Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks


Hello friends!

Today I’m 34.

Officially “mid-30s.” (Face palm)

Side note- can you believe I started this blog when I was 21!? Who chronicles anything that long these days? I feel like my posts should be encyclopedia-ed in a library or something.

Anyway, in years past, thought I’d share some deep thoughts (ha) as I head into this new year.

1.I’ve been very blessed to have my grandparents in my life as long as I have/did

I lost one of my grandparents last month and realize how truly blessed I’ve been to have three of the four alive up to that point.

I was able to see my grandma just a couple weeks before she passed, for which I’m thankful.

“>Grandma 💗
Will and I also made a road trip to Iowa last fall to see my Gran. I'm so thankful for that time and those memories!

💗 Gran

I’m also very close to Will’s grandparents, and treasure them as my own.

To be 34 and have 4 special grandparents in my life (my grandpa, gran, and Will’s grandma & grandpa) sure is special, and I’m very thankful.

2. Will is genuinely surprised by my OU fanaticism.

A few years ago, when OU was struggling, Will opted to sell our last two home game tickets.

That’s blasphemy, y’all.

You don’t just sell your tickets because your team stinks!

Will was completely shocked by how strongly I felt about going.

See, Will is what I consider a “real and educated” fan. He loved them in the 90s just as much as he does now, guys.

If you know OU football in the 90s, you know that means a lot.  He knows seemingly everything about OU football, and I love it.

Anyway, he also listens to a radio during the game so he can hear the play-by-play.

Since he listens to the radio, he never realized how colorful my commentary is for the poor souls that sit behind and in front of us.

Nothing inappropriate, of course, but I’m rather talkative and lively.

Confession: I even sometimes annoy myself.

All this time he had no idea. Haha

The people around us, however? Yeah, they knew.

So yeah, while I’ve always been an OU fan (I say that loosely), I mostly married into the crazy.

However, my love for OU football has honestly become all my own over the last several years. It makes it that much more fun!


3. I’m harder on myself than I realize.

I never give myself enough credit. I’m always convinced of the worst. Quite a pessimist at times, which is strange because I generally try to think positively!

I honestly need to cut myself some slack sometimes. Take a deep breath. Not be so darn tightly wound.

For some silly reason I feel like I work for the Counter Terror Unit (that’s for all my old Jack Bauer 24 fans out there 😊) where I can’t take a single day off without the nation going into a tailspin.

It’s ridiculous, really.

One of the things about coming back to this job was that I knew I was going to have to be better about not driving myself crazy. Not putting too much on myself or worrying about everything.

I’ve done better, but I’m still not there. I’d like 34 to be the year when I do better and let go of some of those things. To pray more and just let go of so much of what I can’t control.

In fact, things are crazy at work right now. The old me wouldn’t have taken today off. The 34 year old me took it off anyway even though I’ll be checking email all day. I’d say I’m off to a good decent start!

4. Two Words: Mascara Primer
I’m not kidding. I discovered the fantasticness of daily mascara primer at 33 and I will never.go.back.

What’s a mascara primer? It’s basically a bra for your lashes.

Real life.

I honestly thought it was an unnecessary splurge, but guys- it’s kind of a must, especially if you’re like me and never leave enough time in your morning to apply eyeshadow.

Not all primers are equal.

I’m a Mary Kay girl through and through, but honestly you can’t beat the Lancôme CILS mascara primer.

Line your eyes, curl your lashes, prime them, & add mascara. Trust me here. Game changer.

5.I actually think I’m pretty good at what I do
Coming back to my old job kind of fit like a glove.

I know what I’m doing, and I’m comfortable doing it. In fact, I was blessed to even get a promotion after being there less than a year.

Remember #3? I’m often too hard on myself and I need to remember I’m doing a good job and it’s ok to take a breath every now and then. I need to pray more, worry less. Trusting God with my job.

As crazy as it may seem, I distinctly remember praying for my future job when I was a teenager. I had no idea what I was going to do (Um, and I still don’t) but I remember praying for the job I’d have one day.

Guys, He is so faithful.  I honestly had no idea how 15 years later He would so richly answer my teenager prayers.

I could tell you it’s all because of my awesome smarts (um- it’s not) or communication skills (again no) or my “can do” attitude (nope, nope, and nope), but it unequivocally is none of those things.

It’s completely God’s faithfulness and provision, equipping me and helping me each and every step of the way.

6. In follow-up to #4
Since I already talked about my must have primer, I might as well share some more of my favorites for with my favorite 30 something gals.

Smashbox Primer Oil
I got this as a sample in my Ipsy several months ago and kind of forgot about it until this year.


For my dry skinned girls, this is the bees knees.

My skin is super dry and makes me look way older than 34. My eye lines and forehead lines get so dry, and translucent powder atop my foundation just magnified the problem.

This primer is aces to help give extra moisture for these areas and hydrate all day with a beautiful but subtle glow.

I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive, and was a birthday gift to myself this year (plus a tube of mascara primer 😊). I bought it for my “free” Sephora birthday gift.

For me, it’s a luxe item, but I think it will last forever.

Knock-off Beauty Blenders
I usually tend to these things are sort of unnecessary, however a lot of the cheap ones work really well and give a beautiful, air brush flawless coverage. I got a Mint Pear blender in my Ipsy and really like it because it has a more contoured side for eyes and nose, but a larger side for the rest of the fact.

Mary Kay Repair Eye Cream & Night Treatment

I’m Mary Kay through and through when it comes to skincare. As a consultant,my loyalty lies with all their products, especially their skincare.

Their new line for “mature” skin is out of this world.

I don’t use all the products in that line just yet, but I have incorporated a couple of them into my daily routine and THEY WORK.

Their night cream is ridiculous. It has retinol and a host of moisturizing goodness to improve texture, lines, age spots, and damage.

It is pure fantasticness AND cheaper than the currently popular Rodan & Fields.

Their eye cream is equally potent. Sadly, due to the fact I treated my skin like crap in my teens (hello tanning beds!) plus genetics, there’s not a lot of hope for me here to some degree, but I’m thankful for the options I have that help!

7. I’ll never enjoy hot weather


I hate hot weather.

I wither like a wilty flower.

I melt like a sno-cone in Phoenix.

I turn into a puddle of humid-y sweat and become quite the grouch!

It’s awful y’all.

It’s already been near 90 this year and everyone’s all,” It’s gorgeous outside!”

No. No it’s not.

A couple of us have been taking a quick break to walk a mile during the work day. It’s been so wonderful!

We sit hours on end each day, and many doctors claim desk jobs can be just as dangerous as smoking!

It’s been good to stretch our legs, get moving, and reduce stress, even if it’s just a few minutes.

The problem is...summer is approaching.

I’m not into sweating in work clothes (um or ever aside from the gym)…

But, I’ve come to crave my daily walk and can honestly attest to the benefits!

So I might have to see about going earlier.

This heat thing isn’t something I learned over the year, but it’s definitely been reaffirmed.

If it hasn’t changed now, it never will.

So if you invite me for a summer BBQ, let’s pretty please eat inside. Or at midnight.

(And as an aside, turns out I shared this exact same thing on my 32nd birthday. 😂 See? Some things never change)

Drinks are my jam.

Over the last year, I’ve become quite the drinker.

Hot flavored teas, cold flavored teas, coffee with a smidge of creamer…

All the caffeine-y drinks.

Don’t worry, I realize these can become a calorie trap. It’s all about moderation, and I find a sweet drink treat can help fend cravings in the afternoon.

My current favorite? Celestial Seasonings peach tea with a shot of Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream. At 30 calories it keeps me from donuts that abound in the break room!

9. Keep it Short & Sweaty

My workouts completely changed in my 30s, especially last year. While I enjoy longer workouts on the weekend, I’ve really begun to emphasize short and sweaty workouts.

I choose not to make time for long sessions during the work week but have not at all seen my weight go up.  In fact, I’ve read lots of reputable articles that attest to the value of short, quality workouts.

I limit them to 30-35 minutes and move pretty much the entire time.

My favorite right now? Les Mills GRIT Strength. Look it up on YouTube and take a “class” at home.

It’s awful in the best way possible.

10. By and large, I’m done with today’s Christian literature

Since entering my 30s, my heart has shifted regarding Bible study.

There was a time in which I relied heavily on today’s Christian authors to help me understand the Bible. However, a lot of books being published by “Christian” authors today are misguided at best, and heresy at worst. Quite frankly, it’s alarming.

The Lord has certainly raised up pillars of the faith who speak Truth. Their words, books, etc. can certainly be edifying to the church, but they are no comparison to the Bible itself.

It’s in knowing the Word of God for myself I am able to test the spirits, to know the Truth for myself. Not because some famous Christian author told me their interpretation of the Truth, but rather because I read it and study it myself.

I am burdened for the increasing biblical illiteracy within the church, and especially in my generation. We must get back to Truth. Testing “Christian” books against Scripture. Knowing the Bible ourselves. Not solely relying on others to spoon feed us. I desire meat, not milk, as scripture says.

33 brought an entire year devoted to the Gospel John & his epistles.

It revolutionized my Bible study. 

When I started, I wondered how I could ever study such a seemingly small piece of the Bible for a whole entire year. However, as December approached I began to wonder if I’d even be able to finish!

While I certainly relied on several resources during that year to compliment my study, the Bible was the main star. I realize that’s how it should be, after all, it’s Bible study, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Anyway, 33 was a huge year for me spiritually. I’m trusting 34 to be the same.

So yeah! “Deep thoughts” from a 34 year old blonde. Ha!

Switching gears, I also want to take a moment to acknowledge today. Good Friday.

It feels odd celebrating today when I generally find myself more somber and contemplative on this day.

When I consider Jesus was my age (well, my age yesterday) when He died, it adds an entirely new layer for me.

I consider His life as I consider my new year, but today I also consider His death. His sacrifice. His cross. The atonement and only acceptable payment for my wretchedness.

As I consider the magnitude of today, the depth of Good Friday, I am reminded that all I have to offer is my life. To dedicate each and every day of 34 to the glory of Him who gave me new life. And on that note? Here’s to 34.

(Almost) 34

May Ipsy!

Another month, another Ipsy, another winner.

Let’s get right to it.

This month was themed “jet setter” for all that summer travel.

Summer travel people who aren’t working full time during the summer, that is.

For the rest of us, we’ll just enjoy what’s inside. Ha!

Here’s the bag.

Check out this Nuxe face cleanser and makeup remover sample.

Ipsy I am a giant fan of this stuff.

I got something similar a couple Ipsy bags ago and really liked using it. Especially on nights I didn’t feel like my usual evening ritual.

It’s huge to be able to remove makeup and cleanse in one step. This stuff is fantastic! Plus it smells so very luxurious. Huge huge winner.

I also got this Bare Republic SPF sample.


It looks like Coola now has a lower priced option they sell at Target, which is exciting! I got some of the Coola sunscreen products last year, and it’s nice to know there’s a cheaper alternative available now.

These puppies are great for football season. I stick them in my purse and can easily reapply.

I also got this full size blending brush.


I’ve gotten a few brushes over the years. I suppose I ought to swap out my old ones for my new ones…

This Chella light brown brow pencil is so so great!


You may remember what a big fan I am of filling in wiry brows. I’ve never liked using pencils, but this is a great alternative since it doesn’t require sharpening. I am going to use this fast!

Finally, I got this Urban Decay sample pack of a lip primer and two glosses.


I opened the bittersweet, which is pictured below.

The color itself is beautiful, but as a lip gloss… I just can’t get behind it. It’s way too purple-y for my paleness.

I am, however, excited about trying the failbait. I think it’s very pretty!


Another bag down!

Hopefully you’re a little more inspired to give something new a try. Check in tomorrow!

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2015 April Ipsy!

April Ipsy time!!

This Beautifully Bohemian inspired bag was full of earthy, dreamy, and mysterious hues.

It also came in the day before my birthday, which felt like a little special treat to myself!

Let’s take a look at the bag, and peek inside!

The first thing I pulled out was this full size KCO Colors by Beauty Brands Cream Lipstick in natural born beauty. 

It’s beautiful, creamy, and rich. While the neutral color is a winner for everyone, I decided to put this in the Rake Up the Makeup pile. Mainly because I have tons of lipsticks and need to draw the line somewhere!


It is still a winner, though.

I also got this full size beautiful Hikari blush in Tango.


It’s a pretty matte peachy pink that screams bohemian beauty.

I’m a big fan.

Next up we have this mini Lather ultra light moisturizer.


I’m a big fan of hair and skincare samples because it helps prolong my usual products.

This is a solid moisturizer and will be used very soon!

I also got this theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in flirty.


Yep, that’s a shirtless cartoon dude posing with my eyeshadow…


Anyway, this neutral earthly shadow has a subtle plum hue with a nice shimmer. It’s a a new favorite for sure.

Last but not least, the product I loved the most!


Let me introduce you to Jor’el Parker’s Femina.


This stuff is actually almost killing me.

I can’t even begin to tell you how fantastic this stuff smells.

Mysterious, warm, but also a little sweet. The website says it is, “Welcoming. Loving. Refreshing. Notes: Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarin, Summer Forsythia, Pink Plumeria, Wild Verbena, Tahitian Vanilla, Sensual Musk.”

I smell more of the musk and vanilla over all the flowery citrus notes, but it all smells ridiculous in the best way possible.

That’s my bag, sweets!

A complete and total winner with the perfume taking the cake.

Check in next month for another ipsy haul!

And if you have goodies of your own you’re not using yourself, send them my way and I’ll add them to our Rake up the Makeup pile!

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Rake Up the Makeup 2015

Hey there, sweets!

Take up
I’ve mentioned a time or two (or a thousand times). I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder.

Last year I cleaned out my drawers and was shocked by the amount of unused makeup lying around. 
Lipsticks that were too dark for my skin tone, eyeshadow that was a little too bold for my taste, Ipsy items I knew I’d never use… You get the drift.

It was good quality stuff, but I knew I was never going to use it and wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Enter No Boundaries.

No Boundaries provides a plethora of services around the globe. One of their focuses centers around ending human trafficking.

Do you know just how prevalent trafficking is right here in the US?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates 600,000 to 800,000 victims are trafficked annually across international borders worldwide and about half of these victims are younger than 18 (U.S. Department of State, 2005, 2006, 2007). Additionally, the U.S. State Department estimats that 80 percent of internationally trafficked victims are female and 70 percent are trafficked into the sex industry (U.S. Department of State, 2005).


Here in Oklahoma, No Boundaries plays a major role in working to end trafficking right here in my backyard.

Most of these ladies have so little self-esteem after the things they have seen and experienced. No one buys them anything or does anything nice for them, and I pray they begin to see their value, and their value in God’s eyes too.

There’s lots of ways to get involved, but if you take a look here, there’s a need for help that’s right up so many women’s alleys.

It literally lists lip gloss.

I love that!

Real life.

They ask for all the goodies we already have lying around or can get with a quick trip to the drug store!

These basic items are constantly needed, and that’s where we come in.

Last year, with the help of some of you, we were able to put together 20 goody bags of not only our unused makeup and samples, but things like warm socks and gloves, Bible tracts, hand sanitizer, hair ties, small hard candy, and prepackaged snacks.


It was so small and simple. So easy and inexpensive. Yet, I can only imagine the smile it put on those scared girls’ faces.

I want to get involved again this year too, so during the next two weeks I am going to take collections for all new and barely used (and barely as in you bought it and realized it didn’t work) makeup & goodies from all my girlfriends.

Like last year, I’m going to then put together gift bags with our makeup, as well as the items listed above (hard candy, sanitizer, small lotions, hair ties, etc.).


Last year I literally only spent about $15 at the Dollar Tree and Walmart for small fillers for the bag. You guys did such a good job of filling them up without needing much else.

I’d love to match the amount of bags from last year, and hopefully make some more too!


I realize collecting all the makeup you’ll never use will require a trip to the post office and will cost you some money to send, but I can promise you it will be well worth it. I also have a feeling you’ll end up being blessed in return.

So, please take a moment to really think about doing this for these girls.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty darn blessed. You also probably have a drawer filled of never used stuff you “might want to try” one day (and never will).
I’m going to be posting multiple reminders back to the rest of post the month.

I urge you to really think about sending stuff my way. it will only take 30 minutes and probably less than $10, and I cannot convey you the difference it will make in this organization’s ability to use these resources, not to mention the difference it will make in the girl’s life who receives them.

I love you guys so much, and am so thankful for each of you who reads, lurks, comments, whatever! I’m thankful.

Leave a note in the Share the Love section if you’re in, and I’ll email you the details.

Let’s do something nice. I know it’s small, but it’s not- I assure you.

Grab your friends, sisters, mom’s, church ladies. They all have lots of this stuff too, right?
Let’s do this. 💅💄💗

2015 March Ipsy

Let’s talk the Ipsy March floral fantasy bag.

As usual, another winner.

No duds, plus two full-sized products.

Here’s the springy bag.


Check out this pretty, shimmery Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral eyeshadow duo.


The color is nice and neutral, and I’m going to enjoy using it.

I also got this mini Coolway Glow Oil hair treatment.


It has s nice orange creamsicle smell, and definitely smooths.

It was s tiny sample, so I only got about four uses out of it, but I definitely noticed a difference.

Check out this NYX butter lipstick in Pops.


I really didn’t want to open this up and start using it.

But lip products are my kryptonite.

This is a beautiful neutral color with lots of moisture.

Guysssss, I’m absolutely in love with this pur-LISSE cleanser and makeup remover.


I wash my face every night, but sometimes it’s a battle.

Why does such a minor task feel so hard sometimes!?

I’m going absolutely crazy over this stuff because it’s the perfect answer on nights when I’ve waited too long to wash my face and I’m at a crossroads between going straight to bed and taking 30 seconds and washing my face.

This stuff is ridiculous in the best way possible. It gently washes away makeup and mascara with ease and leaves nothing behind.

This stuff is a huge winner.

And it’s almost gone.

Sad face.

Finally, I got this Mimi Boo Boo cover up concealer.


This is another major win.

It goes on so softly and is incredibly creamy. It emulsifies nicely and provides good coverage. Not only that, but it includes ingredients like chamomile and green tea to help promote healing.

Hello perfect concealer for blemishes!

Though I’ve loved so very many Ipsy products, I haven’t been a repeat buyer on much. This might be one of those products I end up purchasing.

That’s my bag! Such a total winner. All the samples are well used, and some are even empty. Definitely a good bag.

Tune in next month for another review, and tomorrow for another post!

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Thursday Things, 19 Feb 15

Soo last weekend Will and I thought we’d watch a movie, and gave Silver Linings Playbook a try.

Will thought it was about football.

I thought it was about ballet.

Clearly we were wrong.

We rarely give up on movies a third of the way in, but we did with this one.

Did we miss out? Please say no.

Since we are talking movies...

Did any of you see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

It was better than I thought it was going to be. We saw it twice, actually. Once when it came out, and again recently on TV.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely sure why, but I got a little misty eyed in a couple parts. Real life.

On a side note, if you like Jose Gonzalez or Junip, the soundtrack is good, too.

Functional Workouts

Last weekend Will and I enjoyed some quality time with Layla.

We made the mistake of playing London Bridges with her.

Only, instead of making bridges with our arms and having Layla go through them, we made Layla the bridge.

I took her legs, and Will held her underneath her arms, and we swung her to the song.

Anytime we’d say London Bridges were falling down, Will and I would dip her down a little.

The kid loved it.

Will got quite the workout! He woke up sore the next morning.

Toddlers= great resistance equipment. Haha

Forgive me for saying this, but...

I could have really used a snow day this year.

Just one.

Or two.

(Yes, I realize some of you are facing snow drifts 26 times your height and want to punch me right now.)

We had a mild winter. Monday was our first real bout of “bad” weather this year, and it wasn’t even that bad comparatively.

I got to go in two hours later, and it was wonderful.

Let’s be real, not much beats being a kid and getting a whole snow day.

Quarter Century Mark

P turns 25 next week.

How is that even possible!?

I pretty remember her whole life, and her being 25 makes me feel old.

Where does the time go? I was 25 when we went on our most fantabulous three week vacation across the Mediterranean, and here we are, seven years later, and she’s the one that’s 25.

once again showing how we feel after a late night burger order
santorini girls

That makes me feel old.



There’s this giant television void now that Parenthood is off the air.

You’ve got your cop shows, your medical dramas, the mystery/fantasy thrillers, and CSI everything, but no shows about real life, day-to-day stuff.

Why does NBC hate us!?

Today’s TBT is brought to you by Cologne, Germany

Brittny Flint-2 years old at Cologne, Germany

Look at me posing. I crack myself up. 

That’s it for today. Anything you care to share?

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January 2015 Ipsy!

It’s January Ipsy time!

Here’s the bag everything came in.

January ipsy

Let’s see what’s inside!

I got this full size Probelle Into the Blue nail polish.

January ipsy

I think the color is beautiful, but as I’ve mentioned before, blue nails just aren’t me.

It’s me, not the polish.

I also got this Hikari eyeliner in Storm.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and smooth, but I’m not a huge fan of the grey and gunmetal colors.

Do I need to be?

I feel like I do.

It just seems like one swipe is never enough to do the job, so I feel like I layer on the color and end up looking ridiculous.

So yeah. Undecided on this liner, but I like the way it goes on so I’m going to give her a go. smile

A pic of the color is below alongside the eyeshadow.

I got this super cute, pink full size Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow brush too.


Check out this Eco-Beauty good day moisturizer.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and rich, and left my face nice and soft. I wasn’t excited about the smell at first, but eventually came around and decided it had a light cucumbery scent I could be okay with. Haha

While I wouldn’t buy this for myself in the future, I definitely enjoyed the sample and the fact that it’s be Eco Beauty.

I also got this full size Pacifica natural mineral eyeshadow in Ethereal. 

January ipsy

Soo I’m pretty much dying over this eyeshadow.

January ipsy

It is super pigmented and goes on wonderfully. It has staying power and gives such a beautiful shimmer. I really really like this stuff. Definitely one of my more favorite Ipsy eye products recently.

Overall, this bag was a keeper.

The polish will go in my Rake Up the Makeup pile, and everyone’s happy!

Check in tomorrow for my February workout plan, and Thursday for random ramblings. smile

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December 2014 Ipsy Review

Please tell me you’re done Christmas shopping.

That you’re not bundling up today to brave the crowds, fight for a parking spot, and pry the last Elsa doll out of a senior citizen’s cold, frail hands.

For both our sakes, I hope you’re done.

If you’re not, I’m sharing my Ipsy today. It might provide some last minute inspiration for the gal in your life.

If you are done shopping, this Ipsy loot may give you some ideas for ways to spend a gift card you might have gotten.

Let’s look inside!


Check out this Big Sexy Hair 450 degree blow out spray.


This stuff smells absolutely fantastic.


Not only does it smell like a dream, but I really do think it helps protect against heat damage. Win-win.

I also got this Beauty Without Cruelty 3% AHA face wash.


I’ve never heard of this brand and was excited to try it.

This wash starts as a gel but lathers nicely and definitely did help remove dullness. I gave it a try at the height of being sick, so that was a good test. smile

I did some checking, and turns out this brand had tons of products and they’re all inexpensive!

Definitely a good stocking stuffer for the health nut in your life.

I also got this NYX lip butter in Marshmallow.


I’ve loved every single NYX product received through Ipsy.

This stuff smells like a sweet marshmallow-y dream.

It’s also very hydrating.

Unfortunately color of the balm is the exact same color as the container, which looks awful on my pale skin.

This is the perfect treat to wear around the house or before bedtime. Definitely not out and about.

Another mascara sample! I don’t think I’ll have to buy mascara at all next year. I still have a full size and two more samples from past Ipsys.

Here’s a look at the wand.


It’s a nice, rich black and I’m excited not to have to buy mascara for awhile. smile

Finally, another stellar last minute stocking stuffer idea for the girls in your life.

Caylin Just Mineral Eye Polish in Wild Orchid.



This stuff is so neat!

It’s packaged like a nail polish. When you pull out what you think is going to be a brush, it’s actually a sponge-y wand that helps everything glide and adhere where you want it.

I must say though, it’s staying power isn’t as great as I hoped.

Still beautiful though.

Such a beautiful color and shimmer.

I don’t need to tell you (again) how much I love sparkle.

This bag was a complete winner!

It was like an early Christmas gift to myself. smile

Merry merry Christmas Eve Eve, dears! 

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November Ipsy Review

November Ipsy!!

This month’s theme was Girl Meets Glitter.

Naturally, as you probably guessed, I almost died.

Sure I’m 31, but I love glitter, sparkle, and shine.

It’s a problem y’all.

It’s as if this theme was made specifically for me.

The good news for you is that there was a bust on one of the sparkliest items of all.

The bad news for me is that there was a bust on one of the sparkliest items of all.


So let’s get moving on the Sparkleville Bag o Glam


Crazy sparkly, yes?

You’ll be surprised to learn this is going in the Rake up the Makeup pile. Probably all of them from here on out will. I’ve gotten quite a collection.

I got this Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan hairspray.


I appreciate hair samples, and they always get used.

It smells lovely and holds well. I like to think its nourishing because of the argan oil?

I also got this teeny Temptu highlighter.


I’m a big fan of of subtle highlighters.


Yes, I know you’re shocked I said subtle.

Anything but subtle gets me in trouble. If not I end up looking like a wannabe fairy princess.

We embrace the subtle.

I really like this highlighter. It’s a soft pink and is not overly sparkly. It just provides a hint of dew.

I only wish it were bigger. What a teeny sample.

I also got this full size Be a Bombshell eye primer in Submissive.


This color is so very beautiful! The shimmer is incredibly subtle (the word of today is: subtle), but still enough to offer a pretty pop.


It slides on like a creamy gel. I felt like I had to really layer it on to add real color, and when I did, it was beautiful.

The Be a Bombshell website says to wear alone for light coverage, but for deeper color layer with eyeshadow.

I wore it all day, and sadly it creased, so that was s bit of a bummer. It’s beautiful and not going to deter me from wearing. I will probably just try to remember to set with translucent powder next time.

Oh girls.

This stuff.


It’s called J Cats Lip Paint.

It comes in scary colors (think sky blue) and was shipped in its own separate Baggie.

It’s got train wreck written all over it.


The color here is misleading. Picture trying to smear that on your lips without completely looking like a clown.

It’s pretty much an impossible task.

So then I thought, “I know! I bet I could use it as a cheek stain!”



I used the tiniest drop, and yeah, Bozo the Clown-ville.

Soooo not sure about this product. I feel it should come with a warning label- Will Stain Everything!!

I’m not sure it can even make it to the rake up the makeup pile.

Last but not least, I also got this You’re So Fine liquid sparkly eyeliner.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again- I’m a complete mess when it comes to liquid eyeliners.

Plus, couple that with sparkliness and this has tart written all over it.

No can do.

In fact, I was playing around with my Ipsy finds last week, long after we had been home. I looked like a complete hot mess.

Between my wine colored stained teeth, clown stained cheeks, and sparkly crooked cat eyes…

Will looked at me all funny and was like, “Are you going somewhere?”


I think he really wanted to ask if I was trying out for a play or made the impromptu decision we should go clubbing on a quiet Tuesday night.

So yeah. The November Ipsy. It was a mixed bag. Some good, some not so good.

For a theme all about glitter I was hoping I’d love it all, but hey, I’ve had a terrific streak so I can’t complain too much. smile

That’s it for today my dears! Check in tomorrow for our last chapter of Ezra! 

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October Ipsy Review!

October Ipsy time!

I pretty much always get stuff I like with this subscription, and am rarely disappointed. This month was consistent with others, so that was a good thing!

This month’s theme was Beauty Candy, full of colorful and stand-out treats.

Here’s the bag everything came in.
Oct Ipsy

Fun, pretty, and feels cool. I will probably add this to my rake up the makeup pile because I’m getting quite a collection of these, but I definitely liked it.

Let’s look inside!

I got this gorgeous ultra deep burgundy Nicole by OPI nail polish in Feeling Very Cherry.
Oct Ipsy

At first I was a little skeptical, because it sort of looked black, however once I put it on I really liked the color and couldn’t wait to celebrate fall with this rich color.
Oct Ipsy

It dries fast, which is usually a great, but when you’re clumsy like me sometimes you can use an extra five seconds to fix the messes you’ve created all over the edges. Haha

I also got this Epice International Purifying Exfoliant.

Oct Ipsy

While I definitely prefer makeup over skincare in these bags, I still find the masks and washes they send to be a real treat. Plus I always use them when I travel!

I enjoyed using this stuff. The exfoliators were much smaller than a usual face scrub, so it felt more like a microdermabrasion. Not overly abrasive, but definitely effective- a good thing for my aging skin.

Oh, and it has a very light, clean smell.

I also got this mini sample sized Figs and Rouge lotion in a lovely rose berry scent.

Oct Ipsy

I find many people love or hate the smell of rose scented products.

I most definitely, totally, and completely love rose scented products. If that makes me a grandma, so be it. I love rose scented stuff. And grandmas. Winning.

Anyway- I think this lotion is a perfect balance for those on the fence about rose scented stuff. I had a gentle hint of rose but also has a really nice and awakening berry scent to go along with it. Definitely fun.

If you’re on the fence about rose (though I have no idea why you would be), this may be a good starting point. Dip your toes in the world of rose-berry. 

This is my second small hand lotion in two months, so “eh,” however they always get used up and are perfect for stashing in your purse.

I also got this Mini Starlooks lip gloss in Guilty Pleasue. I’m a big fan of all the Starlooks products I’ve gotten this far, and this is no different.
Oct Ipsy

It has a nice, light subtle baby pink and is nice alone as a little nude tint or also kicks lipstick up a notch. It goes on matte and isn’t too sticky.

Oct Ipsy

Finally, I got this Modelco Volumeyes Extreme mini mascara sample.

Oct Ipsy

Ipsy has been good to me in terms of mascara. I think this is like my third this year maybe? Regardless, I love being able to use these up. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to buy mascara,
and that makes me happy!

There you have it! October Ipsy.

Let’s take a look at the cost:

Nicole by OPI Nail polish- $7.99
Epice International Face Exfoliator-$11
Starlooks Lipgloss $4 (best estimate)
Modelco Mascara-$10? (full size is $20)
Figs & Rouge Lotion- $6.56

I had a hard time getting a couple prices, it regardless it was far more than my $10 spent.

There you have it! Check in next month for my November review, and check in tomorrow for our Ezra study! 

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