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There’s nothing like a good old LOOONG life update about every facet of one’s life, right? Yes, every facet- including the kitchen sink.  I figured it was time for me to write about some of the things going on in my life. Not just for something to occupy my time, but mainly so 30 years from now I can look back and say things like, “Oh yeeeaaaah. That’s right! I remember now,” and, “Wow, I sure did say ‘freaking’ a lot!”

Let’s get freaking started!

I miss P.

A lot.

She’s totally living some awesome summer life right now, and I’m so very proud and excited for her- but I still miss her. If you’re just joining me, my sister P was chosen to serve as a Congressional page this month. It’s a really big deal and I’m so excited for her opportunity- but I still miss her (btw- Hi Nicole! I hope you got my letter.)!

Apparently her roommate’s mom is a representative, so the two of them have been chosen to do a few extra things here and there (ie: my sister is getting preferential treatment. I’m okay with that.), which has made her time that much more interesting. Not only that, but my parents signed a waiver for her to stay off campus on the weekends, so she goes and stays with her roommate’s family. How much fun!?

They work them like Iditarod sled dogs (or so she says), so she hasn’t had time to talk. I did get a text message from her this week, though. It made my day. We texted back and forth for a little while, but she had to go to sleep. I have some juicy gossip about Miss P (it’s boy related), but I better honor my sister code.

Speaking of- her boyfriend Z wrote the sweetest letter to me about her yesterday! It was about how he just needed to tell someone he missed her, and how he can’t wait to see her and how he wishes she could text more. Ugh, it hurt my heart! I texted her on the way to work this morning to tell her that Z loves her tons. See, P has been battling what to do about Z. He’s going to college in England this summer, and well, I’m sure we’ve all been in a similar situation during our teen years.

Wow- what a ramble about P! Sorry guys! I guess you get the point that I miss her!


I ran into our date’s mom yesterday. It was funny. She’s a rather blunt lady. She told me how her daughter said they had a good time with us and would have to get together again sometime. Then she immediately followed with, “I hear you guys have two dogs that keep you busy.”

“Yes, we do! Yes, they sure do keep us busy.”

“Yeah, well my daughter isn’t much of a dog person...” She then went off on a story about how they had a family dog and the daughter rarely touched it, etc.

I just kind of nervously laughed and said, “Okay. Good to know if we ever have them over.”

Ha ha, how funny. So, I’m not sure how to take that. I wonder if the couple looked at each other with big bug eyes and in a terrified whisper said, “They’re dog people.” ha ha

The daughter (hmm, we have to give her a code name...) did email me this week about getting together again, so that’s a good thing, right?


I like the new Maroon 5 song, but I don’t know the words to the chorus except, “I don’t believe it’s true, anymore, anymo-or-or-ore,” so I sing that part over and over until the end of the chorus. Oh- and I also know the “So this is goodbye” part. That’s about it. If you rode in the car with me, you really might consider ear plugs.


I worked out at my camp’s gym this week. I figured it would be good for me to walk on the treadmill three times a week there, and then go to my gym and do the weights. By the way, it really REALLY sucks trying to work out during a lunch hour (I think I’ll post about that next week). I try so hard not to break a sweat (which is virtually impossible because, like Sarah R, I’m a “sweater").

Today, however, I’m going to sweat to my little heart’s content because I’m taking my lunch at the end of the day. I’m going to run on the treadmill 40 minutes there, go home, and do 30 more minutes of cardio and then lift weights. I’ve decided I need to be lifting heavier weights. I lift heavier than all the other women at my gym (ha, mainly because they’re not lifting much at all- just like 5 pounds most of the time). I have it in my mind that 15 reps is better than 12 or 9 or even less because it’s a higher number, but I know that’s not always true. I have to get that out of my head and be willing to increase my lifting weight and decrease the reps. So, that’s the challenge to myself today. If you’re twitching by what I just said, don’t worry, I won’t “bulk.” A lot of women I’ve talked to about weight training freak out when I say the word “heavy weights” because they’re afraid of bulking up. Rest assure, we don’t have enough testosterone in our bodies to do that. It’s nearly impossible to look manly without using some type of steroid. So- heavier weights does not equal big bulk. That’s my PSA for the day.

Did I tell you Will is kicking butt working out right now!?! I’m so proud of him. You might remember that his dad has diabetes and heart disease, and I’ve been concerned a long time now about Will. Well, there is this trainer that he works with that has been dying to get his hands on Will. This trainer guy is awesome (I wish I could hire him!). He helped this one lady in the military lose 40 pounds in just a crazy amount of time. He is a major butt kicker. Will agreed to give this guy his lunch hour to help him lose weight and get in shape, and he’s done a great job (this guy is doing this all for free too) Will lost a little over 5 pounds the first week! I was so excited for him. He would totally kill me if he knew I was typing about this to the world, but I just can’t help but feel so proud of his diligence to break the cycle of diabetes. Okay- I’ll get off this subject. Like I said- he would freak if he knew I was writing about it.


My summer swap partner Heather got her gifts this week! I was so very excited to hear that!

Sorry, Jenny, I have to cheat and post this a day earlier! smile I won’t be able to post tomorrow, so I thought I’d slip it out a day early. Sorry for the leak! It’s me.

She emailed me yesterday to tell me she got it. I won’t tell you guys any more, though. Promise. I look forward to getting my package soon too! I’ll be sure to post as soon as it comes in.


My good friends Sarah L., Theresa, and I have come up with a way to get to know each other better than we do now (because- it can be hard to stay close in freaking Kuwait!). Sarah came up with a Question of the Day in which we each take a turn asking the others a question about themselves that normally wouldn’t come up in our normal conversation. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know my friends better.

Today it was my turn to think of a question for the girls. I wanted to post it because maybe you guys have something to add too, and I thought it’d be interesting to hear what you have to say. Ever since Mrs. BFW’s post about the things she wants to do before she turns 30, I’ve been thinking about the same thing! So, I asked the girls:

- Do you have a list?
-If you do, what are 5 things on that list? If you don’t, what are 5 things that would be on the list?

I’ll go ahead and share what I wrote to them:

No, I do not have a list, but below are 5 things that would be on the list:

1.Change a life/lives with the gifts God has given me. I know this sounds ambiguous and HUGE, but I’ve made it my prayer to live my life in terms of eternity and not just the here and now. Besides, it would be all about God and not me so I know it’s possible.
2. Have and maintain 21.5% body fat (I’m at 26% now. 4.5% more to go. Ugh)
3. Go on a Mediterranean cruise.
4. Play the cello again.
5. Sing- somewhere, anywhere. It’s my biggest fear. Perhaps you two will get me wound up and karaoke with me this December? Ummm.- nah. I think I’ll put this one off a few more years- for all our sakes. smile

So those are a few things I shared that would be on my list. If you feel like it- feel free to share yours. Heck- maybe I’ll come up with a long list of my own after reading your guys’!


I’m addicted to Wheat Thins. Note- they’re not healthy if I eat an entire box in a day and a half!


The weekend looks to be “good.” I know good is a boring word, but well, good is how our weekend will be. I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning, so there goes half the day. They take a long time at my salon. It’d be okay if I could sit around and talk to my stylist like we’re best friends, but the ladies don’t talk at my place. Boo.

Afterwards I’m not really sure what we’ll do. I think at some point tomorrow we’re going out with my parents for father’s day, so that should be fun. Will and I actually got invited to a social function this weekend too! However,my sweet husband tends to be a stick in the mud at times. He didn’t want to go. I’m a little disappointed. Why can’t we just show up for 15 minutes and say hello on our way to dinner, you know? Well, one valid reason is because they live almost half an hour away. That’s really the only one though. Sigh, I just had to vent a little!


It’s hot.


Wow. If you’re still reading, kudos. I wish you a bright and sunnny day! I’m so glad we have this little community of friends. <3

I’m off to enjoy the weekend!

PS- I almost forgot! I’ve had a couple people ask me how to leave comments on my blog. You simply click “Share the Love” and it will bring you to the comment box!

Reasons Bosworth is Not Fixed

Soon after adopting the precious little doggies:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Will and I rushed to take away all their sexual desires. In fact, rush is a weak word to explain what we did. Think of it more like bulldozing neighborhoods, crushing kid’s toys, and giving old ladies the finger in a mad dash to the vet clinic.

It was more like that.

I wanted not only to ensure no puppies could ever fall out of Lucy, but most importantly that Boz would forever squat when he peed. That was bar none the most important thing to me. Now, we knew the squatting thing might not me 100%, but we were told it almost always is a sure thing when getting pups neutered early. So- we made sure they got the goods taken care of plenty early.

I’ll never forget the first check-up appointment we had after both pups were fixed. We took the dogs to the vet (which by the way deserves it’s own post. The clinic was pretty frightening.) to get Lucy’s stitches checked and just to make sure Boz was all set. The doctor held Boz, doing random squeezing, and all of a sudden a look of surprise fell across his face. His eyes got big, but no words followed out of his mouth. I found the whole thing odd, but didn’t ask if something was wrong (genius). After the check-up, we got in the car and Will and I got into a 10 minute tiff about how I thought they messed up and didn’t neuter Boz and how Will assured me everything was fine. Freaking fine, darnit.

So a few months passed by and Boz was my sweet innocent boy, as always. He continued to squat and was also a nicey with Lucy and Molly. No surprise aggression attacks of any sort. However, recently Boz began to display some characteristics of a dog that was not fixed. Not fixed at all. Here are a few key things that have brought me to this realization:

1. Boz no longer squats when he pees. It’s a proud, staunch, “I’m a freaking male maltese, here me roar as I hike and pee all over your airplane plant!” sort of leg lift.

2. Boz is an aggressive dog. I swear his father must have come from one of Michael Vick’s raging pit bulls. Poor Lucy is always telling on him (she really does, and it’s so stinkin’ cute).

3. Boz randomly lifts his legs and pees in certain areas. If he sniffs something and thinks it should be his, well, he has no trouble marking his territory. I’ve found random puddles around the house lately. Such a nice surprise- especially around 1:30 when I’m stumbling around in the dark trying to make my way to the bathroom.

4. Boz also likes to mask over Lucy’s tinkle, poop, or anything else. She’ll pee and he’ll go right behind her and pee on top of it.

5. Boz loves Molly. I had heard it was common for neutered dogs to still hump unfamiliar females, but Boz has taken public humping to a whole new level. It’s beyond embarassing. I will spare you the details.

6. I think all was finally confirmed Friday night when Boz went right over to my work out shoes, took a whiff, hiked his leg, and took the longest pee in history right on the Nike logo.

I’m pretty sure he’s a typical macho unneutered male.

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I mentioned earlier that Lucy is a poop-eater. This is troublesome for many reasons. Most recently because she is due to have hernia surgery this morning and she isn’t supposed to have anything in her stomach (by the way, this is our third attempt to take her to the vet to get this done). Each time we’ve taken her we’ve gotten up early,

gotten ready,

chased the dogs all around to get them out the door,

had one escape and had to run around some more,

forgotten the car keys and had to run back upstairs to tear up seat cushions, pockets, and cabinets

only for them to be on the table where they’re always freaking are,

finally place them in the car,

gotten her all the way to the clinic for her to finally puke everywhere when they try to put her under. If it wasn’t all the fun listed above, it was that we caught her eating poop as we were getting ready to take her.

Well last night we thought we’d solved the problem. We thought it would be smart to make the dogs sleep with us to ensure there would be no poop eating while we were sleeping. Afterall, dogs don’t like to crap in their beds, right?


However, I discovered about 30 minutes ago that although dogs don’t like to crap in their bed, apparently pee is a totally different entity.

Peeing the bed is soooo okay.


I was half awake this morning and couldn’t shake the pungent smell of pee. I knew Will had put them down to go on a puppy pad last night, and that they got back into bed immediately after. I didn’t figure the smell would be that strong, though. It just seemed to get stronger and stronger, almost as if my nose hairs were burning. I decided to flip over on my side, place a big t-shirt over my face and go back to sleep.

Pee Smell Remains

Still There

Yep, Still There

Finally I start to think maybe she peed on the floor next to me. I get up, look around and BAM there it is.


On my pillow

On the shirt I was using to cover my face.

On my freaking PILLOW!!

I throw the stuff to the ground and start smelling my clothes, hair, and Will.

Pee on the Pillow?


Pee on the Shirt?


Pee on my hair?




On My Pillow Guys!!! On the shirt I covered my face with!!!!


I think my freaking Lucy must have some latent anger towards me.

Lucy- 3, Brittny- 0

Wait- actually,

Lucy- 3 4, Brittny- 0

That little monster won out again. By the time we woke up, inspected the rest of the bed, and everything else, we decided we’d just call the vet and make an appointment for next week. I think she’s on to us.

Will thinks there is no direct evidence linking Lucy with the crime (this may also have something to do with the fact that he and Lucy have recently became pals).

I however feel differenly. Lucy sooo had a motive. She’s guilty, and I can see it in her face.

Lucy- I’m watching you.  rolleyes

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A Message From the Poop Police

I’ve got a confession.

Now, before I go any further I want you to know I’ve fully come to terms with the situation and I love my child whatever lifestyle decision she has chosen to make.

With that being said-

Lucy is a poop-eater.

It’s really bad guys. Did you know there’s even a fancy name for poop-eaters? It’s called coprophagia. Sigh- people have to come up with fancy names for everything, don’t they!?

I rarely am able to catch her in the act because she’s so darn fast, but when I do- she’s got a chunk poop hanging out the side of her mouth and big Deer Caught in Headlights eyes. She stands there frozen, and then takes off running- poop still in mouth- and hides.

Thank God Lucy isn’t a real child. That would probably be totally socially unacceptable, right? She’d be the kid in your kid’s class that never got invited to the birthday parties because she smelled funny and ate paste- or I guess in my case- poop. Thankfully Boz doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I catch them “making out” all the time. He’s always licking her mouth. Dogs are so weird.

Will and I have started Poop Patrol duty now that we finally found the phantom poop-eater (for a while we didn’t know if it was Boz or Lucy). I think she senses we’re on to her. Granted, it’s probably the fact that we’re practicaly on top of her everytime we watch her go to the bathroom- or maybe it’s because she really is a genius like I’ve said all along (ha).

The poop-eating problem has been maginifed because poor Lucy has a hernia that needs to be fixed. She can’t eat after 8:00 the night before her surgery, yet in the morning we’ve found clear evidence that she took matters into her own hands… I won’t go into detail.

We’ve tried to take her the past 2 weekends, but each morning we find “the evidence.” So Will and I decided Lucy is just going to have to sleep with us the night before the surgery to ensure she’s a good girl- not to mention we’re totally the Poop Police now and our eyes are going to be glued to her like a brand new episode of Prisonbreak (by the way- I’m TOTALLY going to have to post about that next!) every time she goes to the bathroom.

Wow- you guys really wanted to know this, didn’t you?? Sorry- I guess I’m just obsessed with my new blog and want to post every hour, on the hour, regardless if I have anything good to write or not. So now you get to read my crap (ha ha, pun intended)!

Alright, enough about that. My weekend is here! We’re off to meet my parents for breakfast and then we’re Spiderman 3 bound!

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Rene Terrel

Christopher Lutrell

Julie Kelley

Brittny Lynne

What do all these people have in common?

They’re the kind of people that ought to have sign in their yard warning you of their terribleness.

They’re the kind of people you “accidentally” forget to invite to the Home Owners Association Christmas Party.

They’re the kind of people that make you wear those TOTALLY DORKY kid handcuff things when out in public with your little ones (BTW- for all you expecting mothers, PLEASE promise me right now you won’t have one of those stretchy kid handcuff things when your kid starts walking!? Please!?)

They’re disgraceful people.

They’re dispicable people.

They’re baby snatchers.

Yes that’s right, they’re baby snatchers.

And yes, my name is on the freaking list.

Guys, I’m a loser.

I’m disgraceful.

I’m dispicable.

I’m so not coming to the HOA Christmas Party, and seriously, you NEED to get those ugly kid handcuff things out.

I, Brittny, am a baby snatcher.

Do you hate me?

I hope not.

Let me plead my case.

It all started last Sunday when we went to pick up our sweet Boz and my sister’s dog Lucy. They two dogs have enjoyed each other and love to play and wrestle. Little Lucy is extra tiny, but don’t let that fool you- she has a giant personality!

Somewhere in the middle of cleaning the poop off her butt and picking crap out of her eyes I fell in love with Lucy.

Yes, as cliche as it sounds, (and let’s all say it together):

I Love Lucy.

I really do.

I simply fell for her, and I think she fell for me too. Boz is great, he is so fun. In fact, he and Lucy were instant pals, but there is something about Lucy that I am so drawn to. Will was too. A few days ago I caught him sitting on the bathroom floor with Lucy tightly in his arms. He was stroking her furry head and he looked up at me and quietly said, “I’m really going to miss her.” It broke my heart because I was feeling the exact same way. I started crying at the thought of having to let “our Lucy” go.

Will mentioned us getting another dog for Boz. Will works 13 hours a day and drives 2, and I work a lot of hours too and we’re just not home a lot. It would really be nice for Boz to have a playmate, you know?- but it simply wouldn’t have been Lucy. I mulled over it a couple days, and finally decided I had to tell the truth. I had to write my dad and tell him Ifeel in love with the dog we picked out for them.

Yeah, that was an easy email- let me tell ya!

Hi Dad!
I know you trusted us to pick a dog out for you and take care of it until you took it into your own home, but I was wondering, would it be okay if we violently ripped her out of your arms because we really like her!?

Okay, the email didn’t go like that at all, but I have to admit, it was difficult to write. My dad was really understanding and said that they hadn’t met Lucy and so which ever dog they got would be their dog. He entrusted The Baby Snatcher to pick them out a new dog.


yesterday we drove back to Atoka, Oklahoma to get Lucy… yes that’s freaking right. We got ANOTHER Lucy. Hey- not only did I steal their dog, but I stole her name since initially it was going to be their dog, so I at least had to give SOMETHING back. Plus, it’s been a lot easier on the dogs as they’re all 3 together and trying to figure out their name.

I told my dad ours could be Lucy the Second. We now have 2 Lucys and a Boz upstairs and at the moment they’re very quiet! At the moment, that is.

Lucy the First is actually Lucy the Second’s sister! They’re both really small and SUPER cute! P’s dog has a lot nicer hair than our Lucy (our Lucy is sort of scraggly looking, but it totally fits her small dog, big personality thing), but other than that, they’re practically twins. I have some cute pictures! I really wish I could post them. I think P will be happy with my choice (I love you and I swear, P, I’m NOT THE DEVIL! I know I’m a sucky Baby Snatcher, but I promise to take care of Lucy the First until you have her for yourself!)

Can you believe we’re bringing two dogs home with us!? Are we insane!? I don’t think so, but I do have to admit that I never saw this whole ordeal coming in a million years.

I have missed the nest sooo much. I can’t wait to have time to catch up with my favorite blogs (for the millionth time, sorry for sucking the last month), and heck, I would just love to be able to write more than just once a week! It seems funny that I’m closer to the nest more than ever before, but I miss it more than ever. I guess vacation is often busier than real life in ways.

I think about things I want to post about but by the time I finally make it to the computer, they’ve eluded me. I think I need to get a tape recorder to verbalize my thoughts so when I sit down to post, I don’t forget what I want to say! Does that make me an obsessive blogger?…

That’s my story. I think it best that you all lock your doors, set your alarms, and most of all, secure your dogs. I can’t be trusted, guys. I’m a dangerous woman.

Do you think I’m an Evil Baby Snatcher? Hmm… how would I dress up as that for Halloween? A glock that shoots breast milk (hahahaha)? A big van with a built in crib? Would that be offensive? I’m thinking yes. Maybe I’ll just stick with dressing up as Brittny, the
strange girl with 3 dogs.

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anyone can be a parent!


They really do let anyone become parents these days.

I think there needs to be some sort of Parental Application we should all have to get before having kids. God would draw it up (because seriously, I think we would all piss our pants if we broke a Contract with God- right?) and we would sign it and then he would be like, “Thou shall spawn,” and Bam! You’re harvesting children in the womb and yelling at your husband to get more Cooler Ranch Doritos to go with your peanut butter.

I’ve seen kids younger than my sister walking around about to pop- oh, and sporting their “cute” little gray sweatpants that say, “Sexaay” across the butt, and I think, “Hmm, does that poor child have a chance?” When I say child I mean both the baby and…well..the other baby (the one wearing the sweat pants).

They really do let anyone become parents these days.

Well, “they” are at it again- this time with someone you know.


ep- someone you freaking know:


Don’t get your panties in a wad- I’m not Pregnant (ha ha, I bet I scared you though!).

However, I thought I’d ease you all into the idea of the weirdest person ever having kids and just stick with a dog for now- which, if you see things from my perspective is sort of like a trial run for the real thing- ie:

stick the kid in their little locked crate all day,

go to work,

come home,

feed it and play with it,

stick it back in the crate and go to bed- right?

What’s wrong with keeping a kid in a crate!? You people! Be open to unconventional methods! Gah.

Thankfully there is no Parental Application drawn up by God just yet- we were able to sneak by. I seriously feel like Will and I are about to become real life parents (everyone that really IS a parent simply laughs and says, “Pft. You’re an idiot and you really have no clue. At all.”)- hence the whole first paragraph about how they let anyone become parents these days.

So, as I said- we’re getting a dog. We’ve found a breeder and made contact, etc., but I I feel like we’re adopting a freaking real life kid from Sri Lanka or something!

Because we’re doing this all from Kuwait, it’s been a weird process. The breeder asks me what we’re looking for in a “child.” She asks for certain traits we like and don’t.

Do we like a smaller “child?”

One with a pretty face?



One that cranks out Show Tunes at the drop of a hat?

Jess- I hope your baby adoption process isn’t as painstaking as this dog process! (totally joking, I know your process is very detailed- and for good reasons!!!) She’s sending pictures in the coming week so we can take a look at our “little boy” options and make a decision as to which little doggie we want to make our own.

Seriously- just slap a moo moo on me, add 95 pounds and hair curlers, and the whole Mom thing will be complete (though I promise you all in real life I will never do any of those things as a mom).

Okay, okay. The truth is- I’m very excited that we’re getting a little pup. Here about 50% of you guys are either pregnant or are trying to be and I’m just now warmed up to the idea of “another little edition” to our family in the form of a dog. Ha ha, I seem to be behind the curve in that area, but that’s totally fine because there really is no curve on when you’re ready for parenthood- obviously- we just covered the 14 year old in Sexaay sweatpants.

I found a breeder in Oklahoma, and Will and I put a deposit down on a tiny little furry friend. We have no idea what we’re getting (boy/girl, playful/meek, singer/dancer...)- although we filled out the “Adoption Form” to the best of our ability. The lady has been great, and I can’t wait to get pictures of the pups they have. I’ll be sure to post them whenever I get them.

See! I’m already becoming parental! I devoted an entire freaking post to a dog- and now I’m all talking how cute he’ll be he and how I’ll post pictures so you can all see him and post obligatory “Aww what a cute dog” comments and such. Guys- please don’t let me become one of those obsessed dog people. You know the ones I’m talking about.

So- that’s my news. We own 1/3 of a dog right now- hopefully the cute face part.

Go ahead, contact the Humane Society and warn them about me. You know you want to.


I also wanted to extend a big shout out to my Okie friend Jacqueline that randomly found my blog the other day. What a small world! It was good to hear from you. When I got your feedback I was thinking about all our good memories growing up: children’s camp, Falls Creek, “dude and cool,” our mutual love for SS (how crazy that he’s married now!), and me trying to pay for a $16 pizza with a $4 coupon and 12 bucks. How funny. We had some good times and it was good to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well. Love, Dude.

PS- Do you have a blog??

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puppy love

I want a dog. Its funny because Will and I totally flip flopped. About 6 months ago, Will kept talking about how much he wanted a dog and I was totally against it because I thought (and this is really silly) that things were “progressing too fast.” Isn’t that silly? I know. It’s like you get married, get a dog and the next step is popping out your own litter of children- something I don’t want to do for a long time. Will said I’m crazy and I know that I am, but that is a really touchy subject with me. I mean, it took me 6 months to make our plants grow, I didn’t think I would be ready to take a dog out in the middle of the night, clean its poop, and all of the other stuff- that all reminds me of having children. Okay, let me put a disclaimer out there for all you mothers out there- I know in my heart there are so many joys of having a child and I am not minimizing those, but I am totally not ready for all of that. but now I am changing my mind when it comes to the puppy thing. My plants are in good shape at last.

Initially, Will had been trying to talk me in to a min pin- yuck. They are so yappy. I couldn’t have handeled it. Eventually we want a lab. Will’s fam raised labs for a long time, so those are his favorites, but we were in need of something small to fit in our condo for now!

I want a maltese soooo bad. They are my favorite small dog. Will knows that if we ever got a dog, that would be my choice. Ever since my parents put Cleo down 2 weeks ago, I’ve been dog crazy. I told Will that we should get one to take to Kuwait with us. since I don’t have a job yet, a puppy would keep me company. A great idea, but not practical at all. When I get a job there would be no one to take the dog out… there are dozens of reasons Will came up with- some reasonable, others just silly. But, he is probably right. Once I get a job there would be no one to take care of it. I just keep thinking that if I have “puppy fever” (NOT baby feverwink ) this bad, I won’t be able to wait 3 years! smile

Maybe we’ll get a camel or something.

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Electric Football, A Very Sad Day, and Other Things

This weekend was an emotional one, but has ended well. I will start with the sad and end with the good- that’s how I like things, with a happy ending.

Friday afternoon was a very sad day at my parent’s house. We put our faithful friend of 5 years, Cleo the dog, to sleep. If you are a dog lover you now hate us, but if you have ever had to do it, you can sympathize with how painful it can be. I spent all afternoon at my parent’s empty house (the movers had come that morning) and played with cleo, and just loved on her. It was good for me to do that- that was a good last memory. My whole family went to the vet to put her down, but Will and I stayed home. I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t have wanted to see her like that… So as you can see, my Friday was a very sad day.

I have cried a lot this week about my family moving and how I just can’t call up my sister to go shopping or just hang out or whatever, and Will has really helped me feel better. I know that we can get through anything, no matter how hard its been.

So to cheer me up, we spent all Friday just holding eachother and watching funny shows and movies. I started to get bored so Will and I pulled out this ancient electric football game I didn’t even know he had. It was so cute- he had had it since he was a little kid. He takes such good care of his stuff- even as a kid- everything was still packaged like new.  It takes forever to set your players up, and then the “field” vibrates and moves all of the players- it was a very long process because after each play you have to stop and reset up each man. We never even scored a touchdown- Will kicked a field goal. It was fun- talk about 80s nostalgia.

We got good news today- can’t say yet, but there will be more to come- this truly cheered me up!

HAve a good day

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