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Procrastinating. As if it was an assignment itself. I’ve never been much of a procrastinator. Until I started school. And then I became one. And then I became addicted to 5 Hour Energy drinks. And then I became great at hammering out giant papers in one weekend. And it has pretty much been an unhealthy and ugly cycle ever since. I am nearing one of those weekends very, very soon.

And then I have one more class.

Thank God.

Followed my a 30 hour comprehensive test.

In which I will repeat the above (energy drinks, hammering out papers in short duration, etc). And then I will be done.


Do you even care?

Because I’m pretty sure all I talk (er complain!) about lately is school!


Silly excuses.

Okay. Let’s stop talking about that. It’s not really that big of a deal. I’m hiding behind it as a way to justify my lack of creativity and time to set aside and compose a meaningful post.

Now I feel so behind in our chats that I don’t even know where to begin. Like- how I pretty much don’t eat meat or sugar or crap anymore.How my family is about to grow (you like how I hide that one all ambiguously and cryptic in the middle?). How Will and I are planning a fun trip. Now that’s what I’m talking about right!? See? That’s creative-ish.


Not totally there, but hey- better than school whines, right? That’s what I thought too.

I turn 29 this week, friends. TWENTY NINE.

And I’m struggling with it. I hope I make time to post about it and sort of work it out here. This seems to be the perfect medium to express thoughts such as these. I was 21 when I started posting on this blog, and it totally blows my mind that I have had this thing around as long as I have. Ha, if you go back and read some of the early posts it’s funny how young and goofy and silly they all are. I was such a baby. A baby pretending to be a grown up.

Funny. I still sort of feel like that from time to time. Yet here I am, standing at 30’s door.



Let’s tackle that after it happens, right? I mean, there IS life after 28 right? smile

More to come- from and older and much wiser Brittny.

the last time I posted something was in 2011. Awesome

I was certain I had posted something um, you know, after freaking THANKSGIVING of LAST YEAR. Only I just looked at my blog, and wow- that is definitely not the case.

I also shelled out a $100 to renew my domain and host. Why? No really- why? Silliness. For some reason I can’t let go of this pesky thing. It is such a big part of my past, and I do hope it is part of my future too. I am certain I will not be on for at least a few more months (and if I am it will be very, very sporadic). School really is weighing down on me and I just don’t feel right posting to my blog when I have oh, 25 journal articles to read and analyze and put into a freaking stupid dumb pointless paper. I don’t know why I feel that way, yet I do- and my lack of posting definitely backs me up.

I know I sound like a broken record but I have lots to share with you guys. Seriously lots. My world is changing more than I ever imagined and I am sad that I haven’t shared anything along the way. I promise to give you a full story so you do not feel as though you missed a minute of the big news. So that is definitely a disappointment, but the good thing is that once I do finally get out from under this rock of pain I call school, I will be able to catch you all up.

Ha, I said “you all.” As if I still have people that follow this poor neglected site.

Let’s try ME all.

That is more accurate.

Oh, and I am getting the utter CRAP spamed out of me (which I find hilarious, by the way. Really? You’re going to spam a blog no one ever reads or posts on. Brilliant!) so I’ve taken off comments until I can give my blog the proper care it deserves. And unfortunately, I cannot do that now.

Anyway, this is me checking in and saying hi. Not promising anything at all but that I will be back mid year to pick up where we left off. I really, really miss blogging. I find stupid papers daunting and unnecessary and just plain pointless. Blogging is way more fun, right?


See you soon. More to come.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. We spent the day with Will’s family today, and tomorrow we are having Thanskgiving with my family. The family that lives two doors down. Those ones. I’m making the bird so absolutely no pressure, right?

So very much has happened lately!

This is not an update.

It’s more of a mid-point check in. One and a half semesters to go until I have my life back, and Will gets his wife back.

For all those people that say going back to school is worth it?

They’re lying to you.

Turn around and run!

Anyway, I’m still here. Schooling away. Don’t forget about me and this humble site.

Actually go ahead. Forget about me until July. I’ll probably check in again during Christmas break here soon, but what I’m really looking forward to is the frequent posting again. And the only frequent posting I’m doing these days is to a stupid school website forum board. Thrilling.

A giant update to follow in a few weeks. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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