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vacation update- again

Wow! I have no idea where to begin this post. I seems like ages since we’ve talked. I have been so bad at keeping up with everyone’s blogs, including my own this week. As much as I’m not ready to leave home, I am ready for some normalacy… including a normal blogging life. I think that comment just sealed the deal on any questions of my nerdiness.

Because of the week long blogging drought I’m just going to delve into to random posting. This may be one you’ll want to read in installments- like 10 sentences Wednesday, 10 Thursday, etc.

The other night Will and I were lying in bed. I had my head on his chest and he was “petting my hair.” He reached down to kiss the top of my head and he stopped and sort of sniffed. He kept sniffing and totally freaked out.

“Oh my gosh.”


“(in utter disgust) Oh my gosh! You smell like dog!”

Yes, my friends, apparently it’s true. We’ve become one of “those people.” I guess there was a hint of dog smell in my hair- gross or what!?

Lucy was walking on my back the other night and ventured to my head, and well, hence the dog smell. Ugh, I vow not to smell like dogs, okay. You can come and give me a sniff test tomorrow, in fact.


I had an awkward moment with Will’s mom the other day. We have sooo much stuff in Will’s room and on his bed that we’ve decided to have our 6 suitcases in Will’s room and actually sleep in Dr. Vet’s (ha ha, that’s what we’ll call Will’s brother. He’s going to vet school and is almost done) room. We changed the sheets in his room the other night and I was raving about how awesome the set of sheets were. I could tell they had some age to them, but they were in great shape and very pretty.

Well, the next night Will, his mom, and I were sitting in the living room and Will randomly blurts,

“Did you want to tell mom what you really like and would like to have?”

I give him a vague look, realize what he’s talking about and am preparing to go for the jugular when I change my mind and try to play things off saying, “No, I was just making a comment about how nice those things were and nothing else, Will,” all the while giving him the look of death.

“Oh Britt! You went on and on! Mom, Brittny realy likes the pink and brown sheets upstairs and would like to have them.”

silent awkwardness. My MIL’s body and voice stiffens.

“My grandmother’s sheets? Those are very special to me. Besides, you guys don’t have a double bed.”

More awkward silence. I suddenly pray that Boz could fly downstairs and belt out a showtune to break up the discomfort of this conversation.

“When you come back and have your own house one day, maybe then you could have them.”

I seriously wanted to kill Will. I knew they were old sheets, and I really wished he wouldn’t have said anything. I felt like an idiot the rest of the night. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal at all, but you could just feel the tension. Talk about trouble between the sheets!

Can I simply just say that Fiber One is the most amazing cereal!? Ever.

Yes, Ever.

Will and I went to visit his grandparents last weekend. They are the nicest people you will ever meet- and it’s clear to see why Will’s mom turned out as 100% perfect as she did with such great parents.

We always have a good time with them, but they always- and I mean always- try to guilt us into doing more family stuff. They wanted us to drive a few hours to go to some high school where Will’s cousin’s mother’s 2nd husband was going to be honored at a memorial service on Thursday (I’m not joking). I really think they were disappointed when we said we couldn’t go.

We stayed the night with them this past weekend. That Friday night Will’s grandpa asked us what time we would get up. Will told him we would like to sleep in a little bit, but that we wouldn’t be up too terribly late. The response to this answer was, “It’s vacation, you two sleep as late as you want!”

Well at 7:00 that morning there was a knock at the door. “Will?” no answer.


A muffled, “Yeaaah??”

“Breakfast will be ready in about 20 minutes.”

What the freaking crap!? Is there some freak gene in all old people’s bodies that makes them get up before God or something!? I swear, I’ve never met an old person that doesn’t sleep past 6:30. I guess Will’s grandparents thought 7:20 was plently late and we needed to get our vacationing butts out of bed. Gotta love morning wake up calls.

What else!? There’s so much more… hmm…

Oh- I had another kill Will moment yesterday. In fact, I’m still very miffed about this one. Tomorrow night Will and I will be driving up to Oklahoma City for the freaking sole purpose of having a meal and turning around and driving right back.

Wait- it gets better. Not only are we going to simply drive, eat, and drive… we’ll also be in the company of Will’s brother and his potential wife to be. Honestly, I don’t know what she is. I guess she’s the girlfriend- ha, actually, I blogged about her last year! She’s Raymond! You may remember.

Anyway, we’re meeting Dr. Vet and Raymond in “The city” tomorrow night for dinner. It gets even better. We will be dining at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse.

Go ahead, before you keep reading, click on the link.

Did you check out the prices!?

Yes, the meat does not come with a side, you have to order that seperately- so you’re probably looking at about $40 a freaking person (drink, side, meat, tax).

Want to know the best part of all!?

Will told Dr. Vet that the freaking-a meal was on US!!! I really wanted to strangle the guy. I was so mad about the whole thing.


Sorry, but just typing this got my blood pressure up again. I think it is so freaking frivolous to throw away $160 on a stupid dinner. When I think of a place like that I think it would be so much more fun alone as a couple, not with another couple and footing the bill. I could go on and on about this (trust me, I really could), but I’ll shut up, I promise. At least it’s in Bricktown, one of my favorite places.

So, that’s tomorrow’s big news.

i can’t believe we’re leaving Sunday. It makes me sad. I have to take an earlier flight from OKC to Minneapolis on Sunday because of the dog situation. I have a 12 hour layover in Minneapolis! Ugh, talk about along trip home. It’s about a 17 hour flight from OKC to Kuwait, and that 12 hour layover might possibly put me over the edge! I doubt I’ll be posting again until I’m back in Q8, but I really wanted to post an update because God knows what I’l have to say between tomorrow’s dinner and when we get back to Kuwait, right!? smile

I’ve so missed you guys. I just got on the Nest and all the people that just posted I didn’t even recognize! ha ha, it’s amazing what you miss in a few weeks. Okay, now I sound like a loser.

Hope you all are doing well. I look forward to catching up soon. I’ve had such an amazing time back in the US, and it’s hard to believe I’m headed back.

Next time we talk i’ll be back in Kuwait! Have a great week and catch up with you soon!

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Rene Terrel

Christopher Lutrell

Julie Kelley

Brittny Lynne

What do all these people have in common?

They’re the kind of people that ought to have sign in their yard warning you of their terribleness.

They’re the kind of people you “accidentally” forget to invite to the Home Owners Association Christmas Party.

They’re the kind of people that make you wear those TOTALLY DORKY kid handcuff things when out in public with your little ones (BTW- for all you expecting mothers, PLEASE promise me right now you won’t have one of those stretchy kid handcuff things when your kid starts walking!? Please!?)

They’re disgraceful people.

They’re dispicable people.

They’re baby snatchers.

Yes that’s right, they’re baby snatchers.

And yes, my name is on the freaking list.

Guys, I’m a loser.

I’m disgraceful.

I’m dispicable.

I’m so not coming to the HOA Christmas Party, and seriously, you NEED to get those ugly kid handcuff things out.

I, Brittny, am a baby snatcher.

Do you hate me?

I hope not.

Let me plead my case.

It all started last Sunday when we went to pick up our sweet Boz and my sister’s dog Lucy. They two dogs have enjoyed each other and love to play and wrestle. Little Lucy is extra tiny, but don’t let that fool you- she has a giant personality!

Somewhere in the middle of cleaning the poop off her butt and picking crap out of her eyes I fell in love with Lucy.

Yes, as cliche as it sounds, (and let’s all say it together):

I Love Lucy.

I really do.

I simply fell for her, and I think she fell for me too. Boz is great, he is so fun. In fact, he and Lucy were instant pals, but there is something about Lucy that I am so drawn to. Will was too. A few days ago I caught him sitting on the bathroom floor with Lucy tightly in his arms. He was stroking her furry head and he looked up at me and quietly said, “I’m really going to miss her.” It broke my heart because I was feeling the exact same way. I started crying at the thought of having to let “our Lucy” go.

Will mentioned us getting another dog for Boz. Will works 13 hours a day and drives 2, and I work a lot of hours too and we’re just not home a lot. It would really be nice for Boz to have a playmate, you know?- but it simply wouldn’t have been Lucy. I mulled over it a couple days, and finally decided I had to tell the truth. I had to write my dad and tell him Ifeel in love with the dog we picked out for them.

Yeah, that was an easy email- let me tell ya!

Hi Dad!
I know you trusted us to pick a dog out for you and take care of it until you took it into your own home, but I was wondering, would it be okay if we violently ripped her out of your arms because we really like her!?

Okay, the email didn’t go like that at all, but I have to admit, it was difficult to write. My dad was really understanding and said that they hadn’t met Lucy and so which ever dog they got would be their dog. He entrusted The Baby Snatcher to pick them out a new dog.


yesterday we drove back to Atoka, Oklahoma to get Lucy… yes that’s freaking right. We got ANOTHER Lucy. Hey- not only did I steal their dog, but I stole her name since initially it was going to be their dog, so I at least had to give SOMETHING back. Plus, it’s been a lot easier on the dogs as they’re all 3 together and trying to figure out their name.

I told my dad ours could be Lucy the Second. We now have 2 Lucys and a Boz upstairs and at the moment they’re very quiet! At the moment, that is.

Lucy the First is actually Lucy the Second’s sister! They’re both really small and SUPER cute! P’s dog has a lot nicer hair than our Lucy (our Lucy is sort of scraggly looking, but it totally fits her small dog, big personality thing), but other than that, they’re practically twins. I have some cute pictures! I really wish I could post them. I think P will be happy with my choice (I love you and I swear, P, I’m NOT THE DEVIL! I know I’m a sucky Baby Snatcher, but I promise to take care of Lucy the First until you have her for yourself!)

Can you believe we’re bringing two dogs home with us!? Are we insane!? I don’t think so, but I do have to admit that I never saw this whole ordeal coming in a million years.

I have missed the nest sooo much. I can’t wait to have time to catch up with my favorite blogs (for the millionth time, sorry for sucking the last month), and heck, I would just love to be able to write more than just once a week! It seems funny that I’m closer to the nest more than ever before, but I miss it more than ever. I guess vacation is often busier than real life in ways.

I think about things I want to post about but by the time I finally make it to the computer, they’ve eluded me. I think I need to get a tape recorder to verbalize my thoughts so when I sit down to post, I don’t forget what I want to say! Does that make me an obsessive blogger?…

That’s my story. I think it best that you all lock your doors, set your alarms, and most of all, secure your dogs. I can’t be trusted, guys. I’m a dangerous woman.

Do you think I’m an Evil Baby Snatcher? Hmm… how would I dress up as that for Halloween? A glock that shoots breast milk (hahahaha)? A big van with a built in crib? Would that be offensive? I’m thinking yes. Maybe I’ll just stick with dressing up as Brittny, the
strange girl with 3 dogs.

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a little bit of everything

I’ve literally tried for an HOUR to load all the pictures I have so I could show you guys what I’ve been up to, as well as prove that I really am in America. Today’s post was supposed to be a story told with pictures… but I have no pictures… so I can’t really tell the story. What a disappointment! Oh well.

I have really missed you guys. I’ve been reading, but I just haven’t had enough time to respond much.

Things always seem busier on vacation. Why is that? I swear we have spent literally spent about 96 hours just in travelling the past couple weeks. I’m ready to have a vacation darn it! smile

Here are a few notable happenings of the past week:

*We went to Possum Kingdom last weekend. It was beautiful. Will and I really love it there. Will would love to buy his aunt and uncle’s house one day. It has an amazing view of the lake. We had a good time the few days we were there.

The first day Will decided I should shave his head. I started the process, only his electric shaver died in the middle. I have some super funny pictures of his half shaved head for you guys- only because of the terribly slow internet connection I’m using, I can’t seem to share them. What a bummer. Trust me, they’re great. He kept saying, “It looks like I have mange!“ ha ha. It was pretty gross looking, and he DID look like a mangy (sp?) dog.

Well, since Will was half shaven and we had no electric razor, he decided he should just go all out and “Bic it.” That means truly shave every hair off your head so it’s all shiny. So- Will’s dad “bic-ed” Will’s head. Boy was that a sight. I’ll have to post pictures when we get back to Kuwait. His hair has quickly grown back and he now has dark brown stubble- thank goodness! I’m not sure if I’m ready for the Mr. Clean look!

*While looking through Will’s aunt and uncle’s fridge for condiments, Jenny stumbled upon a jar of mayonaise dated back to 20freaking04. That’s right- 2004! (seriously, they need to clean their fridge!) Instead of doing “the right thing” and saving her family members from explosive fiery diahrrea, she put it back in the fridge because, “She didn’t want to upset them if they wanted it.” Trust me. They did not want it. If you ever come visit me and see I have decade old mayo in the fridge, be a pal and toss it. Please.

*Will bought me tampons a few days ago. I know many of you have those sweet sensitive husbands that are totally cool with that, but Will is just not like that. We’ve been married two and a half years and this is his first tampon run.

“What kind do I get?”

“Tampons, Will.”

“I know, but what size!?”


“Okay- but WHAT SIZE?”

“What do you mean!?”

“SIZE!! Small? Medium? Large?”

“Sweetie, this isn’t The Gap. One size fits all.”

What a goof. Not only did he buy me tampons, but also got a huge box of chocolate peanut butter cookies. I swear the checkout person was probably thinking,
“Poor guy. His wife is a ravenous monster and sent him on a tampon and cookie run. I always feel for these guys.”
I promise I didn’t tell him to get the cookies. That was all him.

*I also got to meet Nestie Sarah last week. It was a very special day for me. It started with lots of laughter and fun and ended with me in tears that night to Will telling him how much I miss home! It was a great afternoon. I have been so blessed by my friendships here. I’m so serious when I tell you guys how much I love you! The nest has been so good to me. I’m so thankful for this place and the friendship it has brought me. I have pictures to verify that Sarah didn’t turn out to be a 63 year old man. She’s legit and checks out (love you). smile It was great. Like everything else, pictures to come later. Dubai 2007 or bust?

*Perhaps the biggest news in my life the last 2 days has been the fact that I am now the proud owner of a tiny little terror by the name of Boz- and boy does he fit his name! Boz was named after Brian Bosworth, one of the best football players throughout the 1980s at OU. Boz is already taking after his “mentor.” He’s all over the place and loves to terrorize his big sister, Lucy (that’s my sister’s dog). Yep. Two tiny dogs that have big personalities. My in-laws LOVE it…




The pups have been really good considering this is all weird for them. Boz is one week younger than Lucy but about 2 times her size. He’s a chunk. They’re so funny to watch. I have pictures to share but… well- do I really need to repeat myself??

I know having a dog isn’t like having a baby, but somehow I feel like Boz is going to be like our baby. I swear, I think he thinks Boz means “No“ because everytime I say, “Boz!“ it’s usually because he’s pinned Lucy or is getting into something he shouldn’t. Maybe I should work on “no“ first and then name recognition. What a handful!

I have so much I want to post about 5 times a day I am laughing and thinking, “I HAVE to post about this,” but time just gets away from me. I thought our vacation would be extremely relaxing but it’s just been go, go, go! It’s been great to be home, though.
I feel so rushed and I know I have a million more things to say, but I better go for now. I miss you guys and look forward to catching up soon. Hopefully before I get back to Kuwait! smile I also hope I can post my pictures, but it’s looking doubtful.

Have a wonderful next few days!

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vacation updates

Hello again my friends!

I’m typing from Colorado today!

I have a million things to write about, and so I’ve decided to cram about 7 days worth of postss into one huge one divided into several installments, that way you can read one installment a day instead of skimming the entire thing and trashing me in my feedback column saying how I ALWAYS write too much (I usually do, by the way).

Installment One: Acme Comedy

It was pretty fun! Like most comics, they liked totalk about deragatory female parts and throw the F Bomb around, byt that aside it was fun- though I’m sure if you asked Will he wouldn’t say the same. Rich Voss was the headliner. I’ve heard his name before and apparently he’s a big act. His wife is also a comedian so she did a set too. All in all it was a pretty fun evening.

Will was so cute. He was so convinced he was going to get called out by one of them (he swore if that happened he’d never talk to me again, but don’t worry, we’re cool now though), so he tried his best to feign interest and give big appreciate laughs- you know, to stay under the radar (ha!)

Here are a few pics from our Minneapolis stay: (note I’m having trouble posting the pics, so to see them bigger click on the thumbnail)

Acme Comedy Club

Will and our “mean“ looking Magnum rental

Installment Two: Dallas Pre-Game

I thought it best to divide the Bid D Trip into installments for reasons we’ll get to later (ie: the fun part, and the not so fun part). We flew into Dallas Thursday evening and were greeted by Will’s parents. They were a little excited to see us (ha).I think I realized it when I saw Jenny holding a huge 2 foot by 3 foot poster annoucing our arrival.

Friday we ate breakfast at a very questionable Grandys and spent the day at the fair! It was a fun day. I also have to mention the sexiest things ever: fried oreos and fried snickers. Holy Crap. I seriously thought I was going to have a Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally moment.

Installement Three: Game Day

We had awesome seats, awesome company, and an awesome experience at our first OU-Texas game… except for the loss. That sucked. Majorly. Here are some pics from our Dallas Trip: Before the game-

Will and I at the STate Fair

The cotton Bowl!

Before the game.

Hook ‘Em Horns… NOT!!!

After thegame pics:

oh, that’s right! No freaking victory pictures due to our SUCKY PLAY.

In all seriousness, we had a great time. You just gotta remember thatcha win some and lose some.

Installement Four: A Touching Mother-Daughter Moment (that wasn’t)

I had the strangest conversation with my MIL Jenny while in Dallas. I’ve told you about her many times before, so I won’t again. You may remember THIS post I posted last year while I was home, regarding freaking asking Will if he thought his brother’s new girlfriend was cuter than me (Can you believe I asked that!?! What an idiot.). Anyway, I can’t be sure if that whole thing spawned this coversation (because Jenny had heard me say it… EVERYONE heard me say it) or not, but I have to think it did.

We’re in the back seat as Will and his dad are navigating their way around Dallas. Although they’re 2 feet in front of me, I might has well been on my own island. I was on my own in that backseat with no one to help me.

So we’re cruising through Dallas and my MIL brings up this Beth Moore study her women’s group is doing on the book of Daniel. She says how great it is and I say I’m sure it is, blah blah blah… and then all of a sudden she brings up this random part of the study. If you’ve ever read Daniel you know about him in the lion’s den, the firey furnance story, and how it’s full of a ton of prophecies. If I ever had to sum up Daniel that is how I would do it.

Weeellll… bypassing all that stuff, my MIL starts in on how King Neb (for short because I can’t spell Nebucudnezzar haha) was obsessed with the rich and attractive and things of this world. (do yousee where this is going). She then says,

“And if we’re not careful, we can easily get that way too. We can get caught up in the things of this world and trying to out do others and look attractive and wear too much makeup- not that there is anything wrong with wearing makeup, but we should just try to take care of our temples the right way.”

So, I’m sitting on Mount Isolation with Jenny. No one is around to hear me scream, and for some weird reason I’m getting the impression that I’m viewed as a psycho Mary Kay consultant that applies her foundation with a butter knife. So… all I do is agree (what else am I going to do!? She didn’t come right out and say, “Brittny! You wear too much makeup and are such a snob for asking Will about Brian’s girlfriend last Christmas!"- though maybe she did and I just didn’t hear it). I agree and say how it is easy to get caught up in things of this world and how I’m so freaking glad I’ve learned that lesson and how I wish those darned cake faces would (ha ha, I didn’t really say that). I think she wanted to explore the conversation more (ha- I KNOW she wanted to explore the conversation more), but that was that. I then did a 180 and started talking about processed meat. That’s always a conversation killer, right?

So- that was Dallas.

Installment Five: The Splint

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I wear a big dorky splint to sleep at night. It helps my TMJ and boy is it sexy. Will is used to me wearing it and the Radio jokes (the guy from the movie- he’s horrible) have started to dwindle- in fact, I’m still wearing it right now! Anyway, the night we get back to Oklahoma I’m getting ready for bed. I go to put my splint in and it’s gone! No where to be found. I then back tracked and realized that I had probably left it at the hotel in Dallas.

Ugh… this story is sounding really bad. All I need is a pussy zit face, to be 10 years younger, have a slur, and to have lost my retainer on spaghetti night.

I know Will is going to be mad at me because the stupid thing cost us $500 (and 2 years worth of stupid jokes). I start out with the, “Will- you know I love you (ha ha, that’s what they always say on the Maury show before they tell their 3rd husband they’ve slept with his brother. I thought I’d give it a try here)...” and then I stop and start crying (because they do that on there too). Will then asks what is wrong, and I then proceed to tell him my junior highish tale of the lost splint and how I have really been trying to be a responsible adult (ha) and how not I’ve let him down. Will was amazingly cool about the whole thing. He wiped my tears and told me it was okay and that I could get a new one while we were in town (how sweet! ha ha).

So that’s how I spent my Monday, getting this huge nasty mold shoved in my mouth so I could get a new splint.

Want to know the worst part of all?

I found it yesterday morning as we were packing for Colorado.

Leave it to me.

Installment Six: Other Notable Mentionings About My Trip

I’ve already plugged up the freaking L Family Toliet.


Can you believe that!? Seriously, did I eat a child for breakfast or something!? Gosh, it’s getting a little embarrassing. I could tell you the whole story, but if you’ve read THIS post, it’s a lot of the same.

I’m so ashamed.

Will totally ate a whole package of mini donuts in front of me on our trip to Colorado yesterday. I sat there staring at him as he ate each one, donut but donut failing to offer me one… such a male, right!?

I’ve eaten my weight in food both yesterday and today. I swear, all I do when I’m at my grandparent’s house is eat.

My aunt Margie told me I was fat today. Okay, not in so many words but she said, “It looks like marriage is agreeing with you!” What the crap does that mean!?! I mean really! She might as well offer me a stalk of celery to feed off of for the whole freaking day. Thanks Marg! Will says I’m crazy.


I have SOO much freaking more I want to tell you! I feel so sad and I really miss “talking” to you guys. I feel like a terrible friend. Once I get back from CO things will calm down and I will have more computer time to post AND read my freaking favorite blogs, so don’t forget about me. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you!

I have so much more I wish I could tell you guys, but I need to get going and spend time with my family.

As always, more to come…

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letting the cat out of the bag

It really is time for me to go- in more ways than one.

I got a freaking new job guys.

I type this to you in shock.

Here I was, getting on to write my last post from Kuwait and say my goodbyes and mention how I’m going to suck at feedback for the next week or so-

and then it happened.

I got a new freaking job.

For all my nestie friends that have known me for a long time now, you guys might remember the constant whining and crying about my current job. You’ve been with me through the days of the Emperor in Waiting, and then the New Emperor, Scotty, and everything in between. I’ve posted about it a lot over the last year. And then you might remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned applying for another job. Well- that “another job” is the job I got.

I’ll be honest. i’ve sort of been holding out on you guys for about a week (I’m terrible, I know). I got a call from the department manager last week saying he wanted to hire me, even knowing I’m getting the hell out of here for a month in a half (again, the praise chours lets out a deafening shout). He said he didn’t care and he wanted to hire me and we could work out everything else later.


I got the call, and the call was great.

But it was just a call.

I still had to wait on the molasses of a HR department to process everything while I did the “Please let everything go through smoothly” dance. So, I’ve been dancing about a week now.

I thought I was going to have to dance during my vacation too. Nothing ever happens in a timely manner here. It’s like the heat zaps our will to work or something.

So, I’ve been doing the “Please let everything go through smoothly” dance for a week, extrememly stressed that I had to trust other people to make sure this all happens (I hate relying on people that don’t really care what happens to your crap, you know?).

In fact, I’ve been so stresseed over recent events that this weekend Will and I got into a tiff over how I worry incredibly too much (he’s right). I decided this morning that he was right.

During my time with God this morning I gave my worries to him. I told him that I knew that the department wanted to hire me and that I knew I just needed to trust that God was big enough to take care of all the things that I was worrying about. I stopped trying to be in control of the situation and simply gave everything over to him.


God was faithful. This morning I got a call from HR saying everything was ready to go and I was clear to freaking start tomorrow!
That’s right ladies!

Bye Bye Marketing Admin!

As of tomorrow I’m officially a brand new woman! smile

I got a really fast paced, always changing job in a great department. Basically, our department justifies why our company is here and why the army needs to keep us. It’s a huge job with constant negotiating and writing up proposals, and I’m so excited to be apart of it.

Yay! Brittny has a new job!

So, my secret is out and you all know. I’ve really wanted to tell you but I thought I better wait until I knew for sure everything was taken care of.

Like I said, I thought I was going to get on today and talk trip stuff and in turn I had job stuff to talk about too!

Now lets talk trip stuff.

That’s right.

I’m entitled to a really long post right? Afterall, I’m not going ot be posting for a few days! I know you guys are all dying ot know my itinerary for the first few days (ha ha), so let’s get to it!

I start my new job tomorrow. It will sort of be weird starting a brand new job tomorrow knowing that tomorrow night I’m gone fr 45 days, but nonetheless it should be an interesting day and very fast paced. I’m also attending a quickly thrown together appreciation luncheon for yours truly too, so the day will fly.

We fly out tomorrow at midnight.

We get into Minneapolis on Monday afternoon (I love flying to the states and gaining all that time back, it’s great). From the airport we’ll probably check into our hotel and go straight to the Mall of America. They have a Cingular there and we’ll get temporary numbers for our phones for the next month or so. After that it’s off to Don Pablos where we’ll have our first American meal (actually, we have “American food” all the time here… but you know what I mean). From there it’s back to the hotel so Will can…

you guessed it…

watch Monday night Football.

I’m sure I’ll be extremely tired from all the travelling and I will conk out while he’s watching the game. Plus i’ll need my sleep becuase the next day is shopping at the MOA! smile

Okay okay, I know you’ve heard enough of my life for today. We’re bringing our laptop so you won’t miss a thing! ha ha, lucky you. So, you’re not rid of me. Sorry guys!
Speaking of which, I figured I might as well be honest and say I’m going to suck at reading blogs for the next week or so. I promise I’ll be keeping up while I’m home though, it will probably just take me a lot longer than normal!

So that’s my big update. I’m trying to type quickly because I didn’t expect to leave tomorrow and I have a few loose ends I need to tie up before I go (ahahahhhh! I still can’t believe it’s all happening!!!).

I love you guys.

Say goodbye to the admin,

Say goodbye to the girl in Kuwait.

See you all soon! Well, not really, but at least I’ll be a lot closer! smile

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what is ramadan? An essay by B-Love

The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us here in Kuwait (as well as the entire Muslim world).

There isn’t a special date on calendar that says, “Ramadan begins” because the date is based on the moon and not on a specific date, however there are ways to know.

Some use the telescope to track the moon.

Masses make the trek to Mecca where they can pray at what Muslims believe to be the holiest of holy places.

Others listen to the prayer calls.

I however do not use any of these forms as Ramadan indicatiors. Let me tell you how I know when it’s Ramadan:

When the entire state of Kuwait becomes this incredibly quiet, peaceful, sleeping baby of a ghost town each morning and afternoon.

That. That my friends is how you know Ramadan has arrived.

If you read my blog last year you know a little about my past experience with Ramadan, however, if you didn’t, I’ll quickly bring you up to speed.

Ramadan is an entire holy month for Muslims. During the month, Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, have sex (so ladies- you can use this one instead of the headache excuse if you need to)… do just about anything during all daylight hours. Every single restaurant in the entire country is closed (see- ghost town!) and most of the businesses and government offices work a mere 4 hours a day. In fact, my sister only has 5 hours of school each day! If a person is caught drinking water, chewing gum, smoking, etc. during daylight hours they are fined and sometimes jailed. It’s a serious thing here and they don’t play around. Thankfully we can eat and drink normally while we’re on base.

The daylight in Kuwait during this month is such an eerie quiet. But then… then the transformation occurs. Seriously, it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The sun goes down and as soon as the sun is gone from the horizon, the craziness begins. People gorge themselves, smoke packs of cigarettes… it’s this huge all night celebration all the way until the sun rises sometimes! Crazy, huh? These Muslims know how to throw a party I guess. Anyhow, that’s a quick summary or Ramadan.

This morning as I drove to work I was the only person on the street. The city felt so small and gentle, which never seems to be the case here. The Burger King I pass, that normally has bright lights announcing their breakfast was closed, shutters pulled and no cars… that was the same story with just about everything I passed this morning. It was a very desolate drive to work tomorrow and I loved it- no traffic.

Tonight, however, will be sheer madness. Sorry- no more complaining. I just wanted to write a semi informative post about Ramadan and how it affects life here. IT makes the weekends tough because it means no morning/afternoon eating out (unless you want to wait until dark and fight the crowds). Limited help from the Kuwaiti government should you need it. Crazy roads, volitale people that are starving during the day and edgy. It’s definitely an experience! I’ll only be here one week and then I’m off! So, I’ll only be here for a small part of the month. Then- then my friends I’m home free and will and I can live our normal lives because we’ll be home. Home in my beloved America. Screw what everyone thinks about out country. I’ll be the first to tell you we’re incredibly messed up, but Thank God for the things we have. I love America so much more now after my year and a half here.

So there you have it, my essay on the month of Ramadan. Seriously, I felt like I was back in school! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I thought, “Hey! What better way to come back after a few days then a boring school like report about what life is like this month! That’s bRILLIANT! Everyone will read it and LOVE IT!” ha ha. Okay anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend. I swear there isn’t a quiz.

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pick a pup

I post with pictures today, my friends.

Pictures of puppies.


Before you click off my post, I promise I’ll talk about more than dogs, okay?

Having said that- pick out my pup!

Below are a few maltese males that are available. They’re the cutest things ever (in my opinion, of course. We’re more a “big dog” couple, but they’re not exactly conducive to apartment dwelling.).

I had my heart set on the tiny little baby one in the middle of this picture:

However, after doing the math, those pups are too young and won’t be 12 weeks when we fly back (that’s the required minimum age for puppies flying abroad).

Sigh, so I had to stop gushing over them and look at the other cuties. I have 2 that I’m partial to right now, but I won’t tell you which 2 they are just yet. I forwarded Will the pictures, but he hasn’t said which one he likes yet, though I can almost tell you right now which one I’m sure he’ll pick.

So, I know malteses may not be your cup of tea- but darn it- pick me out a puppy.

Puppy 1:

Puppy 2:

Puppy 3:

Puppy 4:

Alright, I promised little dog talk, so that’s enough of that.

I look at my planner (aka my second Bible) daily and see the countdown for vacation and think, “It’s really here!” I think Will could sense that although I’m thrilled about going home, I’m not quite as excited as I was last year when we were home for Christmas. He was so sweet last week. He called me and told me he wanted me to have a great time and that he wanted me to be as excited for this trip as I was last time. Most of our trip is going to revolve around football, so he mentioned me finding stuff to do while we’re on vacation so I had something to look forward to too.


I did just that. I got online yesterday and looked at stuff to do while we’re in Minneapolis. The majority of both days we’re there will (obviously!) be spent at the Mall of America, however, at night we’ll have some down time! I opted to see if there was anything we could do at night that might be fun. 

I stumbled across, a comedy club where you can have dinner and see a good standup show! I thought it would be really fun for us to go do that, and I was certain Will would feel the same way. Only, not really. He was cute. When I told him his eyes got big and forced a semi-excited, more of a questioning, “A comedy club, huh?!” Yeah, you can’t fool me. I could totally sense the false excitement. Great, so cold water was totally poured on my idea. I know he didn’t mean to, but I could tell the idea didn’t thrill him.

So- we’re doing it anyway.

I mean, I enjoy football, but our trip seriously revolves around it- like SERIOUSLY. We’re flying from Minneapolis to Dallas to go to the OU-Texas game and then every Saturday from then on out is either spent at OU or traveling to Texas or Missouri for OU road games. Crap- we’re even cutting our trip to Colorado to see my grandparents short so we can make it to the freaking OU- Colorado game in Norman! Anyhow, I think if I’m doing all that (and then some- we didn’t even talk about the NFL stuff!), he can go to a freaking comedy club with me. I mean- who freaking doesn’t like to laugh!?!?! Everyone likes to laugh!

So, that’s my spill. We’re staying an extra day in Dallas too, so I’m going to see about doing something fun that day too. Sarah- I think running and sliding on your new wood floors would be fun that day!

All I know is that I’m homebound very soon. Everyone at work has made me feel EXTREMEMLY guilty for taking vacation and leaving them with my duties, but I’m at the point where I don’t care because I know a time will come when they will go and I will assume some of their duties- it’s all circular.

Okay, I realize this whole trip talk stuff was just mindless filler because I said I wouldn’t talk all dogs. So, sorry for the mindless filler. I’m secretly just using you to see what you think about the pups.

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anyone can be a parent!


They really do let anyone become parents these days.

I think there needs to be some sort of Parental Application we should all have to get before having kids. God would draw it up (because seriously, I think we would all piss our pants if we broke a Contract with God- right?) and we would sign it and then he would be like, “Thou shall spawn,” and Bam! You’re harvesting children in the womb and yelling at your husband to get more Cooler Ranch Doritos to go with your peanut butter.

I’ve seen kids younger than my sister walking around about to pop- oh, and sporting their “cute” little gray sweatpants that say, “Sexaay” across the butt, and I think, “Hmm, does that poor child have a chance?” When I say child I mean both the baby and…well..the other baby (the one wearing the sweat pants).

They really do let anyone become parents these days.

Well, “they” are at it again- this time with someone you know.


ep- someone you freaking know:


Don’t get your panties in a wad- I’m not Pregnant (ha ha, I bet I scared you though!).

However, I thought I’d ease you all into the idea of the weirdest person ever having kids and just stick with a dog for now- which, if you see things from my perspective is sort of like a trial run for the real thing- ie:

stick the kid in their little locked crate all day,

go to work,

come home,

feed it and play with it,

stick it back in the crate and go to bed- right?

What’s wrong with keeping a kid in a crate!? You people! Be open to unconventional methods! Gah.

Thankfully there is no Parental Application drawn up by God just yet- we were able to sneak by. I seriously feel like Will and I are about to become real life parents (everyone that really IS a parent simply laughs and says, “Pft. You’re an idiot and you really have no clue. At all.”)- hence the whole first paragraph about how they let anyone become parents these days.

So, as I said- we’re getting a dog. We’ve found a breeder and made contact, etc., but I I feel like we’re adopting a freaking real life kid from Sri Lanka or something!

Because we’re doing this all from Kuwait, it’s been a weird process. The breeder asks me what we’re looking for in a “child.” She asks for certain traits we like and don’t.

Do we like a smaller “child?”

One with a pretty face?



One that cranks out Show Tunes at the drop of a hat?

Jess- I hope your baby adoption process isn’t as painstaking as this dog process! (totally joking, I know your process is very detailed- and for good reasons!!!) She’s sending pictures in the coming week so we can take a look at our “little boy” options and make a decision as to which little doggie we want to make our own.

Seriously- just slap a moo moo on me, add 95 pounds and hair curlers, and the whole Mom thing will be complete (though I promise you all in real life I will never do any of those things as a mom).

Okay, okay. The truth is- I’m very excited that we’re getting a little pup. Here about 50% of you guys are either pregnant or are trying to be and I’m just now warmed up to the idea of “another little edition” to our family in the form of a dog. Ha ha, I seem to be behind the curve in that area, but that’s totally fine because there really is no curve on when you’re ready for parenthood- obviously- we just covered the 14 year old in Sexaay sweatpants.

I found a breeder in Oklahoma, and Will and I put a deposit down on a tiny little furry friend. We have no idea what we’re getting (boy/girl, playful/meek, singer/dancer...)- although we filled out the “Adoption Form” to the best of our ability. The lady has been great, and I can’t wait to get pictures of the pups they have. I’ll be sure to post them whenever I get them.

See! I’m already becoming parental! I devoted an entire freaking post to a dog- and now I’m all talking how cute he’ll be he and how I’ll post pictures so you can all see him and post obligatory “Aww what a cute dog” comments and such. Guys- please don’t let me become one of those obsessed dog people. You know the ones I’m talking about.

So- that’s my news. We own 1/3 of a dog right now- hopefully the cute face part.

Go ahead, contact the Humane Society and warn them about me. You know you want to.


I also wanted to extend a big shout out to my Okie friend Jacqueline that randomly found my blog the other day. What a small world! It was good to hear from you. When I got your feedback I was thinking about all our good memories growing up: children’s camp, Falls Creek, “dude and cool,” our mutual love for SS (how crazy that he’s married now!), and me trying to pay for a $16 pizza with a $4 coupon and 12 bucks. How funny. We had some good times and it was good to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well. Love, Dude.

PS- Do you have a blog??

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playing nice

After reading Jenny’s blog and her kind thoughts on blog friendships, I thought girl talk was the best topic for today’s post.

Friday night Will and I watched a Primetime Live called Cruel Intentions. It was about how vicious girls can be, and how they rip others to shreds and do some very shocking things! While I think we’ve all had our fair share of girl issues throughout our lives, I have to say- I think things have gotten even worse! I kept telling Will, “I’m so glad I’m not in high school anymore!”

The truth is, ladies- we are quite a group, aren’t we!? I’ll be honest and say I’m terrified of us! I really am! I’ve never had wonderful luck with girl friends. I’ve always had lots of friends that were girls, but only a small handful that I would ever really call dear and cherished friends. Like I said, we’re a scary bunch!

So many women I know enjoy criticizing other women. In fact, I believe a lot of times we get ready each morning for other women just so they can’t say something negative behind our backs! I think we could all agree the topic of we women and “our” (not really saying you or me, but more of a collective our) cattiness is one that we could write pages on, but that is not the topic of today’s post!

The topic of today’s post is how great this place is!

There are so many women on here that we probably don’t have tons in common with, but on a daily basis we’re reading, and encouraging, and interacting, and learning about each other. I think that’s so great. To be truthful, I’ve often wondered if blogs weren’t around and we were given a real life situation if we’d all interact the way we do. The truth is- I don’t know! I’m glad we don’t have to find out! This little women’s community has given me faith that large groups of women can totally get along and be a sounding board and not a big gossipy herd of hungry wolves. Don’t you just love this place!? I really do. You all have seen me through the best and worst and encouraged me just the same.

I look forward to the day when Will and I settle somewhere and I can find the same sort of friendship community in real life that I have here. Okay- I realize that sentence totally makes me sound like a hermit friendless girl that sits on the computer playing Star Trek with her Trekkie friends all day, but I promise that’s not the case! Hopefully you guys sort of get what I’m saying. I’ve lost touch with so many of my “real friends” during this transition, and having another place to fall back on has made my landing a lot softer than if I had nothing at all. Sigh… I’m really sounding like a loser! I hope you guys get my point though. Jenny conveyed it in a better way than I did here, but guys- I tried! smile

thanks for allowing me to get to know you through your daily postings. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot about myself in the middle!

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cleaning power for the modern woman!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

I’m inclined to agree, however, I couldn’t help but have to include a few other thoughts.

Yes guys- Barf dishsoap. What gets things cleaner than barf, afterall?

What can you count on to disolve that pesky baked on lasagna? Barf!

What gets you cleaner than clean- and leaves your hands silky smooth? Barf!

What has the variety of fresh apple or sweet lemon scents? Barf!

Okay, I could go on, but I think you guys get the point. A coworker took this picture at one of the local co-op grocery stores here. I died laughing and I thought you guys might appreciate this too. I’m going to have to randomly send this home to someone and give them a good laugh. That’s just funny stuff…

Forget the Palmolive- it’s Barf all the way

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