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Walk, Don’t Run

Are mornings crazy in your house?

Depending on the day, they are in mine.

I’m running around like a complete crazy person, holding a towel around my body in one hand, while throwing food in the crockpot and packing lunches in the other.

Between trying to slap foundation on my face, get dressed, and make a green monster while simultaneously trying to apply lipstick and send a text- I always leave frazzled on such days.

Which seems to make me feel frazzled for hours later.

Which seems to make me feel rushed, even if I’m not rushed.

Which makes me feel like I need to speed wherever I’m going.

Which led me to getting pulled over for my first time ever last Monday.

Happy Monday to me indeed.

I was feeling good that morning. I left the house 45 minutes earlier than normal to make a quick trip to the vet clinic to drop off Rocky’s stool sample for some annual testing.


However, for some silly reason, since I rushed around to get ready early and get to the vet, I was feeling rushed as I drove there.

I have no idea why.

I made a wrong turn, and had to turn around and back track- which further perpetuated my feelings of rushed-ness.

And then it happened.

I saw the black SUV pass me, and immediately hit his breaks and make a U-turn.

“Not me!

He can’t be coming for me!”

I thought to myself, knowing full well I was totally speeding.

Oh he was coming for me alright.

“But I’ve never had a ticket before, so I’m sure he’ll just give me a warning.” I tried to rationalize.

Except that didn’t happen at all.

The longer I sat, the longer I knew I was going to get a ticket.

And sure enough, I got a ticket.


“Watch your speed, and have a nice day, Ma’am.”



Hell- you just gave me a ticket, but did you REALLY need to make me feel 30!?


Oh yeah, this MA’AM will have a GREAT day, I’m sure of it! Not only did I just get a $131 speeding ticket, but you just freaking called me MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, sorry for the vent.

But seriously.

Anyway- I find it a little funny how, for the rest of the entire day I tried to rationalize the whole thing in my head to where I was the victim in the situation. 

My premise being, “I know I was speeding, I know I was in the wrong, BUT the guy ran my history and knew I’ve never gotten a ticket. Why couldn’t he have let me off with a warning!?”

Yes, Brittny. Clearly you’re the victim.

Why do we do that!?

I guess because it makes us feel a little better?

It didn’t make me feel better.

Later that day, I had to go to Sam’s for something. The place was a zoo.

I was in high heels.

I had to park far away.

I went to where my item usually is.

Only they switched the store around, and I had to walk in high heels to the other side of the store.

I got what I needed and got in the shortest line I could find.

Only I couldn’t find my Sam’s card.

The Sam’s card I just freaking had in my hand to get in the store 5 minutes earlier.


So, I got out of line and started back tracking my steps.

My calves killing me the whole time.

Sure enough, there it was on the floor near where I was earlier.

How did I drop it!?

What’s more- how did I not even freaking notice?

It was just in my hand.

Will jokes that I bee-bop through life.

And today? I have to admit he had a point.

Where was my brain today?!

As I walked back to the line, I began thinking about how often I rush through everything. I’ve always been that way. I am always in “go” mode and rarely take time to stop.

I rarely take time off work.

I am up long before the sun most mornings.

Heck, even when we’re “unwinding” watching TV, I’m simultaneously doing something like blogging, exercising, or cooking.

I just don’t ever shut off.

Isn’t that the story for many of us women?

As I walked back to get in line, I began thinking.

“Brittny, what are you doing!? You need slow down!”

And it’s true.

I need to take a moment to mindfully slow down.

To sit still.

To listen more.

To turn off the phone and social media.

To quiet myself more.

But who has time for that!? I have things to do!

Ha- see how easily that happens?

Once again trying to convince myself I don’t need to stop.

Something interesting to me, and something I cannot explain, is how I understand and emphasize the importance of rest in my workout routines. I take a couple days off from the gym a week, and even take a week off from lifting every 12 weeks.

Yet for some reason, I have not learned to apply those same principles to every other aspect of my life.

Just as burnout or injuries happen when working out without rest, the same thing can be said for plowing through life without taking a moment to just freaking slow down for a minute to stop and smell the roses.

I like the idea of slowing down very much.

Especially after my “awesome” $131 speeding ticket.

However the implementation?

Isn’t as easy.

As I stood in line at Sam’s that day, I decided to pray God would help me slow down a little.

To enjoy this beautiful life He’s blessed me with, because it is so short, and should be enjoyed.

Here’s to you stopping to enjoy your blessed life too. <3

More to come…

Mary Kay Monday!


Hi Pretties!

Another Mary Kay Monday underway. Last week I shared the power of the Even Essence Complexion mask.

This week is all about some of my favorite Mary Kay makeup products.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Pink lipstick.

I know! So very unexpected!


I have a couple Mary Kay lip stick favorites, but I don’t want to overwhelm you (not today, anyway. smile).

Today we’re talking about Mary Kay Signature creme lip color in Pink Satin.


I mentioned awhile back I have been a lip gloss girl most of my life.

(and PS- I seriously LOVE Mary Kay’s lip glosses)

However, over the last year I’ve started wearing a lot more lipstick, especially Mary Kay.

It lasts, stays put, doesn’t feather, and keeps moisture locked in.

This pink satin is such a beautiful color, too. It has a tiny touch of subtle shimmer, and is such a rich, pink color.

It isn’t overbearing like you’re getting ready to showcase yourself at the circus, but also isn’t so light you feel like nothing is on.


In the words of Goldilocks, the amount of color Pink Satin gives is juuussst right.


Been reading a few too many books to Layla.

If all that wasn’t enough- I have more for you!

Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick is enhanced with nourishing vitamin E and a vitamin C derivative to help defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals and everyday environmental stress.


The Mary Kay Pink Satin color won the Essence Readers’ Choice Beauty award in 2011!

Um, obviously.

Because it’s gorgeous.

I realize there are lots of pink lipsticks out there, and I’m sure I would love 75% of them, but today is called Mary Kay Monday for a reason!

I’ve used their products for years and I at least know when I buy this pink lipstick, I’m going to love it every single time.

Which leads me to another Mary Kay Love. Their highlighter!

I’ve mentioned many times that I just can’t be mature around glittery makeup.

The inner five year old in me wants to play tea party princess and get all tarted up in gaudy jewelry and fancy dresses and ridiculous amounts of “fairy dust.”

And yes, I’m 30.

The truth is, sparkly stuff is just freaking amazing.

I can’t control the truth guys.

Anyway, I have to be careful about my sparkly purchases these days.

There are heaps of super amazing highlighters on the market right now that I would LOVE to try.

Because I think they’re probably freaking GORGEOUS, and in all honesty, maybe even better than my Mary Kay highlighter.

However, I have to pull back the throttle a little and remind myself I just can’t buy that crap.

I’m a sparkle abuser.

It’s true.

If I let myself buy some of the creams or liquids on the market this would happen. No lie:


Stopping people right in their tracks- and in the worst way possible.

“Is she sweating excessively?”

“Is she an alien!?

“Look, mom! A real life fairy!”

So yeah… not ideal.

And that’s why this Mary Kay highlighter is ACE.

It is a powder, which is much more manageable for a glitter freak like me. And it also comes in two forms:

Pink porcelain is matte

And pink stardust has a subtle shimmer


I think they’re beautiful (um, because they are!), but here are a few more fun facts courtesy of

Mineral Highlighters are Designed to illuminate the skin for a more radiant tone, this mineral-based formula adds natural highlights and brightens the complexion.

Key Ingredients
Vitamins A, C and E help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals.
Minerals which occur naturally in the earth. They have a lightweight texture and provide luminosity and radiance to the skin. All minerals found in nature undergo extensive purification and processing before they are incorporated into a cosmetic product.

All good things in my book.

Here’s the finished product, lipstick, highlighter and all.


Definitely some of my favorite Mary Kay products.

Hope you had fun playing makeup with me today! If you’re interested in any of the products, just give me a shout.

Tune in tomorrow for fun with me and P!

The Hidden Person of the Heart

Oh my. This happened.

That picture?

It’s me.

And I can’t believe I led with it.

Because, let’s be honest. It’s horrid.

No, there were not two Christmas trees in the picture.

There’s only one

And no, the tree is not the one wearing the fluffy velvet 90s dress.

Oh- and by the way, there are waaay more pictures, just as bad as this one.

I had a good 2-3 years or so of total fugliness (haha, yes! I said it. Fugliness. That word is awful. Please don’t let me say it again), and more if you count my bad hair and fashion choices in part of junior high.


I posted this picture today because I’m sure many of us (please dear God empathize with me here!) have a few pictures, or even a period in our lives when we totally cringe looking back.

Can we all please take a moment to cringe?

Okay, I feel a little better.

Upon seeing this, I also had to remind myself that I’m not that girl anymore.

I know I’m predisposed to weight gain if I don’t work out and eat right- but it doesn’t define my outward appearance.

Your type does not define you!

Being a girl can be so darn hard sometimes! Am I right?

And what’s funny is that you think it gets easier as you get older, and the truth is?

Although in some ways it does, in others it doesn’t.

I still look at my flaws each morning. The deepening lines under my eyes, my pale skin, and cellulite, and there are days when I just don’t feel all that beautiful.

Are you feeling me?

I know I’m not the only one out there.

However, I will say there is a little silver lining (??) in what I see these days compared to those of my younger years.

I see so much more when I look at myself now. 

I have begun to understand all that crap our parents, youth pastors, and mentors told us all our lives- beauty happens on the inside.

Oh no! She’s drinking the Kool-Aid!

It sounds like such stupid, meaningless, fluff when you’re a teenager, right?

“Gee mom, thanks for telling me not to worry about the GIGANTIC zit on my chin today since I’m pretty on the inside!”


But the truth is, they all meant well- because they knew something many of us wouldn’t freaking figure out until well into our lives:

Inner beauty counts.

So yeah, outward beauty is great, but there really is some credence to that inner beauty crap they told us too.

Why did it take me so long to actually believe some of that stuff?! I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.

Thankfully (??), I’ve been the “nice girl” my entire life, so I avoided a lot of criticality and teasing (um… thank GOD! I totally just spent the last five minutes teasing myself! I was such fair game, I’m surprised people didn’t pounce back then).

However, I definitely knew I was not “pretty” (whatever that means) like some of the girls in my class. And let’s be real- I was totally chubby too! And I remember that hurting me back then, especially during a time when kids were so mean and I saw other peers suffer from such teasing!

So here’s some divulging deep into my heart.


I remember many, many years ago… I was in late grade school, and something got me especially bothered about my poofy hair, distinctive nose, and serious chubbiness. I don’t recall what happened, but I definitely remember being very upset.

I remember lying in bed that night, crying so very hard (you know the tears- the kind when snot bubbles are coming out of your nose and you’re having a hard time catching your breath).  Clear as day, I remember praying to God that he would make me beautiful. I totally remember that prayer. I remember just being in bed praying it over and over again.

Ugh, how heartbreaking, right?

And it’s not heartbreaking because it’s my story, but it’s simply heart breaking because it’s probably a lot of girl’s stories over the years.

I remember going to sleep, hopeful that perhaps I would wake up looking like this:

Um, yeah.. except I woke up looking like this.

Oh my. This happened.


I was probably wearing that stupid green velvet dress too!

What was my mom thinking!?

Do you ever wish your current self could talk to your old self!?

How great would that have been, right?

I would have been all, “Listen up- it’s going to be okay. Turns out you’re going to end up just fine!”

And then begin to go on a barrage of the fun stuff that will happen in her life and how, whether she wants to believe it or not, she eventually gives up chicken strips and pepperoni pizza. FOREVER.

Yes, young Brittny, it’s true.

Most of all, though, I really wish I could have told her that all that stuff on the outside? Yeah, it makes us feel good when we look good, and I totally want young Brittny to feel good and confident in her skin, but most importantly I would have told her to focus her energy on taking care of her inside too.

Because, at the end of the day, outward beauty eventually goes away, but a beautiful core? A tender and sincere heart? That stays with you forever.

I would have told her to focus those prayers for outward beauty on inward beauty instead.

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)

And heck, I need to remind myself the exact same thing each day!

I so want a beautiful, pure heart that seeks God and exemplifies all He is in my life. I want my inner core to be the “super model” of my life.

I’ve obviously come to grips that I will never be the most beautiful woman outwardly.

I still have that distinctive nose, I will battle chubbiness due to genetics if I’m not eating right and exercising, wrinkles will still develop no matter how hard I fight it, and I’ve given up on the cellulite, but at the end of the day?

I just want to be beautiful in His sight. I know I have a long way to go, but that has been my heart’s new prayer.

Just like we can’t really hide the not so glamorous pics of our past, we can’t change where we’ve been. I don’t know about you, but I sure that were true! However, I know that I have a God that can make all things beautiful regardless, so long as we willingly place ourselves in His capable hands, and that is what I hold onto.

Prayers that you will find the beauty in yourself too.

Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel—rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. (I Peter 3:3-4 NKJV)

Nice Girl Recap & Mary Kay Monday!


Before we get to why I’ve posted a complete hot mess of a self portrait (please tell me you’re dying to know… or worse, please don’t tell me this does not surprise you at all)- let’s first recap our Nice Girl Campaign Challenge!

I hope you were able to narrow down a cause near to your heart last week and get involved, and if you weren’t able to get involved last week I hope you were at least able to sign up for an opportunity to do so! I would love to hear what you chose and why.

That is exactly what I did this week. My church has so many opportunities to serve, so I know I am in good hands with what I intend to move forward with.

Hopefully you are just as blessed as those you have (or will) serve.

So here’s to continuing a lifetime of nice girl gestures out of a sensitive heart for others. <3

Now that we’ve recapped, let’s get back to that garish picture.

I decided to devote the month of August to Mary Kay Mondays.


Yes, it’s true.

Totally pimping out (um, did I just say pimping out? How unlady like!) my products for the sake of sharing their greatness!

I chose some of my favorites to highlight this month in hopes of increasing your knowledge of some of the beneficial Mary Kay products on the market.

Plus, it’s fun to discuss proven beauty products!

Hopefully that helps put into perspective why I’m gracing the top of this post in a white mask?


Obviously, the first product I want to share with you all is the Mary Kay Even Complexion Mask.


Because it’s just that darn good.

Oh- and I should preface.

The majority of these facts are taken from the Mary Kay site, so I want to put that out there right now. I am obviously not a braniac on MelaCEP (haha).

What is it?
•The TimeWise® Even Complexion mask leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized and delivers brightening benefits so that the skin immediately looks more radiant.  It is made with MelaCEP™ Brightening Complex, which is infused with botanicals to provide added brightening benefits.

•It is the perfect solution for tired, dull skin that needs a burst of radiance.

Okay, that sounds good and all… but what else?

What it does
• TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask is formulated with the patent-pending MelaCEP™ Brightening Complex to deliver added brightening benefits.

• Skin is left soft and moisturized, and is infused with botanicals and other ingredients that deliver instant brightening benefits so that skin looks immediately more radiant.

Who doesn’t love a radiant glow?

That is one of the big reasons I started using this mask, because it definitely delivers a beautiful glow with consistent use.

So, how does that glow happen anyway?

What’s in it that makes it so great
Lactobacillus Ferment conditions the skin and produces compounds that function as a key protein that is reported to reduce pigment formation.

Kakadu Plum Extract is derived from the Kakadu Plum, a fruit reported to have the highest concentration of vitamin C. Here’s a comparison: the amount of vitamin C in 3½ ounces of Kakadu Plum is 3000 mg, while the same amount of orange contains just 50 mg.

Ferula Foetida Extractis derived from a plant native to the Mediterranean that is known to contain the antioxidant ferulic acid, widely used in skin brightening formulas and whose benefits have been prized for centuries.

Helianthus Annuss Seed Extract is an antioxidant from sunflowers that helps protect against UV damage. Sunflower seeds are reported to have high levels of vitamins and minerals, and sunflower oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that plays a key role in providing health benefits. Who knew!?

So here’s how to get beautiful, evenly glowy skin:
• After cleansing the face, apply an even, medium layer of mask to the face and neck using the fingertips.
• Allow mask to remain on the skin for 10 to15 minutes for optimal results.
• Rinse or remove with a warm, wet cloth.
• Use two to three times per week.

I am so serious about this stuff. I like to mask two times a week, and if you’re being consistent, and also keeping up with a good skincare regimen (OMG I spelled it right!), the results are noticeable.

You can also buy the Even Complexion Essence in conjunction for maximum results.


This stuff is crazy and works very effectively. I REALLY like it. In fact, I love both dearly.

However in trying to be more prudent, I’ve stopped using the essence to save a little money. I was nervous about doing so, but so long as I’ve stayed consistent with the mask, I have not noticed much difference. When you combine their power? Even more amazing.

I think I just talked myself into using the essence again. Ha

If you’re interested in buying, I plan on making an order at the end of my Mary Kay Monday month of August, so let me know! I’ll even toss in some pretty samples for free.

Any masks you love I should know about?

More to come! 

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Birthday Weekend Wrap-up & Look Ahead

Hello hello!

Time to get refocused on the week ahead and start looking toward all things Monday related.


But before we do that, let’s talk the weekend!

It was so nice having Friday off.

I got in an extra long back-biceps-shoulder workout, and threw in cardio intervals between sets.

Afterward, I cleaned the house, did laundry, and went to the store.

Oh my gosh.

Can I please tell you how freaking wonderful Walmart is on a Friday morning?

It’s like being on vacation and walking the vast ocean shores barefoot.

Um, only the ocean shores are grocery aisles, and I’m pretty sure Walmart encourages footwear… usually.

But hey, after going on Saturdays for months on end, elbow to elbow with all of Oklahoma City, fighting over the last box of quinoa (ha, who am I kidding? No one in Oklahoma eats quinoa besides me.  Haha), it was nice to have some space.

I spent a good hour over at my parent’s house with Layla, which was a great way to start the afternoon.

She was such a sweetheart, too! She didn’t want me out of her sight, and even let me rock her and put her down for a nap, which was pretty darn special.

Will got home late afternoon, and we had a pretty low key evening. We had dinner at the house and watched Cinderella Man.

That was about it!

Saturday was Will’s birthday!

We celebrated with his family a few weeks ago, and also saw his parents earlier this week, so they did not come up yesterday.

Will also got his birthday presents early too (two fancy paintball guns), so yesterday was really about us spending time together and having a relaxing day!

I “slept in” a little and got up as the sun was rose and hit the gym. I had a ridiculous amount of energy that morning. I went for an hour and a half doing legs and throwing in jumping jacks or jumping rope between sets. I was constantly moving. I went for 90 minutes and really felt like I could go another 90 minutes, but given the time I figured I better get my day started!


Will and I got around and saw the new Wolverine movie that afternoon.

It was good, but I have to be honest- the entire time I was so wrapped up in the need for Wolverine to get his power back, that I sort of tuned everything else out.

I like order, people. Order!

And Wolverine without power?


Okay, sorry for the tangent!

Afterward, we had an early birthday dinner at Hensley’s, a newish restaurant near OKC. I was surprised Will wanted to go there, because it didn’t seem like a “birthday place,” but hey- it was his birthday!

I will say, though, I was so excited to see they had a Vegetarian Special on the menu! The chef would make something he concocted based upon special needs. I just asked them to make it vegan, and was so susprised with what he cooked up!

It was delicious! It was an Asian inspired dinner with whole wheat pasta and a peanut-y soy sauce, as well as a ton of delicious veggies. Definitely a win.

Will's Birthday!  Vegetarian Special

Will specifically requested no birthday cake this year.

I was pretty proud of his decision! When it’s just the two of us in the house, it’s so easy to abuse an entire cake on a Saturday.

We’re pathetic.

I still wanted him to have a treat to celebrate, so he ended up getting a dessert to go.

Afterward, we stopped by my parent’s house to say hello (ie: allow me to shower Layla in kisses!), so that was nice too.

Camera shy

Plus I was able to get some pictures with my birthday guy! I hardly ever get him to take pictures with me (aside from an occasional one during football season), so that was a nice treat too!

Will's Birthday!

We got home, and Will enjoyed his dessert while watching the UFC fights on Fox.

An all around nice day.

Today is my usual Sunday. All about preparations for the week ahead. Putting away laundry, cooking my lunches for the week, getting some blog stuff done, and church.

Why do three day weekends go so quickly?

You’d think by now I would acclimate my self to fleeting weekends, yet I never do.

Lucky for us, we have a few things to look forward to this week!

Here’s a look at this week’s lineup:

-The Nice Girl Campaign Continues
-Should we be coo coo for coconut oil?
-Never fear handshakes again
And more!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and check in tomorrow!

Celebrating Will

Young Will ❤

Hello friends!

I am pretty pumped today because, not only is it Friday, but I’m (mostly) off work today too!

With the government off on Fridays for sequestration, and with Will’s birthday tomorrow, we thought it would be a good time to enjoy an extended weekend.

The original plan was for us to spend the whole day doing fun stuff, like seeing a movie and going out to eat.

However, as is life as an adult, other things came up (like my work).

So I suppose, although plans changed, this is better because it will free me up on all of Saturday- which is Will’s birthday!

My dear Will turns 33 tomorrow
, which seems unreal.

When I met him, he was 22.

Just a kid working as a lowly intern at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries, going to school, and driving a totally fancy brand new GMC pickup truck that was way too much money.


This picture was almost exactly 10 years ago! Check out his dimples! So cute.

And here he is all grown up and in his 30s, with a grown up job, guiding our household, and driving an ever so responsible (and paid for!) 2001 Ford pickup truck (oh, and I guess I shouldn’t leave out the gas-saving motorcycle).


My, how time changes things.

Will has always been so mature and grown up. He’s always known the right answers, and has always been wise, but has grown even wiser with each passing year (which I suppose is something we all hope for each year!).

When I look back, I see his patience with me continually.

In a lot of ways, he married a child. I was a month shy of 21 when we got married, and had no clue about the world.

Will took care of so much in those early years.

And perhaps that’s why so often over the years, when we would argue, I would always feel like he was treating me like a child. And I suppose in some ways it is because I acted like one! I was a total baby when it came to so much. Immature about the real world, spoiled, and had so much to learn.

And now here I am. 30 and grown up.

Largely impart to life experiences, as it probably happens with most.

But also because of Will.

As silly as it sounds, over the last couple years I finally feel like I’ve caught up with him. smile

He makes me better, and there are so many days, especially lately, when I think to myself, “ I honestly can’t believe I get to be married to him.”

No, he’s not perfect.

(Remember the office? There’s little clutter piles he leaves everywhere.)

No our marriage is not perfect.

But over the last 11 years of knowing him, as I have grown up and come into my own, I have started to realize more and more how thankful I am for having a husband like Will. He takes care of me so much, and is my knight in shining armor.

We are similar in many ways, like our beliefs on finances, family, faith, and goals.

Yet we are so very opposite too.

He is such a lion, and I’m such a golden retriever.

Will is bold, I am timid.

Will would be fine staying on the couch all weekend, I would prefer to go exploring.

Yet it works, and we fit.

Some days I feel unworthy to be his wife, and am humbled that God blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

When I was a girl, like even as young as 15, I would pray for my future husband. I did that for so many years. And what’s amazing to me is that, just as the word says, even when I was faithless, God remained faithful. He blessed me beyond measure.

As Will heads into his 33rd year and our nearly 10th year of marriage, I pray blessings and protection on him. I pray the Lord guides him with wisdom and peace in all he does.

Although he’s not 33 until tomorrow, I celebrate him today too, in all his sports obsessed, OU loving, paintball crazed glory.

Because, when I really stop and think about it, and when I really take my eyes off all the craziness of life, he should be celebrated everyday.

Be sure to celebrate the people in your life that mean the most to you, too. Life is too short not to.

<3 More to come.

Weekend Wrap-Up & Look Ahead

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend thus far. Hopefully you’ve found some relief from the summer heat, and managed to do something you enjoy.

Mine has been nice, and pretty uneventful.

Friday was great because I opted to go grocery shopping that evening instead of Saturday. It felt so nice to shift around my schedule and have more time on Saturday instead of having to squeeze in a trip to the store.

Between doing that after work, and the usual “I just got home from work” stuff, it was a little late so I ended up grabbing Subway for dinner, and Will and I ate subs while catching Fever Pitch on TV.

I like that movie, and I’m pretty sure we bought it on DVD and watched it multiple times while we were in Kuwait.

Then we were lucky enough to catch a few Frasier and King of Queens reruns. It was like someone took our whole Kuwait programming favorites and put them on TV last night.

They must know we don’t get out much. smile

Yesterday I crushed a leg workout (and am sore today!) and did some house cleaning, and then I got a package in from Target!

I had a gift card from my birthday I hadn’t used and caught a buy one get one 50% sale I couldn’t pass up!

I ended up getting this rug for our entry way, and I really like it.

New entry rug

I also got this super cute reversible sports bra,


This beautiful purple blazer,

Purple people eater

A pair of black workout pants,

And this super duper cute red skirt!


All for under $150, which is a great deal in my book. Especially considering I got a rug too.

The skirt didn’t fit, which was disappointing! I knew better to order a small, but sometimes their sizes seem hoaky. A medium is definitely in order… unless I want to look like a red hot link. Ha!

After looking over my new stuff, Will and I spent a good hour talking about our priority list of purchases as well as where we want to go on vacation next year.

Did I tell you about that?

So we agreed when we both turned 30, we would take a trip for our birthdays… only for Will it ended up being for his 31st, and the same holds true for me!

We went to Tallahassee, Florida in 2011 for the OU-FSU game.

I’m sure you’re shocked that of all the places Will could have chosen, he devoted his entire trip to the Sooners.

Surprise surprise.

But hey, it was his trip.

Anyway, we talked about what I might want to do.

Because I can’t make a decision to save my life about these sort of things

I’m open to suggestions. Anyone?


Anyway, after our chat I got around and we ended up spending most of the afternoon at my parents’ house.

I always love that!

My mom is visiting my grandma because she is not feeling her best right now, so my dad and P have been left to their own devices the last few days. We cooked out steaks, chicken, and veggie burgers and had a nice time. My sister also sliced up some summer squash and Will put them on the grill and they were delicious!

I meant to take a picture, but um… yeah…

We also had fun playing dress up with Layla.

Check out our cute bows!

Fancy bows and necklaces

You can’t see, but we are sporting fancy jewelry too.

Oh wait… you can probably see it better here:

Honey boo boo

So yeah… I’m 30.


As you can see, P is a big fan of Honey-Boo Boo, so she made me watch the premier (Um… I literally keep my mouth open in shock the entire time).

Fun afternoon.

We went to church- but we will get to that later.

We went home that evening and I did some laundry and cooking to prep for Sunday.

And more TV. Are you seeing a theme?

Never mind.

Today I got up ridiculously early and it was all about chest, triceps, and shoulders! I tossed in some jumping jacks, pop squats, and burpees between sets to add some cardio to the mix.

While every body is different, I am finding mine responds best to these types of workouts.

I went home, got ready super fast, and Will and I headed to an early breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg.

I’m always conflicted between the sweet potato pancakes and oatmeal. I opted for the oatmeal.

Okay, I’m lying.

I got the “heart healthy” sweet potato pancakes. It’s true. Hey- it says it on the menu. That means they’re totally legitimate.

And I’m sure vegan friendly.


Moving on.

Afterward, we went and saw Grown-Ups 2!

We (obviously) loved Kevin James in King of Queens, and saw the first Grown-ups movie, so we wanted to see the sequel too.

Oh, and I found out he will be in OKC this September! The downer is that it’s during an OU home game.


After the movie, we went and exchanged my skirt and now are home enjoying the rest of the day.

Hopefully you are doing the same!

Let’s take a look at what we’ll be talking about this week:

-The Nice Girl Campaign Continues!

-The Queen of Greens

-How to get sexy calves- and I’m not talking cows

-Things I’m loving

-Will turns 33

And more!

And now please let me take a moment to encourage you guys to check out At the Movies this week. Click here and be blessed. All times are CST.

2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
8:00 PM
10:00 PM

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12:00 PM
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8:00 PM
9:30 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
7:00 PM
8:30 PM
10:00 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
6:30 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 PM

11:00 AM
2:00 PM
6:30 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 PM
11:00 PM

Check in this week for fun. Have a good rest of the weekend!

when nothing makes sense at all

It seems like lately, anytime I’m sharing something important or more serious, it always seems to get posted at the end of the week!

Although, let’s be honest, when have I ever had anything deep or meaningful to say, really?


Today is more about my streams of consciousness that I simply need to get out of my mind and onto “paper.”

So bear with me.

See, for a while now I’ve been feeling this internal conflict about my life.

You know the whole Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs stuff you learned way back in school?

I guess, if I had to simplify the whole internal mind game with myself, that’s sort of what it comes down to.

Self-actualization. Being who you’re made to be, in its fullest sense.

Only, instead of using Maslow, let’s use God. Because that’s really where in the crux of my quandary lies.

For quite a while now, I’ve felt like I have “something” just sitting on my heart. 

Some days it’s just a small little flutter of a reminder, but other days, when I’m really setting my mind on things above, it feels like an elephant is atop me. And it’s driving me crazy!

What is that something!?!

Seriously! Because I’m sitting here wasting away and wandering aimlessly all while trying to find what that “something” is.

And all I feel like I hear is the verse that says I will find God when I “seek Him with all my heart.”

Okay, sounds simple enough.

Um, only not so much at all!

Oh- and can we please take a commercial break for a second?

I realize some of you reading might be thinking I’ve entirely lost my mind!

What am I doing talking about God, and feelings from my heart, and “seeking?”

I understand.

So I get that maybe this seems like nothing but mumbo jumbo silliness. But it is not.

So for the sake of today’s post, and hoping that perhaps you read this blog because you like me, can you please just take a minute to let me get all this stuff out and also take a moment to assume that maybe, just maybe I’m right about this God stuff I’m talking about?

Okay, so let’s jump back into that “something” on my heart.

So I just feel so convinced there is this “something,” a purpose, if you will, that I need to be fulfilling.

And it frustrates me to no end because I can’t put my finger on it.

And in all honesty, my seeking “with all my heart stuff?” Yeah, I’m not doing that like I probably should either, further complicating the issue.

And then I think about my life, and how I go to a real life grown up job (for which I’m very thankful), and all the things I’m involved in (including things like working out and health), and I wonder whether any of it makes a difference in my grand scheme and purpose.

I wonder if I need to strike a better balance between my sincere passions for things of this world, and focus my passions for things not of this world.

Oh geez I hope this is making sense.

That Maslow’s “self-actualization” if you will.

At the end of the day, God could care less what I could leg press or that I eat “clean” (whatever that really means) all the time.

Because, that’s immaterial in the grand scheme of life.

I feel a tad like Solomon when he was writing Ecclesiastes, reflecting on the meaninglessness of so many things people pursue in vain.

And I know that, God I know that.

But, at the same time, I have such a hard time remembering that.

And then I think… what if my “something” is taking my worldy interests and hobbies and strengths and applying them to create opportunities where I could fulfill these spiritual holes and needs?

And then I wonder if I’m being totally selfish and trying to make up my own “something” based on areas that are good fits for me.

But then I think about the fact that God gives us certain gifts and abilities, and I know I have an encouraging and tender heart for a reason, and maybe, just maybe if I could merge my true love for others into something that ties into my hobby, that really is in fact my “something.”

Maybe that “something” isn’t a full time job, maybe it’s something I do on the side. Maybe it’s this blog. Maybe it’s something on a much smaller scale than I’m making it out to be.

And if I could just freaking figure out what that something was, I would get right to it. Yet, I feel really directionless. I feel like, although I feel the Lord stirring in me, that I simultaneously feel like He’s nowhere to be found, and I find myself feeling hopeful, and lonely, and frustrated all at the same time. I get annoyed because I feel like I’m wasting time, which restarts the whole cycle of trying to rationally walk through the above only to get lost somewhere in the middle.

And I was hoping writing this out makes me feel better and perhaps lead me to begin unraveling the something on my heart. only it hasn’t, and in a strange way it has made me feel worse.

I just want to set my mind on things above, and not on earthly things. I know it’s easier said than done, but I want that.

And I don’t really know how to do that.

I mean, yes, in theory I do.

“Hey come to church with me.”

“Hey, I stand for Christ.”

Yeah, I get that.

But more specifically, I’m talking about setting my mind on things above in terms of this “something.”

And I am trying to find this crazy balance between doing what I enjoy in this earthly life, and also making sure to make what I do count for living a God-filled life.

And ugh, I know I can’t do it all in my own power, I know that. Yet, I find myself trying to find that “something” in my own power quite simply because it’s sitting on my fictional chest suffocating me and I can’t break free to determine what the heck it is.

And all I find myself doing is throwing up my hands in defeat saying,

“What is it!? I just need to know!” and I don’t.

This is where the problem lies.

So I spew this entire post before your very eyes, more as an simple act of frustration and aimlessness as I wander and flail about trying to make sense of things. 

And perhaps this whole frustrating thing is the issue. I need to deal with my heart condition before I can move forward. I need to get rid of all the junk that’s hiding out in there. and as I type this, I can’t help but feel really small and humble and filthy in “junk” that needs to be cleaned out of my life.

And so, as I prepare to close, I hope that in the coming weeks and months I will begin to see more of the picture unfold and be able to really fulfill what’s in store for me. However, right now I do not feel like I am, and I hate that, and I don’t want to feel that way anymore.

So please be patient with me as this huge circus elephant continues to sit on me. I’m a work in progress and apparently need some more heart healing before I am able to pursue that “something.”

Until then? Time to simply walk in faith.

More to come...<3

50 Shades of Brittny

So the tanning thing.

Let’s discuss.

You may remember I got an airbrush tanning machine for my birthday this year.

Because I am so tired of being pale all the time!!

When I got it, I was elated, and knew it would be the cure to all my pale problems.

And it was.

Sort of.

Turns out I developed a love/hate relationship with the thing. It just depends on the point of the week in which I’m lavishing its praises or ready to throw it off a cliff.

The tanning machine.

The sort of cure to my paleness.

The first few weeks were a lot of trial and error.

After all, P and I were by no means skilled at this system (I know you’re shocked). We simply watched a couple YouTube videos and we ready to make ourselves orange glowy.

Those first few weeks?

That was fun!

We had streaky ankles, freakishly orange hands, and random white spots.

Thankfully, however, through (a lot of) trial and error, we were able to (sort of) become pros with our technique, which resulted in, (for the most part), a nice even tan.

For the most part.

Which also resulted in, for the most part, happy, glowy girls.

For the most part.

The first few days after receiving a spray tan are pretty well amazing. You feel like you can do anything, wear anything, or be anything.

Yes, it is true.

In fact, I might run for president.

Only… at some point, halfway into the week, things begin to rapidly deteriorate.

The tan on our faces and hands begins to fade (since it gets the most washings).

When I workout and sweat like a pig, it begins to come off in those areas.

Also, a phenomenon we have deemed as “giraffe-ing” occurs, in which our skin sort of starts to take on a multi colored pattern similar to that of a giraffe.

And it’s awesome.

If you like looking like a complete freak, that is.

So we pretty much spend the last part of the week cursing the tan, trying to cover up and wash it off.

Not exactly ideal.

For some reason, my tan never fades as crappily as P’s- but make no mistake, mine definitely does fade crappily.

We exfoliated more on the day of our tans.

Didn’t work.

We switched to more DHA friendly body washes.

Didn’t work.

We changed solution brands.

Didn’t work.

We stopped showering altogether!

Okay, I’m lying- but I still bet that wouldn’t work. Although… maybe that WOULD work!


Again, not exactly ideal.

So we opted just to take our lumps, and instead of trying to figure out how to fix the funky fading giraffe-ness, we are going to simply switch up the days we tan, in hopes we can at least enjoy the beauty of brozneness over the weekend and start giraffe-ing at the start of the week when everyone is “blah” anyway.

So the price of being tan?

Apparently is worth it, splotchiness 50% of the time and all.

Maybe one day I will actually take a class to learn the right way.

Until then, I’ll take feeling like a star 3 ½ days out of the week.

Pass the touch up cream.

I’ve Got Love For You (if you were born in the 80s)

I actually added the “80s” channel to my Pandora stations.

Yes it’s true.

This happened.

Please don’t judge me.

Although, why would you?

80s music is pretty darn great sometimes.

Hey- at least I said sometimes and not all the time.

Speaking of the 80s, P and I caught Adventures in Babysitting on TV the other night.

Um- how great is that movie, right!?


My sister and I always talk about how fun 1980s Chicago would have been in that movie.

And singing the baby sitting blues?

And meeting Thor!?

Obviously I am still excited about it.

And why wouldn’t I be!?

Can we please camp out and discuss how many freaking cinema gems were produced in the 1980s?


Ferris Bueller,

Uncle Buck,

16 Candles,

The Breakfast Club,


The Griswold Series,

Back to the Future,

Top Gun,

The Shining,

The Never-Ending Story,

The Labyrinth (hello 1980s David Bowie crazy hair!)

Dirty Dancing,

The Blues Brothers,

The Goonies…

Okay- you get it.

Sorry. I realize I am a little out of control.

There were still like 10 more I wanted to list, but I figured you got my point: We are talking brilliant films, here. 

Yep, I said it. Brilliant.

So excuse me if I like a little Blondie and Depeche Mode every now and then.

Is that a crime!?

I think not.

I have obviously demonstrated the awesomeness of the 1980s.

But do we need to keep going?

I feel like we do.

Um, not only were there some super life altering treasures on the silver screen, but let’s not forget about the super radical television shows that loaded up our mind with amazingness- like Alf, MacGyver (the Jack Bauer of the 1980s- duh!), The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Saved by the Freaking Bell, and about a million other shows.

Not to mention my pre-formative years enjoying Beetlejuice, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and Barbie and the Rockstars.


I am blowing my own mind here people.

And who didn’t love their original Nintendo!? Seriously, I still have quite the affinity for the original Mario Brothers.

In fact, Will was able to find a Super Nintendo about a decade ago and bought it for me. Can I please tell you how much fun I had playing Mario Brothers on that bad boy?

It’s the small things people.

Yeah, I get it. It’s lame and old.

But so am I sometimes!

Yes, I went there.

Can we please have an 80s movie night?

You can bring over your Caboodles full of hideous eye shadows that we will obviously deem as 1980s approved. Hey! Perfect excuse to rock my inappropriate, sparkle filled J Cat body glitter/eyeshadow/burlesque powder!

And then we can totally leg warmer it up (yes, even in June) and poof our hair nice and big and bake mini vegan snacks in the Easy Bake Oven while watching an array of the aforementioned movie masterpieces.

And then it will get out of control.

Because just when you think you can’t stand any more fun, I will whip out an array of threads and beads so we can make our very own BFF necklace.

Oh- and I get dibs on the BE FRI part.

So what do you say? Are you in?

What a few things you loved about the 80s?

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