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2012 Review & A Look Ahead

Happy New Year’s Eve friends!

I cannot believe we are about to embark on 2013.

While I definitely love my lists, one list I rarely make is a new year’s resolution list. Sure, over the course of my life I have done it here and there. However, I tend to come from the school of that that- if I wasn’t willing to make a change today, why would January 1 make it stick? But that’s just me. I know a lot of people that make and stick to them, which I greatly admire. Different strokes for different folks!

Anyhow, today I want to take a few minutes to highlight some of the things that stood out in 2012, and do a quick Get My Butt in Gear wrap up. AND (as if that wasn’t enough!) I want to take some time to look ahead to 2013.  Ready? Let’s go!

-Back to school after break. :(
-Had THREE cavities- yikes!
-Decided to take a 30 day no meat and reduced animal product challenge (little did I know how it would stick!).

-Served as a juror for the very first time! Thankfully it only lasted a couple days!
-Went to Patrick AFB for work and took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather!
Cocoa beach

-Did another 30 day vegan challenge and decided to adopt it as my primary diet.

-Will and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.

-I turned 29. And wanted to cry. :(
13 April 12

Went to the red and white game (as usual!), and this time my dad joined us.
RnW 12

-Looked for a bigger moon, couldn’t find it

-Spent Memorial Day weekend with my sister and made art for Layla.
Art for Layla!

-We also went to the OU big 12 baseball game. 
Ou baseball!

-Will started a new job! Definitely a good day for us.
-I also went to Boston (again) for work.

-Had a surprise baby shower for P!
Surprise shower!

-The best month this year! P’s Layla bug was born!

Such an awesome day.

I remember going to the hospital at like 2 the morning of the 5th that it was time.

I will always cherish walking up and down the hall with my sister, hding her hand, as she had contractions and we timed them on her phone.

I will never forget when it was finally time for Layla to arrive, and seeing the miracle of her birth.


Words like awesome and amazing should be reserved for days like that, because that is what that day simply was.


Finished off the month having Will’s parents spend the night with us and celebrating Will’s 32nd birthday at Mickey Mantles for dinner.

-Had the longest weekend ever on the weekend of the 4th and 5th for my comprehensive final exam.

30 hours,

25 pages,

and a pop topic.

Nothing but sheer pain.

But after that I was DONE WITH SCHOOL!!
School is over!

Went to The Stone Lion Inn with my parents for a murder mystery weekend. Had heaps of fun- and Will was the killer! And my mom was the one who died!
Stone Lion Inn

-Kicked off OU football season, and even took a trip back home to our stomping grounds for our school rivalry game. My team won!
OU Kansas St

-OU-Texas weekend! And a victory.
Unhook Em

I also celebrated P’s first Halloween with Layla. Cutest bunny I’ve ever seen!


-Spent the night with Will’s grandparents and had a nice Thanksgiving at their place with Will’s family the following day.
Blove Thanksgiving 2012

Enjoyed round two with my family the day after!

Wrapped up football season, on a very cold day!
Chilly Willy OU-OSU

-Had a string of layoffs at work :(
-Went to Will’s Christmas party.
Christmas Party 2012

-Enjoyed Christmas eve with my family! Had a white Christmas and had to postpone Christmas with Will’s family.

What a year!

I’m glad I took time to do that.

That crap?

It’s more for me than it is for you. In fact, this was a very time consuming and annoying post! But when I am 85 and old, I hope I will actually be able to look on this silly blog one day and remember some of those memories!

So a 2012 recap would not be complete without taking some time to assess my Get Your Butt in Gear results!

I think my weekly challenges to myself were incredibly beneficial in my ability to set a goal and stick to it on a weekly basis. Long-term fitness goals are great, but I think short-term goals are equally important. The weekly accountability of publicly setting a goal and having to report back most definitely kept me on track better than if I just sent it myself and didn’t have someone checking in with me. In fact, even though I am wrapping the challenge to myself up, I still think I might devote the end of my Monday posts to set some goals just for myself.

Alright! Onward to 2013!

Like I said, I don’t really have any resolutions, per say. However, I just want to continue and improve what I’ve already started.

I want to know God more and really seek him. I throw that around so much, but the more I read and learn, the more I feel like I barely know him. I want to really know him in this year.

I want to be a better wife, family member, and friend. I want to make time for people I care about most

I want to continue to further my healthy lifestyle in eating and working out. I want to challenge myself and learn more.

I want to contemplate my career future more. I want to finally realize I’m not that girl in Kuwait learning her way and acknowledge that I am older, wiser, know what the heck I am doing, and am worth it.

I want to be okay with turning 30. Hopefully I will be- because it is coming whether I am ready or not!

I also want to start today, because that is what I am guaranteed. Hopefully you will do the same. Happy new year, and here’s to 2013. 

Enjoy Today

Enjoy today

A couple summers ago Will and I went to a local winery and did a wine tasting- which is big because Will does not even like wine. We had such a fun time together, doing something we don’t typically do.

Will actually tasted something he liked, and turns out, true to Will’s taste in general, it was their best-selling wine and one of their prize winners.

So we bought a bottle. The winery owner recommended we let it sit for a year to even further improve the taste.

And so we did.

And then we did it another year.

And even another.

There never seemed to be a “perfect” time to open it.

It is not a fancy wine.

It wasn’t even expensive, but for some reason we sort of cherished it as if it were.

So we just sat on it and figured maybe years down the road, when the time was “right,” we would open it.

And then today.

Today rocked our world.

These mass shootings are becoming more and more frequent… and then today an elementary school was targeted.


Just like our babies we know and love… it could have been any of our babies.

Life is so short, and we are not promised another day.

I want to be ready at a minute’s notice to meet my Father. I want to be living a life that honors Him and not be afraid of what might happen.

Today is a day that I am reminded that I need to open that “fancy” bottle.

Enjoy it.

Toast with Will.

Toast to us.

Toast to today.

Because that is all God has given us.

And for that I am thankful.

Work it Out Wednesday: Getting Over Gym Anxiety

Have you ever felt a little lost in the gym?

There’s “stuff” everywhere!

It’s a tad overwhelming. There’s a thousand buttons on the elliptical to the point where you feel like you might actually be driving Captain Kirk’s Starship Enterprise.

And there’s the weight room. A slew of oily muscle men heaving Mini Coopers over their heads and letting out bellowing grunts with each repetition. Oh and let’s not even get into the posing they do in front of the mirror. Sheesh!

Source MuscularDevelopment

Or, if your gym is like mine- there’s a ton of sweaty beer bellied guys pretending to lift hoards of weight like they’re Mr. Olympia, but instead taking 5 minute breaks between sets and trying to look totally cool as they whip out their fancy bottle shaker full of some overpriced sugary intraworkout promising to shred fat in the three days.

I think gyms are a little intimidating on a variety of fronts-

from all the gadgets you have no clue how to use, to the guys that think they own the weight room, to the girls that actually spend time getting ready to go to the gym and look downright perfect as they sweat.

Source Oxygen Mag

Seriously- who are these girls? And why do the keep making us look bad?!

I think a lot of people allow these fears to keep them from the gym.

Every January-March I see a ton of new girls that join the gym, wander around, play on a few machines, and never come back.

Please don’t be that girl.

There’s absolutely no good reason to be that girl.

Every person had their first time at the gym, unsure and wandering aimlessly. Remember that!

So here are a few things I wanted to share to help shake free any gym anxiety.

1. Do research online beforehand.
There are a ton of beneficial sites that provide solid workout advice that you can research before hitting the gym. is my personal favorite because I think it is the most comprehensive site out there. And it is free! Their exercise database is great, and it provides helpful video tutorials for how to perform exercises.

2. Hire a Trainer
Ask for a few training sessions this Christmas so you can learn some basic moves. No need to spend a ton on lots of session, just a few should do the trick to meet this need.

3.Wear something that makes you feel good.
You wouldn’t wear a ratty t-shirt from 2001 high school graduation (go wolverines!) to a job interview.

Why not?

Because you wouldn’t feel your best.

Same applies at the gym.

I feel better when I am wearing something that makes me feel good about seating my butt off. smile

Would I love to spend $300 for three pairs of pants at Lululemon? Absolutely. Sadly, that’s not in my budget.

However, there are a slew of other excellent places to buy quality workout wear. I love Target’s Champion line. Surprisingly I’ve found that JC Penneys has some cute stuff too. And inexpensive.

4. Ask a trusted fit friend.
If I have a computer question I ask my coworker who knows them like the back of his hand, and if I need help with math I ask Will. I go to someone who is proven and I know I can trust. Same with the gym.

If you have a fit friend, it’s likely they are doing something right. Ask them what they do, and ask if you could tag along to the gym with them sometime. Chances are they will be flattered by your inquiry and reveal a ton of helpful information. I would also be happy to come up with a routine for you too. I’ve done it for a few of my friends and thoroughly enjoy it.

5. When in doubt- ask!
That’s what gym employees are for!

No more timidity in the gym. Take hold of your health and be strong. smile

More to come. 

Friday Phlegm Fest

Today was one of those mornings I simultaneously blow dried my hair with one hand while smearing shadow on my eyes with the other.

I love these mornings.


I packed myself an antioxidant packed smoothie for breakfast in hopes it would help make me feel better.


It didn’t.

But it looked all bright and pretty, right?

The good news is that my sense of taste and smell has returned. I think I downplay how much I love those senses. They’re pretty darned great.

Today I also upgraded from little kid cough syrup to the big kid stuff. The MAX generic version (yep, that’s how I roll). 


I know there is more aggressive stuff I should probably be taking to kick this stupid cough, but I’m stubborn and already have this delicious (lie) cherry cough syrup.

Will says I’m being a big sissy and need to take something that’s going to help loosen up the mucus.

He says I need to hock loogies.

And I guess he’s right- but, well, I’m a girl.

They didn’t exactly teach me that in third hour science class.

Or if they did, I guess maybe I was sick that day?

Sick and at home, drinking cough syrup with no concept of how to hock a loogie. All while my peers became experts.

Perhaps that is what happened, but I doubt it.

So instead I shall rely on modern medicine to help aid my ability to kick this crap for good.

Let’s hope it really does provided “Maximum Strength for Mucus Relief” as advertised.

I’m sure whoever sits next to me at tomorrow’s game will be mighty impressed by my phlegm flinging.


Thursday Confession: A Memory Like an Elephant… Or Not

Do you remember the Memory game?

The one where you’d have duplicate cards turned over and would have to try to remember where the matches were.

You know, when we actually had to play games that came out of a box and were not all virtual and robotic?

Think waaay back.

Got it. Of course you do. I bet you played memory back in the day too.

I used to kill memory.

If there was a Super Bowl of memory, I just might have been the MVP.

However, somewhere between being 7 and 29 those super memory skills?

Yeah, they disappeared.

As in one day I was the MVP of memory, and the next day I felt like I needed an AARP card for my memory.

(Although Will would strongly argue otherwise. Strangely enough my memory never seems to be affected during arguments. Weird. smile)

Since then I have relied on reminders for EVERYTHING.

Really- everything.

I would LOVE to show you my work Outlook calendar. It is insane. I have a reminder for everything.

Because even if I forget, I’m not going to forget darn it.

Who needs memory when we have the power of calendar reminders?!

I rest my case.

Since I can’t show you my Outlook calendar, I will show you the craziness of my cell phone calendar.


Here’s the first of two shots for tomorrow:


Lets camp out here for a minute, yes?

I have an optometrist appointment on the 22nd (haha I put “eye doctor” what a dork). This reminder has been going off for a solid week now.


Bleach tabs in toilet. Hey in my defense, this one only comes up every 60 days. Who wants to forget that, right? That one is totally justifiable.

NPC Total Package is a figure competition I want to attend it at all possible. That reminder? That one has been going off for a solid month.


Oil pill? Eh that’s a funny one that I will save for next week’s confession. Me and P laugh a lot on that one.

Take your iron!!

You somehow remember to take your other supplements without reminders, so why do you feel the need to have a special one for your iron?

I just don’t get myself.

MARY KAY. Another good and totally justifiable reminder. I need to make an order soon and this one keeps me from forgetting.

Not that I have a bad memory or anything.

Next photo!!


Yep, the first one is not code for anything. It means what it says it does. Don’t eat a freaking brownie you fatty! Don’t do it! Trust me, there are days I need s reminder. I always have stuff around for Will so temptations are everywhere.

Call my grandparents. Another recurring reminder that I am bad about doing. I realize how important they are and how easy it can be to forget to call sometimes. See? Justifiable.

Brush my dogs teeth.

This is a DAILY reminder that I NEVER EVER FOLLOW.

Why do I even have this as a reminder?

Possibly because I like the idea that maybe one day I actually will.

The last one is Mark Martin. I deleted this one after I took this screen shot because this is a reminder I’ve had recur for months and have done nothing about.

Long story short I made Will get rid of some Mark Martin wall icon he thought would be cool in the garage, only I thought it was silly. I ended up feeling bad and thought I would try to get him the icon again, only it is impossible to find.

Poor Will. The thoughtfulness counts some… Right?

So there you have it. A small peek into my poor memory. Everyday is full of similar morsels of fun.

Anything you need to get off your chest?

Recovering Gym Junkie

Sunday started a grueling recovery week for me.

I saw grueling because it is just as mentally challenging for me as something difficult I take on in the gym.

I HATE recovery weeks.

Oh and just to clarify- I’m not talking about the kind of recovery weeks some college frat boys need after a week in Cancun. I’m talking about fitness recovery weeks.

And Will informed me he’s on a permanent recovery week haha.

Anyhow, I never even practiced them in my fitness lifestyle because

1. The thought of not lifting weights for a week or so sends me into a ridiculous panic.

2. I thought they were a waste of time.

There are several other reasons, but those are the biggest ones.

I felt like I was starting a 12 step program or something. Taking a break from the gym!? It would send me into convulsions before- which is the first indicator that maybe, just maybe, I had a problem.

Nonetheless, I started implementing recovery weeks early this year and have seen, by far, greater gains and results in the gym as a direct result of them than any other technique I have tried.

Proper rest and recovery is so important in any physical endeavor. For that reason I take two days off from lifting each week. It allows me to sleep more, rest up, and prepare for another rough session at the gym.

However, two days off a week isn’t enough to correct perpetual conditions that can worsen if not zapped, such as overtraining.

Recovery weeks give your mind a break, and most importantly, your body a break.

It’s like telling our body- Okay! Now you can actually have a little more time to repair yourself!

I always feel so much better after a recovery week.

Actually, let me take that back.

I always feel far, far worse after a recovery week.

But in a good way.

It is like re-baselining your progress and gets you back to a place where you can advance again instead of growing stagnant (and mere “muscle confusion” is helpful, but it also should be coupled with recovery periods as well).

I am always shocked at just how sore I am after just one week away from the gym. I don’t lose strength, but I sure struggle at the last couple reps and always, always pay for it the next day.

There are so many reasons why recovery weeks are beneficial, and lots of great studies and research to confirm the importance it holds in training.



Seriously, though, I’m going crazy over here and it’s only Tuesday! I typically do the elliptical or the Insanity Recovery Week workouts most of the days, but also take a couple just to sleep in and rest, and I do not allow myself to feel guilty about it.

So there you have it. I’m going a little crazy because I have several more days to go, but it will be worth it.

More to come. I’m thinking of a Things I’m Liking right now post tomorrow, yes?

Rut Busters

I logged a personal best triceps push down rep yesterday.

That’s right, I’m blogging my manly strength training feat for all to see.

In fact, I don’t feel like this post will be complete unless I let out some disgusting grunt or belch just like some total meathead would do.

Thankfully this is a blog and not a vlog, or you might be in trouble!

I honestly might have been able to go heavier but I was to afraid. What a pansy, right?

That’s alright, that’s neither he nor there. Let me bask in my triceps push down glory.


That was me basking.


Basking done.

For now.

So often I get into ruts, and not just with working out.

With everything.

Ruts are easy. Ruts are mindless. Ruts guarantee the usual and “success.”

But the truth is that ruts are only seem successful because they are reliable and we know we can count on them.

But it doesn’t mean they’re good, or better than the unknown, or that something greater isn’t possible.

Because oftentimes, busting out of a rut reaps real success and goodness!

Tying back to yesterday, I had been in a workout rut for a while.  It it wasn’t bad. It was good. So so good. Remember? The fit chick actually complimented me during the height of my rut.

However, results only last awhile, and before long I was going to succumb to my crutch of a routine and grow stagnant. My body wouldn’t respond anymore.

So it was time to shake it up.

Why is it so easy to be so incredibly jazzed (yep. I said it jazzed. You gotta problem with the word jazzed!?) about a total 180 in my fitness life, yet, I am nothing more than a frightened kitten when it comes to other areas of my life?

The thought of “shaking things up” or “busting out of a rut” in any other aspect of my life sends me into a totally un-jazzed frenzy.

I suppose fear itself can be a safety net and rut too, right?

What other areas of my life could be a “triceps push down high” if I allowed myself opportunity to do something new?

The first thing that comes to mind is random acts of kindness.

It’s not that I’m afraid to actually do something nice for someone else. Rather it is- “How in the world am I going to fit THIS into my life amongst everything else going on?”

I’m sure you’ve been there too.

Is amazing. I just knew when I finished school I would have all this time for things I would love again. Only, I’ve been out a few months now and feel busier than before!

I think the rut of time is getting the best of me. I have the “want to” for helpings others, but how badly do I really want it? Am I willing to bust out of my rut?

I think part of my problem is wanting to save the world. It’s either save the world or do nothing.

Talk about realistic goals, right?

So then I get discouraged that on a Thursday morning I can’t just go and save the day, so instead I sit in my rut.

Because its easy.

Instead, I need to set a real and attainable goal. Not something too overwhelmingly.

For example- serve at the food bank one time before Thanksgiving.

Seems so tiny, but it is definitely a rut buster and something I can totally do.

You know, as opposed to opening my own food bank. Haha

That’s a goal worth setting and a rut totally broken, one service act at a time

Who knows, maybe in these small rut busters and “triceps push down highs” we really are making an impact. More than we know.

Here’s to busting stagnation and making triceps push down highs.


BeBopped ‘till My Heart Stopped

I lost my blog for a few minutes last night and it sent me into a panic. Not only that, but when I tried to go back to my dashboard page to undo the stupidness I did, I couldn’t! I went to my site and it was a total white screen. I literally felt my whole entire body get hot, and I started to sweat a little.

I feel a little silly for saying this, but my adrenaline started pumping and I had the hardest time going to sleep last night!

In fact, I tried to go to bed even after it happened. I thought to myself, “Okay. There’s nothing you can do tonight, and you need your rest, so try not to stress and reattack in the morning.”

Great pep talk.

Only it was a STUPID pep talk because there was no way I was just going to be able to go to bed, drift off into a dreamy slumber and not stress. Not a chance!

So I got up and tried to de-blonde the idiocracy behind my decision to take control for something of which I have no understanding.

Thankfully my basic understanding saved me this time. After last night I decided these sort of changes might be best left in more capable hands.

I just wanted immediate results! I did not want to have to wait. I wanted to create a test page just to see if I could do it.

And turns out I can’t.

Like seriously, can’t.


See!?! This is why we don’t go around doing things without paying better attention!

Oh geez.

Please don’t tell Will.

The crux of virtually every argument between us always boils down to the fact I don’t pay attention.

“You’ve got to pay attention, Britter!”

If I had a dollar for every single time I heard those words out of his southern drawl mouth I would be very wealthy.

Very wealthy.


However, he is right. I am notorious for “bebopping through life” (which is his second favorite thing to say about me when we enter into the aforementioned tiff).

Clearly, the man has a point.

I totally “beboped” right into a sweaty, body-numbing panic.

It’s so fun to bebop though right!? To love life and be carefree and let stuff roll off your back… It’s great! Plus it’s a good balance for my oh so serious husband.

But we obviously learned, yet again, that in all things there is a balance, and whimsically punching buttons has stupid consequences!

Oh heavens!

For this reason I decided I should do far, far more research and reading before diving in and playing around with blog updates.

What a brilliant, idea right!?!

Imagine that.

You probably couldn’t tell, but patience is not always my strongest attribute.

However, I definitely ask for yours because, based on the total and utter complete freak out I had last night, it’s going to be a while as I navigate how to correctly change this place.

Keep ideas coming. The harder the better. I love a challenge when I have no idea what I’m doing.

The B-Love Revamp Project

Apparently while I was in school, buried in books and discussion forums, the blog world changed.

Imagine that! An ever changing sphere of new and innovative ways to present information!

As silly as It sounds, I felt a little like Rip van Wrinkle. As though I had slept for ages and everything was different when I awoke.

Is that the guy? Or was it Sleeping Beauty? Rumpelstiltskin? Did I even spell that correctly?

I’m sticking with van Wrinkle.

I wonder if he capitalized the “v?”

I think I’m veering off track.

Anyway, any good blog has to be fluid and able to accommodate the emerging technologies.

Of which mine does not very well.

And so Thursday night I threw myself a sad pity party about the sad basic-ness of my blog!

The pity party is officially over and I’m going to do something about it!

The real trouble is that I have absolutely no clue how to do anything in this realm. Seriously. I’ve blogged for seven years and know how to type and post. Done!

In fact, that’s what I told the girl who designed my blog: Make it easy.

The girl who has code plastered all over my website that means nothing to me! Make it easy I said!  Not so much.

That doesn’t work so much with keeping up with the times, right?

Ha the other day I thought it’d be good to put a Facebook/twitter button on my blog. I actually have some likes but I have no way to track who liked it or how it links back here (see? Technologically inept!!). Anyway, I think you see what I’m getting at and that I’m trying to make this place one I can be proud of!

Over the next few weeks I plan on sprucing up the place! Which is a little scary and foreign to me, but very necessary.

I ask for your patience as I work through updates, but we will get there and will be better for it!

Also, if you have some ideas for things you would like to see, please drop me a line or comment and I would love to hear it!

For example, I was thinking about adding a tab to post my workouts or meal plans. I’m definitely open to ideas!

I just know this place needs to freshened up a bit.  So let’s do this!

New and improved blog… Work in progress but well worth it. 

not gonna lie, lucy puking on my couch today prompted this post.

Nothing says good morning like bile on your love seat, right!?

Also, I’m sitting here trying to type a post and am utterly distracted by my disgusting keyboard.

For some reason I never noticed it before, but in just the right light I noticed it’s sort of gross on the “l”, semicolon, enter, and control keys.

First of all, I have no idea why I felt the need to specifically tell you the keys that have some unidentified shiny substance atop them.



Sorry. There’s really no need for that!

So, speaking of messes, I’m curious about how you all clean your houses/apartments/condos/tee-pees.

Before I started back to school I had this handy schedule I absolutely could not waiver from.

If I did, I was grumpy the rest of the week.

So pathetic.

How did I not know the amazing power of a dusty house? haha

However, then I started school and the name of the game was mere existence.

If I didn’t see it, I wasn’t cleaning it. Which meant very rarely would I do my baseboards, fans, windows or any of that other crap. Pre-Return-to-School-Brittny would have said I let my house go.

I say I let it become normal finally.

However, now I’m done with school and have all this time in the evenings that I occupy by my sad laziness and palate for the new Fall lineup on TV.

But, hello! My house did not stop needing to be cleaned along the way, Brittny!

So now I have this whole internal battle about whether I should go back to “Colonel Clean Brittny” where I clean each and every day in an effort to keep up with the whole house and not have a ton of cleaning all at once, or just sort of clean as I go or as I feel it “needs” it.

Secretly I really want to go back to my former self. Unfortunately I have tasted the freedom of being done with school, and it is so good. And so hard to want to go back to my old ways. I have the desire for that same squeaky cleanliness but no gumption to actually go forth and do it.


Maybe this means I’m normal?

Don’t answer that.

And why am I suddenly tempted to use the babies as my fluffy dusters?


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