Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks
The House

Closing Day

We close on our house today. Yay for no more in-law dwelling.

Yay for getting the internet soon and getting to blog again.

Yay for my own space.

Yay for getting to prace around in a towel while getting ready.

Yay for getting to stay up as late as I want.

Yay for getting to eat whatever I want.

Yay for no Boz carpet peeing (um, we hope).

I think you get the picture.

More to come…

Trouble’s Comin’

My sister is coming to visit me in a few weeks.

I can not express in words how my heart feels this very moment.

I’ve been like an annoying kid on the last day of school. I feel anxious, excited, gassy (ha ha, just kidding about that one. Just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention).

Poor Will. In addition to all the woes of moving into a new house, he’s also going to have to put up with giggling girls for 2 weeks.

heh heh.

I have so very much I want to talk about regarding this oh so exciting news, but it’s time for bed.

P’s coming to America.


Tales From a Soccer Mom.

Okay, so I sit in front of this computer feeling like a major blog loser.

I know it seems silly to be all, “Wah, I can’t access the internet at work and I can’t comment on your blog or check my email, plus my in-law’s have a 1984 Commodore that boots up while we’re eating dinner and still isn’t ready by the time the 10:00 news starts.”

But seriously?

I’m petty like that.

Yeah, so I got like a million super encouraging comments over the course of these last 3 weeks and I can’t even freaking respond!

I hate dial-up.

I loathe dial-up.

I spent over an hour trying to read and comment on your guys’ blog, and was incredibly unsuccessful.

I started to jot little notes down that I wanted to tell you guys (Like, Happy First Birthday Jackson! and Kassie- yay for your NYC trip!) but then I was all, “Brittny! Get a hold of yourself!” so I stopped. I guess it was a little over the top to make a list of names and comments I wanted to say. I’m pretty sure that stuff is reserved for crazy, obsessive bloggers-

and we all know I’m not one of those.

So- I’m going on a comment fast. Yep. I’m going to close comments on my blog until I can finally give back to you all the encouragement you’ve given to me.

The diagnosis of this comment fast isn’t looking good. It’s a pretty bad case of lackoftheinternet, and I’m afraid treatment may last 4-6 weeks. It all depends on how quickly we can get moved in and get the internet set up at our own house.


You guys are totally confused, aren’t you?

Let me explain.

We’re currently living with my in-laws.

Uh, and yes, I have had numerous blogable moments I’ve been itching to share but can’t due to the freaking 1984 Commodore.

Anyway- back to the matter at hand.

Living with the in-laws.

We’re staying with them until we can close on our house- which is still a few weeks away.

Aside from the lack of internet capabilities, living with the in-laws comes with a whole host of, er, other things.

Plus we have the dogs which just adds to the chaos. I swear, if Boz pees on the carpet one more time I’m going to turn him into a rug!

Ha ha, I totally just pictured that. Although, Boz wouldn’t be a good rug because he’s so small. Perhaps he’d make a better hat? Like Davy Crockett style. Yeah! That’s it.


my comment fast.

I’m so sorry, guys, for totally sucking at posting and commenting. It’s really bothered me! The funny thing is that most of you don’t even care, but for some reason I have come to take my blog so personally and seriously. Perhaps because it was such a huge piece in my Kuwait life. It was the thing that connected me to life back home.

So that’s it. I’m a serious blog nerd. I really hope to be able to post more than once a week to, because, well, posting once a week is totally pathetic!

Oh- and did I mention my new company blocks everything.




Oh- new company.

New job.

Started Monday.

I guess I ought to talk about that, right? After all- it was all the love and support I got from you guys Monday that led me to start my comment fast!

I really think I’m going to love it there. I think I’m going to love my boss, and the people I work directly with seem good too.

Can I just tell you guys how much I hate being new!?

Seriously- I hate it.

I hate not knowing everything. I hate being utterly lost and confused.

Alright- I’m not utterly lost and confused (because that would be something like Alice in Wonderland where I’m following a broom along a red, chalky road), but I do feel a little out of sorts.

Almost everything I did at my old job is done here- but it’s all done differently (if that makes any sense). I’m just ready to have it all down and be comfortable. I hate being unsure of what I’m doing.

I told Will I don’t feel like George Cotanza (you know, when he gets some big shot job with the Yankees and has absolutely no clue what he’s doing), but I still feel like I’m a little lost. Sigh, I guess that’s just being new though.

All-in-all, I really think I’m going to like it there. It just seems like a step forward for me, which is always a good thing.

What else can I chat about?

The house!

I touched on it earlier, but guys- I’m so excited about moving in having our own house! I’ve been trying to think about the house in my mind, picturing where I would put everything and how I would decorate it. It’s got me feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m not really great with those things. Nonetheless I’m still very excited. I wish I would have taken pictures, because I’m starting to forget some of the details. I’ll definitely be sure to take and post a ton in the next month-say it with me, class- “When we get the internet at our house.”

... what else…

P is officially a graduate. I was sad that I couldn’t go to her graduation. She was gorgeous as always. Oh- and I think she’s going to come visit me next month! I really hope she is, anyway (like the guilt trip I’m placing on you, P?). I have a ton of decorating fun things planned for her stay. Plus, Will is going to teach her how to drive and she’s going to try to get her license.


Oh my gosh!

I haven’t even told you the news.

I’m officially a soccer mom.

Not a good soccer mom either.

A 1990s soccer mom.

Oh guys- this subject totally deserves a post of its own, where it can shamefully be displayed all alone.

I am the proud borrower of a 1997 purple mini van.

Yes, please, just stick a pre-schooler in my lap and a white picket fence in my yard.

It’s a whole long story that I’m too tired to share right now, but to sum it up- we’re borrowing my parent’s old mini van for a while.


The Loser Cruiser.

I guess I ought to be thankful- and I am- but seriously? It still makes me cringe.

Ha- although, I’ve been singing that country song, “One Hot Mama.” It makes me laugh.

It will totally come in handy when you guys come visit me for our decorating party this fall! We’ll all load up in the mini and go to Sonic for shakes.

Or I could just cut up some orange slices and Capri Suns and we could hang out in the yard.

Because that’s the quintessential soccer mom snack, right?

See all the fun you guys have been missing?

I think that’s all I can pollute the internet with today.

I really miss talking to you guys, and hopefully my life will become normal in the next month. I would totally give you guys my new phone number but:

1. I don’t want 54 year old pyschos in tight white hanes t-shirts and hole-y boxers calling me at 1 in the morning.

2. I got a super tiny text messaging plan because Will doesn’t think I need the big plan- and let’s face it- I totally do.

Anyway, since I can’t do that, we’ll just have to stick with this for now. I really do look forward to catching up with you guys in the coming weeks, posting pictures of our new house, getting the internet at home, and HAVING OUR OWN HOME.

All in good time. All in good time.


I Can Only Hope Pepto is Provided at Orientation.

Tomorrow is the first day at my new job.

The job that brought us half way around the world.

(yeah, no pressure, right)

I seriously feel the need to throw up all over myself

and then cry

and then maybe vomit some more.

I hate new things. I am so nervous, and- as previously stated- I have this deep rooted desire to relentlessy blow into a paper bag,

and then puke all over my brand new black shiny heels.

Well- scratch the shoe pukage.

But seriously- I’m that knoted up.

Why can’t I work with you guys!?!

Uh- probably because output would be minimal.

Yeah, that’s why I have to go to a real job I guess.

Say a prayer for me. It would totally suck to lose my Kashi Go Lean Crunch all over my new boss’ desk.

(ew sidenote: how gross would it be to vomit Kashi!? And then multiply the Awful Factor by about 135 because of the fact that you did it on a desk. That belongs to your boss. Oh guys- I’m totally not making myself feel better.)

Alright, so here I go. Entering the workforce in America.

Off to work…

Oh and PS- you’ll never guess in a million years what happened.

We got the house.


THE House.

Yep- remember in my last post how I said it was going to haunt the other buyers? Uh, well it must have. We got it. Long story. Hopefully I’ll get to share it with you guys soon. I’m so excited though! More to come…

Oh and PPS- I totally started commenting on blogs this weekend! Yay me! I have about 5 million I still need to catch up with, but hey. Baby steps.


a bump in the road

We lost the house.

All because of The Realtor.

I get so angry even thinking about her. This woman literally cost us a house. A HOUSE!

My heart is sad. In fact, up until last night I thought I’d be okay if I found out it didn’t go our way.

I was wrong.

I cried and told Will how I imagine us living in that house. How that house seemed to represent so much more than just being a shell to live in. It was like our new start.

I forgot to tell you guys the coolest part too- it was 2 doors down from Will’s old youth minister and mentor. How cool, right?

It just seemed so perfect, like such a “God thing,” so it was such a blow when we got this news yesterday.

So, today we’re entering the world of apartments, which I hate.

It’s like we took this giant step forward to move home, but are taking 5 steps back now.

I dread the thought of moving into an apartment and then a year down the road moving out. I hate moving.

I loathe moving.

So- that’s the update. We’ll be apartment dwellers by the end of this week (hopefully), and I feel so sad. Why would God allow this all to seem to go so smoothly until the end? It all just seemed so perfect.What a bummer. I just don’t understand.

I’m off for now. Again (for the 33rd time), I’m so very sorry for not commenting lately. I really hope to have real some computer time in the coming weeks. I promise to catch up with you guys. I miss “talking.”

Wish us luck…

Masterpiece Theatre Presents: Mushy Brain House Tales

Have you ever felt as though someone reached through your skull all the way to your brain, yanked it out, violently and repeatedly slammed it on a metal desk, and then plopped it right back in your head?

My brain? Yeah, it’s totally been beat against a desk. In fact, I think brain is dripping down my neck.


Beaten brain.

By a woman called The Realtor.

Hmm… The Realtor needs a name. A nickname. I’ll let you guys come up with a name for this lady. As it stands, all of my names aren’t very appropriate.

Well, I take that back. They’re VERY appropriate, but they may offend you guys.

It’s amazing how many naughty words you can string together to make a complete sentence.

Yeah- like I said- we’ll let you decide.

How do I even tell this story so that it makes total sense and doesn’t get my blood pressure sky high?

I don’t think it can be done.

I’ll try my best. Here’s my story.

(insert hazy dream sequence)

Will and I found a house. A beautiful house. A house that welcomed me with open arms. A house the almost literally hugged me. It might as well have said, “Brittny, please stay here tonight. I have this great whirlpool tub. I’ll dim the lights, feed you something from my wonderful fridge, and we’ll see where the night takes us.”

Yes- this house totally seduced me.

In a welcoming, friendly, house-y sort of way, of course.

Anyway- I fell in love. Will liked it a lot too.

The trouble is that we got a MORON for a realtor. We thought she was just scatterbrained.

I could have dealt with scatterbrained.

She wasn’t just scatterbrained.

It was more, far more than that.

Here’s how it went down.

The day after we found “the” house, we had Will’s parents drive all the way to meet us and take a look at it too. Our lady was 20 minutes late to our appointment because she “lost track of time.”

We decided to make an offer that day (Friday). After we had made an offer we had found out someone else had an offer in too- contingent on them selling their own house. Um- why didn’t our lady call and find this information out before we took time to draw up papers!? Oh- and when we made this offer our contract was wrought with mistakes. She had to draw up the papers 3 different times. Yeah- she’s a bright one.

From the time we had made an offer, the sellers had 24 hours to counter. We hadn’t heard from her when the 24 hours hit, so we had to track down our realtor to find out if we had received a counter. We did.

We called our realtor back 15 minutes later and accepted counter. From that point (3:15 on Saturday) the other buyers SHOULD have had 24 hours to get a bridge loan and secure the house. The good thing for us is that this was all happening on a weekend and it would have been nearly impossible for them to get anything done and secured by 3:15 Sunday.

Well Sunday afternoon rolled around and we still hadn’t heard from The Realtor. Will decided to call her at 5:00. She said she’d call the other realtor and call us right back on the status. She had simply “lost track of time.”

She called back only to say that that other realtor never got her call, and that we had just then and now we accepted the counter offer and the other people had 24 hours from Sunday at 5 pm to get a loan!

Meaning they have this whole business day!

As it turned out The Realtor HAD CALLED THE WRONG PERSON AND LEFT A MESSAGE telling them we accepted the counter offer.

Her whole freaking job is to make calls, follow up, get a commission, SELL HOUSES etc. and she simply called the wrong freaking person, cost us 24 hours, and quite literally may cost us this house all because of her stupidity.

As you can imagine, we’re furious. If things don’t go our way at 5 today, and these people get this loan, and we lose this house- we will be filing a complaint with the board of realtors about the way she did business the entire time she worked with us.

Oh guys, this totally blows.

I know if it’s God’s will to have this house, we will have it. However, it’s so hard not to get angry at the fact that a freaking miss-dial may be the thing that cost us the house. We should have had that house yesterday afternoon, and now we might lose it because of The Realtor.

Welcome home, right? Ha.

My only hope is that if these people do in fact get this house, the house-my house- will come to life and haunt them until they leave.

I know this story probably doesn’t sound as bad as it seems, but from my point it does. It totally does.

If we don’t get this house it’s back to the drawing board. We’re going to get an apartment instead, so tomorrow may be filled with apartment shopping.

So say a prayer. I want God’s will to prevail, even if it means I don’t get “the” house. But guys- I really do want it. <3

Oh- and I’m totally taking suggestions for Realtor names.

Hopefully good news to come…


Look Who’s Back in Town

Alright so I’m here, back, and closer than ever to my favorite blog friends.

It still feels weird knowing that this isn’t a vacation, that it’s the real thing and I’m here to stay.

As soon as I got off the plane I remembered two things:

1. How much I hate humidity.

2. How much I love the smell of green grass.

Strange how in the grand scheme of life those two things are the first that I thought about as soon as I arrived back to the States.

Things have been hectic thus far- oh and the pups have major seperation anxiety. How fun is that!?


We met with the bank yesterday to see what exactly we could afford as we started to house hunt, and tomorrow the house hunt begins. I’m excited but also stressed because we don’t have long to find a place and get settled. We just figured with the way the market is right now, a house was the way to go.

I feel like I have so much more I want to tell you guys, but Will would kill me if he knew I was on here talking to my “internet friends,” so I should go now. Just wanted to say hello from the States. I hope now that I’m back we can finally have that nestie reunion we’ve been talking about. smile

Oh, and I’ve turned comments off on this post because I totally suck and have been an awful internet friend this month and should be banished never to use the internet again I haven’t been able to get online much and have lots of reading to catch up on.

Love you guys. Thank you so much for you encouragment and support. I’m so lucky to “know” you guys.

The house hunt begins…

moving brings out the best in people.


If you ever want to test your sanity- move. That’s seriously all you need to do.

Will? He’s officially crazy.

Me? Well… we always knew I was a little unstable.

Moving has taken my marriage to a whole new level of…er… closeness.

“Will! Why are you shipping 100 pounds of clothes you’re NEVER going to wear again!? These things literally stayed in boxes for our entire 3 years here!”

“Because. I’m going to lose weight when I go home.”

“That’s what you said in 2005 when we moved over here.”


“Brittny- are you even trying to pack correctly and conserve space?”

“Of course I am! In fact- I think I’m doing a pretty good job!”

Sigh, “Brittny- move out of the way. Let a professional do it.”

“Pft- ‘Professional.’ Oh. Apparently I’m a moron and just drool on myself and am incapable of helping!?”

Yeah. That’s been the lovely conversations between the B-Love family this past week. I’ve crammed, stuffed, and folded more items that I care to mention- and then Will has gone behind me and crammed, stuffed, and folded the exact same items again. Oddly enough- this move has definitely brought us closer. I know it’s hard to believe when you see the banter above!

Oh guys, this week has been hell. We originally planned to have movers come and pack everything up for us because we were on such a short schedule. Well, the former Emir of Kuwait died last week and the whole thing put Kuwait business on hold for 3 days. So- we weren’t able to get a quote until Saturday.


$6,000 to move everything from here to the States! We just stared at each other in shock. So- Saturday night we had a whole different change of plans- aside from a few big pieces we would do our own shipping through the Army post office.

Yes- 3 years worth of stuff being shipped in footlockers. Plus Will can’t access camp anymore so it’s me and my dad lugging 15 footlockers to the army post office everyday this week. And the high is like 115. Yeah- that’s been fun. I mentioned that moving tests your mental strength, right?

The worst part of all is that the next 2 weeks of my life will be worse- far worse. I’m seriously just praying God will make provisions. He’s orchestrated this whole thing so beautifully. Guys, it’s been insane how things have worked out. It’s been perfect, which is yet another confirmation we’re supposed to go. I just have to continue to trust that these next 2 weeks will work out just like these 2 have.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, but it’s all full of out processing, so today is really my last actual work day. Guys, when I thought about this whole “moving thing” in my head it went so differently than reality. I guess that’s how life works. In my mind we had a plan. We had time to pack, and make arrangements, and go to “our place” just one last time. We had time to enjoy the “lasts” of everything. I wanted time to post my thoughts, to write about what I was doing and how I was feeling. However, in reality everything is moving so quickly that I haven’t had time to realize, “Brittny- this is it. Your time in the middle east is over.” I guess if I’m honest with you guys, I’m sort of glad I haven’t had time to let the truth sink in. The truth, when if finally hits me, is going to be painful. Just typing about it makes my heart start to hurt. I haven’t had time to miss anything, and I think that’s good. Maybe that’s another one of those God orchestrations. He knows my exit needs to be like a band-aid being ripped off skin. He’s right. Having time to dwell would only make me sad and I certainly don’t need that! Staying busy has been a good thing. 

I have so many things I want to share with you guys. There is just so much going on with my life right now! I really hope to post one last time before we leave, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that. We’re staying with my parents this weekend so I’m going to try to get on a computer while I’m there. I’ll be home in just a few days and I still can’t fathom it all. I guess it’s because I’m up to my eyes in footlockers and SO MUCH FREAKING CRAP that needs to be packed. Seriously- I can’t believe all the stuff we have.

Also- I’m really sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. You guys have been such great and supportive friends and I haven’t really reciprocated that this week, and I apologize. I must also admit, I doubt I’ll comment for the next few weeks either. Know you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I think about you often and I look forward to catching up stateside. More to come from Kuwait…

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

I seriously wish I could fly to a dozen different states, scoop you all up, and take you to my neighborhood (wherever it shall be…)! You guys would be the best neighbors ever! Just think Lucy and Ethel without the crazy antics- although if you’re living next to me I can’t make any promises that there won’t be any of those.

I want to say thank you to all of you that sent me lots of encouraging words the last two days. I felt incredibly loved and thought of. Thought of… okay you English teachers, get over yourselves. Anyway, thank you so much for your friendship. I truly count you all as my personal friends. My 3 years here did not bring me very many “real life” friends, and so many times I came to you all and you were there- even when it was across an ocean. Now- now we’ll be in the same country! Like- “Hey, why don’t we meet and it will only be a 5 hour drive!” same country!

Don’t tell Will, but you’re all invited to a gigantic house warming party when we move. I may hand you a paint brush and put you to work, but hey- everything is more fun with friends (and perhaps wine). Plus half of you have either bought a place or redecorated your houses since I’ve known you- so you’re FULL of ideas! This is the best idea ever! Painting Party Weekend 08!

Okay- I guess I better run that by Will before I have 60 ladies from all over the US show up at my door. That goes a little beyond a girl’s weekend. That’s more like college sorority house gone mid twenties with husbands and babies. Yeah- Will would LOVE grown women giggling and acting like high schoolers- all with paint, wine, and sharp tools within reach. Not…

I started looking for houses yesterday. Ladies, it’s a dangerous, dangerous thing to allow a woman to look for houses. I had us living in 3,500 sq. foot homes with heated floors and in ground pools. Yeah, looking was lots of fun, but I seriously need to buckle down and lock into reality- which is far from heated floors! But it’s so darn fun…

To answer some of your questions- Will is hanging around and helping us get ready for the big move. We’ll fly out together (with the doggies) in a couple weeks. From there we’ll begin the house hunt- which I’m officially dreading. I hate the idea of trying to find “the perfect house” in a matter of days, but thus far God has worked everything else out so I expect this situation to be no different. Will has called family that live near where we’ll be, so we have a few ideas of places to start looking. To answer your question about where we’ll be living- we’ll be close enough to drive to OU games each weekend- which is all you really need in life right (ha)?

Oh guys- now all I need is for us to have a Big Huge Decorating Party Weekend! Oh- and a house and a car and some other (very) important things… but you get the point. 

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for helping me through these 3 years. I’m not sure you’ll ever know how much I appreciate you guys, and to have you share in my joy and be excited for me makes me so happy. I’m glad we can celebrate things with each other.

Continuing to keep you posted… <3

Big Huge Decorating Party Weekend 08- be there or be square.

Oh, and I’ll keep you posted on any houses for sale next door to ours- (so you can run away in fear and tell any prospective buyers to do the same!)!

All Good Things Must Come to an End.

A little over 3 years ago, Will got in his car and began the long drive across town.

He was about to sit his parents down and tell them we would be moving across an ocean- and not only that, but we also planned to live there for quite a while.

The whole time he was gone, my stomach was in knots. I prayed the entire time- and cleaned incessantly. When Will returned home he told me about the conversation with his parents. It obviously was full of his mother’s tears, and awkward silence, but it was over. Officially done.

Just a few short weeks later, Will and I were sleeping on our bedroom floor and recounting memories of the house we would soon be leaving. It was emotional, but at the same time exciting. I couldn’t wait to leave Oklahoma and begin a new chapter in our lives. I couldn’t wait to be reunited with my family and lead a whole new life in Kuwait.

I felt so many different things as we drove away from our house that last time. So many questions, wonders, and uncertainties. We simply drove off trusting God to take care of us and unsure about all the details the future would hold for us.

It’s so hard to believe that this week marks 3 years since Will and I bid our life in Oklahoma goodbye. In some ways it seems like yesterday, but in other ways it feels like an eternity. I have truly learned to call Kuwait home, and I truly enjoy living here. I’m comforted by the prayer calls that sing me to sleep each night, and unalarmed by the ladies garbed in all black. I’m no longer shocked when the scorching summer heat takes my breath away, or when it’s raining mud. This has become my life. It’s incredibly normal to me. As odd as it sounds, I have grown comfortable with a place not my own. A place that worships a different god than mine, and a place that does not value so many things that I value. I know it seems as though such things are contradictions, yet at the same time they make so much sense to me.

The thought of saying goodbye makes me heart hurt, though I’ve known along it was something I would have to do one day. I just never knew I would grow attached to this place, and that’s what makes it so hard.

I resigned today.

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