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Tuesday Things, 9 Sept 14

-I’m pretty pumped about this Saturday’s game.

We have a home and home scheduled with Tennessee, and they’ll be here this week to take on the Sooners. Should be a fun one!

Speaking of, I think know technology has made Will’s fantasy football football obsession worse.

Way worse.

When we first got together you’d have to go to your desktop computer and put in your lineup.

Then you’d watch the games broadcasted on the main networks.

And you’d only check your scores every so often. After all, you’d have to be near your desktop computer.

Now not only does he have Sunday Ticket and every app and mobile device known to man, but he can watch on his phone.

I’m dead.

I was lucky enough to get to sample Skintimate’s Mandarin Burst shave gel.
Confession- when it comes to shaving, I am usually a soap and water gal.

Don’t judge, I already know.


Anyway, I gotta say I loved getting to try this stuff out. It smells amazing and yes, as we already know, Skintimate is far better than plain old soap and water. Lesson learned.

Oh my goodness sake.

Have you seen this video of the tarantula dog that’s gone viral?

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have dogs or that I hate spiders, but oh my goodness guys I was cackling when I watched this video. Tears were streaming down my face, and I couldn’t catch my breath.

It’s not that funny, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Okay guys, do you know about the Walmart Savings Catcher?

Do it.

That’s pretty much the only place I buy groceries and I’ve used it three times and already have almost $3 accumulated on a gift card.

I realize that’s peanuts, but considering I did absolutely nothing for it and shop there all the time, I figure I might as well make some money if they’re going to do the work. Win.

Speaking of gift cards, we had a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory that was set to expire last night so we placed a to-go order to use it up.

Seriously- why is that place so great?

Or so terrible?

I suppose they’re one in the same.

I got one if their lightened up salads and skipped getting dessert.

I was so proud of myself.

Only, when I went to pick it up they took a little longer than anticipated. I was super nice about it and chatted the staff up and when I got to leave they threw in an extra piece for being so nice.

I was so proud I had the willpower not to order cheesecake. Aaaand then they took a long time and I was super nice about it and they threw in an extra piece for my kindness. Dead.


I ate the gut bombs and am going to let Will eat my non vegan cheesecake...though I might eat the chocolatey bits?

So dead.

Since we’re talking food, the Oklahoma State Fair starts this weekend.

One of the newly debuted foods is fried gummy bears.

I’m not sure I’m down? I mean, fried anything is good I suppose. However, given the choice, if I’m going to cheat on my macros, just shut up and give me a fried Snickers. smile

Check in tomorrow to talk about why we need to change up our routine

Thursday Things, 21 August 2014

Alright sweets, we are nearly weekend bound. Let’s finish strong!

Let’s talk about how this week is most certainly not my best in terms of eating healthy.

It involved this 5,000 calorie cupcake.

I'm dead.

Plus Will had two softball games Monday, one at 6:30 and one at 9:30, also known as past my bedtime.

What do you do when you have a two hour gap between games?

You eat French fries and fried pickles.

Real life.

And then I felt like a big heavy greasy bomb was in my stomach and I kind of wanted to slip into carb coma and pass out until morning.

So I did.

It was raining for Will’s second game so I stayed in the truck and fell asleep.

Supportive wife.

I also got to spent some quality time talking to a dear friend this week.

Oh girls, I am so refreshed by our conversation! We are not extremely close, however we have a common bond and love for God that has allowed us to strengthen, encourage, and pray for one another. 


I’m kind of pumped about the weekend.

It involves a trip to a nearby fair with a little two year old girl. I’ve never been more excited to sweat my butt off in 100 degree heat and pet smelly blue ribbon goats in my life.

Here she is last year. Where does the time go!?

The fair!

Speaking of time passing, Lucy turned 8 this week and Boz turns 8 this weekend.

I fully acknowledge they’re not real kids, but I seriously can’t believe how quickly our time has gone with these old pups.

In hindsight, I feel a little guilty about getting them during our 45 day vacation home from Kuwait back in 2006 (but there was really no other time unless we waited until we moved home).

What were we thinking!? Staying with my in-laws with unruly puppies biting, tinkling, and flopping about!?

the babies

I also cringe about how we tormented our neighbors with their yapping during the nearly 2 years they lived with us in Kuwait.

Bad neighbors. Bad dog parents.

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t have real kids back then. We were totally clueless.

Soooo I’m 100% positive I’m not preggo, but guys, I’m having some seriously strange and insatiable cravings lately.

Like some weird stuff. Last night for dinner Will had leftovers and I had a giant bowl of broccoli and then proceeded to squeeze tablespoon upon tablespoon of mustard over it.


Don’t google that stuff either or it will pretty much make you worry about everything.

Okay, that’s it for now friends. Check in tomorrow! 

The One Hosting Company & Look Ahead

Whew. How is it Monday again!?

My weekend was a complete whirlwind.

In fact, as I type I’m pretty certain I have a load of wet laundry I forgot about that will be sitting in the washer all day (yay!).


My goal today is to try not to do in one evening what usually takes me half the weekend.

This is me giving myself a public self talk. Sorry for hijacking today’s post.

Let’s get back on track.

Friday was all about creating the semi-fake house.

Getting ready for company

I hit the gym and worked legs hard, and then did a 30 minute cardio session knowing I probably wouldn’t get to workout Saturday.

Afterward, all sweaty and disgusting, I went grocery shopping.

It’s true, please don’t judge.

Anyway, I cleaned, prepped, and made some goodies for our guests.

I even took time to see my mom and favorite niece. I’m always glad when I get to do that.

Taking a break to play with little miss

Our visitors arrived Friday night. We are dinner and then came home and “visited” over cake and iced tea in true Oklahoma fashion.

Since our third bedroom is officially transforming into “the man cave,” we gave Will’s parents the spare bedroom and his grandparents our room while we used the air mattress in the living room.

I slept like a baby.


Saturday came early with a 6:30 trip to Starbucks to get our 96oz coffee traveler.

by brittny_lynne, on Flickr">96 ounces of deliciousness (and heart palpitations)And a Will photo bomb <img src=">

Real life.

What is it about the elderly that make them wake so early? Will’s grandpa is an early riser.

Anyway, while Will and his dad got coffee, I made breakfast.

We enjoyed breakfast and more chatting. And coffee.

Oh friends.

I am a tea drinker and probably only have coffee 1-2 times a month maybe. However, it tasted so good and I drank so much that I unknowing made myself a complete jittering, palpitating mess!

Smooth move.

Anyway- breakfast was nice. smile

Will and his dad had to run a quick errand, so the rest of us chatted in the living room.

I love Will’s grandparents so darn much, and our talk Saturday morning made me love his grandpa all the more. They are such good, honest, godly people.

He shared a bit of his testimony and talked about how important it was for him to share God’s love with others and tell the truth even when it’s hard. He was on a roll and I was loving it! Next to his dad, Will’s grandpa is one of his heroes and I wish he would have been there to here him.

Will and his dad got back, we enjoyed another round of cake (because cake at 10am is entirely acceptable), and then they were on their way.

It was nice to have the rest of the morning and afternoon to recover a little and get ready for the evening ahead.

I washed sheets, made tahbouli, and even snuck in a quick workout.

We had a BBQ with one of Will’s friends from work. I had never met his wife and kiddos, so it was nice to spend an evening with them.

They were so super thoughtful with their menu, too and had tons of veggie friendly options. We all had a good laugh when they brought out the hummus, something neither of them had ever tried.

“That’s the first thing that comes up when you google vegan,” they said. smile

We had a good evening, but didn’t stay too long. We watched an episode of Andy Griffith and called it a night.

I had the hardest time getting to sleep (maybe all the caffeine?), but sweet Lucy kept me company.

She’s rarely in a snuggly mood at her old age these days, but she crawled up on me and laid on my stomach and let me pet her. She was so sweet and it was a special moment for me. I love that old bird, and am glad for those moments.

I think she missed us

Yesterday was lazy and all about relaxation. We decided to watch church online since we missed our usual Saturday service, and spent the rest of the day doing very little.

I managed to prep food for the week and do some laundry, but that was about it!

Today we have softball games and will be on the go! Let’s take a look at what’s coming up on the blog:

-Recipe roundup
-An indoor friendly cardio workout
-July Ipsy review!
-And all about hospitality

Check in tomorrow, and have a good day!

Things I’m Loving Thursday: 10 July 2014

Hey there sweets! Here are a few things I’ve been fond of lately.
Favorite Indulgence

Celebrating national sugar cookie day

Eileen’s Cookies. 

Specifically her frosted sugar cookies in fabulous neon colors (because neon pink makes everything better).

These things kill me.

Did you know yesterday was National Sugar Cookie day?

It’s a thing.

So naturally I used it as an excuse to celebrate.

Favorite Healthy Side

To balance the cookie, I feel like we also have to have a healthy favorite too.

4th of July fun

I love grilled veggies year round, but usually only make them myself during the summer. These giant skewers totally hit the spot.

Favorite Thoughts Lately

Things I'm loving

Things I'm loving

Plumb- Hang On Remix

Things I'm loving

I like Plumb’s remixes, especially her collaborations with Paul Van Dyk. This is a good one to add to your workout playlist.

How to Grow Herbs

Very helpful.

Tips to Naturally Reduce Cellulite

Always appreciate these sorts of tips. They’re always the same, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Is it me, or does it seem like there’s still a lot of things to wrap up in the last episode?

It’s always like that, though. However, I can’t help but think another 12 hours would have helped! smile

Apparently the ratings aren’t that great, even though the show is so so good. Not sure what’s up with that, but sadly I fear we’ve seen the last of Jack. Boo!

Favorite Recent Pup Pic

Nighty night

Lucy. And an eye nightie. She’s way too spoiled. wink She didn’t enjoy this look as much as we did. Ha!

That’s all for now! Anything you’re loving lately? 

The one where we didn’t kill each other, and look ahead

Hi lovelies!

It’s Monday, but we can make it.

Five work days to get three days off (Or in my case, four work days days to get four days off! 😃).

I’ll take it.

But before I get ahead of myself, I think it’s a good idea to celebrate this past weekend and hit a few highlights.

Friday started with a beautiful and freeing view.

good morning OKC

As well as a not so healthy breakfast treat.

P and I had lunch together, which made the work day so very bright! We had sushi and enjoyed good company. It totally made my day!

Friday night was less exciting. Will and I had a date at Lowe’s to get stuff to hang pictures in his room.

It got crazy ya’ll. 

Hanging away

Saturday was a little more eventful.

I got up an an ungodly hour to workout.

A total glutton for punishment.

I love how making small changes to my usual routine can make such a big difference. I upped my reps from 12 to 15 and am paying for it today.

I ended up finishing my workout outside with a series of burpees, shuffle squats, and crunches, and got to see the sun peek from the horizon. Very beautiful.

Then it was time to wrangle up the dogs for a trip to the vet for shots.

I’ve mentioned a time or two what an ordeal it is to take everyone at the vet at the same time. Saturday was no different.

And Boz has another infection in his anal glands. Wee!

Aaand Teddy is shedding her summer coat, so she molted all over me.

Molting Teddy

Thank goodness she’s an outside dog. I think I could have made a blanket with all her fur!

After the fun, we napped, got around, and saw Moms’ Night Out!

Such a good movie. I loved it, while Will wasn’t as impressed.

After the movie we went to church and grabbed some dinner.

Around 11:00 we were wakened by our sweet Lucy puking.

And then again after midnight.

Middle of the night vomit cleaning. It’s exciting stuff.

Between the late night surprise, and the early Saturday start, I was completely exhausted, so Sunday didn’t start until 8:45!

I hate when I start the day so late, but man I needed the rest.

I made a quick trip to the store for the week, and the next few hours were devoted to hanging pictures in Will’s room!

Remember how this endeavor usually causes immense pain, arguing, and agony between us?

Well, I don’t know if we’ve grown less feisty in our old age, or if maybe hitting the ten year mark made us realize, “Welp, this is it. Let’s just settle down and be a little more tolerant of each other’s annoyances.”

Whatever the case, we successfully hanged six pictures without a single argument.

Cue the hallelujah choir.

Seriously. It’s kind of a divine miracle.

Hanging away

After that fun, we spent a little time with my family, I did some chores, and we watched some shows.

And, here we are again.

Monday morning.

But we can do it, guys!

Three. Day. Weekend.


In fact, let’s get to the good stuff. Posts.

Here’s a look at what we will be talking about this week: 

-Green Monster Protein Pancakes
-Pushing yourself to try some push-up variations
-Things I’m loving Thursday
-And why sometimes you’ll find me smelting gold (it’s true)

So check in this week for more fun and adventures. Until tomorrow, be a light! ❤️

A Peek in My Pantry

Last week I granted refrigerator privileges, and this week we are getting cozy in my food cabinets!

Sadly, our house does not have a pantry, so my title is a little misleading.

You’d think with just two people, we wouldn’t need one, but yeah… we totally do.

Nonetheless, we make do just fine and have a section of our cabinets entirely blocked off for non refrigerated items.

Let’s take a look at the goods, shall we?

Hmm, let’s see, here. Ah yes, let’s start here.


I love these things. They’re perfect for snacking on the go. I often have these in the house, and in my purse, and at work… You see where this is going.


This stuff.

I pretty much want to drink it.

Is that gross?

Don’t answer that.

I love Frank’s on...everything. It’s delicious as a marinade and on veggies.

And hey, Boz photo bombed my pic.

Hi Boz!


Steel cut oats.

Do this.

Seriously, make the switch out from your crappy super processed flavored oatmeal flakes and make this in your rice cooker and have breakfast ready to go for the whole week.

If you don’t have time (though we established we do since we are just sticking this in the rice cooker and hitting “start"), go with these:


The quick oats are so much more processed, these old fashioned oats are the better options and can be ready just as fast. I bring these to work and add hot water. Give it a stir for 30 seconds, and you’re good to go!

Hey look, Boz again.


Good old apple cider vinegar. I’ve wrote about it before here, and continue to be a fan.

I realize a lot of the claims are unfounded, but I’m a big believer in the stuff. Mainly because it’s helped alleviate some tummy troubles I’ve had I’m the past. I drink a couple tablespoons with water everyday (before breakfast ands lunch) and also use it in dressings and a host of other things.

Do it.

More Boz.

Does he ever move?


I’m eating fish occasionally and try to always keep some around the house.


Yes, that’s baby food.

I always have at least one jar in the house. It is absolutely great for baking and adding in natural flavor and sweetness. Swap oil out for a jar or two of this in your recipes.


Boz, Boz, Boz.

Like baby food, I absolutely always have pumpkin (and Boz) in my house. This is my favorite baking substitute ever.

I also love making my favorite pumpkin protein bars (the size of your face smile )


These are Will’s, hence the big fat X.

We always have beans on hand for a variety of recipes.



Now onto green monster stuff: protein, greens powder, spirulina, and flax.





Stevia.  Get rid of the aspartame and swap it for stevia. Now.

Please. smile



My evening treat.

Not the whole bag, just a serving. smile




Another one of Will’s treats. This is actually Spam “Lite.”

Is there such a thing?

Let’s close today with a total disclosure of my affection for peanut butter. I think we’re on our way to a full-fledge addiction.

Or maybe it’s too late.




I’m sort of a peanut butter snob and hate fake hydrogenated peanut butter, such as this Peter Pan. This belongs to Will. However, sometimes if in in a pinch, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I disgust myself.


Changing it up for a second! I have coconut oil everyday in my green monster, so I had to take a picture.


Back to peanut butter.

Good old regular, natural creamy. You just can’t beat it.


Yeah, I have a peanut butter problem… So what?

Alright, that’s a peek in my pantry.

What’s in yours?

Thursday Things, 20 Mar 14

It’s that time again. Bracketology.


Like every year I completed a bracket, and like every year I did very little research.

And like every year there’s a high probability Will is going to crush me.

But I keep coming back for more.

I can’t help it.

It’s March Madness bay-be (say that in your best Dick Vitale voice)

Work is freaking amazing.

I realize it’s only my first week and I know absolutely nothing about the intricacies of office politics, but seriously, this company is ridiculous in the best possible way.

Pinch me.

And I totally had a nerd moment Tuesday when they hooked up my phone and I realized it had a camera hooked to it. I can see who I’m talking to, and vice versa. I totally had a CTU moment in my mind whereby I pretended I was Chloe calling Jack Bauer to alert him of a new threat.

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about?

Anyway… So far, so good.

For St. Patrick’s Day they gave out cutely decorated bags of Lucky Charms

Can we please talk about how delicious that stuff is!?

I haven’t had them in years, but totally had some Monday. Um, mind blowing. Next cheat meal, perhaps?

Sooo, we’re having to teach our old dogs new tricks.

And they’re terrible at learning new tricks.

They are old, and crotchety, and spoiled.

I have no idea why.

It’s not like we babied them or anything.

Anyway, they’re not allowed on the new couch, and it’s killing them.


They’ve been allowed to hole up on our couch all their lives, so this is a new concept.

To help with the transition, we bought them a plush, cushy bed.

Dogs life

It’s working...sort of.



Hardly at all.

Here’s to hoping positive reinforcement helps!

I’m still holding out hope Joel and Julia are getting back together.

On Parenthood, that is.

I love that show. Last week seemed to be a step in the right direction, but the preview for this week’s episode left me hanging. I’m not giving up.

You know, because I have a say in the matter. smile

That’s all for now. Anything you care to share?

The One with Sushi & Look Ahead

Hi friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of relaxation so we’re ready to tackle the week ahead.

Mine was great, and I’ll hit the highlights!

I have to backtrack to Thursday because we were able to get a sneak peek to see the Son of God movie!


The movie was beautiful, and I definitely encourage anyone to see it. Will and I go to bed super early, so it was a late night for us! smile

Friday morning came early. I was up at 4 that morning worrying about things, which left me feeling exhausted. More to come on all that that soon, though. (Teaser haha)

The rest of the day, however was wonderful. I had a belated birthday celebration for my sister on Friday night! Here’s a pic before we headed out.

Sushi Outing!

(Aside from the fact that I look exhausted from no sleep!) I look like I’m towering over my sister in this picture. haha I’m a few inches taller than her, but I was also wearing boots so I guess it added some more height. I look like a giant! haha

We enjoyed a boatload of sushi.


Like, it comes in a boat and everything. It was absolutely delicious. It was so nice to get to spend time together. I love that we can talk about anything and everything and not be afraid of how the other person will take it. It was a great time.

Afterward, I spent a few minutes playing with Layla. Check out my fancy hair headband. haha

Layla's hair headbands. Very fancy

Friday night confirmed I am an old woman because after a big dinner and a little wine, I was exhausted. In bed before 10.


Saturday was full of busyness. I got up early and hit the gym. Because of my schedule this week, I did at home workouts all week. Saturday was the first time I went to the gym all week, so I did a full body weight lifting workout. I kept it short and sweaty and was done in about an hour.

Afterward, Will and I got out and about and ran lots of errands. It was a busy day, full of crowds. Blah.

Thankfully, though, the evening was much low key. I even got some fun work done!


I can’t wait to tell you about it soon.

Yesterday I woke up to this!


Snow and sleet. It made for a quiet day in, which was a nice break after yesterday. I prepped food, did laundry, blogged, and spent some time with Will which was nice.

It was frigid out, so the bigs got to spend the day in their kennels and inside. We bought fluffy beds for them and, um, they were in doggie heaven. Look how happy Teddy is!

Happy Teddy

Pretty cute.

Let’s move on to meals and workouts for this week.

This week we’re having:

-Vegetable lasagna
-Stuffed sweet potatoes
-Fried rice

As for workouts this week:

Mon-Full body weight circuit
W- Cardio
F-Back, Biceps, & Shoulders
Sa- Legs
Su-Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Now onto posts!

-Mastering the 3 Minute Breakfast


-Thursday Confessions

-Something you might want to try

I’d love for you to check in this week! Now off to conquer Monday! 

The One With Taxes & Look Ahead

Hi, hello!

Here we go again.

This weekend was incredibly boring and painful and can be summed up with the following: taxes, financial planning, and the like.


Oh, on an exciting note (haha), Will bought some outlet covers that have lights on them. He’s pretty excited about them.

Will's covers

Aaaand, in the dark:

Will's covers

Me? Not so much.

Pick and choose your battles I say.

Oh, and we watched a lot of Olympics.

While sitting on the couch.

Eating peanut butter.


Obviously, I’m not going to bore you with a recap.

Instead, I’ll share a few pics (with commentary haha) from the last few days.

The pups… and hideous slippers.

I hate that I love them.

But gosh darn it, they’re so warm.

Pups… And hideous slippers

Crazy hair
I love this crazy girl so much!



Too late.

Too late

I knew better, but I did it anyway.


Will helped some too.

I disgust myself.

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Pretty v-day nails

It’s Mexican food week at the B-Love house.

I have no idea why, but for some reason everything we’re eating this week is tied to good old Tex Mex inspired food. It all just sounded good. smile

-Meatless Monday (and Tuesday) is Oh She Glows Black Bean and Potato Burritos

-Wednesday & Thursday are shredded beef tacos for Will (and black bean for me)

-And Friday are How Sweet’s Carne Asada Nachos

Will absolutely loves those nachos, and even agrees to have them with baked scoops to help somewhat clean them up a little.

As for workouts, they sort of depend on the weather. We’re supposed to get snow tonight and part of tomorrow, so I think I’m going to keep my workouts at home the first part of the week, with weights at the end of the week.

Let’s talk posts!

This week we’ll be talking about:

-a healthy snack gone wrong

-when you might want to skip eating before the gym

-Thursday Things

-Valentine’s Day!

-and a weekend post

Check in tomorrow! Until then? Let’s conquer this Monday. Prayers you guys have a blessed day. <3

The One With the Super Bowl & Look Ahead

Much like this morning’s Super Bowl reel, we’re going to keep today’s post to just the highlights.



Friday night grocery shopping.

And Lucy snuggles.

Sometimes a pup belongs in your jacket

Will went to work I squeezed in a Saturday morning workout- back, biceps, & abs.

Afterward I scoured the house. Much needed.

I also managed some food prep.


Will got home later than anticipated (boo) and was pretty wiped out.

The original plan was to go to the Winter Jam concert later that night, but just about everyone bailed. They don’t sell tickets in advance, so we were also going to have to stand outside for a few hours before the door opened to ensure we could get in- and it was frigid!

Sooo, we decided to skip. Sort of disappointing, but we managed to have a fun night.

We ended up getting the UFC fights, and I enjoyed a cheat meal. Veggie pizza, extra easy on the cheese.

Cheat meal, easy cheese

I also made some sugar scrubs! I cannot tell you how great they’ve been during this dry winter weather.

Sugar scrub

Finished product

We woke up to snow yesterday morning!


The roads and bridges were a bit of a mess in the morning, so I decided to skip the gym and do the Insanity Max Interval Circuit at home. We also did church online.

Will also used part of the day to get some of his paintball gear ready to sell. Here’s me taking a picture of him taking a picture. haha


Things cleared out by before noon, thankfully, and as people got out and about the roads got better.

One of the guys in our Life Group opened up his house for the Super Bowl, so we all ended up going over there to watch.

Will and I were rooting for the Broncos, since we’re a big Peyton Manning fan.

Not a lot of healthy options at all, and since I had pizza (cough: and a Reece’s cup) the night before, I snacked before and brought some food along. I did get a little sampler plate of some of the goodies I thought I couldn’t live without.

We got home late, and the day started early (don’t they always?).

For that reason, let’s just cut to the chase and take a look at this week’s lineup!

-How we can both make a small difference in a woman’s life this week

-What to eat before a workout

-So what’s this Nature Box thing about?

-Why I miss the Goldbergs

Check in tomorrow for fun! And happy Monday! smile

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