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to the nice gentleman i accidentally punked in front of all his friends yesterday

To the Nice Army Gentleman I totally Punked in Front of All His Friends Yesterday,

Guy- I am so so so so so sorry. Yes, that’s right 4 “Sos.” I still feel terrible about what happened yesterday. Man, you must have felt like such a loser in front of your friends, right?

Yes, yes I’m sure you did.

I’m sure you had those terrible flashbacks to kindergarten when Brandon Sellers told everyone you ate his boogers and everyone called you Brandon’s Booger Eater all year. Yep, it was like that but worse. Trust me, that was never my intention, though I’m sure you have a hard time believing it.

I know you have no desire to relive your humiliation, but since I’m posting about this for all the world to see don’t you think they need to be brought up to speed? It’s only fair, right? Assuming you agree, let’s update our dear internet friends so they can think I’m the worst person in the world too.

Okay internet friends- I totally called this guy ugly! Alright, I didn’t flat out say, “Wow! You so ugly that when you look in the mirror your REFLECTION puts on a paper bag!” but I did in fact say he was ugly.

He was a very nice gentleman and paid me a complement- something about how standing next to me made him look better. Well, then his buddy chimes in, “Is it working?” to which I blurt out a big fat rude sarcastic,

“Pft- NO!”

Okay, before you think I’m scum, read on.

Alright, now that my friends are updated, I can continue.

The look on your face after I said that made my heart hurt. I’ve never felt like a more horrible person in my life. You are a soldier protecting me and I responded with such rudeness! The truth is, you never allowed me an opportunity to finish explain what I meant. Granted, I can’t blame you. I would have been pissed off at the snobby blonde who thought she was a big hot shot too. What I MEANT was that standing next to ME wasn’t going to make you look any better because I’m by no means a hot girl!

See! I told you when I said, “No!” it wasn’t malicious! In fact, it makes perfect sense. Sadly, you’ll never know.

Your face was all red and you looked at me like, “Seriously, how could you totally make me look like a moron in front of my buddies?” Instead you’ll never have the courage to compliment a stranger again.

Ugh, Mr. Army Man I feel like scum and you know what!? I shouldn’t!! I only wish you would have let me explain. But no… so yucky scum feeling remains, and instead I’m sitting here forced to pretend you’ll actually read my blog and know the truth just to make myself feel a little better. I’ve never in my life been out to purposely hurt someone’s feelings (okay- those horrible junior high years don’t count) and knowing I did that makes me feel really bad! Here you are away from your family and friends and out of your comfort zone. Here I am a Christian out to show Christ and boy you didn’t see that in me, whether it was an accident or not!

Alright, so now you’re probably like, “Hey, Mr. Rude Blonde- don’t flatter yourself. I’m totally fine. In fact I was fine a minute after you said it.” And, I’m sure that’s what you would say, but for some reason I can’t shake my bad feeling. I guess it’s because of the look you gave me. It made me feel pretty low. So it’s not you- it’s me (ha ha, I always wanted to say that). I just felt the need for posting therapy, and posting my apology to you has made me feel slightly better.

So Mr. Army Man, I apologize to you. I hope you always have the boldness to speak kind words to others, it can really lift spirits. Thank you for protecting me and Will (okay, okay and Boz and Lucy too) and allowing us to live our lives. You are appreciated.

Your not so snobby friend,


moon over miami

Well it’s Saturday night in the big town and I wanted to get on real quick to post and say hello!

I had this great vision of posting all my pictures of the fun we’ve been having, only, when I went to get my camera adapter I realized I left it back in Kuwait. What a disappointment. Seriously. So- no pictures until I get back. I really wanted to share some pictures with you guys! Sorry, I’m whining.

We’re having a great time and enjoying every second of our trip. Well, okay, I’m lying. The humidity is kicking my butt and often has me in a snippy mood. You know, it’s funny. I can (somewhat) handle the 130 degree summers of Kuwait, but add in humidity and I’m done. I LOATE humidity. I don’t know how you FL girls (Christina, Melissa, Annie, Marisa) do it! I spent all day yesterday sweating all over myself while at the NFL experience. It was real sexy- let me tell ya. I knew it was bad when Will introduced me as his sister instead of his wife (kidding).

Anyway, enough about that. This isn’t really intended to be a “real post,” it’s more of a, “Hello! I suck and forgot to bring my camera thingy!” post. The only posting I planned to do on this trip was of pictures- ha, so much for that.

Well I’ll go for now. Will and I will be in matching white jerseys and blue warm up pants (it was Will’s idea to match! I knew he was overly thrilled about being here when he brought up the idea), so watch for us. Look up- FARRRR up.

Oh- I wanted to say the highlight of my trip so far has been going to Wal-mart. I gottal level with you, I hate that place when I live in the US, but love it so so so so so much when I’m visiting here. I went on and on yesterday about how great it was and how it was the happiest place on earth- and I wasn’t kidding. smile

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!

PS- I apologize for how crappy I’ve been at responding to you guys. I look forward to catching up and reading all I’ve missed the last 2 weeks.

More to come…

Go Colts!

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odds and ends? it just depends!

I gotta level with you, life has been pretty dull lately.  I almost feel guilty taking up space in the blogosphere with mindless chatter, but that’s never stopped me before- so why now?

Let’s see…

We’ve been letting Boz (AKA Booger- that’s for you Annie) n Lucy sleep in our room each night because it simply wasn’t working out in their other room. We get up at about 3:00 each morning (I know! It’s freaking crazy!), so come the weekend, they would be barking ready to be let out at the same time. You can imagine my mood. So, the pups upgraded and sleep in our room- and no, not with us. A few days ago Will came to bed after I did, so he was in charge of getting the puppies situated.

Let’s just say my poor husband failed.





Puppy Pad?


Close the bathroom door so the dogs don’t massacre our 32 pack of toilet paper?

Crickets chirping in the background…

Yep, Will dropped the ball. When I got up the next morning I realized- hell really did freeze over. The snow storm that enveloped Colorado made it’s way all the way to Kuwait, namely our bedroom (hmm- did anyone else notice my font change!? What’s up with that?).

What a freaking mess.

I don’t know why, but for some reason Will and I go through a lot of toilet paper. You’d think we were a family of 7 or something. We don’t buy the pansy 12 roll pack. That’s for kids. We buy the 32 pack- and boy did that bite us in the butt this week.

I was very annoyed that morning, but later in the day Will came to my camp for lunch and we had a good laugh about it. I bet the dogs sure did have fun! I think they even thought they had created a giant puppy pad because there were 3 pee spots among the snowy damage. Pretty funny.

Have I told you guys about our notebook?

Will and I have decided to keep a financial notebook this year. Our goal is to try our hardest to live off just our living allowance and not salary, so we keep seperate notebooks of everything we spend each day. At the end of the day we total the amount and at the end of the week we subtract our total from our monthly allowance.

You know what? It’s amazing to know what I waste money on! I don’t spend money much, but about 3 times a week I’ll get Starbucks. I never realized how much money I was drinking each day. The notebook has really been eye opening for us and in some weird way it’s made us closer. It’s sort of been fun sharing our spendings each day and totaling the amount and figuring out how we’re going to make it the rest of the month without dipping into our checking account.Like a team challenge (ha ha, I’m such a dork. I’m sure Will doesn’t see it that way). We’ve eaten at home a little more too. When you’re spending KD instead of dollars you don’t realize the damage you’re doing (1KD=$3.46!!!). All in all it’s been a good experience and made me a better spender.

What else can I bore you with?…

I’m still taking belly dancing, and I still look like an idiot. It’s fun though and that’s all that matters. They do this freestyle thing at the end of class where the instructor put on music and each person is supposed to listen to the beat and sort of see if they can incorporate the moves into the song, well let’s just say I hate hate hate freestyle time. I just stand there and the instructor is always like, “please dance!"Ugh, the longest 5 minutes of my life I tell you.

Did I tell you she doesn’t speak a lick of English either? The whole class is in Arabic- it’s so funny. I just stand there and have absolutely no idea what’s going on, so I just sort of wiggle around like she does, hoping I’m already doing whatever she’s saying. I’m having a lot of fun though and getting a good workout. I think I’m going to ask my mom and sister to go with me to one of the souks to pick out a pretty jingly skirt for my birthday. Those jingles really help keep the time.

Okay, okay, enough of this boring update crap. I have a secret confession: I’ve been lying about having nothing to talk about.

The truth is, I wanted to see how long I could type about nothing before people got bored and clicked without getting the news that lies below (ie: the boring odds and ends). Who knows why I’m such a dork, but I am. So- enough with the boring odds and ends crap. If you’ve made it this far you deserve better. Here’s the good stuff:

It’s official, I have to paint my toes and buy some sandals.

(and pack, and finish work stuff, and do stuff for my class, and, and, and)

We’re Sunny Miami Beach Bound Baby!

It’s been a whirlwind week, and a prelude to a whirlwind trip. I still can’t believe we’re doing it!
When I left the house Monday morning (Sunday night your time), the Colts were down. I left the house with the feeling that we might not be going. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad, I was just sort of neutral.

As I got to work, Will called with the big news- we were, in fact going to the Super Bowl. He was beyond excited, I wish I could have been there to see his reaction. It was really cute. He took the day off to make all the arrangments (which means I can’t complain if we’re staying in the ghetto or driving a beater rental car because I had no part in helping). I knew it wouldn’t matter if I helped when I got on to look for hotels and saw that a Days Inn was going for $350 a night during Super Bowl weekend. I told Will that if he didn’t find something outside of Miami we were going to have to sell Boz and Lucy to the state or maybe even a Chinese Hello Kitty store- seriously. So, we’re staying in the burbs and driving a little ways, but hey- we have to maintain our notebook integrity, right!? smile

We leave next Thursday and I’m so very excited. It will be a very quick trip, but I know it will be so much fun. Everything is good to go, so now we simply wait for Thursday! Okay, I’ll get off this manly, sweaty football talk (just typing about the Super Bowl makes me want to put some pads on and act like a savage- and we just can’t have that!), but I had to tell you our big news.

Before I sign off I want to share something Will wrote to our familes. He knew his parents (mainly his mom) weren’t thrilled with the fact that we were going, so he wrote our familes a short letter to sort of explain some things. I talk a lot about Will on my blog, but I thought it would be sort of neat to share something from him so you could know him a little better (Shh! Don’t tell him I shared this with you, though!). It’s nothing spectacular, but I thought it was good because as Will has said as long as I’ve known him, “Life is too short.”

To our Families:

Let me start this email by stating something that I hope you all realize about me already; “I am not a man who believes that either circumstances or events should shape or direct an individual’s life.  Instead, I believe an individual should rise above and even shape circumstances and events in their own life.” However, I do believe that events can act like mile markers in our lives, helping us to remember exactly where we were when something significant occurred, i.e.. the assassination of JFK, September 11th, and so on.
With that being said, Brittny and I have decided to create a mile marker in our lives.  On February 4, 2007, we will be in Miami, FL at Dolphin Stadium when the Colts take the field in Super Bowl XLI. 
I know exactly what your thinking, “Why spend a significant amount of money, just to sit in the end zone, when you could have saved your money and watched the game from the convenience of your own home(from what many would call a better seat)?” While I admit I see the logic in the previous question, I don’t consider sitting at home and watching the Colts participate in their first Super Bowl in 36 years memory making! 
When I considered the timeframe of 36 years, several thoughts came to mind.  The first was the fact that 36 years is 10 years longer than I have been on this earth.  The second was the thought of “the man in black hightops,” Johnny U, who lead the Colts to a victory in Super Bowl V, and the fact that his life has come and gone.  The third was the fact that 36 years ago the Colts were the Baltimore Colts, not Indianapolis.The Colts didn’t move to Indianapolis until Mayflower trucks transported the franchise from Baltimore in the middle of the night on March 28, 1984.  As you already realize, 36 years is a long time, and I know I would regret the decision not to go if the Colts took another 36 years to return.  There are no guarantees in this earthly life other than death, and Brittny and I are choosing to take a once in a lifetime trip that I will remember long after I am old and gray- gray meaning grayer than I already am smile

____ (from there on there’s travel info and other boring stuff that you don’t care about)_____

Love to all,

Will, Brittny, & the Colts...All Super Bowl Bound...Miami or BUST

P.S.  Don’t worry about my well-being if the Colts lose, I fully understand that the Super Bowl is still a game and anything can happen. I simply consider it joy to be able to watch them participate in the greatest single event in all of sports, however that doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing everything in my power to will them to their second Super Bowl Title smile

So there you have it. If you were wondering if we were going- we’re going. We’ll be there alright- clad in Colt blue and big smiles, ready to cheer them to victory. Our seats are horrible and in the endzone, so I doubt you’ll be seeing us on TV- unless of course we meet up with some rich executive that wants to lend us his box seats!

Since I’ve written a book anyway, want to know a cool side story?

My dad is a huge NHRA fan. This past summer he was in Indianapolis for their big racing thing (ha ha, love the technical jargon, right). Well, he was wearing a Kuwait T-shirt about one of the camps we work at and he got talking to someone about living there- turns out he was talking to the NHRA President! He let my dad and his brother sit in their suite to watch the races! Isn’t that the coolest thing ever!? He got to eat their food, use a real bathroom, and mingle with the “big wigs.” Too cool. I guess you could say that trip for him was sort of like this trip for us- something special he’ll never forget. Anyway, I doubt we’ll be as lucky as my dad, but hey- we can wish, right?

So that’s my update. Next time I post it will be from the beach with my freshly painted toes in the sand. Look out Miami!

Go Colts! Beat the Bears!!


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goin to miami!

The next time I post my immediate future will look a lot different than it does today.

The next time I post I will probably be surrounded by soft pillow-like walls, tapping a letter in code to the room next door so that they can relay a message to you.

The next time I post I may be in jail for deadly assult with a chicken thigh, and will be seeking your help to post my bail.

It’s semi-official.

We’re going to Miami (and if the Will Smith song just entered your thoughts don’t feel bad, I’ve been humming it all week now).

After lots of discussions and number crunching it appears I have lost my mind and have decided to “let” Will go to the Super Bowl.

Yeah, I hear your boos and hisses.

I see that fist you just shook at me.

Yes I know what this does for women around the world- trust me- I know!

Now our husbands will expect this sort of football support from us all time- you don’t think I thought about that before signing my dignity away! ? Well let me assure you, I did!

I simply caved.

I mentioned last week that seeing the Colts play in a Super Bowl been one of Will’s biggest dreams, and I really felt like I should make that dream come true if I could. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve gone from being totally jubliant about the decision to extremely edgy and irritated, but all in all I believe this decision was a good one and I know it’s a good one because it’s me being able to facilitate a dream for Will.

There’s only one catch-

Everything is up in the air.

Everything hinges on Sunday’s Colts vs. Patriots game. If the Colt’s win we go, and if they lose there’s no Miami. Another issue is my leave. I got it halfway approved (if there is such a thing) and have to wait until next week to know for sure. I’m asking for 5 days off (after just having 45 days off 2 months before!!), so hopefully I will have a compassionate boss. Like I said, everything is on hold until the Colts win and my leave is official. I placed the matter in God’s hands and know He will do what’s best.

Will is cautiously optimistic, but already looking for flights and tickets. His zeal for this opportunity has already gotten the best of him. Yesterday he called me to tell me he had found “great seats,” only they were a little more than we had anticipated.

Girls, I’m trying (REALLY trying) to be such a supportive wife about this, so in my best “supportive wife” voice I say,

“How much, sweetie?”

We then banter back and forth. Will keeps saying,

“Weeeelll, maybe I should just wait and tell you when I get home,”

to which I respond,

“No, you have to tell me right now so I don’t wonder all evening.”

Will finally agrees to tell me.

“Are you ready?”







Where’s that freaking supportive wife voice!?!
Supportive wife- where are you!?!?!

The supportive wife quickly responds to me with a- “Honey- I’m supportive but not that supportive- that’s down right ludacris!” She then exits stage left.

more silence.


I finally respond with a calm, firm,"You better be joking, Will.”

All of a sudden I hear an erruption of laughter.

Apparently I had been on speaker phone the whole time. Will just knew I would get quiet when he threw out that number so he had all his coworkers huddle around the phone to hear my response- which was exactly what he said it’d be.

Awww, he knows me so well. How sweet.


I’m not really in the joking mood about the money that this trip will require just yet (or ever).

Did I mention I’m a dichotomy of emotions right now?

My parents are excited for us, which sort of surprised me. I thought they might be more like me, thinking about the finances. However, they were really happy. They keep saying how excited they are for us and how this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that few people experience and how we should take it while we can. They’ve also graciously offered to watch the furry kiddos too, so that’s a relief.

So, putting a few things aside I’m getting a little excited. I realize a lot has to come together before I can really get excited, but until then I’ll take what I have.

Enough on that.

I didn’t do any of my goofy recording this week, so any important (ha ha) information I intended to post this week is gone forever into the abyss of sleep, work, and more work. How could I, right

Other than the Elephant Super Bowl issue that is hoarding the living room space, everything else in my life is pretty status quo:

-I’m have a horrible fat week that I wish I could blame on PMS, but sadly, I’m just sort of fat this week.

-All my good posting material- the ones I really wish I could share- I can’t because of the trouble it could get me in.

-Ah! Did I tell you I’m taking classes for my job? I’m taking an online class to get certified in my field. It’s a pain, but hopefully it will pay off when I look to find another job. I guess that’s new news.

-Will actually told Boz (his admitted favorite pup- is that terrible or what!? I think he’s evil.), “ I love you so much. I hope you never die, Boz.”

I just stared at him and said, “I don’t think you’ve ever said that to me- and you’re saying that to our dog!?”

He then rationalized that Boz is already like 3 years old and his lifespan is so much shorter than a human’s, etc.

Thanks hun, I feel a lot better.

I feel like I should be writing more, but that’s about it right now.

The next time I write a whirlwind trip to the US may be on the horizon…

Go Patriots! (ha ha, it’s not all bad that Will doesn’t read my blog, right!?)

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not much but everything

Here I am again, with my goofy recorder at my side sorting through the past week’s thoughts. I have a few that are worth sharing. Others- like how I think strawberry soy milk is amazing despite what my sister thinks- just aren’t (why would I even record myself saying that!?! I’m a little out of control with this recorder).

I had a slightly embarrassing moment about an hour ago. I had a free massage to use at my gym so I thought today would be a great day to use it- being that I’m off for the holiday.

Since this is my second massage I’m not freaking out about whether or not to keep my panties on like last time (btw, you can do whatever you want! Go figure), I’m a seasoned pro expecting no hiccups. I’m in the middle of my massage, totally relaxed and putty in the woman’s hands. She has me flip over, no big deal. It is then that I begin to realize the time and the fact that I hadn’t had lunch. I could feel my stomach just yearning to scream like a baby pig as she began on my legs.

She worked her way up to my stomach, pushing and massaging… and it starts. Now, I promise up and down it was my stomach growling out of hunger- but I think I’m the only one that believes that (seriously- it was I promise! If it wasn’t you know I’d tell you!). I make a comment that I must be hungry and that my stomach was growling to which the nice Filipino lady responds, “It’s okay ma’am, gas normal.”

So I’m in the middle of pure massage heaven and am accused of gassing up the joint. Do I correct her? Do I shut up and just enjoy the massage?? I opted just to let it go. I’m sure they are having a good laugh about me right now… it’s not the first and certainly not the last. I’m sure the massage therapists will be drawing straws to see who gets stuck with me next time!

Other than that “hiccup,” my weekend was nice- nice in that, “It was fine but I really don’t feel like disclosing every freaking detail so I will simply answer ‘nice’ to get you off my back” sort of way. The people I know in real life get “nice,” you, however, get more than nice. You get the Angular Hell Massacre story.

My sweet husband, bless his little Oklahoma-born heart, can sometimes drive me insane. As you may remember, the messy house situation has caused a few arguments in the last few weeks. We’ve finally agreed to get some help (she hasn’t started yet), but in the meantime I’m still the sweet Brittny you all know that occassionally morphs into psycho-green pea soup vomiting Brittny, very angry about the way the house appears. Will and I got in a little tiff about the apartment again this weekend.

“What can we do to make you feel better before the maid comes, Britter?” Will finally asked.

I sat there.

I hadn’t been asked that question in a long time, and once posed with it- I froze!

“What, you mean, you want to help me do something?” I asked, trying not to sound too surprised.


So- here I am thinking we could finally put away the 3 loads of laundry that are piled on the chair, swiffer the floor… maybe dust a little- you know “normal” cleaning.

Will, however, doesn’t want to do “normal” cleaning. My sweet Will never just wants to do normal cleaning, it’s always,
“Let’s dust the crown molding!”
“Let’s vacuum the vents!”
“Let’s take down the hideous curtains and wash them!”
“Let’s ask 3 neighbors if we can clean their floor with our toothbrushes!”

This, ladies… this is the reason my husband hates cleaning and gets burned out. It’s never just light cleaning, it’s an overhaul- no wonder he hates cleaning, right!?

Well yesterday was no different. Yesterday it was, “Let’s rearrange the living room!” The designer in my husband came alive (I didn’t even know a designer was in there!), and he began moving, and adjusting, and sweating… the final result was a totally different living room- one I hated.

Everything was all angled, tilted, just a little “off.” I told him we were in angular hell. I was already in a bad mood about the house, but then I got even madder because not only did I now have a living room I hated, I STILL had a messy house that Will hadn’t helped me with since he was rearranging everything. I tried to be nice about everything, but I know he could tell I was upset. He asked me to give it a few days to see if it would grow on me. I agreed- already having my mind made up.

Guess what?

Sometime between seeing Will off this morning and getting accused of gassing the massage lady I actually started to like the living room! I really do! Am I crazy!? My manly sports loving husband came up with a very cozy and funtional living room- I honestly can’t believe it. I called him and told him I had warmed up to Angular Hell and that I appreciated his efforts. Oh- I also apologized for being a big grumpy about the concept. Now not only do I have a Ty Pennington on my hands, but a big-headed one at that! He’s all proud about his angular living room. How funny.

Speaking of my crazy husband- he has the craziest idea in the whole world. Seriously- the whole world. This goes way, way, WAYYY, beyond wanting a TV. I wasn’t a dream-killer then, but I have to be a dream killer now.

If the Colts go to the Super Bowl, Will wants us to go. There, I said it. I said it without having to yell into a pillow 3 times before continuing calm conversation. I said it without having to calmly get up and dart to the kitchen to slam every available cabinet as loudly as possible. Sigh, I said it.

The Colts have only been to the Super Bowl twice- ages and ages ago. If they were to go again it would huge for the team- I mean who knows how long this super star team will continue to play together. Anyway, I recognize how “big” a deal this is, but there are FAR too many reasons we can’t just run out and go to the super bowl- one being finances, the other being the fact that I just started a new job coming off a rather generous vacation. There are dozens of reasons NOT to go, but I think you nesties get my point loud and clear. A trip like this would cost us a small fortune, there’s no way I could ask for a week off of work when I’m still the newbie. We haven’t really talked any more about it. I told Will if he wants to go, I want him to go, but “it won’t be fun unless you go with me,” he says. Granted, I wouldn’t want to take a trip like that by myself either, but there is no way I can go. Not unless some rich heir with money coming out his sink faucet wanted to offer Will and I spectacular jobs and throw in the super bowl as a freaking signing bonus.

Sigh, wishful thinking, right!? ha ha

Let’s get back to reality and entirely off that topic.

I read the greatest article this weeked while getting my hair done. I go to a British salon that has (surprise, surprise) all British magazines to skim. I randomly grabbed one (because for some weird reason British stylists don’t talk to you- they style) to cut the awkward silence and buried myself in the pages.

I came across one article and so badly wanted to rip it out of the magazine and take it with me- but don’t worry, I didn’t. I know how you guys get annoyed by idiots like me who just “HAVE” to have that recipe for London Broil we will never ever in a million years make but are convinced we should take it “just incase.” Anyhow, I sat there, reading the article, thinking, “Oh my freaking goodness! This is so true!”

Most women are envy pre-emptive.

The columnist wrote about how so many women today feel they have to downplay their lives in fear that the truth might spark envy in others. She explained that we all know the saying, “Pride comes before the fall,” and by saying everything is dandy in our lives makes us look a little full of ourselves, and so out of fear of becoming like the odd, creepy fight-all-the-time Samsonite couple down the street with those scary yard statues in their lawn, we pretend our life is just ho-hum.

Our husbands are lazy and never help around the house,
our kids are doing “okay” in school,
oh yeah, we forgot to mention that promotion because we were busy leading that less than average lives of ours.

I found the article very interesting because I’ve seen that a lot in my life. I’ve watched women interact with each other, being sure to carefully phrase their sentences about how smoothly things are going as to not lead the other woman to become envious or allow for an opportunity for her to say one day, “Ha ha, she became just like the Samsonite family.”

“Women are strange, strange creatures,” Will always says, and you know what? I often agree. I could go on and on about envy pre-emption but you get the idea.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, not much but everything.

I also have to put in a plug for my awesome blog friend Annie! Her daughters are selling Girl Scout cookies- so if you don’t have a friendly little girl scout in your neighborhood (or even if you do!)- mosey on over to her blog and put in an order! I ordered 9 boxes. I wanted to order 12, but I thought that might look bad for just me and Will. I could justify and say we’re going to be sharing with people… but… no.

Hope you are doing well. I look forward to catching up with you guys.

<3 Have a good week!

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Sheer Nothingness

Just some random thoughts today.

It seems as though I have turned into Encino Woman.

Yep, I’m some freakishly huge baboon whose gargantuan hairy knuckles are dragging the ground 5 feet behind me as I drool and form incoherent grunts.


(the sweet kindergartner teacher voice) “That’s good Brittny! You’re pointing to an apple. Can you say apple?”


“Yes, APPLE. Very good!”

That’s me.

Grunty Encino Woman Brittny.

I went out with my sister the other day and have concluded either I was raised by wolves who lived in remote caves or I’ve been frozen in some undiscovered glacier. I never thought there would come a point in time when I would be a dinosaur compared to my sister, but the day has arrived.

My whole life I was, Brittny the totally cool older sister that knows everything (okay- that’s totally my own definition, my sister would probably say otherwise, but work with me), but now… now I’m “Sister Brittny, the stiff uptight creepy woman that never leaves her house and will be featured on Animal Cops for malnourishing her 37 cats as well as letting them live in their own feces.” What a major title change- right!?

The other day my sister and I spent several hours together and it was then that I realized what a cavewoman I am and how my sister is totally way cooler than me now. We went shopping and she knew everything about everything:

There are only certain stores where one can shop.

You don’t wear a silky button up that ties in the front type shirt with a skirt- you totally wear it with jeans because it’s way sexier that way (duh! Everyone knew that right!?).

Leggings are in fact cool despite what I’ve been told since 1996 (note to self: buy leggings- leggings without stirrups).

I look like an idiot in vests, even if they ARE cool right now.

If you want to get a real education you go to school in England .

English boys are sleaze bags that try to hook up with anything that wears a skirt (or leggings… or probably even those silky button up shirts that tie in the front with a skirt).

Frappucinos are way better than iced coffee and you’re an idiot if you can’t properly order one at Starbucks (umm.. can’t order coffee at Starbucks without stumbling through my sentences at least 3 times).

My sister owns way cooler shoes than I have or could ever dream of having.

And about a million other things…I swear you know those cheesy, “Everything I learned from life I learned from a Teacher” posters? They should totally make one for P. I pretty much felt so uncool at the end of the day. Just call me Encino Brittny. I’m off to build a fire with nothing but a rock and straw.

What else…

I totally threw away an $800 check last week,

And no, I’m not kidding.

Will was soooo mad at me. (and I act as if this emotion is wrong)

My only saving grace was that we realized my idiocy before the trash man got it and bought himself an albino camel at the Friday Market.
There’s not much else I can say about this topic. I think the fact that I did it is enough embarrassment.

Memory foam is the most amazing thing EVER.

Think of the most amazing earthly thing ever…

Got it?

Memory foam is better.

Really! It is!

I’ve officially joined the Silver Senior Club (now I just need my freaking discount!). I never thought something like memory foam and fancy high thread count sheets would turn my nerve (I mean really!? Bed stuff!?!), but it has. Majorly. My parents got Will and I the gift of sleep this year and I’ve never been happier. I love going to bed. It’s like a major event for me know. I actually have to get ready to go to bed, and I don’t mean ready like brush my teeth and stuff. I mean ready as in, “am I decent enough to enter this fancy sanctuary?” Everyone needs a memory foam mattress overlay. It will do wonders for your life.

I have this deep rooted desire to play this anytime someone comes in my office while I’m in the middle of something (which is all the time).

Is that bad?

The rest of the scene is even better (minus the 50 thousand times he uses the F bomb), but I could only find this small clip online. I think it’s freaking genius. If you didn’t click on the link you MUST do so before continuing on.

My sister totally bought me this for Christmas. I’m such a dork. It truly is genius, though, and is just what I wanted! I mean- who DOESN’T want a tape recorder so they can record their oh so exciting life (ha) and be able to play it back to blog-right? I know!

I tried to record a message and upload it online, but I couldn’t find a place to upload just audio. What a bummer. I’m sure there are some places but I’m not a technical smartie.

I have about 50 million pictures I need to post, mostly of the cutest freaking things ever (no- I’m not talking about Will, I’m talking about my puppies silly!) but my internet is ridiculously slow (think a snail trying to move a 2006 Expedition uphill), so maybe next time. Here are just a couple.

Here is my precious Lucy after getting groomed. Isn’t the bow freaking adorable!? It was quickly destroyed by Boz. :(

My furry Boz. He’s a week younger than Lucy but about 2 1/2 times her size. He’s like a big cuddly teddy bear.

You shouldn’t even act surprised that we were given Sooner jerseys for our little pups. I know some of you are anti dog clothing, so to put your mind at rest these jerseys were quickly removed upon taking this picture (not).

Boz in the carrier my parents got us. Too freaking cute.

I guess I don’t need to answer your question about whether or not we got the freaking TV…
I won’t bore you with a post on how we got to that point.

By the way, I took that belly dancing class and in the words of Destiny’s Child, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”

ha ha. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little (alright- I’m TOTALLY exaggerating), but seriously I kicked some major belly dancing butt.


I looked like a complete idiot. Seriously. The ladies at the gym huddled around the classroom to watch me make a wiggly idiot of myself. Think this:

I DID say this was a random post, right?

Answer me this (it’s been perplexing me for a while now)- Why the freaking crap do you insert some keys with the teeth facing up and some with the teeth facing down!? I mean really!? My office is one way and my house is the other and I’m always inserting them face down which means 50% of the time I’m right (and 50% of the time I’m not ha ha). Seriously- what the crap!? Shouldn’t there be some key rule- especially when it’s freaking cold and your toes are turning to ice rocks and you’re standing there fumbling with a stupid freaking key!? I think that’s the dumbest thing ever. Yeah, I know you could care less about this paragraph, but posting is therapy, right?

What else…

I’ve resorted to mindless key talk- does that mean I’m out of things to talk about? Probably. I have a lot to talk about (really, I do!), but I’ve decided not to bore with usual life stuff- oh no, instead I’ve chosen to bore with stupid talk of keys! ha ha- everyone else is talking the birth of their babies (btw, congrats to T2!!) and I’m all about door entry.

I didn’t post last weekend (despite saying something like, “I promise to post every single weekend and if I don’t I will send you each a personal apology complete with marshmallow fluff and nutella."), but I figured it was a holidayish sort of weekend so I’d be okay. So- no written apology okay?

Alright, I know when I have nothing else to write about (and that was about 30 minutes ago...). Have a great weekend. Back to work for me :(.

More to come, promise

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a huge huge huge update

I’m alive.

I didn’t abandon my old life and run away to Spain with some sexy Spaniard that never wears a shirt.

I didn’t find a cure for the common cold and have been on tour to all major colleges doing speeches on my discovery.

Nope, nothing that thrilling I promise. Just work and life stuff.

Seriously, how do I properly begin a post after being gone for what seems like 3 years in Nest land!? I mean really!? By now half of you have probably announced you’re pregnant with triplets, and the other half has posted some huge make you kick your granny down confessional secret about how you hide fritos and peanut butter under your bed and ravenously binge in the middle of the night and it’s causing problems in your marriage because you’re sweating yucky frito smell through your pores or some other big and very important news.

I feel this immense pressure to say the right thing but who freaking knows what that is!?

I honestly can’t believe I’ve been gone from my favorite place for so long. I have missed you guys so much. I’ve missed just knowing you guys were so close- even though in reality you’re ages away.

I tried to post earlier and then it was sort of like, “Well, I’ve waited this long, plus I feel so behind… what’s another day, besides what would I say??” This has been my mentality for the past week (or two, or three…or I can’t even remember) I honestly can’t stand it…

Like I said- what am I supposed to write about? My absence could be a post in itself but who wants to read that “I’m so busy, blah blah blah” crap. Who freaking isn’t?? so,

Let’s just freaking dive in and pick up where we left off, sans the whole depressing uncle stuff. I figured since I’m unable to host a big party with cute little finger foods for you guys, the best way to reconnect is a I figure it’s time for an enormous Friday Monday Update.

Christmas in Kuwait

I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve been feeling slightly down this year since my Christmas will be spent in a place that doesn’t even celebrate it. No warmth and excitement leading up to the big day, no incredibly pre-packaged shallow commercialized event that has Jolly Ole St. Nick mugging you in the parking lot of Younkers so he can buy lovely Mrs. Claus some cheap vodka.

Ahhh, you gotta miss that Christmas cheer, right?

The truth is, I do. I know that’s not the “real meaning” of Christmas, but it is nice having Christmas on the forefront of your mind everyday. It’s so different here. I know Christmas is next week, but it just seems like it will be another day. I’m sure my attitude of having to be here during this time of year doesn’t add to the already morose atmosphere of all contractors within a 40 mile radius. Thankfully for me, though, I have my family here! I can’t even imagine how it must be for the majority that doesn’t.

My mom is spending Christmas in Colorado. My dad, sister, and Molly arrived in Kuwait last week, but my mom felt she should stay through Christmas, which is understandable (though now, however, I wonder if she’ll be stranded through new years with this blizzard!) So, she won’t be home for the actual holiday. We decided to go ahead and wait to celebrate until she got home, and on Thursday we will do just that. She gets the most joy out of everything anyway, and it just wouldn’t be right to have Christmas without her. I think Dec 25th might just be a lazy day for me and Will. The good thing is that since Kuwait doesn’t celebrate Christmas, every restaurant will be open and ready to deliver. We will probably just stay in and watch movies and eat...and eat… and eat. Christmas warrants a glutonous day, right? I’m thinking Krispe Kremes for breakfast (they just opened one in Marina Mall a couple months ago, so now we have Dunkin’ Donuts AND Krispe Kreme all the way in Kuwait!), though I think it would be fun to make pancakes (Will hates pancakes), followed by some terrible lunch and an even worse gooey, sugary, make your teeth melt upon sight late night snack in which we will call dinner. Then we’ll get to do it all over again on the 27th. Not too shabby if you ask me.

I think my sister’s boyfriend is spending Christmas with us this year too. I keep thinking we need to buy some fun games to play to initiate Z a little more into the family, but the price of American games here is outrageous. Will and I looked at the Sultan Center (like an Arabic Walmart but less screaming kids with snot hanging out of their noses, and less belly button lint protruding through pink spandex) the other day and some of them were as much as 75 bucks! What a rip.

On that same note, I reached to buy Will some American Orange Juice and was stunned to see it was a whopping 4.5 KD- which translates to $15.57. Can you belive that! I also reached for some US soy milk, only I saw it was 5.7 KD. After the produce guy helped me up off the floor, I opted to buy the EXACT SAME STUFF, only it has Arabic on the back instead of all English. Isn’t it crazy that it changes so much? It’s probably also because it’s produced somewhere closer, but really! Same brand and everything.

Hmmm… how did I go from Christmas to orange juice?… I’ve REALLY needed to post…

That’s the Christmas plan. I also think I’m going to take a personal day on the 26th so that should be nice too. Virtually everyone on my office will be gone this week (besides me and another guy), so I figured I might as well use my last hours before they go away on the 31st. I’m hoping to hang out with my sister and spend some of the gift cards I received aout 16 months ago or something like that. I’ve been anxious to use my Ikea gift card. The old Ikea closed here because they just opened a massive superstore last month. it’s very exciting. It’s attached to the largest mall in the country or some nonsense like that. anyway, that’s my ramble on Christmas.

Life as the Ball and Chain

Things on the marriage front are fine and dandy and pretty static. I think Will and I are at the point in our marriage where the goal is pretty much to drive each other crazy! ha ha. We’ve really gotten to know each other so much better this year. We’ve been on this big honesty kick lately. I don’t say that to mean, “Hey, why do we try being truthful with one another” as if we’ve been keeping big Maury Povich Show-like secrets. It’s more like, “Weeeeeel Will, since we’re on this “honesty thing (that’s what we call it),” it REALLY kills me when you pick the sock lint out of your feet and leave it on the floor (I’m even convulsing as I write the stupid sentence).

It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of annoying at the same time.

It still amazes me how much closer we are still able to get. It’s hard to think we’ll continue to get even closer as each month and year passes, but we will.

We’ve been talking about our future in Kuwait as well as what’s next for us, but things are still too sketchy to share because we still don’t know ourselves!

We’ve also been talking about our next mini-getaway which will “tide us over” until we’re able to go home for a real vacation. Will has left the decision up to me! I thought it was really sweet and I’m looking forward to it. It will only be about a 4 day vacation so we can’t go anywhere too terribly far. I’ve been thinking about Oman or Cyprus. Turkey and Egypt are also options, though I don’t think they’re really in the running compared to the other two destinations.

My sweet husband is currently passed out on the couch. We got up at 4 to watch the Packer’s game, but he slept more than watched.

Speaking of watched, Will now thinks we “need” a 42 inch plasma TV here. Now, I’m trying to be the nice supportive wife, but I nearly came unglued when he casually mentioned it to me yesterday in his typical, “By the way, R and I have been eyeing this overly priced, enormous TV for THE LAST THREE WEEKS and I just now thought I would bring it to your attention before I buy it tomorrow!!!!” okay,as you can see that’s my own rage and interpretation of the situation coming out, but it sort of went like that- only not really.

The whole thing upsets me because we’re here to save, not spend. Plus even if someone will buy it from us before we go home, we’ll never get what it was worth. We’ve aqquired so much “Stuff” since we’ve been here and that was never the plan. To me it seems stupid to buy a new TV when we already have a free one. Plus this isn’t our home so why spend money on a plasma TV we’re not going to keep?? Now I’m faced with a decision, should I be the wonderful wife that supports the TV decision or am I the dream killer? Such pressure! I’ll have to let you know how that goes.

The Other Ball and Chains

The dogs are totally classified as another ball and chain. I swear, it’s like we just had 2 children only they’re hairy and instead of crapping in a diaper they crap all over our floor. Gosh they’re cute though.

Boz and Lucy got their adult desires taken care of last week and I’ve been sleeping much better. I’m a little sad because the whole event truly deserved it’s own post but now it’s a little after the fact. I’ll simply tell you the place is super sketchy (but apparently very reputable). The vet came out in a greasy smeary butcher’s apron with feather’s stuck to his shoe and might as well have asked if we wanted the veal instead of when we could pick up the dogs following surgery. I felt apprehensive about leaving the pups at The Deli, but thankfully all ended well. Lucy gets her stitches out next week and we’ll finally be able to bathe them. They’re turning gray. Poor little cute uglies.

I mentioned that my family brought Molly along to Colorado. At first I had wished they would have just left her with us because I figured she’d be more of a liabilty than anything, but apparently Molly’s presence was a blessing. Malteses are so friendly, and Molly is no exception. She brought comfort to a lot of people. My dad said there wasn’t a moment in which she wasn’t being held by someone in the family. They just loved that little furball. I was glad to hear that. It’s amazing what joy a dog can bring (though I’m not thinking about joy when I’m wiping poop out of their tiny little butts- trust me). I only wish our poor dogs weren’t so stupid… really- they’re cute but pretty dumb. My deep question is: How in the world can such tiny dogs poop sOOO freaking much!?

Maid Clean

The dog’s messiness has been a point of contention between me and Will. The stinky dogs that crap everywhere and the fact that ever since I got this new job I’ve been too busy and tired to even thinking about maintaining a decent house has pretty much set the stage for arguments.

Our poor little abode is a sad sight. The only reason I’m glad we don’t have friends here is because I would absolutely die if someone ever popped in and saw the horror. They might go blind. It really looks like our house threw up on itself. It’s an embarrassing mess.

It looks a little like this: 

only it’s no longer confined to the dog’s room and there’s a little less pee on the walls. Okay, so I might be exaggerating a little , but the house has put me in a terrible mood, which puts Will in a terrible mood, which just makes us big “Yucky Moods” sitting in a big yucky mood apartment.

On average, the house has caused about an argument a week, and if I do the math it adds up to too many messy apartment fights in a year and that equals needing to make a change.

Virtually every contractor here has some sort of a housekeeper (that is no exaggeration). We’ve truly been the minority the past year and a half. People look at me weird when I say we don’t have one as if to say, “You’re a freaking moronic idiot. Why WOULDN’T you have one here?”

I respond with, ”Thanks guys. Why don’t you tell me what you really think?“

I’ve always had that holier than thou, “I don’t need someone else to take care of my family, “ blah blah blah crap attitude. The truth is, I do need some help and there’s no shame in asking for it- especially over here! For about $75 a month we can have someone come clean our house once a week. If you ask me, that’s a steal. It’d almost be weird NOT to take advantage of such a good deal- just like everyone has been telling me for months.

Will has been adamantly against a maid because he doesn’t want someone coming in and cleaning our super fancy company issued stuff (ha ha), but I think he realizes if he wants a happy wife (and in turn a happier life for himself), he’s going to have to budge a little on this one. I’ve been about as unbearable to live with as the house has been. Alright, maybe I haven’t been THAT bad, but it has made me edgy and there’s been no need for Will to pull the “Since we’re on this ‘honesty thing’” conversation because I already know it without him having to point it out.

So- the problem has been solved. Thank goodness for inexpensive help. I think Will will scoop this woman up in his arms and thank her for giving him his wife back. ha ha.

A Diet Called Work.

I’ve found the most amazing diet, guys! It’s called Work- guaranteed to whip your body into shape (or cause an ulcer) or your money back. I’ve been on the work diet for about a month now and have never received more compliments. (I’m grumbling to myself because this deserves to be it’s own post but I have too much to cover to do it proper justice) This diet consists of being too busy to indulge and therefore eating strange concoctions like tuna & chickpeas for lunch to ensure fiber and protien consumption, or strange liquids just to add to the day’s calorie count.

The truth is that I’ve never been healthier. I’ve been too busy to idly snack, and have brought healthy lunches with me so I could continue to work without stopping to grab something greasy and carb filled.

I also feel like my weight lifting is FINALLY starting to pay off. I can tell a difference in my body and strength. The Work Diet coupled with the weights have really made a difference. The trouble is that I bought a lot of new clothes on vacation and am going to have to mess around with getting them altered. I guess that’s a good problem though.

I’ve also finally mustered up the guts to take that belly dancing I mentioned, oh, about 3 months ago. I got the schedule and told my sister I’d pay if she came along with me (that way we can stand in the back and laugh at me). I like to dance but dancing doesn’t seem to like me. Nonetheless I’m really excited about the class. It’s such an ancient tradition and to learn from a real life Arabic woman while I’m in the Middle East is just too interesting to pass up. It just seems cooler to actually learn it where they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. Plus, i’ve heard rumors that the recently elected religiously conservative sect of government would like to outlaw belly dancing, and if that’s true I better learn while I still can.  How could I skip out on belly dancing even if I do look like a wiggly pasty white donut, right? Exactly. My first class is next week.

The Fam

Things with my family are okay- as good as can be expected I guess. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks but it just drives home the fact that I’m so thankful for the support I have in my family.

Today, however, has been another one of those difficult days. Not so much for me, but for my mom and dad as well as my mom’s entire side of the family. In an almost ironic tragic fashion, another extremely close family friend was killed in an accident on his farm (which is how my uncle was killed) late last night (yesterday afternoon your time). I got the text this morning and just couldn’t believe it.

My mom comes from a tiny little town in Colorado and it’s unsettling to think that in less than 2 weeks that small town has lost two of their friends. It was such a surprise to read. I haven’t talked to my dad yet (it’s still early here), but I know this makes things harder for my mom since she’s grown up with this person. Please just say a prayer for this little town and the community members as well as the S family. Sorry to be a downer! I just know my mom’s side of the family is already aching and then to lose such a close friend makes things so much harder. Okay, enough of that. I just needed to get it out.

Let’s Lighten the Mood

Last weekend Will and I went to my parent’s house to check on everything and hang a friendly, “We missed you sign” up. I thought it would be nice of me to be a good and responsible daughter, you know to help out and remind my family why they keep me around, so I decided to wash the few dishes my mom had left behind so she wouldn’t have anything to do when she got home.

However, I’m lazy. Why hand wash a whole whopping 5 dishes when instead I could pop them in the dishwasher and forget abut them, right?

My point exactly.

I put the dishes in the washer and started a hunt for dish soap.

No dish soap.

“Hmm, no dish soap…”

I begin to search under the sink for liquid dish soap- because that’s as great as the powder, right?


I fill both of the little soap slots with liquid dish slots…

Do you see the disastrous turn this story is taking?

Why didn’t you stop me then!?

I start the washer and all is fine, oh, until about 10 minutes in.

I walk in the kitchen and see little bubbles begin to peek out of the washer. In my normal Brittny fashion, I panic like young husband in the tampon aisle.

I stop the washer and assess the damage- all the while bubbles are pushing their way out of the washer. What a mess, guys. I had to scoop out bubbles by hand and put them in a trash bag. There are a lot of things that got me to the point and failed (like putting the bubbles in the sink and running the water to get them to “pop” yes, I realize that was really stupid, and no, it didn’t work). I finally give up and do what I tried so hard to avoid- hand was the dishes. I then realize that no matter how much I try, those bubbles are going to stay put. I left the washer open and said a prayer that by the time my dad and sister came home, all the bubbles would be gone.

Apparently they were. Thank goodness! That’s my bubble nightmare story in a nutshell.

Odds and Ends

-Work is keeping me really busy. I’m trying to be a sponge and soak everything up I can so one day I can take what I learn and make it a career.

-I’m reading a fascinating book on eschatology (wow! You guys didn’t know I was a smartie did you? Ha ha). It’s the second I’ve read since vacation. It still blows me away to think I’m living in a place where there is so much past history that still affects today and the future. Craziness I tell you!

-Winter is amazing here. I truly enjoy being here this time of year (minus the whole Christmas thing). My dad, Will, and I had Hard Rock for lunch yesterday. Afterwards we took a walk along the beach (not on the sand but on this walk way sort of thing). There were so many “picnicers” enjoying the day. They sun was shining, and it was just a beautiful day. I wish I could have shared it with you. If only Kuwait were like this longer.

When am I going to freaking post next already!?

Sadly I think I’m going to become a weekend poster. I hate that, but it seems as though that’s the way things are going. Let’s hope not, but if that is in fact the case, I promise to be better about posting and feedback. Let’s face it, I’ve been a sorry excuse for a blogger. I won’t be AS sucky from now on, okay? Plus I think my sister did in fact get me a voice recorder as I requested (since I’m a blogging nerd) so I won’t forget all the important crap I want to talk about. I’ve missed you all so much. I hope I haven’t missed too muh I really love you guys and the community we share. To the sweet friends that wanted to make sure I wasn’t stranded in the desert with a volleyball I had affectionately named Wilson, thanks for your caring hearts. I needed that last week. <3

Have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to hearing about it.

More to come… (I promise)

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stop and smell the roses

Somewhere between my last post and today things got jumbled.

I never knew what it was like to have a “real person” grown up job until now. A job where you feel like you’re wasting time peeing because you just have to forward such and such to so and so at 10:51 on the dot or they’ll throw a hissy. In fact, that was going to be the topic of today’s post:
How to Know You’re Entered The “Real World.”

In between those pesky bathroom breaks, scarfing down South Beach meal bars at my desk for lunch, and intrusive office visitors, I had compiled a list of things that are certain to clear any doubt about whether or not you’ve entered the Real World. Today, however, I just don’t feel it’s right to post about such things because in some ways I was reminded of just what I had intended to poke fun of- the real world. life. all that stuff.

My uncle was killed in an accident Tuesday afternoon. I don’t write that for any “I’m so sorrys” “I’ll say a prayer” or anything like that. i just felt the need to write it because, well, Welcome to the Real World Brittny. What a slap in the face kind of shock, you know?

He left behind a wife and a tiny baby inside her womb he’ll never get to meet. It’s so easy to ask “why” when I think about the freakish circumstances that caused the accident or when I think about B, his pregnant wife who will be left to raise their child alone. I know the real life answers. I know God and I know that His ways are not our ways and everything else, but “why” is still easy to ask.

I guess I’m writing this depressing post, one whole week after writing absolutely nothing, just because something like this makes anyone realize what’s important. That to me is knowing God and loving my family and others. Sometimes I forget one. Sometimes two. Sadly often times it’s all of the above! Why is that? I always thought the stupidest saying in the world was, “Sometimes the people you love the most are those you hurt the most,” but I’ve found it has some validity to it. Isn’t it sad that something like a death makes me realize that I should freaking let go of my constant worries and busyness and just live and love? I guess a lot of people are probaby like that… I don’t take time to enjoy the small things enough and that’s such a shame. It’s those little things that add up to so much and i’m blowing through them like a sandstorm in July- and for what? So many things I invest my life in won’t amount to anything in the end, you know?  I guess I’ve just done some “life thinking“ today…

My mom, dad, sister, and Molly flew out last night to be with my family. Yes, they took the pup. I tried to get them to leave her, but they wanted to take her along. Maybe Molly will bring some comfort. I sure hope so.

Today was a lot better than Wednesday (that being the day my dad showed up to my office in tears to tell me what had happened as I was sleeping the night before). We took the pups to get their kennel cough vaccination and then scheduled them both for

I’m sure I’ll talk more about that when I’m feeling more like my normal self. They’ll be going in together next weekend, so we’ll have two little fixed babies by next Friday.

They were precious to me last night as I lay on the bed crying on Will’s lap. I’d been resigned to the fact that we simply had dumb (but super cute) dogs, but I think they sensed my saddness and were the most loving little pals I could have asked for. So- maybe my dogs aren’t as dumb as I initially thought. Again, that should be a post in itself- my dumb but cute dogs). Remind me of all this future posting crap or I’ll forget.

I haven’t had any major revelations about my new job yet. As I’m sure you can tell it is keeping me really busy. I gotta level with you- I like the work a lot more, but my stress level has heightened a little more and has not allowed for any extra cirricular activities- even when I’m freaking taking a lunch I’m typing away. Anyway, I hope I will at the very least make time to come home and post during the week. It seems to be the last thing on my mind anymore. ME! Brittny!! The freaking blog-a-holic! Can you believe I just said that? See, that’s one reason I know I’ve entered the real job world. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be better at posting and responding. I’ve seemed to suck as of late. I feel far away from you guys and it makes me sad.

I feel a lot better for getting my thoughts out on virtual paper tonight. I want to tell you all so much more, but I think you sort of get what I’m trying to say. The tragedy of suddenly losing a loved one is never an easy thing, but thankfully I’m loved by a lot of people that have been willing to give me big hugs.

Thanks for listening today. Let’s all resolve to enjoy our life today and tell our family we love them.

Have a good day. I’m off to lift weights and then come home and hang out with my husband and soon to be fixed pups.

I love you Mom, Dad, P, Molly.

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sink or swim

I’ve been a baby snatcher, but now I’m a coffee snatcher and I feel like huge coffee snatching dork.

This morning one of my former coworkers came in with 2 steaming Starbucks coffees. One happened to be for my new coworker. He handed it to her and set the other cup down.

I joked about how thoughtful he was for bringing coffee. I then reached for the 2nd cup and was all like, “So what did you bring us!?” As I pick up the cup I realize it’s almost empty. He then was like, “Oh, uh, I didn’t bring you anything. Sorry. I just stopped by because I told _____(my new coworker) that I’d bring her coffee.”

Ugh, rejected by a Grande Mocha Latte with skim milk and 3 sugars. Could things get any more awkward!? Here I was thinking I was going to get a morning surprise by my old coworker only to be pushed to the back rack like priced slashed white linen capris in the middle of December. What a way to start the morning. I could have used a big flavored coffee too.

I must say, I felt very loved and remembered by the many responses and questions regarding my new job. The fact that you guys remembered that I got a new job really touched my heart. I know that may seem silly, but half the people that I know in real life didn’t even remember, so when you did, I felt loved.

The truth is, it’s only my 3rd day and I feel like I’ve got about 3 weeks of blogging material! I’m not really sure what to say and where to start. I will simply say, I think I’m going to enjoy my job. The things I’m learning here are building blocks I will be able to use anywhere and that’s always a good thing.

The office dynamic, however, is a different story. I think the for the most part the office is a great group of people, but I think I just happened to start at the worst time. I guess there have been some things mounting and then yesterday they just exploded. Half the office was in tears, and today has been the same scenario with an investigation, an administrative leave (the person this is happening to was my trainer, which means I have no one to show me my job), and a termination- and then Here I am, goofy Brittny in my own little ivory tower world with absolutely no clue about what is going on!

I swear, the second I walk into an office trouble ensues! I must be a big black storm cloud walking from place to place tossing lightening bolts at people or something. What bad luck.

So, my first few days have been sort of a whirlwind and I feel like I’m being thrown in the fire.Talk about sink or swim! The one person that knows their job and is supposed to show me what they do is going to be gone and I’m left to figure it all out myself.

There you have it. My first few days in a nutshell! I feel pretty clueless about everything, but with all the madness it’s probably a good thing. I only wish I knew my job better, but maybe this is an opportunity for me to shine? I hope so. I have this terrible feeling like I know I’m supposed to feel stressed because I know the enormous pressure on this department and my position, but I have no idea what to be stressed about, so I’m just sort of in a holding tank.

Are you sorry you asked about my job? Ha ha, I had no idea it would be like this either, but I have to believe once this all blows over it will be okay and I will enjoy what I’m doing. Let’s hope so, right!?

I hate job talk.  I know I’m boring you all to tears, but it felt good to tell someone my day. I obviously can’t tell anyone outside my department about the overhaul that occurred today (though they’ll obviously find out on their own), so I feel a little relieved getting it all out.

If only I had the slightest clue what I’m doing.

Just look cute, smile, and pretend- right?

Let’s hope so.

PS- I forgot to wear deoderant this morning. Ugh.

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kicking and screaming

I’m about as freaking tired of writing these “catch up” posts are you are of reading them.


So who cares that I went to Bricktown and ordered the Cedar Plank Salmon and almost had a Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally orgasam moment!?!?! NO ONE! So why am I posting about all that boring life crap? I have no idea, but I am today, so just read knowing I vow not to post boring catch up life crap for a while.

Here I am, back in Kuwait (woo.).

So many people I know have been like, “Isn’t it nice to have a vacation from vacation!?”

“Doesn’t it drain you having to go on vacation and be pulled a million directions?”

The answer to all of these questions are, “You’re an idiot, and no.” The truth is I’ve pretty much been kicking and screaming ever since I got back! I do have to say, though, I’m much better this time than I was last time. I was such a mess last year when we came home. I think I cried every other day for 2 months straight. It was really hard coming home last time, and although it was just as hard this time, I’ve handled it much better. I already miss the freedoms I had in America. I miss Taco Bueno, my family, and I miss my church so very much. I miss so many things already but like I said, I’ve been much ebtter about it this time! Oh- and as crazy and pathetic as it sounds, I knew I was going to come back to my “friends (you guys)” who I actually missed. Gosh, i’m such a loser.

Okay, so… where to start…

Dinner with Dr. Vet and Raymond was wonderful. It’s so funny how I build things up and then they are the total opposite of what I envision. It didn’t start off so blissful, though. They were an hour late and I was pissy about the whole thing. I ketp staring at th eMarble Slab across the street as each minute went by, but Will wouldn’t let me go. Once they finally arrived we had a good time.

I like Raymond- probably too much. See guys, I have a confession. I think I like people TOO much- and yes, there is such a thing. I tend to attack people with friendliness and honestly, I’m sure there are times when people woudl rather be running and screaming into a serial killer’s house than have to hang out with me. Okay, maybe not, but I do have a tendency to come off a little strong when I first meet people and like them.

Here I was freaking planning their wedding and acting like we’re going to be family for life, and she’s like, “Um, I think I’m going to get the asparagus instead of the salad.” Hopefully I didn’t scare Raymond too much, but I can’t be sure because even Will was like, “Uh- could you please get off her freaking leg! you’re like a male St. Bernard that just reached sexual maturity!” Anyway, dinner was good and hopefully I didn’t come off too strong- though I’m sure you’re allr eading this and thinking i’m a complete scary weirdo.

The other night Will physically threw me out of bed! It scared the crap out of me! he was having a bad dream and all of a sudden he starts kicking and yelling and flailing and before I know it I was shoved off the bed. I yelled at him to wake up and he finally came to. I was so scared! I think he was a little freaked out too! I ended up sleeping in the other bedroom because I didn’t want him to have another nightmare and push me off the bed again! I have no idea why I just bored you with that…

I think we’ve all had enough of this catch up stuff.

Let’s skip all this crap and get to the present.
So… here I am, back in Kuwait. Like I said, it’s been hard, but I’ve been handling it better than last time. I saw my family last night, and that was very nice. I really missed them. They are loving and spoling Molly (btw- they changed her name, they too thought it would be confusing to have 2 Lucys) already. We’re having Thanksgiving over there and i’m looking forward to it. i’m even making the turkey! Will loved it so much last year that he’s requesting it again.

I have about a million more things I feel I need to say, but it seems like I can’t get ahead! hopefully now that I feel caught up in my blogging life I will be better at piecing things together and posting about them. Oh- speaking of that- I truly am a blogging addict. I know you might have thought I was kidding about the tape recorder thing… I wasn’t. I think P is getting it for me for Christmas. I’m so ashamed. At least that should mean I will be a better blogger!

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