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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. We spent the day with Will’s family today, and tomorrow we are having Thanskgiving with my family. The family that lives two doors down. Those ones. I’m making the bird so absolutely no pressure, right?

So very much has happened lately!

This is not an update.

It’s more of a mid-point check in. One and a half semesters to go until I have my life back, and Will gets his wife back.

For all those people that say going back to school is worth it?

They’re lying to you.

Turn around and run!

Anyway, I’m still here. Schooling away. Don’t forget about me and this humble site.

Actually go ahead. Forget about me until July. I’ll probably check in again during Christmas break here soon, but what I’m really looking forward to is the frequent posting again. And the only frequent posting I’m doing these days is to a stupid school website forum board. Thrilling.

A giant update to follow in a few weeks. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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