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Thursday Things : 17 July 2014

Okay, nerd alert.

During the dog days of summer, when all our usual shows are off until fall, Will and I fill our evenings with a variety of things.

Sometimes it’s house related stuff, other times we’ll go for a walk, and a lot of the time we will catch up on some of the box sets we own but haven’t watched.

If you don’t remember, box sets were pretty much our major mode of television while we were in Kuwait, so we have lots.

Will is a big fan of the Andy Griffith Show and bought the series soon before leaving Kuwait. 

Can we please just camp out for a second and laugh that Will loves that show?

I think it’s adorable, and I never quite understood why.

Because I’m a millennial, maybe?

Anyway, between the move home, the overwhelming options of cable TV, and life, we never watched it.

Sooo, guess what we’ve been ending our nights with lately?

Yep. An episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

You know what? I find it incredibly endearing and totally get why Will loves it.

I also think Andy is so darn charming, and I can’t get over how young Ron Howard was in the first season.

Will’s parents and grandparents are staying with us tomorrow and part of Saturday.

I think it’s safe to say you know what I’ll be doing on my day off tomorrow.

Creating the fake house.

Oddly enough, I’m way more relaxed about it this year than in times past.

Maybe because I’m over 30?

Because we’ve been married over 10 years now?

I have no idea.

Last time they both came I went total commando on the house.

Washing outside windows, cleaning stuff with toothbrushes, making Will clean crown molding.


This year I’m like, “Eh. The outside windows are fine.”

I’m still cleaning away tomorrow, but I think I’m making progress with my obsessive cleaning?

I’m making tiny goodie bags with bottled water, a few snacks, candy, Chapstick (yes, my homemade batch), and a thanks for staying note, too.

A little over the top?

Don’t answer that.

I find I’ve become a little crazier more hospitable at my old age. I used to stress so much about making everything perfect that I forgot to actually enjoy myself.

Now I’ve lightened up a smidge (but don’t ask Will or he will probably tell you it’s less than a smidge), I want to enjoy my time with company.

Who the heck am I!?

Alright, that’s all for now.

Any randomness you care to share?

The (Peachy) Uneventful One & Look Ahead

Hey guys!

I hope you had a great weekend and were able to enjoy these long summer days.

Our weekend was very uneventful, especially coming off of a busy holiday weekend the one before.

Will worked half of Saturday for the first time in months, so that cut into some of the weekend. In fact, there are not really many highlights to share!

Gym, groceries, church, gym, laundry, and house stuff. Oh and softball practice last night.

Honestly though?

I’m okay with a quiet weekend. The weekend before was busy, and this weekend will be crazy, too.

So a quiet weekend sandwich is okay with me.

I did have one of the best peaches of the summer, Saturday.

Summer peach

That’s a highlight, right?

If sticky juice isn’t running down your wrists, it wasn’t a good one. Haha

I also helped Will do a little more organization in his man cave.

Organization. Kind of.

God love him, the guy has a ticket and program for every single OU game we’ve attended. It’s sort of annoying, but also sort of cool, too.

Oh and check out this glorious sunrise.
Stunning sunbeams

So beautiful. I’ve seen lots of beautiful, colorful ones, but rarely do I ever get one with so many beaming rays.

Let’s get to the week ahead.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up on the blog this week:

-A summer sandwich
-Full body cable workout
-Thursday Things
-Part Two of our King David drama

I hope you’ll check in this week! Now off to tackle what promises to be a busy Monday. 

the one with a three day weekend & look ahead

Here we go again! It’s nice to start this week out at home, as opposed to being on the road like last week.

Hopefully you had a good weekend full of rest and fun.

Mine was nice and long! Will took off Friday with me, so I had good company.

I hit the gym early to work back, biceps, and shoulders. Between a recovery week the week before, and being out of town this past week, it was good to be back in the gym.

I love my home workouts, but I just can’t beat picking up real weights.

We went to visit Will’s parents Friday, which took most of the day. We “visited,” ate lunch at Chili’s, and even shot some paintballs.



We left late that afternoon and had a low key evening at home. Oh, and I made a batch of homemade almond butter!

Almond butter

Saturday morning came early and started with a serious leg workout. It hit legs hard and incorporated some plyo moved between sets. It made it fun and the time go fast.

Then there was laundry, groceries, and the usual.

I also got to spend time with my family! I love seeing them so much and enjoyed my hour over there.

Saturday afternoon was all about more home purging.

We are slowly but surely making good progress. I went through all my purses, clutches, and small makeup bags from my Ipsys and Mary Kay purchases throughout the years and got rid of tons to donate.


We also completed the daunting task of going through Will’s stash of magazines.

God love him, he has a program saved from every single game we’ve attended as season ticket holders. Annoying, but I suppose it’s also sort of cool considering when we look back one day we will have programs “all the way back” from 2004. We pulled them out of the closet, organized them, trashed some old sports magazines, and put everything that made the cut in a foot locker.

Such a fun Saturday. smile

After our afternoon of organization we had church, and a boring evening at home. We even stayed up until 11:00!


I’m embarrassed to tell you how late we slept Sunday, so I won’t.

It was late.

Since we got such a late start, by the time I worked out, got cleaned up, and prepped food for the week, it was time for softball practice!

I missed last week since I was out of town, so I was glad to be there this week to watch Will and the gang.


So that was the weekend! Now let’s talk posts.

Here’s a peek at this week’s posts:

-Food lately
-True GRIT (a workout post you don’t want to miss!)
-Things you should know
- Why consulting God matters

So there you have it, that’s it! Check in tomorrow for more fun. ❤️

The one where we didn’t kill each other, and look ahead

Hi lovelies!

It’s Monday, but we can make it.

Five work days to get three days off (Or in my case, four work days days to get four days off! 😃).

I’ll take it.

But before I get ahead of myself, I think it’s a good idea to celebrate this past weekend and hit a few highlights.

Friday started with a beautiful and freeing view.

good morning OKC

As well as a not so healthy breakfast treat.

P and I had lunch together, which made the work day so very bright! We had sushi and enjoyed good company. It totally made my day!

Friday night was less exciting. Will and I had a date at Lowe’s to get stuff to hang pictures in his room.

It got crazy ya’ll. 

Hanging away

Saturday was a little more eventful.

I got up an an ungodly hour to workout.

A total glutton for punishment.

I love how making small changes to my usual routine can make such a big difference. I upped my reps from 12 to 15 and am paying for it today.

I ended up finishing my workout outside with a series of burpees, shuffle squats, and crunches, and got to see the sun peek from the horizon. Very beautiful.

Then it was time to wrangle up the dogs for a trip to the vet for shots.

I’ve mentioned a time or two what an ordeal it is to take everyone at the vet at the same time. Saturday was no different.

And Boz has another infection in his anal glands. Wee!

Aaand Teddy is shedding her summer coat, so she molted all over me.

Molting Teddy

Thank goodness she’s an outside dog. I think I could have made a blanket with all her fur!

After the fun, we napped, got around, and saw Moms’ Night Out!

Such a good movie. I loved it, while Will wasn’t as impressed.

After the movie we went to church and grabbed some dinner.

Around 11:00 we were wakened by our sweet Lucy puking.

And then again after midnight.

Middle of the night vomit cleaning. It’s exciting stuff.

Between the late night surprise, and the early Saturday start, I was completely exhausted, so Sunday didn’t start until 8:45!

I hate when I start the day so late, but man I needed the rest.

I made a quick trip to the store for the week, and the next few hours were devoted to hanging pictures in Will’s room!

Remember how this endeavor usually causes immense pain, arguing, and agony between us?

Well, I don’t know if we’ve grown less feisty in our old age, or if maybe hitting the ten year mark made us realize, “Welp, this is it. Let’s just settle down and be a little more tolerant of each other’s annoyances.”

Whatever the case, we successfully hanged six pictures without a single argument.

Cue the hallelujah choir.

Seriously. It’s kind of a divine miracle.

Hanging away

After that fun, we spent a little time with my family, I did some chores, and we watched some shows.

And, here we are again.

Monday morning.

But we can do it, guys!

Three. Day. Weekend.


In fact, let’s get to the good stuff. Posts.

Here’s a look at what we will be talking about this week: 

-Green Monster Protein Pancakes
-Pushing yourself to try some push-up variations
-Things I’m loving Thursday
-And why sometimes you’ll find me smelting gold (it’s true)

So check in this week for more fun and adventures. Until tomorrow, be a light! ❤️

The one with Mother’s Day and look ahead

Here we go again.

I hope you all had lovely weekends full of homemade macaroni Mother’s Day necklaces and breakfast in bed.

I had a nice weekend and look forward to hitting a few highlights!

I was off Friday, which allowed me to get laundry done as well as a few other chores.

I even got adventurous and made some super great homemade Chapstick! I can’t believe how easy it was and how great it turned out.


I plan to share everything on the blog very soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

I also spent some time with my mom and this gal.

Layla at the table

Her pig tails are adorable.

Friday night we met Will’s parents for an early Mother’s Day dinner.

It was nice to see them and celebrate Will’s mom.

I slept in until 7:30 Saturday, which was both wonderful and annoying.

I hate sharing the gym with others, but I also needed the rest.

Sleeping late ended up being a good thing, because it created a necessity for innovation at the gym.

I couldn’t just do my usual routine. Instead, since I couldn’t monopolize ( tongue rolleye ), I had to change my game.

I hit legs hard and focused more on basic bodybuilding moves without incorporating my usual cardio circuit.

I’m still sore this morning.

Saturday afternoon was all about window work.

Lots of window work.


We tinted the windows in Will’s “man cave” which took a few hours.


The dogs were very helpful in this endeavor.

Sleepy pup

We cleaned up and went to church. The service was so, so good. If you have kids in your life, I hope it blesses you too. You can check out week three here.

Afterward we made multiple stops for dinner. I chose Panera Bread, while Will got wings.


They hate me.

They’ve pretty much gotten rid of every salad I love there.


I ended up getting their veggie sandwich and Greek salad.

Because sometimes you need bread and a side of salad

Then we finally watched the 24 premier!,

I slept in again Sunday, and hit the gym to work chest and triceps.

Afterward I got around and went to the store, along with half of Oklahoma.

Who goes shopping on Mother’s Day?!

Apparently everyone.

Afterward Will and I went over to my parent’s house to spend some time with my wonderful mom. I am so lucky to have them so close!

Then we cheered on the Thunder.

And now it’s Monday.


Let’s talk food, workouts, and posts.

This week dinners include:
-Baked potatoes
-Carne asada nachos (I eat my portion without chips or meat)
-Stir fry

As for workouts:

-Monday, off
-Tuesday, HIIT
-Wednesday, off
-Thursday- body pump
-Friday, HIIT
-Saturday, legs & back
-Sunday, upper body

Now posts!

-Recipe roundup
-Why you should love push-ups
-Thursday things
-The best.outfit.ever

So check in this week for more fun!

More to come.

Thursday Confessions: The House Edition

1. Now that you have refrigerator rights, I feel I can be totally real and lead off with a huge home confession:

I have a complete internal meltdown when people wear shoes inside my house.


You can probably see the color start to drain from my face, and the smile fade from my mouth.

I hold it together on the outside, but guys?

I’m dying inside.

2.Sooo chances are if you were ever to pop in unannounced, you would find we use Walmart sacks as trash bags.

Very Classy.

This has been a “thing” at our house, oh for about five years now.

Yep. True story.

I used to throw a total fit about it, but after while got tired of arguing with Will about the trashiness of it all (no pun intended haha). The truth is, we have a freakishly large amount of Walmart sacks and I guess we are putting them to good use?

I disgust myself.

3. Favorite chore: Dust busting with my new Dyson handheld. smile

My new toy

Least favorite chore: Dusting & cleaning the shower

4. Speaking of dusting, how often do you guys dust your blinds and baseboards? 

I’m not really sure what constitutes “normal dusting.” I usually do basic surfaces every week, but do in depth dusting, to include baseboards and blinds, twice a month.

Too much?

Not enough?


5. Will and I have a heightened sensitivity to the way our house smells.

Like for real.

Do you guys do that too?

We kind of sort of have a mini breakdown in the Sam’s aisle during the spring-summer months when we religiously check to see the scents they have only to realize they never ever carry what we need EVER during the warmer months.

Did the Sams people ever consider that vanilla and apple cinnamon are always in style!?



So yeah, we pretty much hoard those two scents on the fall and winter when we can get them in bulk at Sams. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

That’s enough for me. Any household confessions to get off your chest?

The one with more painting & a Look Ahead

Okay guys, can I please tell you how excited I am that it’s Monday and Jack is back?!

You may remember that Will and I were seriously obsessed with 24 while living in Kuwait. We were able to buy the series box sets and binge watch to no end.

Today’s post could be devoted to all things 24, but I’m going to stop here and hit a few weekend highlights.

Friday started with a delicious breakfast treat.


I also got to have a lunch with some special people! P was off Friday so she and Layla came up to my office and we had lunch together! It was very special. I also got to meet a special someone, but we will leave it at that for now. smile A very good lunch.

Friday night Will and I went to see the new Spider-Man movie.

Movie date

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say there’s quite a surprise ending! Through some research Will and I learned it was true to the actual comic book, so i suppose it makes more sense now.

Saturday started early with a workout. I worked legs,back, and biceps and hit them all hard. I hate combining that many body parts into one session, but I made it as functional as I could and knocked it out!

Saturday was full of usual chores and house stuff, as well as a trip to the store and Sam’s. We met my family for a late lunch at Ted’s Saturday afternoon. After lunch we were super full and walked it off a bit at Academy sports. I had to pick up one more dumbbell to complete my tiny set. I’m looking forward to having them so I can have more effective home workouts when I can’t make it to the gym.

After Academy, Will and I went to church. Guys, seriously check out this sermon if you have any kids in your life, be it your own children, nieces, whatever… Check it out. Dave Ramsey offers some great advice for teaching kids about money.

After church we cheered the Thunder onto victory!! Yay boys!

Yesterday was a little painful. Aside from my morning trip to the gym, it was entirely devoted to work.

Lots of work.

We hate painting and will never do it ourselves again. Ever.

We finally finished painting Will’s room. We only had the ceiling left, but it has a weird angle and a wooden rafter down the middle so it wasn’t easy!

Four hours later and everything in the room was completely painted.

And we shall never paint again. smile ever. I see why people hire painters now.

I treated myself to a nice dinner and an evening on the couch with Will.


Let’s talk about posts this week. This week we’re talking about:

-A delicious summery salad
-When hardcore becomes harmful
-Thursday confessions
-My struggle with Elmyra syndrome

So check in tomorrow for more fun, friends!

Until then? Let’s watch 24 tonight and talk about it tomorrow. smile

The One With the In-Laws & Look Ahead

After a three week stretch of three day weekends, a full work week begins.

I’m sure you feel real sorry for me.

That’s okay, though, because I’m pouting enough for both of us. smile

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Here are some highlights from mine.

Friday was a busy day full of in-law prep. I went to the gym early, and got straight to cleaning.

I feel like I say I “have” to clean all the time, but the truth is, I don’t.

I’m just crazy. I one of those that cleans the blinds and baseboards pretty much every.single.time I clean the house.

Who does that?

Crazy people.

I was done cleaning by lunchtime, and soon after it was time for an hour of relaxation!

My mom and dad got me a spa gift card that I decided to use Friday. I got a 45 minute massage and it was heavenly.

I haven’t gotten a massage in many years, so this was a special treat.

I’m glad I got my cleaning done that morning, because I was complete mush the rest of the day.

I made a trip to No Boundaries to drop of twenty grab bags they can give to the girls they minister too.




I was so excited to be able to make so many! Special thanks to the beautiful hearts that help make it possible, it will be such a huge blessing.

Will and I were even able to squeeze in a quick trip to Sonic happy hour! I got a giant unsweet blackberry tea. So refreshing and delicious.

Happy hour

Saturday was busy all the way until the in-laws arrived at noon.

Thankfully, I managed to hit the gym and go to the store before their arrival.

Will and his dad took out the bike and enjoyed the warm weather.

Afterward, we had a late lunch at BJs, and caught up with one another. I got their kale and roasted Brussels sprouts salad. So, so good.

Afterward, we went to church! This week’s sermon was so very good, and is working on my heart. Check it out online here.

Afterward, we made a quick trip to Academy Sports and I got some dumbbells!


So, I’ve been doing tons of home workouts lately, and I really needed to get something a little heavier than the pathetic five pounders I have.

Sure, ten pounds total can be helpful during HIIT, but ultimately I need something more.

I picked up a couple ten pounders and two fifteens. I’m pretty pleased with the purchase and think it will help make my home workouts even better.

Afterward, we had a belated birthday cake celebration!

Strawberry, round two.

Birthday cake round two

Since we are doing work at the house, our spare bedroom was out of commission, so we gave Will’s parents our room, Will took the couch, and I “suffered” and spent the a night away.

Yeah, real tough. smile

Sleepover party!

How could I resist that cuteness?!

Oh and hey, the pups got haircuts, too.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast, and said our goodbyes.

We took the rest of the day easy, since the last two were full of busyness.

Let’s move ahead to this week.

Here’s a quick look at what I’m sharing this week:

-Noodle-less veggie lasagna
-Why comparison can hurt
-Things I’m loving Thursday
-Why I risk turning into salt

So check in this week for more fun! Now off to conquer the week!

A Peek in My Pantry

Last week I granted refrigerator privileges, and this week we are getting cozy in my food cabinets!

Sadly, our house does not have a pantry, so my title is a little misleading.

You’d think with just two people, we wouldn’t need one, but yeah… we totally do.

Nonetheless, we make do just fine and have a section of our cabinets entirely blocked off for non refrigerated items.

Let’s take a look at the goods, shall we?

Hmm, let’s see, here. Ah yes, let’s start here.


I love these things. They’re perfect for snacking on the go. I often have these in the house, and in my purse, and at work… You see where this is going.


This stuff.

I pretty much want to drink it.

Is that gross?

Don’t answer that.

I love Frank’s on...everything. It’s delicious as a marinade and on veggies.

And hey, Boz photo bombed my pic.

Hi Boz!


Steel cut oats.

Do this.

Seriously, make the switch out from your crappy super processed flavored oatmeal flakes and make this in your rice cooker and have breakfast ready to go for the whole week.

If you don’t have time (though we established we do since we are just sticking this in the rice cooker and hitting “start"), go with these:


The quick oats are so much more processed, these old fashioned oats are the better options and can be ready just as fast. I bring these to work and add hot water. Give it a stir for 30 seconds, and you’re good to go!

Hey look, Boz again.


Good old apple cider vinegar. I’ve wrote about it before here, and continue to be a fan.

I realize a lot of the claims are unfounded, but I’m a big believer in the stuff. Mainly because it’s helped alleviate some tummy troubles I’ve had I’m the past. I drink a couple tablespoons with water everyday (before breakfast ands lunch) and also use it in dressings and a host of other things.

Do it.

More Boz.

Does he ever move?


I’m eating fish occasionally and try to always keep some around the house.


Yes, that’s baby food.

I always have at least one jar in the house. It is absolutely great for baking and adding in natural flavor and sweetness. Swap oil out for a jar or two of this in your recipes.


Boz, Boz, Boz.

Like baby food, I absolutely always have pumpkin (and Boz) in my house. This is my favorite baking substitute ever.

I also love making my favorite pumpkin protein bars (the size of your face smile )


These are Will’s, hence the big fat X.

We always have beans on hand for a variety of recipes.



Now onto green monster stuff: protein, greens powder, spirulina, and flax.





Stevia.  Get rid of the aspartame and swap it for stevia. Now.

Please. smile



My evening treat.

Not the whole bag, just a serving. smile




Another one of Will’s treats. This is actually Spam “Lite.”

Is there such a thing?

Let’s close today with a total disclosure of my affection for peanut butter. I think we’re on our way to a full-fledge addiction.

Or maybe it’s too late.




I’m sort of a peanut butter snob and hate fake hydrogenated peanut butter, such as this Peter Pan. This belongs to Will. However, sometimes if in in a pinch, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I disgust myself.


Changing it up for a second! I have coconut oil everyday in my green monster, so I had to take a picture.


Back to peanut butter.

Good old regular, natural creamy. You just can’t beat it.


Yeah, I have a peanut butter problem… So what?

Alright, that’s a peek in my pantry.

What’s in yours?

The Easter One & Look Ahead

I don’t know about you, but getting up this Monday felt harder than other Mondays.

I know why, too. Our entire weekend was nonstop and full of work!

The fun of being an adult.

Let’s hit the highlights!

Will and I were both off Good Friday, so we arranged to have the cable and internet guys come out and do some work at the house.

Nothing makes you realize what a dust pool your seemingly clean house is like having to get behind giant furniture you haven’t moved or vacuumed behind in six years.

Seriously. Like almost six years.

We did some cleaning behind the giant furniture and disconnecting cords and such. Thankfully they arrived early.

It ended up being a good thing because one of the workers was there almost four hours!

While Friday was a work day, I did manage to sneak away for some fun with this gal.

Petting Rocky

We had to kennel the Bigs since they were doing stuff in the backyard with our internet and cable, so it gave me an excuse to take them out front and see Layla and my mom.

The rest of what was left of our day was devoted to house stuff.

Exciting, I tell you.

The fun didn’t end there! Saturday was much of the same!

I got up before 6:30 to hit the gym and get the day started. I had the weights all to myself, just the way I like it. Will and my dad had to make a trip to the bike shop to pick up our motorcycle, so after I got home and got cleaned up, I went to the store.

I came home to Will doing some serious research on… Dustbusters.

God love him.

Our DustBuster has been dead for about a year now, and I’ve just made do without one, though I do like the convenience, especially with the dogs.

We ended up with this bad boy.

My new toy

It looks like some sort of alien sucker gun of something, right?

My new toy
It’s wonderful.

Hey, I’m old.

These things excite me.

Saturday afternoon was more chores and home project stuff and a sermon. Lord knows I needed it after a long day of home projects. Haha

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday!

I got up and worked out and practically had the place to myself.

We went to my parent’s house for brunch, and it was so nice to see everyone.

The food was delicious. Look at this beautiful spread!
Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

I ate my fair share of the “bad stuff” and enjoyed myself.

I also let Lu tat me up. The things we do for beautiful nieces. smile

Rocking a Princess Ariel tat courtesy of Layla

By the time we got done it was nearly noon, and I could have used a nap!

But alas, no rest for the B-Love family. Will went back to painting the spare bedroom, and I prepped food for this week. Unfortunately we ran out of paint and decided to call it a day, so more painting in his future this week.


Said no one ever. smile

It was definitely a working weekend, but it was a good one nonetheless. It was nice to spend time with my family and celebrate Jesus’s resurrection.

Let’s talk food.

I’m only making a couple things because Will and my dad are going to the Thunder playoff game tonight! That means I’m on my own for dinner.

For the rest of the week you’d thing it was the dead of winter. We are having vegan potato soup, and beans and cornbread.

I have no idea why. They both just sounded good to us.

As for posts, here’s a look at what’s coming up:

-A peek in my pantry
-Amazing Arms Month wrap up
-April Ipsy
-Why scripture matters

So that’s it for now. I hope you had a great Easter weekend!!

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