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The Extra Long One Where I Danced The Night Away & Look Ahead

My weekend continues today!

The gift that keeps on giving.

Will gets Christmas Eve and Day off (I only get Christmas Day), so we opted to take some vacation and wrap the holiday around a weekend.

Such a good decision.

I rarely take vacation these days, and it feels so good to have some time off.

Guys, I had such a splendid weekend!

I don’t even know where to begin.

My work day was pretty quiet, which was so nice. Afterward I made a trip to the grocery store alongside heaps of other Oklahomans.

An ice storm threatened to snap power lines and kill everyone’s holiday plans- so off to the store the world went.

Hey, I was just going to the store like I usually do. I did not want to get caught up in all the chaos, but I didn’t have much of a choice!

Friday night was busy with stuff around the house, getting stuff ready for Christmas with the families, laundry, and making dinner. We caught up on some of our shows and called it an early night. By the time we went to bed, the rain was steady, so we knew we would wake to ice!

As anticipated, we woke early to ice covered everything!



I skipped the gym and did a Max Interval Insanity workout at home to play it safe. I did some stuff around the house, and then Will and I ventured out to do a little last minute shopping. We had one gift card to get before we were all done.

Thankfully, although everything around us with enclosed in ice (like Will’s truck), the roads were clear.

We got the gift card and enjoyed lunch at On the Border. We went home, and before long it was time to get ready for our Life Group Christmas party!

I have been looking forward to getting together all week, and it didn’t disappoint.

It was a casual party, but we all still sort of glammed it up more than normal. I wore a ridiculous amount of makeup and had so much fun getting ready. I suppose I could experiment with different colors and layers every day, but I don’t, so things like Christmas parties are all the more fun.

Lots of eye shadow. smile


Before the party, we invited another couple from the group out for coffee.

Way too long of a story to get into in a weekend recap. However, to sum it up we thought Will might be taking the group over as the leader but after some time and prayer we both felt like the original leaders should keep ownership and that perhaps down the road God might be calling us to start our own.

Anyway, we met for coffee to share our hearts and thoughts and it ended up being a great conversation and I think we all left feeling encouraged.

Then it was off to the party!

Everyone brought delicious goodies to share. I made this fruit salsa with stevia instead of sugar. So very a good. In fact, I’m going to bring it to our Christmas brunch with Will’s family too!

After snacking, we played a lively game of Dirty Santa.

Will was so sweet and stole the gift I brought because he knew I wanted it. We ended up doing pretty well for ourselves. We went home with Godiva chocolate and then my gift, which was a pretty pink Essie nail polish, my favorite pink fuzzy socks, a pumice, and my super wonderful homemade foot/body scrub.

We had a great time, and enjoyed good company. after the party, a group of us went dancing to celebrate one of our girl’s 40th birthday!

Oh my goodness friends, we had such a wonderful time!

We went to a place that’s known for having a little older crowd, and it was the best decision ever. No half naked young girls or greasy guys, just a mature crowd of people that wanted to enjoy a nice night out.

After party

(sorry for the terrible blur, but it’s the only pic we took together Saturday!)

After party

Ah guys it was such a blast! We danced our hearts out. Will was such a good sport. He didn’t dance (most of the guys that went didn’t), but he hung out and let us girls dance the night away. Before I knew it, he told me it was 1:00! I could tell he was ready to go (um, it was 1:00! We are usually asleep by 9 haha), so we called it a night, as did most everyone else.

Such, such a great night. I am so thankful for our group! For anyone that says Christians don’t have fun or know how to have a good time- come hang with us and we will prove you wrong.

By the time we got home, and I wiped off all the layers of makeup and got ready for bed, it was nearly 2:00! Surprisingly, we didn’t sleep as late as I thought. I got up a little before 9 and started the day.

Our church has a million Christmas services this week, so we opted to go to one tonight instead of yesterday. Definitely check out the times, I would love for you to attend our online service!

After my workout, today was all about football. Will was in his fantasy championship, so I was a good wife and plopped on the couch most of the day to cheer “him” on as his guys played throughout the day.

I did manage to do some laundry, dishes, and cooking amidst all the football so it wasn’t entirely unproductive. smile

Will has a couple guys playing tonight, so we won’t know if he won until later tonight, but it’s not looking pretty. My fingers are crossed, the extra money would be a welcomed gift this Christmas!

Today we’re headed to the movies, church, and dinner and Christmas lights with my family. I’m looking forward to it.

No need to share meals this week, we planned a few, but most of the week will be centered around family gatherings and leftovers.

I plan to have an amazing week of workouts. Since I’m off a couple days, that allows me to hit the gym when I would otherwise workout at home (since my home workouts are usually good for days when I’m short on time). I’m excited about a ridiculous leg day since I missed my usual Saturday routine.

Here’s a quick look at posts this week. Since it’s Christmas, I’m keeping with the theme. Hey, it only comes once a year so we have to soak it up, yes?

-Christmas memories
-Celebrating a Savior (and an ultra-fast workout)
-Thursday things
-Friday Favorites
-Christmas recap

Check-in this week, friends! 

Thursday Things

1. So during the winter, I have this crazy love with what I call “grandma socks.”

I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re the big, fluffy, ugly looking socks that girls that have no life (ie: me) stay home in.

Or if you’re feeling daring like me, you go out in them too.

I disgust myself.

Anyway they’re splendid, and I love them.

And I don’t care what you say.

Once you cross over to the fluffy sock side, there’s no going back during cold weather season.

Will’s grandma gives all the grandkids stockings every year full of cute little things, and every year the girls get colorful, fluffy stocks.

The first year I got them I laughed and though, “Yeah right! Like I’m going to wear these things.”

I said that sarcastically.

Because I was sooooo cool.

Now, I say it with heartfelt joy. “Yeah! I’m so going to wear these things!”

It’s amazing what turning 30 does to you.


2. The pressure is mounting to finalize Christmas shopping.

I already told Will under no circumstances will be visiting any mall at all during this year’s Christmas shopping extravaganza.

No way, no how.

We went to Bath & Body Works for Will’s grandma last year, and I think I aged five years. It was hot, crammed, loud, smelly, and full of grumpy Grinches.

I can’t afford to age almost a decade in two years, ya’ll.

No mall!

3. Speaking of Christmas shopping stress, do any of you guys feel “happy stress” about cooking for all these shindigs, too?

We have our Life Group Christmas party coming up, and I want to find the perfect (but healthy) recipe to bring. Plus, I want to make a few gift sacks of yummy snacks for people at work.

Googling recipes is overwhelming. There’s about a million of delicious Christmas recipes I want to make.  I might as well just hole up in the kitchen for the next seven years.

4. Buuuut- despite feeling overwhelmed about recipes and shopping, this gal has her tree up.

Yep, it’s true!

Check out this beauty.

And it didn’t kill us in the process.


Standing tall




Lit up!

I think it needs some gold tulle, but other than that- done!

Hopefully takedown will be just as successful.

5.Those cookies I made Will last weekend?

They’re killing me.

Pretty crowned cookies. Snow storm nesting.

They’re so darn cure and bite sized. What was I thinking!?

That’s it for today dears! Friday favorites tomorrow! 

T-Shirt Tamer: How to Fight Frizz

I have so many flyaways I need an air traffic controller to patrol my hair.

It’s always been terrible.

Back in the day, you know, like in the 1990s before anyone knew what a flat iron was?

It was even worse.

A few of my friends would iron their hair.

Yes- you heard that right.

They would put their head on an ironing board and have someone iron it.

Is this real life?

Please tell me you knew a few people that did this too?

Anyway, it never seemed like a good idea to me.

1.Because, even though it was the 90s and I was a kid, I still knew I was accident prone. There’s a good chance ironing my hair would have turned into straight singeing it off.

2.My mom wouldn’t let me.

I have naturally wavy/curly hair so it was a mess if it wasn’t blow dried straight, and even then? I’d almost always have fly aways.

And then the enter the Chi. The straight iron that saved my life.

Can we all please let out a huge shout for the flat iron available on the mainstream market?

Game changer.

It really helped to smooth flyaways and make my hair so, well, straight.

But I still wrestled with flyaways, despite various products and crap that promised to perfectly smooth.

My sister turned me on to Moroccan oil which was great too!

I then welcomed a diffuser into my routine.

And I won’t tell you when that happened because I was way old when I did.

Why didn’t you guys tell me that I needed a diffuser?


That too made a huge difference in the frizzies.

So, I had a pretty good routine down.

After all, I’m 30 now.

I would hope I’d at least have some structure with my hair routine despite the fact that other areas in my life seem to be in disarray.

But something was still missing.

Enter Lauren Conrad.

Yes The Lauren Conrad.

She gives me oodles (yes oodles) of tips a tricks to keep me fabulous across the board.

Okay, okay, she can help you too. Just go to her website. smile

The LC team posted a helpful tip about how drying your hair with a towel can cause frizz and friction which can lead to increased breakage.

Instead, they recommend using a soft t-shirt because it is smooth against your hair and causes less friction which in turn leads to less frizziness and damage!

Why didn’t I ever think of that!?

Hey, I can’t be too shocked.

I didn’t even see the benefit of a diffuser until this year.

Not a stretch that putting a t-shirt on my head instead of a towel would be way too much for me to handle.

I gave it a try a few months ago and will never go back.

I just used one of Will’s old t-shirts and it works great! Between the towel, products I use, diffuser, and straightener, it’s a perfect storm for good hair!


Definitely give it a try.

I definitely think it helps tame frizzies and flyaways. Trust me, as someone who has battled them my whole life- I know! smile
Don’t forget to weigh in in whether the tree goes up!

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to put up the tree, or not put up the tree? that is YOUR question


It’s that time again, the time of year where Will and I debate whether or not to put up the Christmas tree.

Sure other decorations go up, like the easy ones, but the tree is a different story.

We did some quick math, and I think out of the five years we’ve lived here, we’ve only put it up twice.


But hey- you remember why we don’t, right?

To spare ourselves World War Three.

(Yeah, yeah, I know you think I’m a total Grinch and don’t believe in Christmas after hearing the above. Get your panties out of a wad and take 5 minutes to read the linked post above. It makes perfect sense, right? smile )

It’s all about knowing trigger points and running in the completely opposite direction.


Only this year?

This year I think we’re going to get a little lofty and bring the tree down.

I mean, we’re going on nearly 10 years of marriage. Surely we can handle Christmas tree take-down, right?


Mark your calendars on January 1st 2014, because it’s gonna get crazy ya’ll.

I had hoped when I got home this past weekend Will might have surprised me and put the tree up while I was away.

But he didn’t.

He said he thought about it, but worried if he did and hurt his back no one would be there to hear his cries for help, which may leave him rendered helpless.

Although he does have a bad back, I still call this an excuse. smile

But I admire his efforts.

Bless his little heart.

I like the idea of having the tree up (um, because it’s Christmas) but since we don’t really do a lot of celebrating at our own house and are with others, I’ve been okay with leaving it down in the past too.

Plus, I believe Christmas is such a heart thing, too.

Which I suppose is another reason I keep going back to putting the tree up since it’s a good reminder?

Seriously, guys. It’s Christmas! We need a tree, right?

Ugh, but I hate ugly Christmas tree dis-assembly arguments!

But it doesn’t have to be that way, right?

Who am I kidding.

The second we get to that pesky second part of the tree that ALWAYS sticks and is so heavy and hard to manage, we each have a stroke.

But hey, it’s been a couple years and now I’m 30 and waaaay more mature. I can do this.


So you see the back and forth in my mind, right?

For that reason, I’m placing this matter in YOUR capable hands.

Do you have faith we can put the tree up and take it down peacefully?

I mean, in theory we should be able to, right?

I like to think so.

So this year?

I’m leaving it to a vote.

Yep, this is actually happening.

Vote below to weigh in on whether or not we should put up the tree.

You have until Saturday at 3pm CST to cast your vote, since we’ll be putting it up later that day.

(Depending on how you vote, of course!)

So help me out and weigh in here!

Either way? I think I’m okay.

Do I want the tree up?

Yes (um, don’t let that sway you. My professors would officially call this survey flawed).

Am I fine if it’s not?


So there you have it, it’s up to you.

So go vote!

Click here to take survey

OU-Texas Friday: Totally Predictable

Walking in the rain after the colts game

Well hello there sweets!

It’s Friday, I am off work, and we’re headed down to the Big D for our annual OU-Texas extravaganza!

I always look forward to this trip. It’s not like we do anything super spectacular, but it’s just nice to keep tradition. We always have a lot of fun (um, except for my terrible navigation skills… after that, then it’s fun! smile), and I love the same things we do each time.

I realize it may seem mundane to some, to take part in virtually the exact.same.thing. every single year, but for OU-Texas weekend? I love it.

With that said, let’s start talking about all our fun!

When we first started going down to the game, we would work on Friday.

Which was a big rookie mistake.

A lot of people work on Friday and then head down after.

Which leads to a HUGE caravan on the way down there, passing cars with their OU flags and “Beat Texas” car chalk.

Which is fun and festive and electric until you hit the traffic in Denton.


It’s not fun at all.

For that reason, Will and I have started taking Friday off the last few years, and it has been so nice!

We kiss the pups goodbye (and graciously thank our house-sitter for putting up with all of their crap by filling the fridge with goodies), and make it a leisurely drive.

We always stop in Marietta, Oklahoma for the Bevo Bash, which is pretty fun.

The Carl’s Junior always gives out free burgers for a couple hours, while the sports radio personalities chat about the game. Vendors set up booths for fun shirts and stuff, and it’s just an all around good time to get in the spirit and surround ourselves with other Sooners!

I always give Will my burger and eat a premade lunch I take in our cooler.

By now, I know you’re not surprised that there’s all sorts of craziness available in my cooler. From green monsters, to lunch, to drinks, and snacks. smile

Afterward, we usually mosey on over to Robertsons, which is famous in the area for their meats.

Will stocks up on their beef sticks, and they even have little doggie treats we sometimes get for the Bigs.

After that it’s all business down to Dallas! No lollygagging, as my dad used to say.

We listen to sports radio, chat about “important stuff” we normally don’t talk about and, if I’m lucky, make it to our hotel without multiple detours and a big fat argument.

Seriously- why can’t I read directions!?!

Turn left means turn left!

Exit means exit!

Why is this so hard!?!

Seriously- every.single.year.

Luckily, we are staying in a very familiar area. We sort of alternate between a couple, but this is our favorite.

So that means I’m in good hands, and Will can get us there.

Which means little to no Google Map reading on my part.


We will get there, and I am willing to bet Will will take a nap, while I likely try to do something productive. You know, like play Words with Friends or read blogs on Feedly. Real productive. Haha

Tonight, just like last year and the year before, we will likely go to Ruth’s Chris for dinner.

And tonight, just like last year, I will get the vegetarian option.

And tonight, just like every other night, we will come back, watch some TV, and go to bed before 10.

Because that’s how these 30 somethings roll.

But in our defense? We have a big day.

We have to kick some Texas butt.


So despite the fact this trip sounds painfully mundane and repetitive, we love every minute, so just humor us and let us live.

Until then? Onward ho! Time to pack up and head out.

Stay tuned.

More fun to come, and Boomer!

making you feel better, one confession at a time

I cannot stay away from the banana bites.


I find them far too convenient to make.

And eat.

Don’t do it.

Actually, do it.

Just put a lock on the fridge.

And give me the combo. I’ll keep them safe.

Lately I have been over office chit chat.

I realize it can be an important tool and helpful in the workplace- yes, I get that, so please don’t tell me.

However, lately… I’ve just been over it.

In fact, I am ashamed to admit this but I was so busy last week that I used my desk phone to call my cell phone and faked a conversation with “someone” about work stuff so I could keep working on my computer and not deal with someone that wanted to shoot the breeze.

True story.

But, in my defense (a little at least), I saw a study last week that said most water cooler conversations can last as many as 26 minutes per exchange.

Who has time for that!?

Oh, and incase you’re wondering?

Me and my cell phone pal were a hoot. I love that girl, and she is so helpful! wink

The Pumpkin Mask

So remember our last Ipsy review? 

I got a Michael Todd pumpkin rich face mask.


Well, I just got around to using it last weekend, and yeah.

It’s like smearing mashed Thanksgiving all over your freaking face.

It was amazing.

And weird all at the same time.

I couldn’t decide if I should mosey on into the kitchen and whip up some mashed sweet potatoes and pumpkin muffins,

or just eat the mask.

I disgust myself.

I may or may not have used my husbands face scrub.


Twice this week.

But probably not.

Because what girl goes that!?


Totally unladylike. And totally un-30.

I mean the stuff even says PRE SHAVE.

Forget that it is cheaper than your girly scrubs,

Or that it smells totally perfect,

Or that the scrubbieness is like an awakening massage each morning, kissing your little cheekies with each stroke.

It’s for boys.

So I totally didn’t use it… Today.


Okay, that’s enough sharing for today. I think I’ve done an adequate job of making you all feel a little better about yourselves.

So carry on.

But before you do? Share your own confession in the Share The Love box below!

Reintroducing Autumn Brittny

Enough of this nonsense!

The whole week I’ve been talking about “Summer Brittny” versus “fall Brittny” but have not really delved deep into the real differences.

We are putting an end to that today.

After all, I feel like I should reintroduce myself to the blog world.

This is Fall Brittny talking, not Summer Brittny.

(um, and how much do I love the idea of saying Autumn but never do? Maybe we should call me Autumn Brittny?)

There are a few things you should know about me, aside from the fact that I’m the way cooler, nicer, and more lenient version of myself

Although, I’m sure Summer Brittny would contest she’s the better version, but we both know that’s a lie.

For example, Summer Brittny completely forgets how to bake.

It’s like she’s never seen an oven. When I look back on recipes I’ve made just last year (and even made on a recurring basis) I have zero recollection of performing the act. It’s like a full blow case of cooking amnesia- even with the usual healthy stuff I make.

“What? Homemade chia muffins?”

“You mean, you can bake sweet potatoes?!”

“You can make healthy jalepeno poppers? And they go in that big hole you’re calling an oven?”

It’s like she’s a cavewoman.

Fall (er) Autumn Brittny, however, is all about baking. I love creating healthy and delicious remakes of my favorite not so healthy recipes. Um, you DID see yesterday’s post, right?

And who doesn’t love that!?

Autumn Brittny loves the outdoors.

Which is polar opposite form Summer Brittny, who rains from her head and sweats with the force of 10,000 warriors.

And must be in AC at.all.times.

It’s true.

Autumn Brittny eases up a little about Will having unhealthy food in the house.

“Oh! It’s football season, duh. Of COURSE we need to have chips in the house so you can gorge on them, Will!

Summer Brittny would NEVER allow such heresy,

Speaking of- The thought of going a week without cleaning her house makes Summer Brittny break out in hives.

Although equally happy with a spotless house, Autumn Brittny realizes life happens and sometimes? Well sometimes there are just a week or two where your baseboards don’t get dusted. It happens.

Autumn Brittny is all about t-shirts and tennis shoes.

Hey, I’m sure it’s nice to be all cute and done up on game day, complete with your uncomfortable cowgirl boots and awesomely tall and curled hair, but I just can’t do it.

My husband makes us park and walk too far to get to the stadium. It’s all about comfort for this girl.

Summer Brittny? The thought of tennis shoes outside the gym is flat wrong. She’s all about flowy dresses and pretty summer skirts.

Autumn Brittny gets emotionally invested in the away games.

Like, if she could get into the TV she would. She spouts off when bad calls are made, throws her hands up in the air, and is even known to give the occasional fist bump after a good play.

Summer Brittny? Not so much. I just can’t get into the summer lineup the same way I do with football.

I mean, I’m sure there are some Bachelorette fans who would disagree, but I digress. smile

So Autumn Brittny could probably find a dozen more differences between her alter ego, but she also recognizes the need to stop when she’s ahead and maximize her time. After all, I have lots to get done between now and tomorrow’s game!

So there you have it.

Tomorrow’s game day plans include lunch out, and then heading to the game for another sweaty kickoff. I sure do hope this is the last of the miserably hot game days, though I can recall a few OU-Texas kickoffs that were pretty darn hot too. Ugh…

Nonetheless, I’m sure the super cool, laidback and carefree Autumn Brittny will find a way to make the best of it. wink

More fun to come!

Weekend Wrap-up & Look Ahead

Hello friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

This weekend is the very last before the madness of football season commences. Not only is Will totally enthralled with his NFL fantasy football drafts right now, but also gearing up for a whole new look to the OU football team with Trevor Knight at the helm.

I wish I could have said this weekend was really low key and boring, and I didn’t do anything.

Except that was not the case!

Friday P & I met at the park again for lunch, only it was way too hot so we ended up sitting in my car:

Friday lunch date

Not ideal. Not sure if we will meet up again for awhile. At least until it gets cooler.

Friday night Will and I we went to a cookout with one of the Life Groups we visited a couple weeks ago. We had a nice time, and it was nice to see everyone in that sort of setting so we could get to know them a little better.

It was a potluck so, as a vegan, I never know just how much I should eat before I go. Chances are there were going to be few options for me, so I planned ahead and had a snack. I also brought a fruit salad so I knew I would have at least one option! Turns out, I had a few options so that was a nice treat.

We talked, ate, and talked some more.

We called it a night early because Will had to work Saturday morning. This was one of the last Saturdays he will be able to work with football coming up, so we decided to take advantage of it.

Saturday came very early. I saw Will off and headed to the gym to work legs.

Truth be told, I had a lousy workout.

I hate lousy workouts.

But sometimes? They happen.

My left hamstring has been tight lately, even with stretching and rolling, so I decided to take it easy to be safe. That meant light and slow.


Halfway through I could feel the entire workout was a total bust, so I ended up going into a separate empty room in the back and doing the following workout- which I recommend:

500 jumping jacks
400 crunches (I did various different kinds- stability ball crunches, in and outs, bicycles, oblique crunches…)
300 hit the floors (it’s from Insanity, I will try to find a link if you’re interested)
200 pushups (Again, different kinds- regular, tricep dips, and V-pushups)
100 burpees (Because apparently I felt REALLY bad about the leg workout earlier and wanted to punish myself)

It took me longer than usual when I’ve done this workout, but I left feeling better about my time spent at the gym.

Afterward I did a thorough house cleaning, considering this was my “last chance” cleaning before football started and I started slacking.

And then Will came home and the table we ordered got delivered!

Seven weeks early!

We expected it in October.

See this table?
The old table!

Sorry for the weird shot, we had to move it in a spare bedroom to make room for the new set. We are passing it along to P when she gets her own place! It makes me happy it will get a new life.

So yeah- that’s been the “dining room” table sitting in our breakfast nook .

Will’s aunt and uncle graciously gave it to us, and we were very thankful.

I always knew we wouldn’t have it long.

Fast forward ten years, and we still did.


We don’t have a formal dining room in our house, so it was a good fit for the space, but let’s be real- this is more something that should be in a bachelor pad or first house. It’s pretty plain Jane.

We’re believers in saving for something nice so hopefully you only have to buy it once, and since I have ridiculously traditional tastes, that rule works well for me since whatever I get is not all that faddish. 

We had a dining room table on our “priority list” (our list of major purchases we want to make in the coming years) for quite some time, and although our tiny set served its purpose, we finally decided to cross something off the priority list.

And that meant getting a table and chair set!

We bought, what I believe, is one of the most beautiful and intricate tables that will fit our breakfast nook. It is stunning, and I can’t help but stare at it each time I pass by.

Here’s one of the chairs:

New chairs!

Here’s the intricate Moroccan inspired tabletop:
Intricate Moroccan inspired top

And here it is all together!
My new dining set

I am extremely pleased.

Saturday night I a massive cheat meal: pizza.

When I say massive, it was massive. Albeit mostly vegan (I’m pretty sure the crust had butter on it?) the crust was like eating a freaking loaf of bread, so um yeah, definitely a cheat meal.

Delicious and simulatneously terrible. smile

Sunday has been church (seriously check out the Elisha series. So inspiring! I linked you to week three, but you can also click on the first two weeks.) and my usual “stuff.”

I just made Will a huge dish of homemade macaroni and cheese for some of his lunches this week, and am about to prep my own meals for the week!

For lunch this week, Will is having my homemade mac and cheese, and a smaller batch of these cheesesteak sandwiches.

He’s been eating extremely light at night (just veggies or salad), so I have sort of modified my own eating to match his. The nice this is that I don’t have to prep dinner most nights!

I am having stirfry all week, complete with marinated tofu on 3 days and my favorite Gardein beefless tips the other 2.

So that’s about it! I am just looking forward to having today off- and the three day weekend ahead!

Here’s a look at this week’s posts:

-The last Mary Kay Monday
-A delicious breakfast treat
-An at home workout
-Revealing P’s real name (Ah! I know!)
-B&P Q&A

So check in this week! Happy Sunday!

Baby Fever(less)

Do any of you read Time magazine?

Admittedly, I usually don’t. However last week they published an issue with quite an interesting/controversial cover:”


Which, I’m sure successfully stirred up a slew of feelings and opinions on the matter (which probably in turn resulted in sales).

Turns out, the number of childless adults has vastly grown over the years.

In March, Will and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary.


However, today isn’t entirely about our tenth anniversary so much , other than to highlight the fact that we’ve been married seemingly “forever” and are still a family of two.

Okay, okay… 6 assuming you count furry friends.

Our first couple years of married life were surrounded with, “when are you newlyweds going to start trying?”

Or jokes about when we would start having little OU football players.

Then, after the first couple years, it got quiet again.

We settled into life.

We were living in Kuwait.

We were busy.

We were working tons, travelling, having a big adventure.

And then we moved home.

I’m sure everyone (um, and by everyone, I mainly just mean our families) figured, “Okay, now they will start their family.”

And then Will had a hard time finding a job, and then I started my master’s program,

And then Will found a good job and we were chugging along and then he turned 30.

And I’m sure at that point, everyone thought, “They both have good jobs, and Will just turned 30. I bet now they will start their family.”

And then last year I finished my masters, and all of a sudden, my life was just so much better and easier.

School was done, and everyone probably began to think, “They are in America, they have a home, Will is 30, and Brittny just finished her master’s degree. (Say it with me everyone!) Now they will start their family.”

And soon after, P had Layla. Which was entirely unexpected, but ended up being one of the hugest blessings in my life. I got to be there along the entire process, from finding the gender, to cutting the umbilical cord, and it was flat out awesome in the truest sense.
And then I turned 30.

And now Layla is a year old.

And now the quiet wonderings among those in my family?

Aren’t so quiet anymore.

And it’s not just my family anymore. It’s freaking EVERYONE.

Friends, coworkers, acquaintances, the cashier at Walmart last week.

Um- I’m being serious.

She was talking about getting her kids ready for school and asked about mine, to which (for the umpteenth time) I replied we did not have children.

I kid you not- she looked at me with such sadness and pity in her eyes, as if she felt so sorry for me, and told me, “Well when you do, back to school is a busy time!”

“Well when you do… “

Like it was implied that it just hadn’t happened yet.

I get that a lot.

And truthfully?

Sometimes it hurts my feelings.

And the thought of discussing the matter with her seemed not only exhausting, but also inappropriate.

When did this topic become a collective decision?

It’s like everyone around us can see NOW is the time for us to start our family, except us.

I guess that’s because, in my eyes, we started our family in March of 2004, when we got married.

And, I suppose, we’ve never really come right out of the closet and announced our private decision not to have children, mainly because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone (as silly as it may sound).

Yes, that’s right. I said it.

I’ve posted to this blog for over eight years now, and a significant amount of my posts were originally spent on The Nest, where I made dozens of friends over the years. Who married, have had babies, and have had more babies, and have just taken off and thrived.

And I am so blessed to get to watch their lives blossom.

I am such a cheerleader for my friends who have taken on the fulltime job of being a mommy. I pray so many blessings upon each of you.

I touched on children a few times throughout this blog, however I’ve never really come right out and boldly shared what I just did.

And for good measure, I suppose I ought to say it again.

At this time, Will and I have decided not to have children.

I know. This decision is totally ridiculous.

It’s “wrong.”

It’s confusing.


Why wouldn’t you want to have kids?

You guys would be such good parents!”

Ugh, I know. I get this all the time.

And I understand where you’re coming from.

Kids are amazing.

They are beautiful, they are blessings, and I believe God gives parents such an amazing nurturing and ministering opportunity with and through them. And heck, sometimes I think I would make a pretty good mom!

Not only that, but after my sister had Layla, I had no idea I could love a person so much! My heart bursts with love for that little girl, and she’s not even my own daughter.

Yet, we have just never felt that pull on our heart to do that in our own lives.

And it’s okay.

The world is not going to turn upside down because Will and I have made that decision.

Maybe one day, our feelings will change, but as of today they have not.

Really, the only time the issue gets brought up is when we talk about getting old one day. And having kids just because you’re going to be holed up in some boring retirement home and want grandkids to visit you is not enough reason to have kids. smile

Plus? It’s sort of a selfish reason.

Although- what grandkid didn’t love the sterile bleachy smell of their grandparent’s retirement or nursing home growing up?

Am I right?

(ha, I think we know the answer to that)

Just to lighten things up some more, the Times article made me laugh-

“If being a parent is the hardest job in the world, why would I want it?”

Okay, so I’m joking, but hopefully that made you smile a little too.

But I definitely think there is credence to that sentence.

I love the idea of being a parent. I like the thought of our life with kids.

The idea.

But then I think about a lot of other practical aspects of our lives and realize that, kids totally change that dynamic.

And yes, I know it’s “in a good way.”

But at the same time, having kids is a huge deal. It is an important decision, and a lifelong commitment.

And most importantly, choosing whether or not to have children is a personal decision, which should not be taken lightly, and should not be judged by outsiders.

All too often I have been made to feel like a “bad” person for this decision, which is pretty unfortunate.

Given our ages, Will and I have come to totally accept all of our friends will have kids, and gatherings and date nights will center around kids, our church friends will center around their kids- and we are totally fine and encouraging, and accepting of that.

The strange thing is that those feelings do not always seem to be reciprocated.

Today’s post isn’t about sharing rationale behind our decision, but more just sharing our decision.

For so long I have dodged the question, made jokes, or given false hope all in an attempt to spare other’s judgement or feelings.

However, I feel as though I am at the point in my life when I can be honest with myself and you all as well.

I hope I am among friends and supporters.

So there.

I got it out there. 

If anything changes?

I will obviously let you know, but until then?

I simply pray an abundance of blessings on you, wherever you are in your life today. Whether you are single, or dating, or married, or expecting, or sitting amidst a house full of children. I pray blessings and guidance upon each of you. I think we all have been placed in our unique circumstances for a reason, and God can use us to bless others for His good regardless.

So thanks for listening, and I hope after this post we can still be friends?

More to come…

Walk, Don’t Run

Are mornings crazy in your house?

Depending on the day, they are in mine.

I’m running around like a complete crazy person, holding a towel around my body in one hand, while throwing food in the crockpot and packing lunches in the other.

Between trying to slap foundation on my face, get dressed, and make a green monster while simultaneously trying to apply lipstick and send a text- I always leave frazzled on such days.

Which seems to make me feel frazzled for hours later.

Which seems to make me feel rushed, even if I’m not rushed.

Which makes me feel like I need to speed wherever I’m going.

Which led me to getting pulled over for my first time ever last Monday.

Happy Monday to me indeed.

I was feeling good that morning. I left the house 45 minutes earlier than normal to make a quick trip to the vet clinic to drop off Rocky’s stool sample for some annual testing.


However, for some silly reason, since I rushed around to get ready early and get to the vet, I was feeling rushed as I drove there.

I have no idea why.

I made a wrong turn, and had to turn around and back track- which further perpetuated my feelings of rushed-ness.

And then it happened.

I saw the black SUV pass me, and immediately hit his breaks and make a U-turn.

“Not me!

He can’t be coming for me!”

I thought to myself, knowing full well I was totally speeding.

Oh he was coming for me alright.

“But I’ve never had a ticket before, so I’m sure he’ll just give me a warning.” I tried to rationalize.

Except that didn’t happen at all.

The longer I sat, the longer I knew I was going to get a ticket.

And sure enough, I got a ticket.


“Watch your speed, and have a nice day, Ma’am.”



Hell- you just gave me a ticket, but did you REALLY need to make me feel 30!?


Oh yeah, this MA’AM will have a GREAT day, I’m sure of it! Not only did I just get a $131 speeding ticket, but you just freaking called me MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, sorry for the vent.

But seriously.

Anyway- I find it a little funny how, for the rest of the entire day I tried to rationalize the whole thing in my head to where I was the victim in the situation. 

My premise being, “I know I was speeding, I know I was in the wrong, BUT the guy ran my history and knew I’ve never gotten a ticket. Why couldn’t he have let me off with a warning!?”

Yes, Brittny. Clearly you’re the victim.

Why do we do that!?

I guess because it makes us feel a little better?

It didn’t make me feel better.

Later that day, I had to go to Sam’s for something. The place was a zoo.

I was in high heels.

I had to park far away.

I went to where my item usually is.

Only they switched the store around, and I had to walk in high heels to the other side of the store.

I got what I needed and got in the shortest line I could find.

Only I couldn’t find my Sam’s card.

The Sam’s card I just freaking had in my hand to get in the store 5 minutes earlier.


So, I got out of line and started back tracking my steps.

My calves killing me the whole time.

Sure enough, there it was on the floor near where I was earlier.

How did I drop it!?

What’s more- how did I not even freaking notice?

It was just in my hand.

Will jokes that I bee-bop through life.

And today? I have to admit he had a point.

Where was my brain today?!

As I walked back to the line, I began thinking about how often I rush through everything. I’ve always been that way. I am always in “go” mode and rarely take time to stop.

I rarely take time off work.

I am up long before the sun most mornings.

Heck, even when we’re “unwinding” watching TV, I’m simultaneously doing something like blogging, exercising, or cooking.

I just don’t ever shut off.

Isn’t that the story for many of us women?

As I walked back to get in line, I began thinking.

“Brittny, what are you doing!? You need slow down!”

And it’s true.

I need to take a moment to mindfully slow down.

To sit still.

To listen more.

To turn off the phone and social media.

To quiet myself more.

But who has time for that!? I have things to do!

Ha- see how easily that happens?

Once again trying to convince myself I don’t need to stop.

Something interesting to me, and something I cannot explain, is how I understand and emphasize the importance of rest in my workout routines. I take a couple days off from the gym a week, and even take a week off from lifting every 12 weeks.

Yet for some reason, I have not learned to apply those same principles to every other aspect of my life.

Just as burnout or injuries happen when working out without rest, the same thing can be said for plowing through life without taking a moment to just freaking slow down for a minute to stop and smell the roses.

I like the idea of slowing down very much.

Especially after my “awesome” $131 speeding ticket.

However the implementation?

Isn’t as easy.

As I stood in line at Sam’s that day, I decided to pray God would help me slow down a little.

To enjoy this beautiful life He’s blessed me with, because it is so short, and should be enjoyed.

Here’s to you stopping to enjoy your blessed life too. <3

More to come…

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