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The House

Refrigerator Rights

If we were real life friends, at some point in our relationship I would probably give you refrigerator privileges.

Refrigerator privileges allow you the ability to be hanging out at my house and totally raid my fridge for whatever you want while you’re there.

Which is sort of a big deal, because frankly, most of the time sometimes my refrigerator is in disarray.

Today, I’m (sort of) giving you refrigerator rights.

Because I like you.

Let’s take a look in my fridge and discuss, shall we?


I love Earth Balance spreads.  There are several varieties, and I like them all. This is what’s in my fridge right now.


I’m a huge nutritional yeast fan. It’s full of B-12 and has a great flavor. It’s an excellent substitute for cheese in lots of vegan friendly recipes.


We always have jalapeños in the fridge. Will eats them on everything. We also always have this same brand of kalamata olives, but I forgot to take a picture of them! They’re such a good treat.


I like to buy the organic, cage free eggs, but this is all the store had the day I got them. The rest of the stuff in this drawer is Will’s- provolone, sour cream, some sort of fire alarm pepper cheese… You get the idea.


Lots of green here! Spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, and lemon. Not a lot of color in here besides green, right?! I usually have a couple tomatoes, but not today.


We always have a ton of grapefruit in the house, namely because it’s one of the few fruits Will will eat “as is.”

And water.


Check out that bad boy!

That’s this week’s veggie lasagna. As you can see, Will has cheese on part of his, but the rest is cheese-free.

Oh, and can we please laugh at the antacid behind it? Haha

I always, always have unsweetened almond milk in the fridge.

And Will always, always has Pepsi. smile

Onto the freezer!

The freezer is mostly Will’s domain, as you can probably see.


My parents bought him an Omaha Steak package last Christmas that was chock full of all sorts of different meats.

Will loved it so very much, he recently bought about another one… And has totally taken over the freezer.

As you can see, the frozen pizza and mint chocolate cookies and cream deliciousness are also Will’s.

Let’s move onto the tiny crevices that belong to me in here. smile

These are such a great dinner item for when I eat on my own. I warm this stir fry in the microwave and add a little soy sauce and tofu and have dinner ready in five minutes.


I love these for smoothies.


I almost always have edamame in the freezer. It’s great for stir fry, and I also eat it plain all the time.


We eat a ton of broccoli around here. A ton.


So there you have it. A small glance into what lies behind the door of my fridge. Next time you’re here, help yourself.

More to come. 

Cooking Up a Home Project

It’s Tuesday, and someone didn’t plan very well.

Which is untypical, because that someone is a good planner.

Kind of.



I had hoped to share a super delicious recipe I had made over the weekend and plaster pictures all over today’s post, telling you how it’s the perfect thing to bring to your Easter brunch.

Except, I didn’t make the aforementioned super delicious recipe as anticipated.

Instead of plastering food pics all over this blog, I plastered tape all over our spare bedroom.

I’m terrible at that, by the way.

Will, God love him, knows this fact, and relieved me of my “helper” duties early in the process.

I’m pretty sure I was hurting more than helping.

Perhaps it was the blue little smiley face I made for him?

Such a child.

I’m also positive he will not ask me to help him paint this coming weekend.

I will not protest this decision. I’m pretty sure I would be a terrible painter. Obviously not on purpose, but I could see how my clumsiness could cause us trouble.

(Taupe footprints on the floor, anyone?)

So could Will.

Because we both practically stroke out anytime we have to do a house project with one another
, we’ve decided to take a different approach over the last couple of years.

Hey, know your limitations, right? I’ll clean the house, help move everything back into the room once the paint dries, and make him brownies. And we’ll call it good.

In case you hadn’t guessed, we started a home project recently that is driving me bananas.

I think Will knew if we didn’t at least tape the room this past weekend, I might actually go crazy.

Right now we have everything from that room piled high in the other room, and the clutter is nearly breaking me into hives.

I already have clutter in the office, and one room is enough.

I call it clutter, Will calls it progress.

He’s cute.

Anyway, the good news is that we have a little bit of a timetable because Will’s parents are coming to stay with us at the end of the month, which means everything in the spare bedrooms has to be in its rightful place. Or at least close.

Does any one enjoy doing these types of projects?

I sure don’t, and neither does Will.

Obviously we want the end result, but the work it takes to get there flat sucks.

The truth of a lot of things, I suppose. The reason why we drag ourselves to the gym some days and pass on that donut in the office break room.


I’m just ready to have everything back in its rightful place.

Except… after this project we have another, and another, and one more.

Being an adult is so much fun sometimes! Ha.

I was going to take a picture and share for you guys, but Will said “no” (because everything is a mess).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, he wasn’t humored by my blue tape-y smiley face either.

What a curmudgeon. smile

So yeah, delicious recipe. Like this one here, here, or here.

Until then?

Let’s talk paint and all things that make you want to pull your hair out.

Are any of you doing home projects this spring?

Oil Up: Using a Coconut Oil to Combat Dry Skin

This dry weather is killing me!

While much of the nation was covered in snow this winter, OKC saw very little precipitation and could use a good rain.

A good rain not wrapped in a tornado or softball size hail either, please.

Anyhow, the dry weather has been rough on my skin. Plus, now we are entering into the “in between” season whereby we still have the heater on at night but the days are fairly mild.

Which means thirsty skin.

That sounds disgusting, but it’s true.

Thankfully, I’ve found ways to combat turning to an elephant over the years.

The best part is, the trick I’m sharing today not only gets you softer skin that traps moisture, but it’s also cheap!

My absolute favorite is this easy, cheap, and effective trip:

Oil up.

That statement is not followed by some sort of weird wrestling or sumo ritual, I assure you.

As you may know, I love of coconut oil and use it for so much!


I’ve shared how I’ve used it on my skin before, and today’s tip is no different.

I’ve found one of the best ways to prevent drying is to apply a couple tablespoons to your skin before hitting the shower.

The oil forms a barrier that helps prevent zapping your skin dry, and leaves your skin super soft afterward. In fact, you might not even need to lather up with lotion afterward.

Since I’m a California raisin, naturally I still do. smile


If oiling up before showering kind of makes you feel slimy, I’ve got another favorite alternative.

Stir up three tablespoons of coconut oil with three tablespoons of sugar or salt (I like sugar better because it tastes good when you use it on your face. Sue me)

Add in a few drops of vanilla or peppermint extract, and place everything in a mini mason jar.


Body scrub!

I triple the recipe and make a few at a time, which saves me time in the long run.

You have an all natural, three ingredient scrub that is not only free of crap you can’t pronounce, but also super effective!

I absolutely love this scrub and use it after I’ve used my body wash for a little more exfoliation and as a way to really hydrate and protect my leathery skin. Haha

Definitely give it a shot, you won’t be sorry.

So get on the coconut oil bandwagon and oil up already. Protect your prettiness! It works, it’s cheap, and it’s natural. Triple win. smile

Check in to kick off our Amazing Arms Month tomorrow! 

Thursday Things, 20 Mar 14

It’s that time again. Bracketology.


Like every year I completed a bracket, and like every year I did very little research.

And like every year there’s a high probability Will is going to crush me.

But I keep coming back for more.

I can’t help it.

It’s March Madness bay-be (say that in your best Dick Vitale voice)

Work is freaking amazing.

I realize it’s only my first week and I know absolutely nothing about the intricacies of office politics, but seriously, this company is ridiculous in the best possible way.

Pinch me.

And I totally had a nerd moment Tuesday when they hooked up my phone and I realized it had a camera hooked to it. I can see who I’m talking to, and vice versa. I totally had a CTU moment in my mind whereby I pretended I was Chloe calling Jack Bauer to alert him of a new threat.

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about?

Anyway… So far, so good.

For St. Patrick’s Day they gave out cutely decorated bags of Lucky Charms

Can we please talk about how delicious that stuff is!?

I haven’t had them in years, but totally had some Monday. Um, mind blowing. Next cheat meal, perhaps?

Sooo, we’re having to teach our old dogs new tricks.

And they’re terrible at learning new tricks.

They are old, and crotchety, and spoiled.

I have no idea why.

It’s not like we babied them or anything.

Anyway, they’re not allowed on the new couch, and it’s killing them.


They’ve been allowed to hole up on our couch all their lives, so this is a new concept.

To help with the transition, we bought them a plush, cushy bed.

Dogs life

It’s working...sort of.



Hardly at all.

Here’s to hoping positive reinforcement helps!

I’m still holding out hope Joel and Julia are getting back together.

On Parenthood, that is.

I love that show. Last week seemed to be a step in the right direction, but the preview for this week’s episode left me hanging. I’m not giving up.

You know, because I have a say in the matter. smile

That’s all for now. Anything you care to share?

The One Where I Left my Job, Got a Vitamix, New Couch, &Prepared for a New a Job…And a Look Ahead

Sorry for the long title. I’m sure if I was more thoughtful I could have come up with something shorter, but…

Anyhow, hi! Where do I even start?!

Friday was hard.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to cry, but yeah, I totally did.

When I walked into my office I was greeted with a beautiful pink gift bag from my boss.

Inside was this gorgeous (and huge!) purse:

Beautiful bag Kelli bought me

You may recall my issues with purses over the years, so this was obviously a very thoughtful gift.

The card inside was full of such nice words, which meant I was at work a whole five minutes and started to tear up. Happening.

I have (er had) the best boss ever. Seriously, the very best. That’s what I’m going to miss most.

About an hour into my day, I was called into our break room and greeted by everyone in the office. It’s gotten much smaller over the years, but we are still a tight group.

They got me a beautiful cake with pretty pink frosting, which was so sweet.

Going away cake

Then, they directed me to the biggest gift bag I had ever seen!

I pulled back the tissue paper, and immediately started crying.

They got me a Vitamix, guys.

A Vitamix.

I can't believe they bought me a Vitamix!

Not only is it an incredibly thoughtful gift, given by people who have gotten to know me and my healthy habits over the last six years, but it was also a very expensive gift.

Not only that, but there was leftover money that went to a Whole Foods gift card for me.

I was in total disbelief by their generosity. I really liked where I worked and who I worked with, and I know they felt the same.

So that was kind of hard to get though!

After my out processing, we all went to lunch one last time so I could say goodbye.

After lunch, I said goodbye.

Let’s leave it at that.

I let myself listen to the Jose Gonzalez Pandora station for the afternoon, which seems incredibly appropriate on a morose afternoon. I gave myself the freedom to be sad, so I could start to look ahead to the week ahead.

Oh, and can I please tell you how ecstatic I am to use my Vitamix!?

I spent Friday night at dinner with my family! My mom’s birthday was Saturday, so we had an early dinner out. Will had poker night, so I spent some time at my parent’s house afterward.


Saturday was super busy.

I started the morning with a great workout. I also ran into the girl I met several weeks before- the one who shoulder presses 45s like they’re nothing.

Turns out she’s a bikini competitor and pretty darn amazing! I was so honored when she said she wanted to hang out with me! That looks to be in the works next week.

Afterward I came home and made a shake. Then it was time to get busy. We had lots to do to get ready for a beautiful delivery that afternoon!


Our couch finally came in! I was so excited to finally have it here. We had to move some furniture around to prepare for it, and did some more stuff around the house.

Saturday was full of house stuff. Will woke up with a migraine Sunday, which was a bummer. We skipped church so he could rest, and I hit the gym so he could sleep without me clanking stuff around the house.

It was my last workout before my recovery week, so I tried to make it count.

Will was feeling better by afternoon, which made me happy. We filled out some paperwork for my big day, and I also ironed clothes for the week.

What to wear on your first day at your dream company?!

I have no idea. Let’s hope I chose wisely.

So today, my first day at work. I’m nervous and wish you could come with me to keep me calm!

Moving onto meals and posts for the week!

This week we are having:

-Black bean and potato burritos

-Asian peanut noodle salad (recipe coming soon)

-Carne asana nachos

Will is crazy about those nachos. I usually just make myself a separate bowl with everything but the steak and chips, and add black beans for some oomph.

As for posts, we will be talking about,

- Why I sometimes eat Thin Mints

-Dropping it like it’s hot (an intro into drop sets)

-Thursday things

-A heart that’s full of emptiness

And more! Check in tomorrow, friends, and wish me luck!

The One With Taxes & Look Ahead

Hi, hello!

Here we go again.

This weekend was incredibly boring and painful and can be summed up with the following: taxes, financial planning, and the like.


Oh, on an exciting note (haha), Will bought some outlet covers that have lights on them. He’s pretty excited about them.

Will's covers

Aaaand, in the dark:

Will's covers

Me? Not so much.

Pick and choose your battles I say.

Oh, and we watched a lot of Olympics.

While sitting on the couch.

Eating peanut butter.


Obviously, I’m not going to bore you with a recap.

Instead, I’ll share a few pics (with commentary haha) from the last few days.

The pups… and hideous slippers.

I hate that I love them.

But gosh darn it, they’re so warm.

Pups… And hideous slippers

Crazy hair
I love this crazy girl so much!



Too late.

Too late

I knew better, but I did it anyway.


Will helped some too.

I disgust myself.

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Pretty v-day nails

It’s Mexican food week at the B-Love house.

I have no idea why, but for some reason everything we’re eating this week is tied to good old Tex Mex inspired food. It all just sounded good. smile

-Meatless Monday (and Tuesday) is Oh She Glows Black Bean and Potato Burritos

-Wednesday & Thursday are shredded beef tacos for Will (and black bean for me)

-And Friday are How Sweet’s Carne Asada Nachos

Will absolutely loves those nachos, and even agrees to have them with baked scoops to help somewhat clean them up a little.

As for workouts, they sort of depend on the weather. We’re supposed to get snow tonight and part of tomorrow, so I think I’m going to keep my workouts at home the first part of the week, with weights at the end of the week.

Let’s talk posts!

This week we’ll be talking about:

-a healthy snack gone wrong

-when you might want to skip eating before the gym

-Thursday Things

-Valentine’s Day!

-and a weekend post

Check in tomorrow! Until then? Let’s conquer this Monday. Prayers you guys have a blessed day. <3

The One With The Nice Dinner & Look Ahead

Hi friends!

I hope you had a great weekend full of fun. Ours was great, and (as usual) it was hard to see it end.

Let’s jump right in!

I absolutely killed my workout Friday morning.

Killed. It.

Ever since I took that Les Mills class, I made a few tweaks to my current program. It’s funny, a few years ago I incorporated a lot of circuit training complete with cardio bursts, compound movements, and weights, however over the last couple years I got away from it and focused a little more on more traditional bodybuilding splits.

I felt like Friday’s workout took me back to those earlier years, and it was such an amazing change of pace. I totally crushed it, incorporating squats into my shoulder presses and even triceps pullovers. I was so sweaty and my heart rate was up the entire time. Such.a.good.workout. My arms felt like spaghetti most of Friday, and my quads are still a little sore today!

Thankfully the work day went fairly fast, and I was able to get home right on time.

We had plans to go out to a nice dinner with friends, so I wanted to be sure to have a little time to get ready before we left.

My 6 am foundation held up fairly well, thankfully, so I just powdered my face and added some darker eye makeup and lipstick.

Here’s a fun fact:

from January to August Will and I probably only take about 10 pictures together.

Will hates taking pictures, but he’s more open to them during football season, hence the chronicle of us at football games but hardly any others the rest of the year!

I did manage to snap this picture of us right before we left for dinner. Not ideal, but I at least captured the moment!

The mr. & mrs. Getting ready to go

We ate at Mahogany, a nice steakhouse here in OKC.

Although I’m eating some fish and eggs these days, I’m still primarily following a plant-based diet.

I’ve eaten there once since transitioning to a vegan diet. Last time I never bothered to ask about other options and just ordered one of their salads. It wasn’t all that substantial and left me hungry. This time, I called ahead to make sure I’d have an option. Way to plan ahead.

My dinner wasn’t healthy by any stretch, but it was yummy. Corn right off the cob, sautéed spinach with garlic, and delicious asparagus. Had we not been out with another couple, I would have snapped a picture. I also ate some of Will’s side, as well as some bread.

I was stuffed after dinner, but that didn’t stop either couple from ordering dessert. I typically don’t like to do that, but since we treated ourselves to such a nice restaurant, I went ahead and agreed to split a piece of chocolate cake with Will.

We were both so full, we didn’t even finish it.

Which means we were about to explode.

No one leaves chocolate cake on a plate.

I hate stuffing myself like that! I was miserable.

So full!

After dinner, we parted ways with our friends, I took off the layers of makeup, ate some Tums, and went to bed!

Surprisingly, I was up and raring to go at 6:30 Saturday morning. I sneaked out to let Will sleep, and hit the gym early.

My legs were sore from Friday, so instead of hitting them like I normally do, I worked my back and biceps.

After the gym, I came home and pounced on the bed to wake up Will and Lucy.

They loved it.

Not really.

The first order of business Saturday was getting a giant piece of glass atop our dining room table.

Here’s another fun fact. Will loves covering everything in glass.

Our coffee table, our TV stand, our desk… you get the point. I totally get it’s protective, but I’m not as much of a fan as he is. Nonetheless, some things are not worth arguing about, and this is one of those things!

We measured out where to put the felt pads, got them on, and put the glass on the table without any issues.


Afterward, Will got around and went to Billy Sims BBQ to order meat for our Super Bowl party, while I made a grocery list and got around for the day.

One of the ladies in our life group was having a one year anniversary party for her nutrition shop, so I made a little detour to go celebrate with her!

She had a good crowd when I went, so that made me happy. She made me a delicious protein shake, so that was a nice treat!

Yummy shake! Don't be jealous of my 98 Honda. <img src=">

Just the right thing to enjoy before going to the grocery store.

After shopping, Will helped me unload and then we were back in the car again!

We got my car washed and then headed to Sam’s to pick up a few things.

Sam’s kills us. Anytime we go, about 5 extra things make their way into our cart. Thankfully, we stayed on target.

Will came home with a Sam’s pizza, while I got Panera.

We ended the night watching UFC! I was happy to see Henderson win the fight. He seems to be a great Christian guy, and excellent at what he does!

Sunday went fast, and aside from church and working out it was lazy!

Can I please tell you guys how excited I am!? Will agreed to work out with me three times this week. His stipulation was that I keep the workout down to 25 minutes.

I think we both know that will be easy.  If you’ve taken a look at some of my circuits in the health & fitness category, you know you can get a full body blitz in no time.

In addition to chatting with Will, we caught up on shows, I prepped meals for the week, blogged and caught up on laundry.

The evening ended watching the Pro Bowl with Will and the pups.

Sunday snuggles

And here we are again, another Monday.

So let’s talk posts this week. Here’s a look at what we’ll be talking about this week:

-Super Bowl snack roundup

-Wrapping up the New Year New Challenge series

-Thursday Things

-Friday Favorites

That’s it for now!

Hope you had an excellent weekend.

Check in tomorrow! 

Friday Favorites, 17 Jan 14

Being able to laugh at myself.

Look what I sported at work all day Monday:

Fancy pants


At least I took the time to get them dry cleaned, right?

Oh and hey- don’t be so judge-y. I realize it’s well after Labor Day. This is a winter white. Sheesh.

Smuckers Creamy Natural Peanut Butter

I think we all know peanut butter is not a new favorite for me. I have been pretty vocal about my addiction to love of peanut butter over the years.


I pretty much spent the better part of 2013 buying crunchy natural peanut butter.

Which is weird because, growing up we never had it in the house. It was creamy all the way.

And maybe that’s why I spent all of 2013 eating crunchy peanut butter? Flexing my 30-year-old muscles and independence?

I’m such a total rebel.

Anyway, I have no idea.

On a whim the other day I decided to go home.

Back to my roots.

Back to creamy.


Um, where have you been all my life?

Er, the last year of my life.

Anyway- totally fell in love all over again.

Les Mills GRIT

Um, what!? Have you ever done one of these workouts? I have heard about Les Mills for years now, but have never really looked into any of his programs or workouts.

I’ve always been partial to Shaun T’s at home workouts since Insanity and never stopped to think that maybe, just maybe in this entire world there might be another amazing trainer out there too. smile

Anyway, I gave one of the Les Mills strength classes a try and totally loved it!

I definitely have a better understanding why so many people are loyal to the program. I think I am going to try another one of his classes very soon.

This post about ways to show kindness on the spot

Spontaneity (well, sort of)

We bought a TV!

Tv. And a boz.

Or a TV box. wink

Pup included.

It’s been a purchase we’ve been talking about for awhile now, especially as we start to transition out furniture and finally work on Will’s man cave.

The plan is to use his room as our main hangout spot for watching TV. We will use our living room to house the new couches we plan to buy soon, and current TV, and be more for when guests are over.

Will did his research and found the one he wanted, but unfortunately Panasonic stopped making the model late last year and they were nowhere to be found. After several phone calls we were able to find one in Stillwater, Ok, the home of the OSU Cowboys. So, despite the fact we were headed to OSU territory smile, We made a super quick impromptu trip to their Best Buy on Wednesday night to get the TV.


Now we just need to clean up Will’s room and get it ready. It’s much like the office. As in driving me absolutely crazy. Which is NOT a Friday favorite!

What were some of your favorite things this week?

Thursday Things, 16 Jan 14

1. Sooo, I gave a new recipe a try last weekend.

It was supposed to be easy and delicious.

And it was…

Sort of.

Halfway through baking I realized I had a problem.

Recipe fail


The dough you see curved around like a winding river was supposed to be folded and encompassing the inside goodness.

Like a pocket.

Eh, only not so much.

Recipe fail

Yummy, not pretty.

2. Last week our Life Group went bowling, and look what happened.

Actually happened

Yes, it’s true.

How it did, I have no idea, but it makes me laugh.

3. I’ve gotta get organized ya’ll!

It’s ridiculous. Will continues to own the office (for now). I need to find a shoe rack for our closet to help free up some extra space so he can move his gigantic paintball duffle bags into our closet, which sounds easy right?

Eh, not really.

There are like a billion different kinds of shoe racks. Who knew?

4. Have you guys started thinking about Super Bowl food yet?

I know- it’s early.
I’m crazy.

But yeah, totally thinking about it.

5. Sooo..  I was thinking about sending out weekly emails with happy thoughts, inspiration, and scripture to some of my girlfriends.

Nothing spam-y, nothing that needs a response, and nothing annoying. Would you be interested in getting them? Comment below or shoot me a note and I would absolutely love to add you.

That’s all for now friends! Happy, healthy, Thursday. Check in tomorrow!

The One Where the Tree Stayed Up & Look Ahead

Aaand, now we’re back to the totally predictable Monday updates.

I bet I don’t even need to give you guys one, right? In fact, I bet you could probably write these for me!.

But since we’re here, why mess with tradition?

Weekend update it is.

Friday was pretty boring. We had a late night Thursday because of the OU Sugar Bowl victory (and I’m still pretty pumped about it), which naturally meant we oldies were tired all day Friday.

That meant an early night! Seriously- a really early one. Like before 9.

I’m so old.

Saturday came early, since Will put in a few hours. That usually means I hit the gym and clean the house before he gets home. However, this week was a little unique compared to most (and I plan on sharing sometime soon), so no workout that day.

I actually ended up going back to sleep all the way until 8! It felt really good. I was pretty wiped and needed the rest.

I got up and managed to vacuum, dust a couple things, and get a load of laundry started.

Afterward, I got around and headed to the salon to get my hair done.

I love these days, aside from the time it takes. I prefer to go on a weeknight, but my stylist is having a baby this week so I was glad she could fit me in!

Same color as last time, a little on the darker side compared to the blonde-blonde I sported most of last year. It felt so good to get fresh brows, too! They needed a wax.

Red just waxed eyebrows and all.

New hair

By the time I got done, I was well into my Saturday.

I came home and watched the Army All American Game to see if OU picked up any recruits. There was one kid in particular they wanted (as well as 50 other schools!), so Will was glued to the TV.

I think we were both pretty surprised when he put on an OU hat! So exciting for the program. Between that and the Sugar Bowl, it was a good week to be an OU fan. smile

Afterward, we went straight into the Colts playoff game, which was a bit of a nail-biter! So glad they squeaked by.

After the Colts, it was the Eagles and Saints. Saturday should just be labeled, “Football Saturday.” Because really, that’s pretty much all we did. I managed to get a little multitasking accomplished and posted on Saturday too. What?

I know, right?

What I didn’t do, however was this:

Defluffed, but still out. Good thing I decided not to stop procrastinating in the new year


Good thing I decided not to stop procrastinating in the new year.

As you can see, I did manage to de-fluff and get it ready for dismantlement.

But that was it.

One more week is okay, right?

Don’t answer that.

We woke up to a light dusting of snow yesterday!

Snow! And dogs

Because of the late football game, we missed Saturday night church, which meant Sunday instead.

We made a quick trip downtown, placed a deposit down on the couch we want to reserve it when it finally comes in, and had lunch at Ted’s.

Pretty productive I’d say, despite the whole leaving the tree up part, of course. 

The rest of Sunday was devoted to prepping meals, laundry, and blogging.

We’re very exciting.

Meals this week are finally totally back to normal now that we’re past New Year’s week.

This week we’re having:

-Eggplant parmigan


-Chicken fried rice (we have that a lot around here. smile)

Workouts are the same as usual, and it feels good to hit all the muscle groups this week!


-Tuesday- Boot camp cardio

-Wednesday- One of my at-home workouts

-Thursday- Off

-Friday- Back, Biceps, Shoulder Abs

-Saturday- Legs & Abs

-Sunday- Chest, triceps, shoulders

And posts? I didn’t forget about those.

This week we’ll be talking about

-Sweet treats

-Getting out of our fitness comfort zones in the New Year

-Managing our pies

and more!

So check in tomorrow. Until then? Let’s tackle this first week we have without a holiday.

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