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WIOW: 30 Things I Did During My Workout

1. Wore the wrong socks.

I hate when I wear the wrong socks.

2. Scoped out available equipment.

Ugh, Meathead is sweating all over the free weights, and Sweaty Old Guy is lying on the bench.

Both aren’t wiping off the equipment.


3. Said my hellos and good mornings.

4. Decide to do some barbell work.

5 Turned on my Lecrae Pandora playlist.

6. Got to work.

7. Squats

8. Good mornings… Except it’s no good morning when Sweaty Old Guy is wheezing and pouring over the bench I’d hoped to use next.

9. Calf raises between each set.

10. Deadlifts.

11. Cried.

12. More deadlifts.

13. More tears.

14. Water break!

15. Oh hey! Meathead is leaving. Oh and hey again- never cleaned his equipment. Gagged.

16. Contemplated lunges.

17. Laughed.

18. Weighted bridges.

19. More squats, this time with shoulder press.

20. Ab work!

21. Cried.

22. Now time for my most favorite part of the whole workout (ha!): Cardio

23. Got on the elliptical, behind the chick that ellipticals like a super fast jack rabbit. “Run, little bunny, run!”

She makes me go faster, but not as quickly as her.

24. Set the timer for 30 minutes.

25. Got to work.

26. Added some dumbbells for added resistance.
27. Workout over! Threw up my arms like Rocky Balboa.

28. Water break!

29. Cleaned my equipment.

30. Said my goodbyes, & left!

Just another day at the gym. smile

That’s all for today, sweets! Check in tomorrow!

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Springing to Spring

Spring is right around the corner!

That means pulling out the short sleeves and springy skirts, and showing a little more skin than in the doldrums of winter.

If you’ve been hiding under fluffy sweaters and cozy pants, it’s time to shed the heavy clothes and lighten up!

I keep healthy year round, but do want to tighten up a little this spring.

For that reason, I decided to devote March Tuesdays to sharing what I’ve been eating.

The good, the bad, and ugly. I figured it would be good accountability.

I’m going to be honest, I did kind of a bad job this week.  I decided on Friday, so there’s a very limited amount of pictures this week. Sorry!

Plus, I’d remember to take pictures, but then I’d forget. No consistency!

I promise to be better next week and capture a full seven days. ☺️

We’ll call this an introductory post. Haha

That’s enought chatter! I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check in next Tuesday for a more comprehensive post, and tomorrow for WIOW!

Good things

Good things
Sweet sorbet

Good things

Good things

Good things

Good things

Good things


WIOW: Cardio-Resistance Elliptical Workout

I cycle through various types of preferred cardio.

Lately, it’s been the elliptical.

I can’t just do the elliptical, though.

I bore too easily.

Instead, I have to keep engaged.

That means a cardio/resistance mix!

Not only is your heart pumping and giving you a great cardio session, but you’re also able to reach upper body exhaustion by incorporating weights.

Get some five pounders and keep them at the base of the elliptical (where you might set your keys or phone) where they’re easy accessible.

Turn on some seriously heart pumping music. Trance is perfect for these workouts. Right now I’m loving Mr. Sam’s Opus album.  An oldie but a goodie.

Weekend things

Oh, and I should mention, this workout is best on ellipticals where the arms are stationary. I’ve done it on both, but the moving arms get in the way.

I set the timer for 30 minutes, and then get ready for some real work!

Oh and when I note “rest” below, that doesn’t mean rest from the whole workout. smile

It means resting from the resistance work and only doing the elliptical.

No way we’d get off that easy!

For extra work, simply hold onto the weights during the rest periods, and don’t put them down. I love doing this.

Don’t forget to squeeze each contraction!


Give it a go, my friends and watch the elliptical time pass faster than usual.

That’s it for today! Check in tomorrow! 

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WIOW: Fancy Pants

Today we’re talking workout pants.



And the hotly debated topic (well… hotly debated in some circles, that is) regarding whether or not they’re appropriate in public.

I realize this isn’t exactly a workout post. However, considering we’re specifically talking workout pants, I figured today was the perfect place for this post. smile

Let me start off by saying- at this point in time, I haven’t made a it decision regarding the matter.

So I’m going in completely neutral.

Yet, I feel like there’s some harsh criticisms on both sides.

When a Christian blogger, wife, and mother, recently posted about her personal decision to no longer wear these types of pants in public, she received a firestorm of both praise and scoffs.

I can’t be sure, but I doubt she realized just how viral the post would go.

Yet, it brings up an interesting thought- should others dictate what we do or don’t wear?

I can honestly say, I see both perspectives, but I haven’t really made a decision on the issue.

Let’s take a look at just a couple points from both sides.

Let’s face it, yoga/workout pants make everyone’s body look great.

Especially the black ones.

They smooth dimples and sagging, and hug everything nicely.

Things just stay put.

They’re sleek and flattering.

They make our bad days better, and our good days great.

When I’m feeling pudgy from overindulging and find myself muffin topping over a pair of jeans, putting on a trusty pair of body hugging, slimming workout pants makes me feel better.

They’re confidence boosters. Feeling good is, good.

They’re functional...and comfortable.

And that’s the understatement of the year.

You’re not going to your kids soccer game and immediately to crossfit for box jumps in jeans.

You’re doing it in workout pants.

We’re hitting the gym and going to the grocery store.

We’re running a few errands, followed by yoga.

We’re living our lives, and we’re not going home to change clothes between acts.

Then there’s the comfortability factor.

They’re great.

They’re easy to move and do things in. Heck, I sleep in them the night before my workouts to give me one less excuse not to get up.

Oh yeah-

Here’s where I tell you I live in these things for a huge portion of the weekend.

You may think I’ve made up my mind, but the recent debate has actually got me thinking.

So those are just a couple pros, but anyone who has worn workout pants knows there are many more.

Similarly, though, there’s plenty of cons too. Let’s just look at two.

Sometimes they’re...well worn.

If you buy good gear, you can wear it for years.

Sometimes, though, all that wear causes sheerness, tears, and holes in inappropriate places.

And you may not even realize it until you’re in Walmart and your husband tells you that you’ve got a sizable hole in the upper rear section of your pants.

Not that it’s ever happened or anything…

Hey, it was Walmart on payday weekend. I belonged.

My point is, sometimes we slap those trusted puppies on without much thought.

Getting up while it’s still dark and running in sheer, well-worn workout pants is quite different than being out and about at high noon.

It may be high noon, but there could be a full moon if you’re not careful!

Just like with any piece of clothing, we gotta make sure everything tact.

If not, it could be rather embarrassing. Especially for girls who go commando…

Moving along-

I think there’s increased scrutiny about sheer, well-worn body hugging workout pants because…

They’re sheer,


Body hugging

Workout pants.

I get it.

Probably shouldn’t be wearing them to the yearly neighborhood picnic.

It’s all out there.

That’s the argument, anyway.

The slimming, body-hugging pants we love so much also don’t leave much for the imagination- especially when worn incorrectly.

And fashion offenders have ruined it for the rest of us.

It’s always that way, isn’t it?

Some critics argue wearing workout pants out and about is completely inappropriate. It makes it hard for men not to look and, er, admire God’s creation.

In Christian circles especially, there’s ongoing discussion regarding modesty, lust, and the fine line. (Good read!)

Is it wrong for women to wear them? Is she the culprit of a man’s inability to control his thoughts?

That’s another school of thought with lots of contention.

Final Thoughts

Yes, I love and wear workout pants.

I think they’re fantastic.

I wear them to workout, and I wear them to run errands.

But as a Christian trying to guard my own heart and live a life that honors God, I also see the argument that there’s a time and place for the gym.

Honestly, I don’t know what I think.

I have a slew of super cute tanks with built in bras I used to workout out in all.the.time.

A couple of years ago I stopped wearing them to the gym.

Between the tight pants and the skin tight bra top tank, it just felt like too much...or perhaps I should say too little. Especially when it’s cold…

I’m already one of the only girls that lifts when I’m at the gym, and I didn’t want to draw even more attention to myself, so I stopped.

I made the decision.  Not because of others shaming or being hurtful, but because of considering all the factors of my personal and specific situation.

Now I wear my “uniform.” Workout pants and about five shirts I rotate.

I find I’m more confident and not worried about being cold, if everything is secure, or if people are staring.

I feel better, and I feel it was the right thing to do based on my personal conviction.

Perhaps that’s where we ought to start. I like the post I linked above because it mentions leaving room for the Holy Spirit in the discussion.

I haven’t prayed about it, and maybe that’s a good start.


What a long post!

Hopefully I’ve given us things to think about.

Now it’s your turn. I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue.

Comment below in the “share the love” section and let me know what you think.

Thursday Things tomorrow!

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WIOW: My Go-To At-Home Friendly YouTube Channels

On days I just don’t feel like reinventing the wheel or doing one of my own at-home workouts, I rely on YouTube.

If you’ve never looked there, prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of workout videos available.

I’ve been using YouTube as a helpful tool over a year now, and won’t go back!

I mentioned it being overwhelming, and I’m not kidding. There are HEAPS AND HEAPS of great resources.

The channels I’m sharing today are only a tiny handful of some of my usual fallbacks. Definitely check them out, as well as the many, many others out there for great at-home friendly workouts.

I’m also not a doctor, so obviously don’t run out and do all these without consulting one. smile

In no particular order, here are five great options. Here we go!


This channel is terrific!

It offers new workouts every single weekday from trainers like Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin.

They’ve got a little of everything depending on your mood.

Say you want to dance, they’ve got that. Feeling like HIIT? You’re covered. They even have Pilates.
This is a great and comprehensive spot for whatever you’re feeling.

Millionaire Hoy
If you’re looking for high intensity sweat sessions, this is your guy.

He’s got great workouts that can be done with a little space at home.

Sometimes I need something a little shorter, but on days I have time, these are great.

Fitness blender

Fitness Blender is a comprehensive workout channel led by a husband a wife team that offer literally hundreds of different routines.

They’ve got something for everyone and lots of different time and intensity options.

GRIT Certification Classes
Before an instructor can teach the super sweaty, high intensity and resistance GRIT class, they have to practice and get certified.

There are lots of great instructors that post their practice video on YouTube, and you can take the class right alongside them.

I’ve found so many great ones- but I’ve found not so great ones too, so be warned.
This is a new channel I just stumbled upon.

This channel is great if you need a super quick workout and don’t feel like coming up with one on your own. They’re all about 12-15 minutes and easily repeated if you want a longer workout.

Yes, there are lots more, but these are just a handful of my current go-to channels.

Thanks for checking in, and be sure to check these out and let me know what you think! 

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Thursday Things, 12 Feb 15

The Aerogarden is doing fantastically.

Mint is a late bloomer

Except the blasted mint.

To say it’s a late bloomer would be an understatement.

It’s pretty much the herb I wanted most, too.

Figures as much.

Last weekend I thought I might just up and die right there at the gym for all the patrons to see.

I completed a good resistance workout, and then decided to quickly hit the elliptical.

I usually like to gradually increase the crossramp and really work to keep my heart rate up.

About 20 minutes in, I was dripping in sweat, and I was working double time.

Turns out I was increasing the resistance instead of the crossramp. Ha

Speaking of workouts, last weekend Will and I went to the park to enjoy the warmer weather.

Long talks at the park (and a secret selfie I took of the mister 😊)

We sat and talked and watched the kids playing.

Will looked over at me and asked, “Remember when we were kids and running was actually something we did for fun?”


Totally killed me.

I remember the days when I was a kid and would run just because it was something fun.

While I have my moments, I can pretty much say I no longer consider running “something fun to do.”

Soo what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Do you love it? Hate it? Do tell.

Will and I aren’t huge celebrators, but we do acknowledge the day.

We don’t get crazy with gifts, either. Although, my sneaky husband did decide to buy me the rest of our bedding accessories for the new bedspread we bought last year. It wasn’t cheap and I was very touched by his thoughtfulness!

He also surprised me with the first season of The Americans. Anyone watch this?

My parents love it, and since it’s set in the 80s, I kind of figured I would too.

So yeah.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but apparently Will forgot.

As for going out on Valentine’s Day, don’t enjoy crowds or waiting forever at places in our old age, so we will cozy up on the couch Saturday night and let you guys have a night on the town without old fogeys cramping your style. smile

It only seemed right that today’s TBT pic be Valentine’s Day related.

Brittny-Valentines day OU cake-2005

This was our first married Valentine’s Day in 2005.

Look at that baby face!

I bought Will a cute Valentine cake as well as some red OU oakleys.

Which, surprisingly, he didn’t like because they fit weird (according to him).

Yes, I still remember.

And yes, it’s really me in that picture.

Remember that one time we all got crazy and dyed our hair RED!?!


In this week’s “Food Lately” post, I failed to mention the amount of peanut butter and jelly toast I’ve been eating.

It’s out of control, y’all.

That’s it for now.  I sure hope you’ll check in tomorrow.

Anything you care to share?

WIOW: February At-Home Resistance Work

Another Wednesday, another workout.

Last week I shared some of my favorite at-home cardio workouts.

Today is all about my February at-home resistance workouts.

I’m going to be honest, they vary.

A lot.

However, what I’m sharing today is pretty standard in terms of what I often do.

I try to hit all major muscle groups and work to exhaustion when I can.

I haven’t invested in much at-home resistance equipment yet, so I have to create my own.

How do I do that?

Lots of tempo mapping. I make the weight much heavier than it feels by slowing the reps down and squeezing every single muscle I’m working throughout the entire movement.

It works better than you might realize.

My point here is- you may not have all the dumbbells you need or want to have a great at-home gym, but you can still do plenty of exercises to create a functional workout.

You can also increase the resistance by creating it with your own body and how you control the weight.

Remember that!

Just shoving a weight up and down quickly is all momentum. When you squeeze your muscles and really move more mindfully, you can help increase difficulty.

Oh aaaand I also like workouts that incorporate cardio and resistance together. Today’s workout is resistance training only, but if you’d like to see a combination I do at home, I’d love to share it!

Now it’s time to share what I’m doing with my dumbbells on the days I workout at home. smile

Like I said, I don’t have heavy weights, so my reps are usually pretty high for at-home workouts.

Depending on time, I complete 2-3 sets of this entire list back to back.

20-30 reps for legs
15-20 reps for everything else




WIOW: My Go-To At-Home February Cardio Workouts

Let’s workout at home today.

Last week I shared my February workouts, and mentioned sharing some of my go-to home workouts this week.

There are tons and tons.

In fact, if you’re ever bored, look though the health and fitness archive, and you’re bound to find something you’d enjoy.

Today we’re talking strictly cardio and body weight exercises.

All things you can do at home with a little space and without equipment.

Here’s my plan for my at-home February high intensity cardio sessions.

I’ll do one or two of these each week and mix them up depending on time available and my mood.




Quickie workout

These all come from past workouts I’ve shared, and are personal favorites.

Print these puppies out, tape them to a wall, and start your morning right in the comfort of your own home.

Who says you have to go to a gym to get a drippy, total body workout in far under an hour!? smile

Check in next week for my February at-home resistance workout, and the week after for my favorite at-home workout friendly resources! 

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WIOW: February Workouts

I’m trying to be a better planner these days, and that includes mapping my workouts more efficiently.

I’ve mentioned before, but my workout schedule became sporadic last year with my new job.

I have a schedule that allows me to be off every other Friday, but that also makes for longer days the rest of the week, and earlier mornings.

For that reason, I only hit the gym on the weekends, and keep my work-week workouts to the house.

Let’s get something straight, though.

It’s a huge misconception to think home workouts aren’t as beneficial as gym workouts.

(I plan to debunk that next month)

I’ve cut my workout frequency down, too. I was working out out 6 days a week, and now it’s down to 4-5.

At first, I thought it might drive me mad, but I’ve actually found it has done the opposite. I’m more rested and happier overall. 

Today I’m sharing my February workout schedule to give you an idea what it will look like!

It’ll be broken into two camps: short weeks and long weeks.

On short weeks, I get an extra gym session, bringing the total gym visits those weeks to three.

Long weeks mean I only hit the gym on Saturday and Sunday.

The remaining workouts are done at home.

Here we go!

Short Week Workouts


Wednesday- Home full body resistance and/or HIIT

Thursday- Home cardio

Friday- Back, biceps, shoulders, abs & cardio (elliptical)

Saturday- Legs & cardio (elliptical)

Sunday- Chest, triceps, shoulders, abs, & cardio (elliptical)

Long Week Workouts


Wednesday- Freebie!

Thursday-Home full-body resistance

Friday-Home cardio

Saturday-Legs, abs, chest, triceps, cardio

Sunday- Back, biceps, shoulders, abs, cardio

Wednesdays on my long weeks are always iffy. I consider them bonus workouts.

I get to sleep a little more on my short weeks, so sometimes my long week Wednesday workouts are hit or miss. I do whatever I feel on those Wednesdays. The point is that I get up and move. smile

So what does home cardio and home resistance mean?

Im glad you asked!

Next month I plan on digging into what exactly they entail, and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own at-home workouts.

There’s lots and lots of options!

Check in next week to dig a little deeper, and check in tomorrow for Thursday things!

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WIOW: Swole Prewrek Review

Let’s talk about a pre-workout today.

I realize there’s mixed feelings about pre-workouts. You can see my pros and cons regarding the topic here.

Today we’re talking about a specific pre-workout.

Swole Prewrek.

I got a GNC gift card for Christmas and decided to spend it on a pre-workout!

Best of all, it was right after Christmas, and GNC had great sales.

I’ve tried several pre-workouts over the years, and I have a good idea what to expect.

I did some research and looked over prices, and Swole Pre-workout was on sale and seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted.

50 servings for $30, a super good deal compared to the average pre-workout price.

I only hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed!

I wasn’t.

Let’s dig into pros and cons.

You’ll notice some of the pros are also cons, but I give rationale for why. smile

Let’s go!


It Tastes Good

And isn’t chalky. That’s a double win.

I bought the fruit punch flavor, which is pretty much the flavor I always choose.

It was a good choice, and thankfully tasted good and fruity and not chalky and medicine-y.

Dissolves Properly

If you’ve used pre-workouts, you know how there’s sometimes residue left behind.

The residue is minimal, and it dissolves well in cold water.

No tingle
If you hate the crazy, tingly sensation like tiny little pokes all over your skin, I have good news.

Swole doesn’t seem to make you tingle at all.

It seems there’s a 50-50 split on people that love and hate it.  No prickly feeling, and no tingle here.

Increased Cardio Endurance
I noticed the most results during my cardio sessions. I could go harder and longer. Win.

Most pre-workouts cost in and around $45 and up.

Swole Prewrek was a complete steal at $30. That’s the sale price I got it at, however I did a quick search at prices today, and they still range between $33-$40. It’s a good deal compared to most.

You don’t realize it’s working
Again with the no tingles and jitteriness. The first couple times I used it and hit the weights, I wondered if it was even working.


And then I woke up unable to move my arms and legs the next day.

Since it doesn’t have some of the triggers other pre-workouts, you may not think its working.

It’s working.

You’ll see this is also a con later. smile

Ok, let’s go to some of the cons.


No tingle
Sooo I put this in both categories because some like the tingling and some don’t.

I do.

It makes me feel like it’s working. smile

It’s not a huge con, but for those of you who like to feel your temperature rise a little feel the chemical reaction take place, don’t expect much with Pre Wrek.

It takes forever to work
Let me clarify- it takes just as long as almost every other pre-workout on the market- about 30-45 minutes.

That means, if I want to workout at 7, I need to get up and take my pre-workout 45 minutes before. Sometimes this isn’t a big deal, but for workout out early in the morning and first thing, it kind of is.

In its defense, this timeline is pretty normal.

You don’t realize it’s working

Again, another pro turned con.

I honestly wondered if it was even working the first couple of times.

It was only until the next day when I woke super sore, i reevaluated the reps and weights I did and realized, “Eureka! It worked!”

That’s great and all, but if you’re not careful, you may be prone to overdo it and hurt yourself.

In summary…

Would I buy again?

Without a doubt, yes. There are definitely a few things I wish it did (read: radiating heat from my body and tingles haha) but the price point is way too good not to purchase again.

So there you have it! If you’re looking to try an inexpensive pre-workout, Swole Prewrek is a good option.

Check in tomorrow!

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