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June Ipsy Review

I feel like I just shared May’s Ipsy package with you last week, and here we are a whole month later doing it again.

I know we hear it and say it all the time, but seriously- time flies!

So in April my $10 investment resulted in over $35 products- all which I loved and use

And in May my $10 investment brought me $56 in products, all of which I will use with the possible exception of last month’s golden nail polish- still TBD.

Regardless, I am so pleased in the decision to purchase this little nicety for myself. I hardly ever spend money on extras, and this one has been well worth it.

This month’s theme was “On the Wild Side” and it most definitely was.

AND it was full of something super-duper glittery.

Can we please just have a fake prom so I can use this stuff already without looking like a complete tart!?

So I took a different approach and did a video review of this month’s bag instead of writing everything out.

Mainly because I got lazy, but also because I think it might be a little easier to see the true colors of everything!

Alright! Take a look at my stuff.

Sorry the lighting was crazy in this video! If I do July’s as a video I will pick a better spot.

So here’s a quick recap of what I got:

J.Cats False Eye lashes- $3.99

J.Cats Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta – $4.49

Full size NYX Mosaic Powder in Dare- $7

Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink – $12 (LOVE!)

Cailyn Eyeliner in Iron – $21

Total Value: $48.48, Amount Paid: $10

I get a discount on these products for the month of June, so if you’re interested in buying I would be happy to share my discount.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s review!

More fun to come.

Cooking 101: Put the Jarred Garlic Down


Let’s discuss food today.

And life lessons.

Like- life lessons of essential cooking know-how.

After our Memorial Day weekend of indulgences, my sister and I decided we should probably end our trip on a good note.

You know, to sort of set the tone for the coming week of healthfulness?

P made a delicious batch of quinoa, which inevitably got me back on my quinoa kick.

Which means I’ll probably be eating it for like the next month straight.

I make this recipe for my lunches a lot, and figured I would share it with you today.

Because, as I previously stated, I am on a quinoa kick and am having it for lunch this week.

I even modified it based on yummy trick P shared with me.

Shouldn’t the big sister be teaching the little sister?

Never mind.

And honestly? It’s not even a “trick.”

Tricks are fun things you see on Pinterest (which I’m still avoiding, by the way).

This was more of a Cooking 101 lesson.

So, I’m 30 years old and never (yes NEVER) purchased a whole head of garlic until the weekend before our Memorial Day trip.


It’s true.

How un-30.

And lame.

Am I really that unadventurous!?

If adventurousness is gauged by garlic purchases, than yes.

Yes, I am totally unadventurous.

Rather than buying garlic in its whole form (you know, since I’m such a fancy, gourmet cooker), I’ve always gone the lazy way:


Hey- don’t knock it.

It’s made by a guy named Chef Cuisine.

It’s gotta work. It’s who he IS!

I guess.


However P, in all her 23-year-old glory, convinced me there is something magical (yes, magical) in buying a head of garlic.

Because she’s adventurous like that.

So adventurous that she roasted it.

All by her freaking self.

And I realized what a spoiled brat I’ve been for never taking 5 minutes to slap some oil on a head of garlic and do the same.


Jarred garlic.

Who the heck do I think I am!?


Today we are going to roast garlic.

And I realize this is a no brainer for ALL of you, and this post has absolutely no useful value to you-

But I urge you to keep reading anyway.

Because this recipe is tasty and filling, but still light.

Plus you’ve already read a ton, so just finish the job.

If you’re like me and have never gotten adventurous and have continually resorted to buying premade crap, strap on your big girl pants.

It’s about to get nuts over here.

Preheat your oven to 350

Take a head of garlic, and peel away the outer layers of the bulb, leaving the skins on the individual cloves intact.

Take a sharp knife and carefully slice off the top so you expose the individual cloves of garlic.



Brush the exposed cloves with a little olive oil.

Wrap in foil.

Place on a cookie sheet.

Place in the oven, set your timer for 45 minutes, and walk away and do something adventurous for a few minutes.

Like water your plants,

or challenge your mom to a game of Words with Friends

or maybe even paint your toes.

You are so wild!

Okay, now that you’ve done something thrilling, it’s time to make your quinoa.

Which is super easy and fast.

Because you can use your rice cooker.

Just cook a box in your rice cooker with two parts water to one part quinoa and you are all set.


If you don’t have a rice cooker, just cook according to box directions.

While that is cooking, sautee 1 large red pepper and an 8 oz. packet of sliced fresh mushrooms in ½ TBSP of coconut oil until they are soft.



By now your garlic should be nice and soft and ready to take out of the oven.


Gently press the cloves out, and add to the veggies. Give a good mash, and mix well.


Add salt and pepper to taste, toss into the quinoa, and pat yourself on the back. You freaking just mastered the most elementary kitchen lesson at 30 years old.

Bravo, Brittny. Bravo.


1 head garlic
1 package cooked quinoa
1 tablespoon coconut oil (part for the garlic, the other part for sautéing)
1 large chopped red pepper
1 8 oz package chopped mushrooms
Salt & pepper to taste

May Ipsy Loot

My Ipsy came in last week!!


(jumping up and down, flailing arms, and looking completely ridiculous)


Let me take a moment to compose myself.

I had no intention of starting out so jubilantly.

But I feel like I can’t help it!

I realize my jubilance is a little over the top- which is totally un-30, but let’s just go with it.


Hey- I said we were going to go with it, so indulge me.

So last month I absolutely loved my Ipsy surprises. My $10 investment ended up paying off with over $30 worth of fun makeup products- all of which I loved.

This month was no different.

Are you ready to see the loot?

Please say yes.


Okay good!

So apparently last month they gave me the wrong bag, only to send me the correct back this month.


In addition to that fun surprise, my May “Spring Fling” goodies came in a super cute bag.


And it only got better from there! smile

Here’s a quick shot of what I got.


The bag came with the following items:

Pacifica Bronzing Body Butter (obvs- since I am usually so pale… )
Full size Zoya nail polish in Piaf
Yaby mini concealer refill in Buff
Full size Juice Beauty lip gloss in Pink
Full size Mirabella lipstick in Bellarina

Yay for great items!

Alright, let’s start with the Pacifica. I smells so so SO good.

I haven’t tried it since I don’t want to mess with my current tanner. However, I noticed it has a nice shimmer, which I like sometimes for my legs, so will definitely be giving it a try this summer.

This was actually a full size travel bottle, though you can obviously buy a larger version too.


I like that the Zoya nail polish is vegan friendly.

It is not my favorite color, but gave it a go and was surprised it actually looked okay. It is more gold-y than yellow, so that made me happy. Maybe I will wear it sometimes during the summer months.


I really like the Yaby concealer.

It is a nice, firm, cream in a pot and worked so nicely under my eyes, and I would probably even use this around my lips before putting on lip liner and lipstick. Blends really nicely.  I’ve always used liquid concealer, so I was excited to try something new- and really liked how this felt and the coverage it gave.


I’ve mentioned my lip gloss obsession in the past, so of course I was extra excited to get a full size PINK lip gloss.

It tastes so so good, like oranges, and I love that the ingredients are organic.

The color is a little mauve-y, but it looks nice over lipstick and feels really nice on- and not sticky which I know we love!

I am also excited about my full size Mirabella lipstick! The coverage is really sheer (it’s a sheer lipstick, so it’s doing its job!) but gives a nice shimmer and a touch of color. Definitely a great shade for summer.


I couldn’t believe I got TWO full size lip products. It totally thrilled me. Those are my makeup vices, so getting a full-size lipstick AND a gloss was so exciting.

So now it’s time to do a breakdown on the price:

Pacifica Travel Size Bronzing Body Butter, $7
Full size Zoya nail polish in Piaf $8
Yaby concealer refill in Buff $4.84
Full size Juice Beauty lip gloss in Pink, $15 value
Full size Mirabella lipstick in Bellarina, $22 value

I got $56.84 work of makeup products for $10.

Most importantly, I will actually use all of these products, too, which makes me feel even happier.  The nail polish is a little iffy, but I am still going to give it a shot this summer with the right attire and location in mind.

So there you have it! My Ipsy goodies! If you are interested in joining please let me know. I get points for referrals, and I have no idea what that means but I know it equates to makeup down the road. So win-win for both of us.

More to come!

The Un-30.

I have what P and I now like to call Oompa Loompa feet.

Yes, it is true.

I am a ruddy shade of orange, thanks to asking my sister to, “Spray my feet again please” because “It doesn’t seem like you really got them.”

She got them.

Oh did she get them.

What an immature and un-30 thing to do.

The crazy thing about paleness is that I’m not even overly concerned about my Oompa Loompa-ness.

And could care less about Will’s hurtful Willy Wonka jokes.

Because I’m tan darn it, which is better than paper white.

Oh- and I suppose now is a good time to throw in the fact that I realize today’s outer beauty(or lack thereof!?) post does not seem very congruent with yesterday’s inner beauty post-

but please indulge me.

I have orange fairies for Pete’s sake!

There’s not much beautiful about that.

Unless you like Oompa Loompa feet, in which case- I apologize-

And stand beside you in solidarity for the next 7-10 days while I wait for this crazy orange fest to fade.

But enough about that.

There’s only so many times I can say the “f” word (feet) without getting grossed out, and I have totally gone over my quota.

Let’s talk about something else.

Like how I am going to totally abandon my diet next weekend and instead devote it to trashing up s’mores to the best of my ability.


The dirtiest things are about to happen to s ‘mores and my mind is racing like a teenage boy.

I’m thinking cookies instead of graham crackers, whether we could cut brownies in half to serve as the base, and P even thought about how to make peanut butter M&Ms work in them too.

It’s going to happen.

And I will most certainly pay for it the following Monday-

If not in the form of a trip to have my stomach pumped,

(dear God I pray not)

Most definitely in the form of a gigantic face explosion of zits.

Because nothing says I ate like utter crap-ola like a face full of swollenness and pain.


Definitely looking forward to the s’mores part.

The aftereffects? I could do without.

Hmm- which leads me to wonder how you guys would cope with such major indulgences.


You’re saying you don’t exist on s’mores for three days straight, and that no one but me would do such a stupid thing!?

Sheesh- you could have said it a little nicer.

I get it.

No one eat three “square” meals of s’mores.

Because that would be utterly ridiculous.

And incredibly unhealthy.

Especially for a self-proclaimed health nut.

And totally immature and un-30.




It’s like you’re trying to talk me out of it.

Or I’m trying to talk me out of it.

No, that can’t be it.

It’s just a few zits.

They’ll go away.

Who am I kidding!? That’s awful!


I need to collect myself.

Plus I have totally gone over my “z” word (zit) quota for the day and am getting grossed out again.

But now all I can think about is the junk food fest and how it doesn’t seem as fun when I think about the consequences.


I’m so old!!

I’m like that annoying friend of yours that you keep trying to get to have “just one more glass” of wine-

Because you know she’s WAY more fun to be around after “just one more glass.”

Only she never has “just one more glass” because “it will give her heartburn” or “she has a headache” or “she has to volunteer to help the elderly and be absolutely amazing the following day.”


That responsible friend of yours. Just have the drink already!

Only we know she’s right.

She’s going to have that one drink and be fun for like a whopping 5 minutes, but will then spend the next hour lamenting about how much she has to do and how she totally shouldn’t have had that one drink and then will go on

And on

And on

Until you wish you could freaking craft some sort of Back to Future time reverse machine so you could redo the last hour of your life.

Or simply just want to take an Ambien and call it a night.

That would work too.


P is totally going to rue the day (yes, I did just say rue the day) we decided to get food drunk on s’mores.

I’m going to be a barrel a laughs the first few meals,

but then I start to feel sick.

And then my heart starts racing from the sugar (um, because that’s what happens to people that never eat it… It’s like a freaking panic attack of chaos. And you’re left wondering, “Did someone just slip me a drug!?").

And my stomach starts producing what I not so affectionately call “food babies.”

And then the complaining sets in.

And then I got from a barrel of laughs to nothing more than a barrel of annoyingness.

Assuming barrels of annoyingness were a real thing.

Eh let’s fly by the seat of our pants, kick up our Oompa Loompa fairies, and call it a day.

Bring on the s’mores and lets watch this party unravel.

I love living on the wild side.

The un-30 side.

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