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2015 March Ipsy

Let’s talk the Ipsy March floral fantasy bag.

As usual, another winner.

No duds, plus two full-sized products.

Here’s the springy bag.


Check out this pretty, shimmery Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral eyeshadow duo.


The color is nice and neutral, and I’m going to enjoy using it.

I also got this mini Coolway Glow Oil hair treatment.


It has s nice orange creamsicle smell, and definitely smooths.

It was s tiny sample, so I only got about four uses out of it, but I definitely noticed a difference.

Check out this NYX butter lipstick in Pops.


I really didn’t want to open this up and start using it.

But lip products are my kryptonite.

This is a beautiful neutral color with lots of moisture.

Guysssss, I’m absolutely in love with this pur-LISSE cleanser and makeup remover.


I wash my face every night, but sometimes it’s a battle.

Why does such a minor task feel so hard sometimes!?

I’m going absolutely crazy over this stuff because it’s the perfect answer on nights when I’ve waited too long to wash my face and I’m at a crossroads between going straight to bed and taking 30 seconds and washing my face.

This stuff is ridiculous in the best way possible. It gently washes away makeup and mascara with ease and leaves nothing behind.

This stuff is a huge winner.

And it’s almost gone.

Sad face.

Finally, I got this Mimi Boo Boo cover up concealer.


This is another major win.

It goes on so softly and is incredibly creamy. It emulsifies nicely and provides good coverage. Not only that, but it includes ingredients like chamomile and green tea to help promote healing.

Hello perfect concealer for blemishes!

Though I’ve loved so very many Ipsy products, I haven’t been a repeat buyer on much. This might be one of those products I end up purchasing.

That’s my bag! Such a total winner. All the samples are well used, and some are even empty. Definitely a good bag.

Tune in next month for another review, and tomorrow for another post!

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Thursday Things, 19 Feb 15

Soo last weekend Will and I thought we’d watch a movie, and gave Silver Linings Playbook a try.

Will thought it was about football.

I thought it was about ballet.

Clearly we were wrong.

We rarely give up on movies a third of the way in, but we did with this one.

Did we miss out? Please say no.

Since we are talking movies...

Did any of you see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

It was better than I thought it was going to be. We saw it twice, actually. Once when it came out, and again recently on TV.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely sure why, but I got a little misty eyed in a couple parts. Real life.

On a side note, if you like Jose Gonzalez or Junip, the soundtrack is good, too.

Functional Workouts

Last weekend Will and I enjoyed some quality time with Layla.

We made the mistake of playing London Bridges with her.

Only, instead of making bridges with our arms and having Layla go through them, we made Layla the bridge.

I took her legs, and Will held her underneath her arms, and we swung her to the song.

Anytime we’d say London Bridges were falling down, Will and I would dip her down a little.

The kid loved it.

Will got quite the workout! He woke up sore the next morning.

Toddlers= great resistance equipment. Haha

Forgive me for saying this, but...

I could have really used a snow day this year.

Just one.

Or two.

(Yes, I realize some of you are facing snow drifts 26 times your height and want to punch me right now.)

We had a mild winter. Monday was our first real bout of “bad” weather this year, and it wasn’t even that bad comparatively.

I got to go in two hours later, and it was wonderful.

Let’s be real, not much beats being a kid and getting a whole snow day.

Quarter Century Mark

P turns 25 next week.

How is that even possible!?

I pretty remember her whole life, and her being 25 makes me feel old.

Where does the time go? I was 25 when we went on our most fantabulous three week vacation across the Mediterranean, and here we are, seven years later, and she’s the one that’s 25.

once again showing how we feel after a late night burger order
santorini girls

That makes me feel old.



There’s this giant television void now that Parenthood is off the air.

You’ve got your cop shows, your medical dramas, the mystery/fantasy thrillers, and CSI everything, but no shows about real life, day-to-day stuff.

Why does NBC hate us!?

Today’s TBT is brought to you by Cologne, Germany

Brittny Flint-2 years old at Cologne, Germany

Look at me posing. I crack myself up. 

That’s it for today. Anything you care to share?

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January 2015 Ipsy!

It’s January Ipsy time!

Here’s the bag everything came in.

January ipsy

Let’s see what’s inside!

I got this full size Probelle Into the Blue nail polish.

January ipsy

I think the color is beautiful, but as I’ve mentioned before, blue nails just aren’t me.

It’s me, not the polish.

I also got this Hikari eyeliner in Storm.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and smooth, but I’m not a huge fan of the grey and gunmetal colors.

Do I need to be?

I feel like I do.

It just seems like one swipe is never enough to do the job, so I feel like I layer on the color and end up looking ridiculous.

So yeah. Undecided on this liner, but I like the way it goes on so I’m going to give her a go. smile

A pic of the color is below alongside the eyeshadow.

I got this super cute, pink full size Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow brush too.


Check out this Eco-Beauty good day moisturizer.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and rich, and left my face nice and soft. I wasn’t excited about the smell at first, but eventually came around and decided it had a light cucumbery scent I could be okay with. Haha

While I wouldn’t buy this for myself in the future, I definitely enjoyed the sample and the fact that it’s be Eco Beauty.

I also got this full size Pacifica natural mineral eyeshadow in Ethereal. 

January ipsy

Soo I’m pretty much dying over this eyeshadow.

January ipsy

It is super pigmented and goes on wonderfully. It has staying power and gives such a beautiful shimmer. I really really like this stuff. Definitely one of my more favorite Ipsy eye products recently.

Overall, this bag was a keeper.

The polish will go in my Rake Up the Makeup pile, and everyone’s happy!

Check in tomorrow for my February workout plan, and Thursday for random ramblings. smile

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December 2014 Ipsy Review

Please tell me you’re done Christmas shopping.

That you’re not bundling up today to brave the crowds, fight for a parking spot, and pry the last Elsa doll out of a senior citizen’s cold, frail hands.

For both our sakes, I hope you’re done.

If you’re not, I’m sharing my Ipsy today. It might provide some last minute inspiration for the gal in your life.

If you are done shopping, this Ipsy loot may give you some ideas for ways to spend a gift card you might have gotten.

Let’s look inside!


Check out this Big Sexy Hair 450 degree blow out spray.


This stuff smells absolutely fantastic.


Not only does it smell like a dream, but I really do think it helps protect against heat damage. Win-win.

I also got this Beauty Without Cruelty 3% AHA face wash.


I’ve never heard of this brand and was excited to try it.

This wash starts as a gel but lathers nicely and definitely did help remove dullness. I gave it a try at the height of being sick, so that was a good test. smile

I did some checking, and turns out this brand had tons of products and they’re all inexpensive!

Definitely a good stocking stuffer for the health nut in your life.

I also got this NYX lip butter in Marshmallow.


I’ve loved every single NYX product received through Ipsy.

This stuff smells like a sweet marshmallow-y dream.

It’s also very hydrating.

Unfortunately color of the balm is the exact same color as the container, which looks awful on my pale skin.

This is the perfect treat to wear around the house or before bedtime. Definitely not out and about.

Another mascara sample! I don’t think I’ll have to buy mascara at all next year. I still have a full size and two more samples from past Ipsys.

Here’s a look at the wand.


It’s a nice, rich black and I’m excited not to have to buy mascara for awhile. smile

Finally, another stellar last minute stocking stuffer idea for the girls in your life.

Caylin Just Mineral Eye Polish in Wild Orchid.



This stuff is so neat!

It’s packaged like a nail polish. When you pull out what you think is going to be a brush, it’s actually a sponge-y wand that helps everything glide and adhere where you want it.

I must say though, it’s staying power isn’t as great as I hoped.

Still beautiful though.

Such a beautiful color and shimmer.

I don’t need to tell you (again) how much I love sparkle.

This bag was a complete winner!

It was like an early Christmas gift to myself. smile

Merry merry Christmas Eve Eve, dears! 

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November Ipsy Review

November Ipsy!!

This month’s theme was Girl Meets Glitter.

Naturally, as you probably guessed, I almost died.

Sure I’m 31, but I love glitter, sparkle, and shine.

It’s a problem y’all.

It’s as if this theme was made specifically for me.

The good news for you is that there was a bust on one of the sparkliest items of all.

The bad news for me is that there was a bust on one of the sparkliest items of all.


So let’s get moving on the Sparkleville Bag o Glam


Crazy sparkly, yes?

You’ll be surprised to learn this is going in the Rake up the Makeup pile. Probably all of them from here on out will. I’ve gotten quite a collection.

I got this Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan hairspray.


I appreciate hair samples, and they always get used.

It smells lovely and holds well. I like to think its nourishing because of the argan oil?

I also got this teeny Temptu highlighter.


I’m a big fan of of subtle highlighters.


Yes, I know you’re shocked I said subtle.

Anything but subtle gets me in trouble. If not I end up looking like a wannabe fairy princess.

We embrace the subtle.

I really like this highlighter. It’s a soft pink and is not overly sparkly. It just provides a hint of dew.

I only wish it were bigger. What a teeny sample.

I also got this full size Be a Bombshell eye primer in Submissive.


This color is so very beautiful! The shimmer is incredibly subtle (the word of today is: subtle), but still enough to offer a pretty pop.


It slides on like a creamy gel. I felt like I had to really layer it on to add real color, and when I did, it was beautiful.

The Be a Bombshell website says to wear alone for light coverage, but for deeper color layer with eyeshadow.

I wore it all day, and sadly it creased, so that was s bit of a bummer. It’s beautiful and not going to deter me from wearing. I will probably just try to remember to set with translucent powder next time.

Oh girls.

This stuff.


It’s called J Cats Lip Paint.

It comes in scary colors (think sky blue) and was shipped in its own separate Baggie.

It’s got train wreck written all over it.


The color here is misleading. Picture trying to smear that on your lips without completely looking like a clown.

It’s pretty much an impossible task.

So then I thought, “I know! I bet I could use it as a cheek stain!”



I used the tiniest drop, and yeah, Bozo the Clown-ville.

Soooo not sure about this product. I feel it should come with a warning label- Will Stain Everything!!

I’m not sure it can even make it to the rake up the makeup pile.

Last but not least, I also got this You’re So Fine liquid sparkly eyeliner.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again- I’m a complete mess when it comes to liquid eyeliners.

Plus, couple that with sparkliness and this has tart written all over it.

No can do.

In fact, I was playing around with my Ipsy finds last week, long after we had been home. I looked like a complete hot mess.

Between my wine colored stained teeth, clown stained cheeks, and sparkly crooked cat eyes…

Will looked at me all funny and was like, “Are you going somewhere?”


I think he really wanted to ask if I was trying out for a play or made the impromptu decision we should go clubbing on a quiet Tuesday night.

So yeah. The November Ipsy. It was a mixed bag. Some good, some not so good.

For a theme all about glitter I was hoping I’d love it all, but hey, I’ve had a terrific streak so I can’t complain too much. smile

That’s it for today my dears! Check in tomorrow for our last chapter of Ezra! 

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October Ipsy Review!

October Ipsy time!

I pretty much always get stuff I like with this subscription, and am rarely disappointed. This month was consistent with others, so that was a good thing!

This month’s theme was Beauty Candy, full of colorful and stand-out treats.

Here’s the bag everything came in.
Oct Ipsy

Fun, pretty, and feels cool. I will probably add this to my rake up the makeup pile because I’m getting quite a collection of these, but I definitely liked it.

Let’s look inside!

I got this gorgeous ultra deep burgundy Nicole by OPI nail polish in Feeling Very Cherry.
Oct Ipsy

At first I was a little skeptical, because it sort of looked black, however once I put it on I really liked the color and couldn’t wait to celebrate fall with this rich color.
Oct Ipsy

It dries fast, which is usually a great, but when you’re clumsy like me sometimes you can use an extra five seconds to fix the messes you’ve created all over the edges. Haha

I also got this Epice International Purifying Exfoliant.

Oct Ipsy

While I definitely prefer makeup over skincare in these bags, I still find the masks and washes they send to be a real treat. Plus I always use them when I travel!

I enjoyed using this stuff. The exfoliators were much smaller than a usual face scrub, so it felt more like a microdermabrasion. Not overly abrasive, but definitely effective- a good thing for my aging skin.

Oh, and it has a very light, clean smell.

I also got this mini sample sized Figs and Rouge lotion in a lovely rose berry scent.

Oct Ipsy

I find many people love or hate the smell of rose scented products.

I most definitely, totally, and completely love rose scented products. If that makes me a grandma, so be it. I love rose scented stuff. And grandmas. Winning.

Anyway- I think this lotion is a perfect balance for those on the fence about rose scented stuff. I had a gentle hint of rose but also has a really nice and awakening berry scent to go along with it. Definitely fun.

If you’re on the fence about rose (though I have no idea why you would be), this may be a good starting point. Dip your toes in the world of rose-berry. 

This is my second small hand lotion in two months, so “eh,” however they always get used up and are perfect for stashing in your purse.

I also got this Mini Starlooks lip gloss in Guilty Pleasue. I’m a big fan of all the Starlooks products I’ve gotten this far, and this is no different.
Oct Ipsy

It has a nice, light subtle baby pink and is nice alone as a little nude tint or also kicks lipstick up a notch. It goes on matte and isn’t too sticky.

Oct Ipsy

Finally, I got this Modelco Volumeyes Extreme mini mascara sample.

Oct Ipsy

Ipsy has been good to me in terms of mascara. I think this is like my third this year maybe? Regardless, I love being able to use these up. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to buy mascara,
and that makes me happy!

There you have it! October Ipsy.

Let’s take a look at the cost:

Nicole by OPI Nail polish- $7.99
Epice International Face Exfoliator-$11
Starlooks Lipgloss $4 (best estimate)
Modelco Mascara-$10? (full size is $20)
Figs & Rouge Lotion- $6.56

I had a hard time getting a couple prices, it regardless it was far more than my $10 spent.

There you have it! Check in next month for my November review, and check in tomorrow for our Ezra study! 

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The Art of Face Shaving

There’s really no eloquent way to discuss today’s topic, so I’m not even going to try.

Today we’re talking peach fuzz and how we don’t have to live with it. 

Face shaving.

For women.

Not lying.

Before you click off, hear me out!

I’m sure we all know women who wax, thread, or Nair parts of their face. This is the same concept, but in my opinion a little better.

Let me be clear-

You’re not grabbing your hubby’s razor and lathering up with Gillette shaving cream.

And absolutely no finishing the job with a splash of Old Spice. 

I promise.

There are actually special (and inexpensive!) facial razors on the market for this very purpose.

In fact, you might be surprised just how many ladies, famous and non famous alike, sport smoothly shaved faces without you even knowing!

Here are some of the reasons snipping that upper lip hair is beneficial (I’m killing myself over here 😂)

1. Exfoliation

Doing so removes dead skin helps with better cell turnover and overall younger looking skin.

2. Better product penetration

I personally feel like I get quicker absorption with a smoother face. When you spend good money on anti aging products, that’s a plus!

3. Smoother, more flawless looking foundation

This is a big one.

Foundation glides on so much better and really helps produce a beautiful glow on a smooth face. I also find highlighters reflect so much better on a smooth face, too.

Other things to know:

1. You need the right tool.
You’re obviously not taking a Venus razor to your face! Beauty supply shops sell razors specifically for the face area. I got 3 for $5.

2. You’re not going to come home with a 5 o’clock shadow.

I repeat! You’re not going to come home with a 5 o’clock shadow.

When you use the correct tool, your hair grows back completely the same way it was before- fine teeny little baby hairs. Scouts honor.

3. Where & how
For best results, do it in front of a window for natural sunlight with a clean, makeup free face.

Now you little more about why it’s great, but don’t take my word for it! Try it out for yourself!

I made a three minute video that covers the basics of all you need to know to buzz your fuzz (haha).

Sort of goofy, but hopefully a little informative.

Check in tomorrow for Ezra chapter three! I can’t wait to talk about this chapter. <3

August Ipsy Review

It’s Ipsy time!

This month’s bag was all about back to school.

(Which makes me feel incredibly ancient)

Time to open up the bag and see what’s inside!


Here’s the back to school glam bag.

August Ipsy

Please tell me you think it screams pencil case, too?

Check out this cutesy mini Lord & Black silk black eyeliner.

August Ipsy

Eyeliner is always a winner, even if it’s a pencil.

Confession: I’m terrible at sharpening the dang things.

I always splinter it off, and it cracks, and is a total mess.

Regardless, I’ll definitely use it up.

It goes on super smooth, and lasted all day. Win.

I also got this mini sample of GLAMGLOW Youth Mud tingle exfoliating mask.

August Ipsy

Can we just talk about how out of this world this stuff smells?!

So so good. In fact, I even looked to see whether they also made body spray or perfume.

Spoiler, they don’t.

I’ve heard of this brand many times before, but have never used any of their products.

I used the mask and it had an instant tingling and tightening effect.

Weird pieces of black stuff came out and sort of randomly smeared across my face, but I think it was supposed to? Let’s hope.

It was an enjoyable experience, but I doubt I’ll be able to determine how well it works from this small sample. Nonetheless, I’ll enjoy using this stuff until it’s gone!

I also scored this mini Manna shimmer lotion.

August Ipsy

August Ipsy

Basically liquid sparkle.

Lord help me.

It’s no secret I love glowy sparkle and shine.

To a fault.

This stuff? Totally beautiful.

Thankfully it’s not over the top, and a little drop added to foundation adds a subtle, gentle glow. least I think so?

If you see me and I look like I dipped my face in glitter, well, you’ll know what happened.

I also got this Urban Decay black super plumping mascara sample.

August Ipsy

August Ipsy

I always enjoy mascara samples, and needed a new tube so this worked out.

Finally, I got this super delicious full size You’re the Balm green apple lip balm.

August Ipsy

It smells and tastes fantastic, and it’s got a pretty and sheer pinkish hue. Totally excited about this stuff.

The bag was a winner, but I was a little bummed everything was sample sized except the lip balm (sheesh, I sound like a brat).

Let’s take a look at the price breakdown:

Lord & Black silk black eyeliner sample- $2.15 (I think...maybe?)

GLAMGLOW Youth Mud tingle exfoliating mask sample- $19

Manna Kadar shimmer lotion sample-$7.80

Urban Decay black mascara sample-$5.50

You’re the Balm green apple lip balm-$3

Despite the samples, the dollars definitely work in my favor.

So there you have it! My August Ipsy.

Check out past months here, my dear! smile

April, May, June, July, August, September,October, November , December,
And July!

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July Ipsy Review!

My July Ipsy was full of good things!

I can’t wait for you to see.

Let’s start with the super super cute bag everything came in.

July Ipsy

Ah this bag is killing me! It’s a hot neon pink in a pleather material with cute scalloped edging.

So fun.

Check out this cute sparkly red nail polish.

July Ipsy

It’s from a brand called Models Own. 

Ever heard of it?

I hadn’t.

Perhaps since I’m not a model? Ha!

I also got this Pur-Lisse travel sunscreen.

July Ipsy

These travel bottles are always handy. I like to keep them in my purse during football season for easy reapplication.

For sunscreen, it’s super expensive though, so I’ll be using the sample and that’s it.

I got this mini Bare Minerals liquid eyeshadow in vintage wine.

July Ipsy

July Ipsy

It’s teeny, cute, and goes on incredibly smooth.

The color is nice and neutral, yet has a subtle shimmer. Surprisingly, it had great staying power too.

I’m usually skeptical of these liquid eyeshadow things, however I have received a couple from Ipsy now and have had good results.

I also got this sample sized Marrakesh Endz argan oil hair therapy.

July Ipsy

I used when my hair was damp the other day and didn’t think it was going to do much. It kind of felt thin and wimpy going on, but I must say it smells so crazy good.

Like freshly baked cookies.

Doing my hair in the morning and contemplating snickerdoodles.


I was very surprised when I dried my hair and could feel just how soft and smooth my ends were. I was very pleased with this product. What seemed disappointing at first packed a punch and definitely delivered results.

Finally, my favorite product.

(Another) pink lipstick. Pixie Beauty Tinted Balm in Pretty Pink.

July Ipsy

July Ipsy

And it totally is pretty pink. smile

Ah guys, totally heart this one.

I realize this is much like all the others I own, but hey- it saves me from having to buy a new one when I’m out now, right!?

It is cute, small, and tastes like peppermint. Win!

Definitely a good bag all around.

So let’s take a look at the price breakout and see how the bag stacks up against my $10 investment.

-Models Own Nail Polish- $8.57
-Pur-lisse Sample Sunscreen- $16.18
-Bare Minerals Liquid Eyeshadow Sample-$5.40
-Marrakesh Endz Hair Therapy Sample- $5.99
-Pixie Pretty Pink Lipstick- $8.40

Sooo- pretty great for my $10 investment. Knowing I’ll use all the products is great too!

There you have it, pretties. Check in tomorrow for more fun! 

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June Ipsy Review!

Hi friends! I got to meet the fabulous Angela last night and I can’t wait to tell you all about our fun! I hope you check in soon to read all about it on Thursday.

Today however, I’m on the move and had to preload this post to make sure there was some content out there to read!

So let’s talk Ipsy!

They’re killing me.


They’ve been knocking it out of the park lately, and this month is no different.

There was only one questionable item, but we will get to that skin enough.

I apologize in advance for the bad pics. I took these in a hurry before my trip.

So the June theme was Pretty in Paradise, and they hit the nail on the head.

Here’s the super cute bag designed by Rebecca Minkoff.

June Ipsy

This month came with three full size products!

Seriously, Ipsy, I love you.

Let’s peek inside!

The first thing I pulled out was this sample sized Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray.

June Ipsy

I’ve been wanting to try a product like this for ages but never wanted to spend the money to do it for fear it wouldn’t work. For that reason, I was thrilled to see this!

Sooo, I used it on my second full day between washings, so my straightened hair was in need if a little life. I usually pull my hair up on the second day, but I have this a go instead.

June Ipsy

I have naturally wavy hair and it rejuvenated my curls almost instantly with a little scrunching.

I will probably stick to ponys on my second day between washings, but can’t wait to try it on a day when my hair is fresh or even the day after.


Oh and it smells fantastic. Totally beachy and coconut-y.

I also got this full size Be a Bombshell black mascara!

June Ipsy

June Ipsy

So very excited about this stuff. I’ve gotten multiple products from this company and absolutely am crazy about all of them.

This is no different. Plus it’s fill size. Wee!

I also got the sample Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser and Mask.

June Ipsy

It smells terrific. Sort of like an orange cremesicle collided with vanilla birthday cake?


I used it as a mask and didn’t think it did all that much, but have a feeling it will be better as a face wash. It claims to “melt” off makeup, so I look forward to trying it.

Aaand another full size treat.

This NYX butter gloss in apple strudel.

June Ipsy

Stroooodel. Haha

Sorry. It was necessary.

This stuff can also now be known as my new favorite lip gloss. The color is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to wear this every single day.

Plus NYX is at Target now, so it’s easy to restock.

Finally, I got this Nicka K sparkly green eyeliner.

June Ipsy

June Ipsy

You know by now how incredibly grandma-ish I am about these types of colors. I wasn’t all that excited to see this in the bag, but the good news is that it’s full size and will definitely go to someone who loves all thing bold and jade.

So that’s the bag! A major hit overall.

Too bad we’re not vacationing somewhere tranquil and unique. . Hey, Canada is exotic-ish, right?

Oh, and everything in the bag (aside from the eye products) pretty much smells delicious. I had the mask on, have the gloss a try, and even spritzed my hair all in the same beauty session.

I smelled like I just freakin’ came from the beaches of Maui.

So let’s talk money.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray sample - $3.18

Be a Bombshell black mascara-$15

Skin Olive & Enzyme Cleanser and Mask- $12 ($24 for dull size)

NYX Butter Gloss-$5

Green Sparkle Eyeliner-$4.99

My monthly cost for everything was only $10, so definitely a super deal.

I hope you liked looking over these beauties! Tune in next month for more Ipsy fun, and check in tomorrow for a hotel friendly workout!

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