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Work it Out Wednesday: Super Duper Superset Legs


Although it’s September, and cozy sweaters are around the corner, there’s no reason to neglect our summer workouts just yet.

Besides, if you’re like me, my training is fairly similar year round. Why put on extra weight in the winter when you can stick to one fairly static regimen (taking into account changing it up every few months of course)?

Today’s leg workout is just that- something to change up your routine and feel the caloric burn!

This is the circuit I’ve been doing the last couple weeks and am loving it. I’ve been lifting hard and heavy, and this routine has been challenging and fun.

I almost always do super (duper ☺️) sets when lifting because it makes the most of my limited time in the gym. Today’s routine is no different.

I didn’t add suggested reps because it’s really up to you and your goals for how many you do.

Perform three sets of each superset, adding in various preferred ab and calves work between each superset.

Is that confusing?

Sometimes it’s hard to clearly explain in writing.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

-Perform the following back to back without rest:

Dead lift
Glute Bridge

-Immediately perform 25 sets of calf raises and 25 leg raises

-Repeat two more times

Make more sense?

Let’s hope.

Okay, so now that I’ve (hopefully) explained the process, let’s get to work!

Warm up:
50 squats w/barbell of choice (I would go pretty light here because the goal is to simply warm up your muscles)

Perform the following chunks of supersets three times each, adding your favorite calves and ab work between each set:

Dead lift
Glute Bridge

Romanian dead lift
Lunge with kick

Hang clean
Step up with kick

One leg squats w/weight
Jumping jacks

Hack press machine
Jump squats

Leg extension machine
Hamstring curl machine

Perform as many hang-clean-presses you can to failure (in good form!)

I use a super light weight on the finisher because I’m exhausted by this point and don’t want to risk injury.

This is a more intermediate move, so just omit or change it up if you don’t want to give it a go!

Here’s a printout you can use to take with you.

Leg circuit
Leg circuit

Give it a go and challenge yourself to push through!

Check in tomorrow!

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WIOW: Gym Friendly Circuit

Just about every workout I share these days is at-home friendly and only uses body weight.

I love those.

But sometimes, I like doing similar circuits at the gym with weights.

On the Fridays I have to work, I only have two days to hit the gym (the rest of my workouts are at home).

That makes it hard to keep my usual weightlifting split, so on those weekends I typically do a lower body day and an upper body day.

I occasionally will do a full body blitz, which is what I’m sharing today.

Print this picture out and take it to the gym with you. I always find I can somewhat memorize what’s coming next by using some of my time on the treadmill to look it over.


Get some weights in your hands and let’s move.

WIOW gym


Definitely hold some weights for the lunges and step ups. Also, I find using a weight plate makes for a smooth transition on the bicep curls into shoulder presses.

When all is said and done you will have done at least 20 minutes of cardio and worked through an entire resistance program in between. Winning!

Check in for an Ipsy review tomorrow!

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The Batchelorette One & Look Ahead


We have a holiday weekend looming.

Forget that it’s only Monday, let’s get excited!


Okay, I realize it still feels forever away, but indulge me.

How was your weekend?!

Mine was different than most, but still good in its own right.

I was a batchelorette this weekend!

Will made a trip to Pennsylvania and back in one weekend.

20 hours one way.

Just typing that makes me exhausted.

Future disclosure to come fairly soon on why exactly Will was gone, but until then we can agree he had a whirlwind of a weekend!

And I pretty much worried the whole time. Driving that long and far is very taxing on a person. He had a friend with him, so they slept in shifts, but if was still not exactly ideal.

Anyway, with Will gone I was on my own this weekend.

If I didn’t make a game plan, I had a terrible feeling I would wake up Sunday morning in a carb stupor and find myself covered in cereal boxes, magazines, and canned frosting.

So I made a game plan. smile

Will went in early Friday, so I skipped my morning workout to help him get out the door and see him off.

The good news was that even though I skipped my usual workout, I was able to hit the gym Friday night to work back, biceps, and shoulders!

I’m not a fan of working out at night. For me, if I don’t do it in the morning, I probably won’t do that all.

However, with Will gone it gave me something to do and allowed me to “make good” on my usual Friday scheduled workout.

I got home, did some laundry, showered, and ate homemade fried rice.

Then I got to babysit!

Woo hoo.

Layla and I had a great time.

Hanging with my best gal

We played kitchen, did our hair, watched a show… I don’t know how you mamas do it.

I taught her how to hop and then march with high knees and everything in hopes it would tire her out.

Turns out I tired much faster than she. Ha!

Well played, Layla.

After she tuckered me out, I headed home with the pups.

PS- I totally hate when Will is gone, especially at night.

Saturday came early by choice.

I hit the gym and worked legs crazy hard. I’ve been going heavier lately and was pumped to bang out 5 reps of 360 on the leg press for the first time in months.

360lbs. I'm coming for you 400!

I focused on light weights and high reps for so long, and it felt good to change it up again.

As bodybuilder Dr. Jim Stoppani says, “Everything works, nothing works forever.”

I love this quote. Future blog post!

After my workout?

Well, let’s just say nothing starts your morning like a post workout slap in the face with ice cold water.

I did the ice bucket challenge. I wish I could share something witty, but all I can muster is- holy cow that water is cold!

Here’s a link to part of the video. 
Here’s my after, sopping wet.

Ice bucket challenge:After

And yes, I’m wearing the same thing as I did when I babysat Layla haha. It was well into the evening when I babysat and if I’m going to get up early the next day to workout, I sleep in my gym clothes for one less thing to do and one more reason to get up! smile

Anyway, Saturday morning we visited the Canadian County Fair in El Reno, Oklahoma!

Hanging with my best gal

We went early, before it got hot, and saw lots of animals.

The county fair!

The county fair!

I loved seeing them all. Plus seeing how friendly and playful most of them were reminds me why I enjoy animals so much and choose to follow a vegetarian friendly diet.

Layla like most of them, but was afraid of the poultry and ponies! I thought for sure she would like the horses but she was scared. Maybe next year?

The rest of the day was all about food prep and laundry. I even read part of a book, which I rarely do on weekends.

Saturday night I went back to my parent’s for pizza and hanging out.

I am so thankful for my family. I love them so much! I was bored out of my mind Saturday and am so thankful I have them so close and can spend time with them.

With Will gone, I didn’t go to service on Sunday and instead watched online. I don’t know why I’m weird about not physically going since I was on my own, and I guess I should pray about it!

I hit the gym and got a few things done, and by late morning my dear, exhausted husband was home!

He looked like a complete train wreck. From Oklahoma to Pennsylvania and back in two days. Yeah, that will do it to you.

I was so glad to have him home! I missed him so much. He slept most of the day, so we didn’t really hang out, but I was just glad to have him home.

So now we start another week. A short week with a holiday on the horizon. Woo hoo!

Let’s take a look at what’s ahead this week:

-Tuesday Things
-A gym friendly circuit
-August Ipsy Review
-A gold ring in a swine’s snout

Check in tomorrow! 

WIOW: Couch Potato Moves


I am all about fitting in your workout however you can. However, I’m not so much into accomplishing my daily workout while watching TV or cleaning the house.

You know what I’m talking about. The cheesy ones you see in fluffy magazines that also tell you that rock hard abs come in just three minutes a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to incorporate exercise into these activities, but I don’t consider them a workout.

I consider them bonus.

I don’t get too strenuous during TV workouts, but I do keep moving.

We DVR everything, so I do these exercises during an entire hour-long show, which ends up being about 40 minutes.

Those bonus workouts add up during the week.

In fact, you can burn about 15 calories every five minutes from light calisthenics. 

I realize that doesn’t sound like much, but when you do the math and add that up over the course of a show a night five days a week, and those bonus moves pay off.

Here are some of favorite moves.

Remember, this isn’t a “real workout,” it’s extra work. Mostly isolation exercises.

Just something to keep you from sitting all night. If you’re like me and sit all day at work- I need it!

Here’s some inspiration to get your own ideas flowing.


Add this to your usual routine throughout the work week for some extra burn doing something you were already going to do anyway (watching tv!)

Check in tomorrow for more fun my dears! 

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Work it Out Wednesday: Powering thru Transitions



Whether it’s a move, a baby, or a new job, chances are we’ve all experienced our fair share of change.

Change comes with a host of new responsibilities, experiences, and adjustments.

How does working out fit into these transitions?

My new job is a good example, which is what compelled me to share today’s post.

My new job came with a new schedule, as well as a commute.

Both foreign to me.

It took about a month to get used to all the changes of being new at work, let alone trying to adjust to the new schedule and home life.

Work/home balance anyone?

Anyway, keeping a regular workout schedule was a must, and took some trial and error.

Today I want to share a few things that helped me during this transition in hopes it helps you too!

1. Schedule a Recovery Week
I purposely scheduled my recovery week for my first week at the new job.

While some may say consistency is key, I felt strongly about taking a break and simply getting accustomed to my new schedule before adding another ball to keep in the air.

I personally believe taking a week off to let my body rest was absolutely pivotal on my overall ability to quickly adjust to all the overwhelming changes of a new job, schedule, commute, and shortened evening at home.

You’re not selling yourself short by scheduling a recovery week during a transition.

The time to rest allows your body some extra relief from all the new stressors and gives you time to focus on all the new changes and challenges.

Give your body a break and take a week off during your first big week. You’ll thank yourself.

2. Pre-Decide

After your week off, it’s time to get back on the horse.

Already make the decision you’re going to workout.

Predetermine when and where you’re going to do it, and stick to your schedule


Your transition may take some trial and error to determine the right when and where, but commit to finding what works and do it!

3. Change up Your Routine

In terms of working out, the biggest changes with my new job were the duration and location of my sessions.

Suddenly, instead of having a solid hour, I only had about 30 minutes to workout most work days.

This change really bummed me out.

Granted, I could have gotten up before 4:00 to have more time, but that defeats the purpose of maintaining my overall health (and sanity!).

Not only that, but to maximize my time, I had to nix my actual time in the gym and stick to workouts at home.

Another big transition.

I’ve done my fair share of at-home workouts prior to the new job (just checkout the health and fitness category on the blog) but cutting my time and types of workouts altogether was quite an adjustment.

I suddenly had to focus on more bang for my buck.

Hitting it hard and full throttle for that short 30 minute span in order to really maximize my time spent was key.

It’s also forced creativity on my part.

I couldn’t take it as easy on myself. It was all about challenging myself to really make the most of the time I had.

Sometimes that means a workout DVD (on days I’m unmotivated to come up with something on my own).

Many days it’s powering through something I created myself.

I miss the extra time occasionally, especially my isolation weight lifting sessions. However, I’m thankful I’ve created something functional I can stick to that targets my whole body.

Changing it up is not a bad thing, especially if it challenges you!

Those are some of the things that helped as I got used to the changes that came with a new job.

Don’t give up or quit when things are transitioning!

Use it as a time to reassess where you are currently, and what adjustments you need to make to continue to meet goals in the midst of your change.

That’s it for today. Check in tomorrow

Work it Out Wednesday: Frogger

I was looking through my workout archives the other day and realized I don’t think I ever shared this gem with you guys.

On days I have to work Fridays, I work out at home a total of three days those weeks.

That means I do a variety of workouts to keep things fresh. Sometimes I’ll do Insanity, other days I’ll do a YouTube workout, and still others I create my own incorporating weights, body weight only, or a mix of both.

So yeah, I never get too bored. smile

Speaking of- I have a handful of excellent YouTube workouts if you’re interested? That may serve as a good future post!

For now, though, let’s get to today’s workout.

This is a full body blitz using nothing but your own weight.

Jumping jacks are pretty much my favorite form of cardio for these types of sessions, so forgive my repetition.

If you’re so inclined, change up the cardio.

Oh, and I entitled this one Frogger.

Like the video game.

Are you confused?

Am I showing my age?

Oy vey, just google it.

Now let’s get to it beauties!


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One Minute, 100 Calorie, Single Serving Summer Treat

Let’s be real here, I’m no food blogger.

However, I enjoy sharing super easy and super healthy recipes that I enjoy and maybe you’ve never tried.

Which is what brings me to today.

It’s practically one ingredient,

it takes just one minute to prep,

it’s just at 100 calories,

and it’s perfect for just one person.

One, one, one.

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! smile

As you know, I’ve been up to my sticky,drippy, juicy elbows in the most delicious, ripest peaches ever.

They’re killing me.

I certainly like the idea of making a pie or a crisp, but quite honestly?

I love these golden gems, just as they are.

Today’s treat takes the simple succulence of a ripe, juicy peach and just enhances it.

Here’s what you need:

-1 large ripe peach
-1 teaspoon, honey
-Dash cinnamon

Did I mention it takes just a minute to prep? Seriously.

Slice up your peach, drizzle with honey and top with cinnamon.

Broil for 15 minutes.


Summer in a bowl.


I love the syrupy goodness of the honey mixing with the juiciness of the peach, and the cinnamon just adds a little more depth.

It’s even more delicious over organic yogurt (cough: or ice cream).

Aside from the taste, my favorite thing about this recipe is that it feels like dessert but is entirely diet friendly and only 100 calories.

Enjoy these remaining weeks of summer with a simple juicy treat.

I’m down to my final peaches, but have a feeling I’ll be buying a few more before the season ends!

Check in tomorrow for an at home workout!

Work it Out Wednesday: Why You’re Selling Yourself Short


Okay pretties, let’s get real today.

Sometimes we sell ourselves short.

Head trash like, “I can’t,” “I’ll never,” and “I’ll do it tomorrow” inhibit our ability to be all we are fully capable of being.

Why do we think this way?

Lots of reasons.

Maybe we are afraid to fail and it’s safer not to take the chance.

Or perhaps we like the idea but don’t want to put in the effort.

Or maybe we are even going balls out yet still hitting a brick wall.

So how are we selling ourselves short in meeting our goals?

There’s tons of reasons, and we are only going to touch on a handful.

Let’s discuss.

1. You’re not doing enough

Can we be real here?

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, but other times we just take it way too easy on ourselves.

I love how sometimes we beat ourselves up about something we did or didn’t do at work or home, yet when it comes to working out we are often much more gentle with ourselves.

We don’t feel like working out.

We don’t want to sweat.

It’s hard.

So we don’t do it.

Or we do workout but never challenge ourselves.

We never set goals, or only set easy ones that don’t take too much work so we are never disappointed.

We never push ourselves or try something new or difficult.

How can we get better if we never challenge ourselves?

Please know I say this with love- do more. Don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch if you’re always in easy mode and don’t want to put in more work.

Put in the work, and I bet you’ll see some different results.

2.You’re Doing Too Much

I know you’re probably tired of me saying this over and over, but our bodies need rest.

If you’re not allowing proper recovery time, you’re likely not seeing all you’ve got in you.

You can only run on “E” for so long.

Rest and fill up your tank. You might be surprised just how much more your capable of.

3.You’re Afraid to Fail

For a long time I avoided exercises I wasn’t good at.

I realize how ridiculous it sounds, but hey, it’s true.

Funny thing is, the more I talk to others the more I find many of us stick to our comfort zones. Our niches.

Not because we love them so much (although in some cases that’s true too!), but mainly because we’ve mastered them and don’t want to be bad at something.

So instead of trying something we aren’t so great at in order to get better, we divert our focus to only things we are good at.



Guys, if we want to get better, we are selling ourselves short here.

We need to get out of that comfort bubble and be willing to be bad at something in order to get better.

I realize it sounds silly, but it’s true. If we want tight glutes and only do squats but no lunges or dead lifts because they’re hard, we are selling ourselves short.

Don’t be afraid to give things a shot.

4. Your Form Stinks

Sloppy form is not only dangerous and risks injury, but it also limits progress.

If you’re not using proper form, you’re doing it wrong. Do it right and stop selling yourself short.

Those are just a handful of many reasons, but hopefully one struck a chord if you know you’re holding yourself back. Sometimes you just need to “hear” it in black and white.

Alright loves, give it all you’ve got this week. Get rid of the head trash and focus on a positive change.

More to come! 

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Work it Out Wednesday: Elliptical Workout!

I admire you girls that can take your workout outside in July.

I think you deserve to burn extra calories for it.

Or be rewarded with a delicious brownie that is magically nothing but protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

If only.

Anyway, I have respect for anyone that can burpee and sprint in the summer heat.

I’m not really one of those girls.

For that reason, I wanted to take our workouts indoors and hop on the good old elliptical for an interval

It’s no secret, I’m not a big fan of cardio equipment, however like many pieces of equipment they definitely have a place in helping to meet goals.

I like this one I created because Its not static and changes often, which also makes the time pass more quickly.

The time is on the left, resistance in the middle, and use the exertion number as a guide for how balls-out you’re going, with 10 being your absolute max.

This also assumes your resistance maxs out at 12, so take that in mind and adjust for your own elliptical too.

So cut this pic out, hop on the elliptical and get to moving!


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Wiow: Full Body Cable Workout


Last week I shared why I love the cable machine.

This week we are going to put it into practice.

Here’s a full body circuit entirely made of exercises for the cable machine.

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to keep looking down at a sheet of paper when I’m trying to keep my heart rate up and bang out a lifting session.

For that reason, I’m going to try to keep this workout as easy as possible.

Considering it’s a full body workout, that may not be so easy!

The only real “challenge” is changing out the cable grips for the specific exercise.

I think we can handle that. smile

Perform 12 reps of the following exercises in a circuit without stopping

(except to change out your handles smile).

I like to set everything up beforehand and have whatever I need nearby for quick swapping.

After completing the circuit once, do it two more times.

Be sure to make the weight challenging, but not so hard that you break form.

Oh, and don’t feel like you have to add the jumping jacks between each exercise. When I do these types of circuits, I like to add in various cardio moves. I picked nothing but jumping jacks for this workout to keep it simple.

I linked to instructional videos for some of the ones I don’t think I’ve ever linked to on the blog before, so you can check out the moves before you go.


Here we go!

Cable Kickbacks

Jumping Jacks

Triceps Extensions

Jumping Jacks

Bicep Curls

Jumping Jacks

Cable Squats

Jumping Jacks

Lat Pull Down

Jumping Jacks

Cable Crossover

Jumping Jacks

Delt raises

Jumping Jacks

Cable Crunches

Give it a go and embrace the versatility of the cable machine. smile

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