who is currently stationed in Iraq, contacted Will the other day to tell him he would be at Doha on his way back to the states to for the birth of his first baby! Well, he didn’t know the exact day, but we knew it would be soon. Today Will had a few missed calls on his phone and a few emails from Parker saying he was already here. Luckily he got a hold of Will and Will went up to Doha to hang out with him. He was really excited.

Well, about an hour after he had gotten to Doha, Will calls and says, “Can I bring a visitor home for a few hours?” I have never been more happy to clean house for a guest than today. We have never and will probably never again have a visitor, so it was a big deal. I rushed around and got ready and closed out bedroom door- which is off limits because we are living out of suitcases and everything is a mess.

Well, Will brings Parker over and the first thing he does is takes he stuff into our room! Grrr. Oh well. I needed a few Get Well cards on the dresser, like Crystal talked about in a post the other day.

So, Parker got a shower and we just hung out at the apartment for an hour and then decided to take him out to eat.Of course, we went to Buffalos. I think I might get sick of that place!

It was so much fun. Will knew Parker from teaching youth sunday school together at the church Will grew up at, so although I know Parker, I don’t know him that well. It was still so nice for Will and I to get out with another “person” and just have a good time. He had so many stories to share, some very sad, and some of awesome hope. It was just so interesting to get to ask questions about what is going on there and what he thought of everything since he is in the middle of it every day. It was just like my 4th of July experience but so much more personal. It was just really cool to get to hear his stories and for Will to get to spend time with his friend. Parker is coming back to Doha in a few weeks, so I hope Will gets more of a chance to hang out with him and (hopefully he will get access to get off camp) show him around. It was a really fun and really surprising day!

We had a visitor!

feeling better

As I sat down to write today I reazlied it was my only shot. I have to “fight” for computer time at this house, so I am at a blank. There were a million things I wanted to tell you all- I even had a funny story or two, but I’m not sure where this post is going to end up.

I got “in trouble” today by my own stupid default. I forwarded my sister something from my blog and didn’t stop to think the link was included- duh! So, once again I have somewhat been forced into the WPP. She “knows” about the “Will annoyed with my mom” issue which means that if it hasn’t already come out, its only a matter of time.

I don’t even want to go there in this post though, so moving on…

Today was so much fun. Will and I didn’t do anything extremely out of the ordinary or anything, but we just got out by ourselves and enjoyed the day- and boy did we need it!

We got the usual 6:00 in the morning phone call and of course went right back to sleep afterwards. Will’s dad’s birthday was yesterday and even though he didn’t really vocalize it, I think Will was sad that he missed it. They are really close and Will thinks that with his dad’s health there won’t be a lot more birthdays. I think it was really good for Will to get to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday this morning.

After we got up and got ready we went to Al-Kout mall to exchange my blazer. It was a little too big, so I got another size. I an so in love with it, but I have no idea what to wear with it! I looked online and there are other colors on the site, but only green at the store. hmmm. I just don’t know! I hate that and rarely every do it- buy something that doesn’t really fit into my wardrobe- but I really wanted it and I’m sure I can find a pretty cami to go with it. What color?…

Anyway, after that we headed down to Gulf Road to go to Marina Mall. I really like that mall. It is so pretty. Will wanted to see a movie this weekend. Our choices here are sort of limited and we get movies a couple weeks after they are released in the states. We had to choose between Madagascar, Fantastic Four, and some scary movie. We opted for Fantastic Four. It was good and they only cut out the kissing scene, so it wasn’t like we missed anything.

After our movie we went to Will’s favorite restaurant here in Kuwait- Buffalos. I think we like it so much because it reminds us of home.

It was just such a fun day. Like I said, nothing overly-wonderful, but it really felt like we “were eachothers” the whole day and didn’t have to compete for the living room or the kitchen, or whatever. It felt like after we had dinner we would drive home to our own apartment and just hang out on the couch watching Trading Spouses (real great TV huh?). Not the case, but it was nice to picture today.

Since I’m on that subject I thought I would answer Laura’s questions from my feedback yesterday to explain things better. I’m just going to be open and candid- so don’t think I’m being a snob or anything. I hate when people talk money when they don’t know people that great- so don’t think I’m being like that- because I’m totally not! smile

We definitely wouldn’t have come here if there wasn’t a goal and purpose set before us. Our goal is to stay in Kuwait for three years to pay off debt and save a good chunk of money that there would be no possible way to do in the states. Now- with me not working that has thrown a wrench in things and has altered our thinking. However- assuming I have a job soon and we decide to stay, here are some good things about staying.

When I get a job, Will and I will be able to have our own, furnished apartment totally paid, including utilities. We will be provided a car to share with someone we work with and they pay for car maitenance and gas- which is only about 86 cents- doesn’t that make you ill!?  Will gets a living allowance every two weeks that many people just live off of and don’t touch their paycheck. Will’s check is also tax free since we are living overseas, so everything you earn, you keep.

So, assuming I have a job too, that is attractive.The company pays for the employee’s way home at the end of a year, and to Frankfurt and the end of 6 months, which is also nice so we can go home and visit family.

So, once we pay off our immediate debt (and sell our house- which is huge), we are living without bills here and are able to save everything we make. The fact that I don’t have a job really hurts us because we aren’t able to meet our goals and get ahead. It is really crappy!

That is our main reason for being here. We also felt like this was the only chance in our lives that we would ever be able to do this. We had nothing holding us down, so if we were going to move, now was the time. Plus, there are opportunities to visit Dubai and other close countries that so few people think to visit on vacation! Afterall, that sure wouldn’t be my first choice! smile

I know I down my situation a lot, but its because I’m not here to sit all day. The main purpose for us to be here is to work, so in a lot of ways it’s been a counterproductive 2 1/2 months. Okay, so please don’t think we dictate our life around money- because when we got here we quickly learned that where we come from and what we love is so much more important that the material- but I think most couples can understand what I’m trying to say.

I know that God has us here for a reason and in this really yucky “living with my parents“ situation for a reason too, but it sure has been a trying and lonely few months! “What do you want us to do!?“ I constantly ask.

Thank you so much for all that listen to my crazy ride! I am only able to have the joy that I have because of my faith in Jesus Christ.

I really appreciated all who posted thoughtful and encouraging words yesterday. If only I could have taken you all out to get a coke or something!

Anyway, I hope you all don’t think I’m tacky for telling you all of that stuff, but that is why we are here and why we are holding on and praying that I will get a job. If not, then I’m not really sure what we are to do!

Not much of an exciting post today! Oh well. I had such a great day. Its amazing how something as simple as walking around a busy and loud mall with your husband can calm your spirit and make you realize that somehow, everything will be okay.

the storming soonerettes

Ladies, I think I’ve officially got myself in over my head with Will.

Will loves sports. I’ve said it a million times in this blog. He loves every kind and has a million sites he must visit everyday to keep up on what is going on. Its more of an addiction than a hobby. Well, here comes August again, the month I have started to dread. Fantasy Draft. Here we go. I’m “single“ until the Super Bowl- but then basketball starts so its kind of a year round thing. smile

The movie Fever Pitch is a good way to equivilate Will’s love for OU and NFL football. He loves these two things like Jimmy Fallon loves the Red Sox.  I enjoy watching games with him, but his fantasy stuff is a whole different world with strange words and points and the longest draft of your life.

Will is in a keeper league, which means he can stay in the same league with the same guys as long as he wants. This is his second year in this one. He also joined another keeper league with higher stakes and better prizes. That’s TWO. And because he is in two leagues, the site gave him one free… that’s right girls. Three leagues for sure, and hes considering a fourth.

What’s a wife to do? I decided I didn’t want to become a sports widow again so I mentioned that it might be fun for us to do one of his leagues together, as a team. At first he was leery and not too excited because he figured I wouldn’t take it seriously. I told him I would and now I’m in trouble.

I’ll fess up. Here’s my confession. I really didn’t plan on getting overly serious about being in this league with him. I just thought it would be fun to pick names that sounded familiar and root for the guys when they played each week. Ha. Today Will brought me my very own $10 fantasy draft magazine so I could do- and I quote- “research.” There you have it.

I really figured I would just look over his shoulder with a supportive smile and say, “Will, that was a great pick!” or, “Our team is really great, huh?” as he set up the rosters for the week. I was looking more for an encouraging, show up for game day role. He is not.

He was actually pretty excited that I wanted to do this with him, which got me excited because I know how much this stuff means to him. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this magazine and I have no idea how to break down and compare stats, but by golly I’m going to try! smile

I even tried to get Will to change our team’s name to the Storming Soonerettes (goofy, I know), but he didn’t want to go that far- afterall he is playing with the guys . We wouldn’t want them to know that a GIRL is helping her husband in a league, right?

So, this is quite a challenge I’m taking under and i’m not sure how I’m going to hang, but what a trip it will be.

Just Another Post

This WPP (see Sunday’s post) stuff really chaps my hide. I could really use a good vent session today, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to remain under radar for a little while longer to make sure I’m in the clear. I haven’t figured out how I will know I’m in the clear… I’ll have to think about that later. I guess I’ll have to start talking in code or something. I could write about my “mom” and “dad” like they were other people… okay sorry everyone. Like I said I needed a vent session today and can’t really get one yet. Its a family related vent- if you hadn’t already guessed.

I got pictures today! I’m trying to figure out how to put them in my actual post, so it may be a year or so before they are actually up because I haven’t got it to work yet. smile

Since I can’t post about what I really need to just yet, I may as well stop talking about it so I quit thinking about it!

Will and I went on our first date last night. Awwwww. How sweet. I even had my mom take a picture before our big night out. Since we are living with them I just imagined her yelling, “You kids don’t stay out too late,” or “Remember, they arrest people that show too much affection in public!!!”

I really braced myself for that one. The only thing that was missing was my dad opening the door with a shot gun in hand or something.

It was good to get out- can you tell I needed to?

We went to ChiChis- after about a 45 minute drive trying to find it. Gulf Road is a little confusing and there are few places to turn around- you have to go miles down the road to turn around when where you wanted to be initally was across the street. So, it made for a long trip. Once we got there it was good to sit down and eat and enjoy eachother’s company and just be together alone- for the first ever time since we’ve been here.

Then around 2 this morning Will gets out of bed and slowly makes his way to the bathroom all sick-like. He was feeling miserable. He brought the trashcan in and two towels- one to put on the floor and one to put under the pillow incase something happened. I felt really bad for him and put a wash cloth on this forehead, but the whole time I was thinking, “PLEASE don’t throw up! I just don’t think I can handle it.“ Is that bad? He’s thrown up once before since we’ve been married but made it to the toliet, but if it was going to happen this morning, there was no way he was making it to the bathroom. I tried to be sweet and gentle with him, but I was praying the whole time that he didn’t throw up, but then I compromised and became realistic and was telling myself, “Okay Brittny, I realize he’s probably going to throw up, but maybe, just maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll make it in the trash can.“

You know the whole thing about having a kid and not minding if it craps or throws up all over you because it’s your baby and you get used to it? The same doesn’t apply for husbands (or in my case babies either). Will- I love you, but please… please I beg you, do not roll over and throw up on me. That’s all I could think. Maybe if we had our own place I wouldn’t have minded so much, but with everything looming over my head, being puked on was the last thing I could have used.

Poor thing, he felt horrible. I caressed his head and he finally went to sleep.

Well, we made it through the night and I woke up unscathed. He finally went back to sleep around 3:30.

That’s the most excitement I’ve had today! Hope you Monday is just as good, if not better. Ha Ha

Thanks for listening

i love saturdays

I love “Saturdays.”

Today, as always, we got our morning wakeup call at 6 something in the morning. Poor Will was up after that. I however managed to go back to sleep. We are on totally different sleep schedules. He is preparing for bed as I type and I am just getting started.This is his weekend schedule. Normally he is in bed around 8:30. This is quite a change for me. I’m sure once I start working it will change, but for now I will relish my late nights.

Will woke me up around 9:30 just because he thought I needed to get up. Thanks sweetie.

The real reason he woke me up was so that I would play Madden with him. Do you ever do things you loate just because you know how happy it makes your husband? That is kind of like me and Madden. Will loves when we play together, which makes me feel good, but after about an hour I have my fill for the week. He, on the other hand, can play for hours on end. I cannot. So, I work through my bored feelings and do my best to get excited because when it comes down to it, it’s worth the little boy smile that stupid game puts on his face.

Then noon rolls around and everything at our apartment is put on hold. There is very important business to attend to. Trading Spouses is on.

Why we are in love with this show, I am not really sure. Maybe its because our tv selection is so poor that even the bad stuff in the states is oh so very appealing here. When I really stop and think of the concept of this show, it almost makes me want to throw up on the coffee table, but like Madden, I have worked through it and must not be interrupted from 12 to 1 (and tomorrow night because a “new” episode is on). We all gathered in the living room for some real quality time to watch two families get rid of their wives for new ones for the week- what a terrible show! Okay, I can’t believe I just told you all this. Oh well, my TV is bad. I said it. Now it has been officially confirmed.

After that we got ready and grabbed some lunch. Will had been wanting to go to ChiChis, which I thought would be a nice change. We haven’t been on a date since we’ve been here, so I was all for it. But then he said we probably should go out with my family because we already had told them we would and we didn’t want them to feel like we ditched them. I recluctantly agreed. So, then on the way out to the car Will brings up going on our own again. “Why did you wait to bring this up now!?“ They think we are on our way to go with them! I wanted to go on my own, but for some reason after living with my parents for the past few months its like they might have taken it a little personally if we all of a sudden decided to go on our own out of the blue. This probably makes no sense- be glad it doesn’t because that means you are living in your own house and only have to see your family at your discretion. We’ve been through this a million times. Its not that I don’t like my family- I do- its just that after a few months of living in a tight space there seems to be an awkward tension that has settled.

So, we head downstairs and Will asks what the game plan is after lunch. My dad wants to go to ACE hardware, and we want to see a movie. So, we decide to take our own car (Will’s boss is away now, so he has his car for the time being, which has been really nice).

This sounds crazy when I really think about it, but I had not been alone in a car with just Will since the beginning of May!! How weird. It was soooo nice just to have a few minutes of serenity. We were able to freely talk about things and just enjoy the silence and the fact that there was no obligation to keep interesting conversation going.

After we all had lunch I was hoping that Will and I would be able to go to the movie by ourselves, but my sister wanted to go. That was fine, but I had really enjoyed the fact that I was able to be alone with Will for a while and was hoping I could have him to myself for a few more hours- even if it was in a movie theatre.

We went to the mall and walked around because we were early. I hate shopping here. It is a very depressing activity. Nothing is reasonable, and they do not believe in stores that have nice clothes at “regular people“ prices. Anyway, we browsed around, pretending to be very interested in the selection. Honestly, even if I did have the money I think I would still shop online. The only store I’ve found thus far that I like is Zara. Okay, sorry for rambling. I didn’t really mean to go on a 50 page tangent about the clothing situation here. Too late.

Now, it is time to save you all 2 1/2 hours of your life and $7.50 in your wallet. DO NOT SEE WAR OF THE WORLDS

I repeat- Don’t see War of the Worlds.

I didn’t want to see it to begin with. I have some strange political type thing about supporting Tom Cruises’ houses and expensive lifestyle and new fiance. I know I’m one person and I didn’t really contribute a whole lot, but I guess it’s my own personal boycott and way I feel I can take a “stand.“ Am I completely crazy? I think we all know the answer here.

Anyway, Will really wanted to go see it, so much like Madden I decided to go. There was nothing else showing really, so it wasn’t like we could have struck a compromise. Wow. What a movie. It only goes to show that big stars and awesome marketing can make even the most terrible of movies successful. Sorry to anyone that liked it. I felt a little stupider as I walked out of the theatre.

So, that was my exciting day off. I hope you are all gearing up for a wonderful weekend just as I prepare to close mine.

Finally, my heart and prayers are with the people of London. I know we have someone who blogs from there, so I send my prayersto you as well. I know you are back in the states, but I can imagine the shake up you must have felt. God is so amazing that he looks after us even when we don’t know it. <3

foot in mouth

I love Will, but we definitely have to work on our nonverbal communication skills.

I used to be a big Mad About You fan when the show was on. Paul and Jamie were so fun together. There is a specific episode in which I draw today’s post. In it, Paul and Jamie are at a party and have split up to talk to other people. They have these “couple signals“ to give eachother incase they are in a boring or sticky situation. For example, if they ran their fingers through their hair it meant something like, “Get me out of here, I’m dying!“ They had a few more, but you get my point. Anyway, Paul ends up telling this lady their secret signals not knowing it is some big producer that he wants to work for. Jamie ends up talking to her later and ferociously starts running her fingers through her hair to Paul, who is across the room. Busted. Paul didn’t get the gig.

Anyway, I recap that entire episode because I watched it pre-marriage. I think all men should have to watch this episode. As you will see, Will missed it.

Tonight we were all sitting around the table eating supper. We sat around eating and talking for almost two hours. I’m dying here. Not only because I’ve been sitting at the table for 2 hours, but because my parents may as well have escorted me to the asylum with their talk about my whole job situation. They went over it over and over and over and.... you get my point. My right eye is twitching with frustration. My dad says something that just pushes me over the edge, so I do “it.“ The signal. It wasn’t a signal we have ever discussed but I figured any normal breathing person can figure out what it means.

I slowly slide my leg over and give Will a little kick.

“Ow! What did you kick me for!?“

My thoughts: You are blowin’ it! What are you doing letting me out to dry! Thanks hun!

“Nothing,“ I say nonchalantly.

Paused silence at the dinner table. “Did I say something?“ my dad asks.

“No, dad.“

Will then says, “I’m not saying anything else for the rest of the night,“ thinking I kicked him because of something he had said. (sigh) How hard can this be?

So conversation resumes for another 15 minutes and continues to be about work related issues that deal with me. I’m freaking out by this point and am ready to scream. Then someone says something that just is icing on the cake at this point, so if I don’t give Will a “Can you believe they just said that“ kick under the table I am going to lose it.

I go in, slowly and carefully. Kick.

“What did I do, Britt!?“

My sister, who understand what these “kicks“ mean ( I should have been kicking her instead of Will tonight apparently- it would have kept me out of trouble) has an entire conversation with me through the “look.“ I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. If you have a sister you’ve had these “discussions“too.  It basically said, “I can’t believe he doesn’t get that you’re trying to tell him you are annoyed with the comments!“

So then it doesn’t matter because everyone knows I was annoyed with the comment.

“Don’t you know that when you kick someone after another person says something it is a quiet signal! You AREN’T supposed to say anything. It is a way for a wife to tell her husband something without having to say it. I means, ‘We’ll talk about this later,’ or ‘I can’t believe she just said that!’ I figured you would understand. If I wanted everyone to know I was upset i would have nudged your elbow on the table so everyone could see.“

So much for being discrete.

We will have to work on this nonverbal stuff.

don’t believe what you hear

While washing dishes this afternoon I came to a realization based on a conversation I had with Will earlier that morning. I think our husbands have somehow joined forces to totally throw all women off. I don’t know where and I don’t know how, but somehow it has happened.

I can’t even tell you how many men, especially older men, have joked with me about how their wives “steal“ all their money, or how their paycheck “goes straight to the wife.“ I have to believe you all have heard these little comments at one time or another. I mean if you’ve ever watched the Jetsons you watch Jane take her husband’s entire wallet as the show begins. Even Will makes little “jokes“ about how expensive I am and this and that- especially since I am currently unemployed!

So, now on to my theory.

I am fully convinced these comments are a ploy to get us off of our game and really believe we are the expensive ones in the relationship- but I beg to differ! I love clothes, make-up… fun stuff that doesn’t require an organ donation to get. Will’s gifts, however, are super pricey! From my gift-giving experience, guys have the most expensive hobbies! What do we have? (Okay I’m about to be stereotypical) We scrapbook, or paint, garden… our hobbies aren’t expensive! I can’t believe I fell for this for so long! smile

Today Will bought a 3 1/2 inch piece of shiny cardboard that could have fed a starving Mormon family for 2 months (I say Mormon because they stereotypically have like 15 kids or something). The SP Authentic Eli Manning Rookie Card. To most women, this means absolutely nothing, but to the avid card collector this is like the Holy Grail of the 2005 SP collection. To me, it is a huge headache.

Will has been collecting this set all year, which is one of the most expensive sets in recent history. It hasn’t been that big of a deal because we haven’t been able to afford the “good player’s” cards. We still can’t really, but Will thought otherwise.

I get an email yesterday from him showing me the card he is wanting to bid on with a note that simply said, “I figured you would want to see this!“ (Like I’m SOOOO into this card thing) I really try to be supportive of this hobby, though I totally do not totally understand it. Well, I really figured he wouldn’t win, so I was like, “Hey! That’s a cool card! I would love for you to have it!“ How dumb.

He won it this morning.

Now, I knew it was going to be expensive, but I don’t think I was prepared for the actual number. He called this morning all excited about his new treasure, and of course I was excited for him. I had just woke up and was still a little unaware to what was going on, until he asked me, “Guess how much it cost!“ So, as much as I hate this game, I humor Will and play along.

I throw out a number. It’s high, but I am willing to go higher.


I’m feeling a little surprised, but I know this card is pretty expensive. I go up a couple hundered.


So at this point I am joking on my TMJ mouthguard I sleep in (I’m a dork I know). “Just tell me, sweetie,“ I say in my most supportive voice. I wish he hadn’t told me.

He has been so great through this transistion and really deserved this card, but I do not see AT ALL spending that much money on a little piece of cardboard that is part of a collection. You keep it, you never sell a card like this, so it’s like ,“This baby is worth X amount of dollars- but it doesn’t matter because I’m going to hide it away in a safety deposit box so no one ever knows I have it but me.“ This card was sooo worth it.

Women are so different. In general (I’m speaking for myself mostly I guess), if I’m going to spend that much money it is going ot be on a lot more than just one thing, and it will be something I can display or wear- it will not be hidden away for little glimpses each time we go to the bank.

Boys… they are so confusing.

So, as I finished the dishes I realized how pricey the card actually was and how I am just going to have to swallow this bitter pill and support Will on this one, but just know… I’m on to you Mr. Will. I know your conspired ways. We women know what you are doing and, we know the truth.

Ha Ha, have a good day.


Father’s Day Boycott

Ah, Father’s Day. So much I could write on this holiday…

Since Sunday is a work day, we went ahead and celebrated on Friday. We went to Chilis and then to an IMAX movie at the Scientific Center. It was a lot of fun.

I better go ahead and disclaimer this post because I’m about to let loose… you have been warned!

I have to admit, if it wasn’t for my mom and dad, I would totally vote to ban this holiday as well as Mother’s Day from the face of the Earth (for a while at least). There are something in these holidays that bring out the idiot in people.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day come with attached questions that seem to be permissible since they are asked on these special days. I have to believe that I am not alone in what I am saying! I think you all know where I am going with this one…

Will and I have been married for barely a year yet anytime these 2 holidays come around, the Spanish Inquistion begins:

“So when are you two lovebirds going to be able to celebrate this holiday?”

“You two better get working on that baby so you can celebrate next year.”

“When are you two planning to have little ones? You have been married for a year, right?”

AGHHHHHHH! Since when it is required that you become pregnant as soon as you get married? Can’t people think of ANY better questions to ask!? Its like, when you graduate high school for the next 3 months you get, “So, where are you going to college?” And then you go to college and you get, “So, what are you planning to do when you graduate?” Then, you find someone and get married and the next day and for the rest of you adult life to the point of menopause you get, “C’mon I want to squeeze some baby cheeks the next time I see you two!” People! Where is you sense of imagination?! Ask us anything! Anything at all, but why does that seem to be the nature of progression in the lives of just married adults?

I guess I missed that whole conversation in our premarital counseling.

I want kids… in like 28 years or something (okay maybe not that long), but currently it is the furthest thing from my mind! Apparently growing as husband and wife and developing a life long solid relationship is not the ONLY thing you do in the first few years of marriage. According to everyone my parent’s age and older you have to have 12 kids and own a silver minivan. Where in the world am Iiving!? I know like maybe 8 people in thie entire country yet I STILL got the dreaded Father’s Day Conception Question!

I am voting that Will and I send a thoughtful card, take our dads to eat on Saturday, and become hermits when Sunday rolls around. I am anti mother’s and father’s day unless it pertains to our own parents. So, next May , when mother’s day rolls around. my answer is going to be, “I am NEVER having kids, so STOP asking me!“ That way they will quit asking and when we do 28 years down the road it will just be a nice surprise. Then I guess I’ll have to get ready for the next set of progressive questions!

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