Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks
Why My Masters Degree Means Nothing

Friday: The Good Edition

The good: My recovery week ends Sunday!
The bad: Insanity is going to kick my butt next week! (or maybe that’s a good thing?)

The good: Getting my masters degree and hard work at the office paid off and I got a promotion this week!
The bad: I have to travel for work next week. :(

The good: I am travelling on my own, which I prefer most of the time.
The bad: I have to drive on my own, which I hate most of the time

The good: Since I’m on my own, I can eat what I want and can load up on healthy things
The bad: No green monsters for me OR Will this week.

The good: The weather is going to be decent where I’m headed… but still cold.
The bad: Long walks to and from various buildings… in the cold.

The good: I arrive with plenty of daylight, incase for when I get lost.
The bad: I get back to OKC at 5:45… which inevitably means 8 because, really, do flights ever get to where they’re going on time? Hopefully I just jinxed myself for the good?

The good: Will is playing paintball with the guys this weekend which gives me some time to myself.
The bad: My sister has a weekend class which means no sister time!

The good: It’s Friday! And a good week for me. Let’s end on a good and not a bad! Happy weekend, friends. More to come.

For the Love of Layla (And Chicken Suits?)

I have a date with Layla this weekend and I am very excited!


If we are being honest, I am excited/nervous.

Layla and I get along great, so long as her mom or grandma are in the room.

If either of those people are not around?

She gets a little freaked out.

Plus she is teething now.

The combination of not liking me when we are alone, plus having teeth violently shoot through her gums will likely leave her tenuous at best.

But wait.

Let’s back up.

Because aside from being nervous, I am excited- remember?

I have never watched Layla alone before, and this will be my first opportunity.

P is taking a weekend class for school, and my parents are out of town, so it’s just me and Layla (and Will for part of the day).

Ha, I have to laugh at myself for just a minute.

All day yesterday I was hammering home the need to be nice, be ourselves, not let mean people drag us down.

Yet today I totally find myself being utterly consumed with being liked-

By a baby!

A baby that cannot even speak!


Okay, so maybe I am being a little dramatic.

Chances are, we will be totally great (hopefully!).

The truth is, regardless of what happens when the door closes, and it’s just the two of us, don’t care!


I do care.

Obviously, crocodile tears are bad, smiles are good.

But what I mean is, regardless of if there are tears or not, I am really looking forward to spending time with my sister’s daughter one-on-one.

And what’s more, I am happy that this is the first of many sessions with my favorite girl.

I look forward to telling her how cool her mom is, and doing interesting things together (which my sister says will probably involve force feeding poor Layla some terrible vegan “dessert” concoction).

And obviously, I look forward to future dates where the big, drippy tears are absent.

Until then, however, I will take what I can get.

And apparently, people do really ridiculous things for the people they love.

And I am not above resorting to desperate measures to guarantee laughs from a baby that can’t even speak.

Anyone have a chicken suit I can borrow?


More to come!

And happy birthday to my beautiful mom! ❤

A Series if Short Posts: Brainiac

I am officially addicted to the free trial of Luminosity.

I am killing these games.


But true.

A Series if Short Posts: Gaze into Microwaves

I often stand in front of the microwave watching my food cook.

This can’t be good for me, right?

And who is so impatient that they must literally stand, comatose in front of a microwave while they watch their food get fried to completion?

Apparently me.

Desserts in My Drawers

I literally stuck a big, beautiful pink strawberry cupcake in my desk drawer Friday forgot about it.

Yes, this did happen.

Ugh I am almost 30 and I still find myself doing the silliest things!

Is that even silly?

Um, how about creepy/weird/stupid/and what the heck were you thinking!?

Those are probably more appropriate.

And this is NOT the first time.


Do you remember this?

I disgust myself.

So- hear me out.

Because I at least get to plead my case, right?

There’s always a story with me…

You know by now that I try to limit my chemical crap-storm intake.

If I am going to eat junk, it’s going to be on my terms and it going to be planned in advance.

So when my wonderful boss brought me a cupcake Friday from one of the trendiest cupcake shops in town, I was touched by the thoughtfulness!

It was even strawberry, which is my favorite (best boss ever).

I graciously thanked her but thought to myself- “there is no way I am going to eat that!”

However, it was so kind of her to do it, that I did not want to offend.

My first option is always to give it away. Yes, I know. I am an enabler. Anyway- that’s what I like do.

I put it in a Styrofoam bowl and hid it in my drawer, like any completely normal person would do, you know- to be a little discrete about the fact that I didn’t eat it and was going to take it home to Will.

Only I didn’t.

And now it’s Monday morning.

And ants have probably gnawed a hole in my desk.

Because I am a complete scatterbrained blonde.


Talk about TLC Hoarders Food edition!

Who does that!?

No one, Brittny.

Because that is completely ridiculous.

I know! Let’s post about it for all the world to see!


Anyway- let’s hope I have a drawer when I get into the office.

Happy Monday! Haha


Since we are on the subject of food… might as well share this week’s menu (not hidden in drawers, mind you!).

Post-workout green smoothie to start my morning as usual.

Breakfast later that morning?

Don’t ask.

Let’s just start calling breakfast, “the usual” until such a time in which I actually change what I’m having.

In which case, I will let you know.

Until then?

It’s the usual.

Gosh I am so boring.

Yet simultaneously unpredictable (um, read cupcake story above).

Lunch is homemade tabouli salad!


I am sharing the recipe with you guys tomorrow.

For some reason snacks this week are all about celery.

Please don’t ask.

I have no idea why.

Round one was with homemade avocado hummus (recipe coming soon),

And round two was with natural peanut butter.


Hurray for celery!


I don’t know…

It just seemed like the right thing to say.


We are having loaded potatoes tonight because I have a hair appointment and need to have something easy since Will has to feed himself tonight. I made BBQ chicken yesterday, and baked the potatoes (sweet potato for me!). Now all Will has to do is microwave and assemble with toppings. Fool proof.


Tuesday and Wednesday we are having red beans and rice. Easy crockpot recipe that is ready when I get home.

Thursday we are having this tasty honey sesame crockpot chicken over rice. I am having mine with tofu. I hope it is good!

As usual, I end most nights with a protein shake.

All of these items will be prepared fresh and will not find there ways into obscure locations.

Scouts honor.

Now if only I could say the same for the cupcake on Friday…

Thursday Confessions: I’m a Perfume Hoarder

I can’t finish a bottle of perfume.

I just can’t.

No seriously- I can’t.

Like 75% of the time.

As in- I still have a micro-squirt of Estee Lauder Pleasures in the back of my perfume “area” because that’s what I wore the day of my wedding, and I simply can’t bear to throw it away.

But at the same time I don’t really want to buy a new bottle of it because now there are other kinds I like better.

But I can’t part with it.

It was my wedding perfume guys!

Duh, and everyone knows you have to keep it.

So I pretty much have a menagerie of half sprayed perfume bottles all over my perfume “area” because I am a perfume hoarder and can’t seem to just freaking finish a bottle already!

I mean, unless there is one that I simply love, and in which case I will finish it and buy a new one. However, there are just tons that I just “like” and want to keep around forever because they remind me of memories.

And it’s like I believe if I finish a bottle, then the associated memory will be gone.


But at the same time- and in my defense- there are a lot of perfumes I liked but would not buy again just because I didn’t LOVE them. However, because they came with good memories, I keep ‘em around, half and three quarter bottles empty, all over the place in my perfume “area.”

We should stop saying “area.”

It sounds like I’ve a whole portion of my house taped off and devoted to mostly empty bottles of perfume.

And so what if I do?

Anyway- I am veering off track. Let’s get back to the matter at hand:

1. I can’t let go of several perfumes because I’ve linked them to happy times in my life.

2. Even though I feel this way, I do not want to go out and buy a new bottle of many of these perfumes because they weren’t my favorites, however they were lucky enough to be worn during a good period of my life.

3. As a result, I have a hard time parting with them and therefore allow them to sit in my perfume “area” drawer.

4. I am a complete weirdo and need help.

But hear me out! Maybe some of this will make sense you will agree I am not entirely ridiculous?

Probably not.

But we are in too deep, so let’s keep digging.

Take the green Chanel Chance, for example. Every time I wear it I think about my trip to Jordan in 2008. Such good memories.

Lacoste Touch of Pink reminds me of our trip to the Super Bowl. Such a great trip.

Hermes Eau Claire De Merveilles reminds me of our trip to Dubai. The Burj literally gave an entire bottle of the perfume and cologne to guests. What!?

Magnetism reminds me of my sister and living in Kuwait.

Very Sexy reminds me of Valentine’s Day and fancy dinners out.

Stella (One of my favorites!) reminds me of going to see my sister Halloween weekend of 2009. We went to see Tiesto in concert and had one of the most fun weekends! I bought it while I was there.

The three samples of Clinique Happy I have remind me of high school. I got complimented all the freaking time when I would wear that. Hmm.. maybe I should buy a bottle again?

Tom Ford Black Orchid (another favorite… it smells HORRIBLE the first 30 minutes, but give it time and it smells amazing) reminds me of my sister the weekend of her 21st birthday. We both douced ourselves in the stuff when getting ready to go out and celebrate.

Okay, so you get the jist.

See? I can’t just throw all those away!? Geez. Now that would be crazy.

Alright, fess up-

Please tell me I’m normal(ish)-

are there any perfume hoarders out there? Time to come clean.

A Recipe for Dog Food

-Mix one part birthday night with one part best friend

-Don’t forget the pitcher of sangria

-Add a dash of late night pizza (you know, to soak up the sangria?)

-Sprinkle in a light headache

And voila! A recipe for disaster.

The night was great. Quite honestly, it was pretty low key. We spent the entire evening at Bolero in Bricktown. It was so relaxed and perfect for us.

We got home a little after midnight (See? Told you it was pretty low key).  P ended up staying the night, and left shortly after waking.

Then my usual morning routine commenced.

I began with helping Will feed the dogs. I went outside to feed the Bigs, and picked up a few blankets they had scattered in the the yard.

And went back inside and carried on.

Thankfully, thankfully Will looked out the window a few minutes later, and much to our demise…

my phone was in the yard.

My phone was in the yard and in Rocky’s mouth.

Will rushed outside.

But it was too late.

Then came the tears.

Um and to clarify, mine, not Will’s.

Then came the lecture (understandably). Will was so frustrated with me.

I’ve had this blog for 8 years now (!!), so if you’vre read awhile you know I am no stranger to losing, dropping, or forgetting things.


My phone?

That was one of the things I babied.

I had it for two and a half years and never dropped it on a hard surface, lost it, or did anything stupid.

Thank God.


until today.


I felt horrible.

Another thing you guys you probably know by now is how we manage our money (ala Dave Ramsey). We really hate spending money on unnecessary things, and this?

Was one of those stupid accidents I wish didn’t happen.

Now I have to buy a new phone when I could have spent that money on something way better, and something I didn’t already have!

Ugh. Accidents really do happen.

Oh and spend a day without your phone and tell me how incredibly lost you feel.

We won’t even get into that!

It’s not even the junk like Facebook and my LoseIt apps that I miss.

Okay, that’s a lie. I really do miss those.

However, it is just the stuff like my pictures, and music, and texting, and PHONE NUMBERS (um confession: I don’t even know my sister’s phone number. Note to self: memorize tonight!).

So there you have it. An annoying Monday morning story.

We are going to get a new phone tonight because, let’s face it, I should not be allowed out the door without GPS, reminders out the wazoo, and a million other apps that make me much more functional.

More to come. And typed from a fancy new phone.


How to Be More Fabulous: A Guide to Cleaning Up Our Acts!

I used to be a cleaning fanatic.

And I use that term carelessly and loosely.

I used to want to be a cleaning fanatic most of my life, and for a short period I was.

Granted I had Ranji, my cleaning fairy in Kuwait, and then when we moved back to the US I had the newness of a house-

But then life caught up with me.

Life as in a masters degree program that brought me sheer pain for multiple years.

At that point I was pretty numb to the dust on the baseboards and the fact that a section of the counter was a little sticky with some sort of jelly… despite the fact that we had no jelly in the house.

I was also able to look over the fact that Will had taken over half our house.

However upon completing my degree, I snapped into reality.

Our house needed a good cleaning.


Real bad.

And so I took two days off work boiling the house to perfection, and all was well.

Well, except for half the house. We have yet to address Will’s portion but have been assured now that football season is over Will’s primary weekend focus will be getting his areas in order.

A likely story.

Anyhow, it felt good to have a clean house, but at the same time there was no way I could devote that much time to cleaning my house all the time.

So I went back to my old, before-I-went-back-to-school routine: cleaning one room in my house per day.

And that worked for a whole week.

Except maybe not even a week.

I’m pretty sure I simply didn’t feel like it come Thursday night. And then it was Friday- and who wants to clean Friday? Saturday? No way. And Sunday I am busy doing a slew of other things.

So clearly my old plan was not going to work with the new Brittny’s schedule.

I hate a messy house (HATE), but at the same time I hate devoting hours upon hours to getting it spotless.

There had to be a compromise.

Turns out there was.

And you are probably some of the genius women that already clean this way.

So please just be patient with me. It just takes me longer to figure things out sometimes, okay!?

Anyhow, I stumbled upon this article and realized, “Duh! I’m doing it all wrong!”

Turns out I was “zone cleaning,” whereby you focus on getting one room completely clean at a time before moving onto another room.

Turns out (as you probably already know!), this is not as effective.

Is it just me, or do you totally go off on tangents when you zone clean, too!? for example, “I’m going to clean my bedroom!”

I start cleaning the bedroom, and then I will put away some laundry and realize… “Hmm, I should reorganize my sock drawer!” (um, and who does this!?)

Before I know it I have a perfect sock drawer but my bedroom still needs cleaning, but I am too tired to finish the job.

Let alone move to another room!

Anyway, I get in the “zone” during zone cleaning and seem to get far less accomplished than I should and could.

That’s why this article was really helpful.

So here’s the jist-

You clean your entire house.

Pure and simple.

Start doing ONE task and do it throughout your entire house, starting top to bottom, right to left.

So dusting. Dust your entire house, top to bottom, right to left.

Don’t spend ages doing it, either. This is a cleaning job you can knock out in a few hours and can do every week or every other week.  If you don’t get it perfect this time, you’ll get it next week.

Surfaces, same thing,

Mirrors, same thing,

Vacuuming same thing,

And so on. So I went from cleaning a one room every night for 7 days, to speed cleaning my entire house in about 4 hours. In fact, last weekend I didn’t even clean the guest bedroom and bathroom because they were still good from the week before, so it only took me a couple hours.

So I figured if I could help someone else out, I ought to. For that reason I am passing along this tip to you, too.

Basically, who has time for all this cleaning stuff when there are other things we need to get done!?

Especially the really important things like researching BB Creams and eating magoes over the sink, or watching old Nigella Express reruns?


So get to cleaning missy!

Hopefully a fun post tomorrow about mine and P’s big birthday extravaganza!

The Goods and Bads: Friday Travel Edition

The Good
I woke up on time and got to the airport quickly and without getting lost

The Bad
I forgot my Brita water bottle in the rental car

The Good
Got through security early and had time to get to get situated in the airport and enjoy breakfast and a Venti green tea. And got Will vegan cookies from Boston! I hope he likes them.

The Bad
I had to pee the second I got on the plane.

I don’t pee on planes.

So I didn’t.

I will probably have bladder issues later in life.


The Good
Thought I was going to get an aisle seat (That is how my company travel site automatically sets me up)

The Bad
Got a window seat.

On a packed plane.

The Good
Decided to enjoy it.

Enjoyed it.

The Bad
I enjoyed it alright.

While sitting in the plane for an hour waiting for the crew to fix some super computer on the plane.

The Bad (again)
Got to Detroit.

10 minutes after my plane took off.

Here is where we sit and cry in the airport in front of everyone -----> _________

The Good
I know! Maybe they can find me a flight home that is fairly similar.

The Bad
They couldn’t.

Not even close.

“A flight into Oklahoma City? Ahahahahaha”

Thanks Lady.

In fact, the best available was 8 ½ hours later.

Who doesn’t love a good Detroit layover all day!?

The Good
Got a $6 meal voucher.

The Bad
Nothing costs $6 in an airport.

The Good
Got to watch the pretty red tram pass over my head a billion times.

Considered riding it a billion times.

The Bad
Didn’t ride it.

The Good
Worked for 5 hours on crap I would have had to deal with over the weekend.

The Bad
Still have some crap to deal with over the weekend (but not as much)

The Good
Three hours to go. Going to have dinner and put my work down for a bit.

The Bad
I have been up since 4:30 and am ready to sleep!

The Good
I have nothing to do tomorrow aside from grocery shopping (with half of America getting ready for the super bowl), unpacking, laundry, and cleaning.

Crap. That is not a “good.” That is a “bad,” right?

Eh… I’m getting all side tracked.

It has been a long day!

Hopefully yours has been better. I am ready to be home and back on track that’s for sure.

Everything suffers when you are on the road! Between keeping up with emails, family, eating right, and workouts, it’s just not as good as being home.

Back on track tomorrow, even with the super bowl looming.

I had hoped to share my healthy menu with you, friends, but I honestly have not even given it much thought between everything going on this week.

I’ve been fairly silent about work the last few years, but I will disclose that lately it has been difficult. Lots of challenges, lots of layoffs, lots of absorbing heaps of work…

I’m ready to go home. I’ve been counting down the days to my trip home, even on this super short trip!

I got to Facetime with Will for the first time this week too! I was much more excited than Will was. He’s old fashioned and probably would have been just fine talking on the phone, but I insisted I see his prettiness! Good times.

So that is all for now. I will check in later this weekend. Just ready to get some water and food and stop staring at work for awhile.

Happy weekend friends! Let’s make it a good one!


Work Trips: How to Keep it Clean

So remember that post where I said I had to travel and wasn’t happy about it?

Yeah, I didn’t travel.

And I was happy about it.

Until three hours after I cancelled my trip I found out, “Hey! You have to go next week instead!”

Lucky lady.

Here’s where I whine and cry about having to go -> _________.


Glad that’s out of the way.

The one “good” thing is that I saw this possibility coming, so I literally kept my mostly packed suitcase in our closet all last week.

Will loved that.

I just could not bear to put everything away knowing in the back of my head I was probably going to have to go the following week.

So I didn’t!

Good plan.

Last week I was going to have to go with my boss, but this week I went alone.

The good news is when I travel alone, I am way, way less annoying.

Because the only person that has to put up with me is, well, me.

I have an internal mind freakout at the thought of travelling and being unprepared.

So I come prepared.

Really prepared.

So, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my CRAZY helpful tips for travelling for work so perhaps it will inspire you to be healthy on the go.

Nothing is worse than being hungry and ill-prepared- so don’t be! Let’s go!

There are lots of staples I absolutely have to take when I travel.

Sadly, my beloved green smoothies are not one of those things. (duh! “I’m sorry Mr. TSA worker, but I need to take this liquid on the plane. It’s full of antioxidants and veggies and vitamins and basically is a food and not a liquid. Whatta ya say?”)

But there are plenty of others.

So before we begin (yes begin. as in all that stuff above? Yeah- it was not really the beginning. Okay, I guess technically it was… but now we’re getting to the meat? Eh meat. We don’t do meat. Getting to the nitty gritty? Sure why not.), I should clarify this was a quick trip.

A super quick trip, by design and necessity.


I pack a little differently for short trips than long ones, and I also pack differently when I travel alone versus with others.

This post?

It’s about a short trip.


The nice thing about travelling alone is that I’m the boss. No eating heavy meals at night, and no eating junk on the go. Travelling alone means I pretty much always have a plan, and if I don’t? I have a backup.

Take my first travel day, for example. I took the early flight so I had my last green smoothie before I went to the airport and packed breakfast with me. The very first thing I always do when I get through security? I buy a huge water bottle.  I cannot think of much worse than being without water. Pretty much at all. In fact, last weekend P and I were hanging out and we had to make a pit stop to buy a water bottle because I hadn’t planned ahead!

Remember that part about me being annoying? See what I mean?

A few hours after breakfast I had an apple. And a little later, around lunchtime I had a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread I brought.

With carrots.

Yes. I might as well bring a diaper bag with me.

I could probably feed a small preschool class between my apples, carrots, and peanut butter sammiches.

Geez a lou.

And this, my friends, is why I’m annoying.

Just call me Mary Poppins. You just never know what is going to come out of my bag.

Anyway- I didn’t have time to grab anything between flights and knew I would be hungry. And I hate being hungry. So I planned ahead.

But wait. There’s more.

A few hours after that I finally got to my destination, grabbed my crap, and headed to my rental car.  I had a 100 calorie almond pack (:cough: and more carrots) and headed toward my hotel.

So you get my jist:

1. I’m annoying to travel with.
2. I’m healthy to travel with.
3. And you will never go hungry with me around.

So let’s keep moving.

Prior to my trip, I looked ahead to find the nearest grocery store to my hotel so I could pick up some water and fresh fruit, and maybe even a salad for dinner. Yay!

Turns out, a Trader Joes was close which got me so excited! I knew I would be able to find healthy stuff to keep me fueled for dinner and breakfast the following morning. I have never been there before, so I will try to remember to post about it later.

I picked up some stuff and headed to the hotel. Here’s where I unpacked this crap.


I take my protein shakes with me wherever I go, as well as a shaker bottle and water bottle. I combined my flax and chia in my shake containers so I had a complete meal on the go for my mornings. Plus I had some fruit from my trip to the store. I also bought some Luna bars and almonds for an emergency moment. I don’t know what today will hold, so I might be on the go all day. At least I know I have food to keep me going if I’m not able to stop for lunch.

Obviously not my first choice, but at least I have an option around to be safe.

I also bring a water bottle to carry around so I don’t have my thirsty moment freakout situation (reason number 431 why I’m annoying to travel with).

Oh, and I also brought my apple cider vinegar in that silver shaker bottle.


I packed it very meticulously to avoid any regretful mishaps.

I also preplanned my workouts this week. I try to set very attainable workout goals while on the road. I knew my nights would be full of catching up on work, so I brought two days of workout wear but only set a goal of working out once. I’ll have to let you know how I fare!

So there you have it. Bottom line is, while I may be a little annoying on the road (oh, and I feel like I should clarify I’m more flexible when travelling with others… the nice thing about this trip is that I didn’t have to be!), I find ways to stay as healthy as possible.

It is definitely possible.

All I want to do is hurry this trip and head home.  Here’s to a healthy (and fast!) second half of my trip.

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