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The Long Recap & Look Ahead

Hey, it’s the last week of October!?

How did that even happen?

This month was crazy for me. I realize many of you might travel a lot, but for the most part these days I stay put.

However, October had me in Indiana, Texas, and Washington D.C. all in one month. And that feels like a whirlwind, even if some of those trips were full of fun.

This month has been such a blur. Oftentimes looking ahead instead of enjoying the moment at hand. Living to Thursday night as we looked forward to having Friday off for OU-Texas weekend. Surviving the week after and getting readjusted to having no breaks in sight until Thanksgiving. Looking ahead and dreading my trip to DC, and praying the days away so I could rush home.

And here we are. The end of the month.


Slow down.

Didn’t I post about that recently?

I feel I need to back up past the weekend a little to commemorate a wonderful night with my friend Theresa.

After work Wednesday night I drove to suburbia to visit Theresa and her family

The route was very scenic, and I didn’t even get lost!

I got there and was greeted by Theresa and got the grand tour of their beautiful house.  Soon after, Theresa’s husband arrived with little Kayla in tow!

I see pictures and hear stories about Kayla, but it was so nice to finally get to meet her and see her cuteness in real life! Since she was in her element there wasn’t any stranger danger, so we had a good time!

As Todd got Kayla ready for bed, Theresa and I continued chatting and started dinner together.

Can I tell you how nice it was just to be at home? I felt so comfortable and, well, at home.

I don’t like being away from home much these days, and even just a couple nights away leave me homesick. However, this trip wasn’t really like that since I had such good company!

After dinner, we chatted some more about anything and everything, from work, to kids, to faith.

I was so thankful for that evening!

A great evening at home with Terry.

We’ll just glaze over Thursday’s trip home since it was a loooong one. Plus I think I bought a little cold back home with me. Blah.

We’ll glaze over Friday too. Again, long day.

Friday night was low key, as usual these days. We got Subway for dinner and watched a show or two before calling it a night.

Seriously, Will’s hours are such a drag.

On Saturday, we got up super early, and Will went to work while I slowly worked out. Since I wasn’t feeling my best, I took it easy on myself and didn’t in a very good workout.

In fact, I barely broke a sweat!

I figured it was better than nothing, and that I also needed to take it easy on myself since I wasn’t feeling the greatest.

Afterward, I did some light cleaning! I even managed to do the fans too. smile


Bye bye dust!

Will got home, we got ready for the day, and then headed to Norman to cheer on the Sooners!

It was drizzly the whole way there.

As you can see- Will loved the weather. smile

Thrilled About the rain delay <img src=">

When we got into the stadium, we learned there was an hour rain delay.


We coped by sharing an overpriced box of peanut M&Ms.

Rain delay

(Will opening up our loot)

Hey, sometimes it has to happen.

Plus I hear they cure colds?

The game started as anticipated, and for awhile it had me pretty nervous! Thankfully, the Sooners pulled off the upset and brought home a victory!

And it was so much fun, even in the rain.

Here we are trying to look bummed about the rain, but we’re not disguising our smiles very well. smile

Trying to look bummed about the rain (but can't hide smiles)

One my favorite all-time Sooner memories was back in 2008 when Tech was ranked #1 and came to OU and we beat them! The game day environment was pretty much unparalleled to any other game I had been to. It was pandemonium, and so so much fun.

In fact- on every third down the started playing Jump Around, and I kid you not, nearly every person in that stadium got crazy, even the old blue-haired ladies!

One of the best games ever.

Anyway, while Saturday wasn’t exactly like that, but it still was fun!


After the early morning, we pretty much went to sleep as soon as we got home!

But not before I did a little food prep. I made quinoa with cranberries and slivered almonds and roasted sweet potato for lunch this week.



Sunday was a church online day. I definitely like going so much better, but that did not happen! I still wasn’t feeling the greatest, so I skipped the gym altogether. Hopefully the rest does me good.

We got up late, and I got a start on laundry and some cooking for the week. I showered, barely got ready, and headed over to see my girls!

We went to this super cute tiny coffee shop for a small treat! I got an iced tea latte with soy. The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday, so we drove to a nearby park and walked around and enjoyed the day!


I hung out with them a bit longer after getting home, and then I went back to my house to do some more stuff for the week ahead.

And here we are, Monday all over again.

Here’s what on the menu for us this week:

-Stir Fry w/marinated chicken for Will & Gardein chicken for me

-Black beans & Tacos w/shredded beef for Will & Gardein shredded beefless tips for me

Here’s my workout plan:

I’m still not feeling my best, so I’m going to hold off on any high intensity cardio. Instead, I plan on doing the following:

-Tuesday: Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders & 15 minutes light cardio
-Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical
-Friday: Back, Biceps, & Shoulders, & 15 minutes light cardio
-Leg Circuit

And here’s a look at what I’ll be posting about this week!
-Healthy Pumpkin Protein Bars
-What the heck are supersets?
-October Ipsy Review!
-And more!

Check in tomorrow!

the one where i procrastinated a lot, and a look ahead!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend full of good memories that will keep you positive on the start to another long work week.

This is the end of the government fiscal year, so it’s crazy in my office right now.

I’m already ready for Friday!

For that reason- let’s reminisce a little. smile

My weekend was really nice.

OU was on a bye this week, which was sort of a nice break for a weekend.

It allowed me to clean the house and do absolutely NONE of the things I had on my list of things to do when the bye week came.

Oops! smile

Friday night was uneventful because Will had to work Saturday morning. Just hung out and watched some TV.

Saturday I got up early and saw Will off.

I went to the gym and did a leg circuit.

I love circuit training! I was soaked by the time I was done.

Afterward, I cleaned my house thoroughly.

Well… except not.

It’s getting cooler and we no longer need the fans on all the time.

When I turned them off, I noticed a layer of dust around the blade edges.

But by then I was already done cleaning.

So I turned the fans back on.

We’ll do that next weekend.

(Maybe I should have saved this secret for one of my confession posts? smile )

Afterward, I did something pretty cool.

But I’m not going to share it today.

Remember how I said I have had something on my heart?
Well, I took the bull by the horns.

More to come on that later, though.

Afterward, Will was home and we took a little nap, and by then it was nearly 4!

The girls in my life group decided to go out to dinner Saturday night. I looked forward to it all week!

So here’s the second confession of this post, ever since we got back from Kuwait… oh you know FIVE years ago, we haven’t really connected with a solid group of friends.

(Because I had my sister, and um, what else do you need? Haha)

Sure we have work friends we like a lot, and friends that do not live nearby we often talk to, but in terms of a solid group that live nearby and share our love of Christ and are there to build us up? We didn’t have that.

And I used to think that was okay. However, our pastor has been preaching on friendship lately, and it’s been blowing me away.

Not only that, but the last couple months of being connected in a life group has totally opened our eyes on all the blessings we were missing!

I am so thankful for this group of ladies.

Life group girls!

God is so good!

We went to Mama Rojas on Lake Hefner. It was so beautiful!

Dinner on the lake

I got the veggie fajitas and enjoyed good company. We laughed a lot!

I got home and watched the last of the Texas-K State game with Will, and then it was bedtime!

Yesterday was church, the gym, and then a fun day out with my sister!

We went to Café do Brasil for a late brunch. We had heard good things about it, plus they have a good vegetarian menu.

The food was yummy! I wish I would have taken a picture of it to share.


But I did get a picture of the creepy mural in the bathroom.

Why do I feel like he’s watching you “go?”

This is a mural in he bathroom. Why do I feel like he's watching people pee?

Afterward, we took a walk around Midtown and ended up at Coffee Slingers. I got a peppermint tea, and P got coffee.

Coffee slingers

We sat and chatted and enjoyed the break.

We walked back, headed home, and wow it was nearly 4!

Where did my day go!? I still had to prep food, do laundry, edit a video…

Yeah, not my best afternoon.

And no, it all didn’t get done.

Eh, it happens… at least that’s what I’m telling myself so I stop being neurotic.

Here’s a look at what we will be chatting about this week:

-We wrap up our protein series high as a kite

-Another at-home football inspired workout drill to wrap up our September series!

-A sweet (and surprising!) treat

-How to travel healthy

-and (hopefully!) insights into why we can’t be perfect

So check in this week. I look forward to our chats!

the one with the sunburn & look ahead

Hi friends!

Another work week to tackle, but I have some fun stuff planned so at least I can look forward to sharing that!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It’s beginning to feel more and more like fall, right? And it officially begins Sunday!

We had a nice weekend, and (as usual) I was sad to see it end.

We started easing into the weekend with a Thursday night birthday celebration for my dad’s birthday!

Cupcakes for dads birthday

I am so glad I get to have my parents so close, I am very blessed.

Friday was a full workday. Busy from the time I got there, all the way until I left.

I was ready for the weekend to start.

Friday night P, Layla, and I had a wild night at Walmart.

It got crazy, ya’ll!

Only not really. smile

Will had a going away party for work, so the girls and I went grocery shopping.

Here’s what’s for dinner Monday-Thursday:

-Tamale Pies (We were supposed to have these last week, but didn’t. They are so good!)
-Fried Rice (Chicken for Will and Chik’n for me. smile )
-Black Bean Enchiladas

I love that we just do 2-3 dinners throughout the week and do leftovers. It makes life much easier.

Afterward, I spent a little time at their place and then went home to see Will!

We caught up on a couple shows, and then called it a night.

Game Day came early Saturday morning.

It was an 11:00 kickoff, so we were on the road early!

The weather wasn’t too bad, in fact the morning was beautiful! As the game started and we got to halftime, however, it got pretty hot.

And I started to feel myself burning.

It was a mess.

I put on expired sunscreen, but did not but enough on my arms and legs.

And did not bring any to reapply.

Stupid mistake for someone as pale as I am.

I knew it was bad when Will, who wore no sunscreen (genius) had enough and said we needed to go

And with good reason.

We were sporting OU colors!

And not in a good way.

Burned Ou-Tulsa

Yow.  Ou-Tulsa


It was a quiet evening. We just passed aloe back and forth and watched TV.

And tried not to move.

Sunday was a little better.

Will did much of the above, sitting on the couch, applying aloe, and watching football.

I, however, had a good day out with P!

My parents watched Layla while we went downtown and had brunch at Kitchen 324!

It was so nice. The weather was perfect in the morning, so we enjoyed sitting outside while awaiting our table.

Waiting for brunch


I got the fruit salad as well as a side of the quinoa.

Kitchen 234 fruit

P got the green eggs and ham, which looked pretty but are not pictured.

We enjoyed a nice meal and chat, and then headed home to prep for the week ahead.

Sunday girls day!

The girls After brunch!

The rest of the afternoon was spent prepping breakfasts and lunches, laundry, and trying to get ahead for the week. I even watched some football with Will.

I made another batch of poppers for Will, and even tried my hand at a vegan version with nutritional yeast! Mine are at the end.


And that was about it!

So now that we’re here to Monday, let’s take a look at this week’s posts!

-Our protein powder journey continues
-Another at-home football inspired workout
-Thursday Night Football: a sweet treat!
-Bringing my best

And more!

So check in this week. I look forward to our chats!

Another Hot Weekend & Look Ahead

Hello pretty princesses!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! What did you do?

Mine was nice, hot temperatures and all.

My Friday work lunch was so great because I got to meet up with an old friend/coworker!

I love this girl so much, and although we talk pretty frequently, I have not seen her in real life since last November.

Pathetic, right!?

She has 3 kiddos ranging from early elementary to college, so she is busy, plus we live so far away from each other, so emails and texts seem to work best. However, another coworker and I agreed we just need to make time to do things like this, so we did and I am so glad!

We went to Kaiser’s Bistro. I had the black bean burger and green beans (thankfully they don’t serve with bacon anymore).

Selfie before lunch with the girls.


After work, I went to the store and picked up groceries for the week.

-Here’s what the B-Love family is having for dinner this week:

-Veggie Burgers & Brats w/grilled squash

-Penne Pasta w/homemade red sauce and Meatless Balls

The meatless balls come courtesy of Gardein. Incase you are wondering, Will does not eat them, but since I do I make them for myself! So so good.

-Tamale Pies

So good. I will have to share the recipe with you! Perfect football fare.

Some of the above will make leftovers, hence why there are only three days of meals.

Friday was a pretty quiet evening. I got up super early that morning to work out, so I called it a night equally early.

Saturday morning Will worked for a few hours, so I hit the gym and did a leg circuit.

My workout was pretty amazing, but for different reasons than you may think. I plan to share what made it so special later this week, so stay tuned.

I also changed up what I did and am paying for it today. I am sore!

I got home and did a little light cleaning, which made me very happy. It gets hard to keep up with housework during football season, so I was thankful for the opportunity to get some done. Then Will was home! We took a quick nap since we got up so early, got ready, and then it was time for game day activities to commence!

We were pretty unadventurous this week and just did On The Border for lunch. It’s a good compromise for us, and I like it better than Will’s favored Ted’s because they have vegetable fajitas.

I get the veggie fajitas and ditch the tortillas, and enjoy them very much.

It was hot again yesterday. Really hot.

We got there about an hour early, and thankfully we were in the shade so it wasn’t unbearable.

It’s always the getting to the stadium part that’s the worst.

The walking to the stadium, walking to our seats, going to the bathroom where there’s no moving air.

Once we get to our spot, I’m good. It’s just getting to our spot!

The striped the stadium, which always looks cool.

Stripe the stadium  OU-West VA

Stripe the stadium  OU-West VA

The game was brutal.

Even though we won, I feel like we sort of lost. The defense played so strong, but our offense was very disappointing. The boys have lots to figure out before next week, and even more before the Notre Dame game later this month!

The game got over late, so after showering I went straight to bed!

Yesterday morning we slept in a little and opted to do church online since we got in so late. I really hate doing that, but it is frequent affair when OU has night games.

Will mowed the lawn, and I went to the gym to work chest, triceps, and shoulders. I also did a quick stint on the elliptical, which is a rare occurrence for me.

Given the choice, I will always pass on the ellipitcal or treadmill when I can do something quick and dirty (and more fun) like this, this, or this.

Yesterday also started Will’s Sundays of life in front of the television.

Fantasy football and NFL Sunday Ticket.

A lethal combination.

Lucky for me, I have a plan in place!

I showered and started getting around and my blow dryer died on me.


This has not been our best month. Between a $1200 truck AC replacement, vet bills, and a few other unexpected expenses, I’m pretty much ready to put this string of bad surprises behind us. The blow dryer was just another thing to add on that darn list! Thankfully they are far cheaper than new truck ACs!

So I’m sporting wavy hair bunched up in a clip.

Blow dryer broken :(


That did not stop me from getting out and about!

P and I made a quick trip to Starbucks. I got a smoothie and she got tea. Afterward, we headed to Petsmart to get dog food.

I live a glamorous life. smile

Here’s Layla watching the fish.


Then, it was on to Target to get some things for the week.

We love Target!

We love Target!

Before I knew it, it was 5 and time to start preparing for the long week ahead. Where did the day go!?

And back to work again. Luckily I have fun stuff planned. Take a look!

-Our protein knowledge continues to grow
-Another football inspired at-home workout
-Thursday Night Football Fare: B&P make another treat
-Welcoming you to my sanctuary
-Random Ramblings

And more.

Stay tuned and “happy Monday!”

Labor Day Weekend Recap & Look Ahead

Hello there sweets!

Can we please take a minute to express our excitement for a long holiday weekend!?


So, so nice.

And needed!

I sure hope you guys are having a great one. What are you doing?

Ours has been nice!

Friday night we went to a BBQ, which was enjoyable and thankfully in the shade. I’m pretty sure I would have sweat to death if not!

I brought a fruit salad, which we all enjoyed very much. We had a good time and good fellowship with others.


I’m pretty sure you guys have a good idea what occupied my Saturday. smile


Ah, seriously, friends- Best.time.of.the.year.ever.

Before the day got started, though, I hit the gym for a ridiculously early (4:15!) workout.

Apparently my body thought it was a week day.

I got a good workout in and started my day off right.

Afterward, I spent most of Saturday morning with my sister and Layla prepping for this week’s video fun! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Here’s a sneak peek:


After that, Will and I headed out for our game day fun!

We started off the first game of the season with a late lunch at Ted’s, a game day tradition.

I got the guacamole salad and ended up splurging on one tortilla.

This was the first year in a couple years that we decided to sell our Sooner Tailgate passes. I was so thankful for it!

The Sooner Tailgate is a pregame event where some season ticket owners have access to about 30 restaurant vendors.

You go and basically get all you want a couple hours before the game. It ends up being an all day thing by the time you get there, eat, and wait around for the game to start. Plus we never eat all that much, so we figured we might as well sell them.

Plus it is always SO FREAKING HOT for the first few games.

And I rain from my head.

I’m pretty sure people think I’m going to pass out at any moment.

Yeah, not fun.

I’m sweaty, and grumpy, and it’s just not fun for either of us.

For the sake of my sweatiness (and sanity), we opted out of the tailgate.

It was so nice getting to the game only an hour before kickoff- compared to 3 hours like we had to with the tailgate.

It was a nice, cool 103 when we got there.



The game was lots of fun, and it was nice getting to see Trevor Knight’s debut.


Since it was a night game, we got home way late!

I told Will I was not going to set an alarm for the morning, which is uncommon for me.

Get this- we slept until 10:00!! I never ever sleep that late.

I hated missing out on the morning to get things done, but I was not going to dwell on it, especially since I had Monday to get things done too.

We ended up watching church online because of the late morning. The rest of the day was extremely lazy.

I did laundry, prepped meals, and worked out. I always hate going to the gym late on the weekends- it is so busy!

I’m terrible at sharing equipment.

The inner three year old comes out in me.

I was low on protein, and we were out of vitamins, so Will made a quick trip to Sam’s for me which was nice too!

Only… he game home with unapproved items.

Will hates me

That boy… what am I going to do with him!? I can’t send him anywhere. smile

They are for his lunches, and I am shockingly good at staying out of them, but still- really!? Did we really need the 30 pack of candy bars AND skittles!?


Sunday night was pretty low key, fitting for such a quiet day.

Today has been nice!

I usually take a rest day on Mondays, but since we were off, and I slept a little more than normal, I did the 500 workout I shared last week.

Today we are cooking out at my parent’s house and just having a relaxing day.

Nothing too exciting, but just nice to be off and hanging with my favorites.

Here’s a look at what is ahead this week!

-Whey Cool: An introduction into protein powder, and why you should be taking it

-A football inspired workout

-Thursday Night Football: B&P kick off the season with a treat!

-Plus more!

Check in this week! I look forward to our chats!

OU Obsession: 2003-2013

Today was supposed to be Q&A with P.

Yeah, about that…

Obviously not happening.

Instead, it’s 100% me today.

Which, I realize isn’t as exciting because its always 100% me on this blog each day but hey, humor me.

Plus it’s Friday.

And a three day weekend.

Surely we all feel optimistic and a little more forgiving, right?


So read on anyway.

Well my friends, tomorrow the madness begins- let OU football season commence.

I cannot explain to you the night and day difference of our household from now through December compared to the rest of the year.

There’s a different vibe, a heightened level of excitement and awareness.

Watching carefully for the next big catch or upset,

ready for our boys to pounce and tackle their way to a (hopefully) respectable bowl game.

We can sniff out a bad call, fun tail gate, and all the best stadium bathrooms.

We’re like wolves apparently.

But seriously, it is definitely a different feeling around here, and will be through the rest of the year.

It’s like welcoming back that super cool older middle school friend you adored and looked up to when you were in grade school.

You know- the one whose mom would let her watch Friends and The Simpsons, when yours wouldn’t?

The one who wore her big sisters way cool Z. Cavaricci jeans and Clinique lip gloss.

And always smelled like Calvin Klein perfume.

Yeah- she was the best, right?

You just felt cooler and more confident with her around.

Fall and football season are sort of her equivalent.

Only sportier and sweatier.


This OU season will be an interesting one. Will, the forever Sooner optimist, is hoping for a BCS bowl game and thinks it is within reach because of Trevor knights raw talent (which will become more refined this season).

I, on the other hand, am always more trepidatious about such predictions, mainly because we have been let down so many times before (but let’s not forget, all they have accomplished is still nothing to sneeze at!).

Regardless, I’m looking forward to game day and the revival of our annual traditions.

In honor of tomorrow’s season opener, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at some of our pictures throughout the years.

We used to buy tickets to a game or two when we were engaged.

Here we are in 2003, in the rain!

2003 OU north Texas in the rain!

In 2004 we got season tickets and I think Will may have actually cried tears of joy. smile
2004 Football!

No games in 2005 because of our move to Kuwait. :(

We made up for it in 2006 by going home on vacation during football season and seeing most of the games! Here we are before OU-Texas

hook em horns...not

Will went home for a game in 2007 while I stayed back and spent a fun extended weekend with P. We did, however make it to the Fiesta Bowl that season (it was played in Jan of 08).

happy sooner couple- pre-loss

We moved back in May of 2008 and have been going ever strong! In January 2009 we went to Miami for the 2008 National Champtionship.
when we still thought we had a chance

Here we are at OU-Texas 09. We also went to Nebraska that year, which was really cool, but I didn’t get any pictures!


OU Texas

Here we are in front of Big Tex for OU-Texas 2010
Behind big Tex

2011 was a trip to Florida State!
Before the game

And here we are freezing our butts off at the OU-OSU game in 2012
Chilly Willy OU-OSU

I look forward to lots more memories and pictures to share as the 2013 season commences. Let the games begin.


Thursday Confessions

I often stare blankly and glaze over when people talk about directions to places I should know.


After all, I’ve lived in OKC for five years now. Obviously I should be familiar with this place!

Yeah… about that…

I’m totally spatially challenged.

Eventually I play along and nod my head like I absolutely know what they’re talking about (um, not to make them feel weird, or me look stupid) when in reality, I’m so lost.

I can’t spell bureaucracy most of the time.

Initiative gets me sometimes too. 

And regimen.

It gets me every time.

I have no idea why.

And thank God not being able to spell initiative does not mean I can’t have any. Oh boy!

I still don’t have a Pinterest.

I’ve got everything else, but that.

And I have enough.

I have more than enough.

Based on what I know of all the wonder and shininess of Pinterest,

I can tell you I would quickly become a total addict.

I would be out of control.

People would come into my office and be all, “Where’s Brittny?”

And I would be in the corner bathroom stall sitting on the top of the toilet, phone in hand, trying to

Yeah… so no Pinterest.

I eat a ridiculous amount of bananas each week.

Like, I probably average 1 ½ a day.

This is true.

Back when I limited almost all fruit, bananas were the devil, which is pure crazy talk.


Clearly I’m simply making up for lost time.

Speaking of eating, I have a serious weakness for Chocolate Digestives.


And when I say weakness, I really mean that if I ever happen to find a pack, I eat the entire roll.

In one sitting.

Occasionally with peanut butter.

I haven’t had any in about a year, so I was thinking the other day I might be due for a cheat meal.

Pass the peanut butter.

And a banana.

Anything you need to get off your chest?

Weekend Recap And Week Ahead Preview (And P Goes to Work!)

Hello lovelies!

Why do I always feel like I start my Sunday posts with, “It’s Sunday! I can’t believe the weekend is over!”?

Probably because, I always do.

I would say I’ll try to work on my creativity, but the truth is, every Sunday I think to myself, “It’s Sunday! I can’t believe the weekend is over!”

So yeah… maybe I should do some self helping and work on that…

Lucky for me, I’m posting early, so I still have lots of the day left.

Anyway, I hope you are having a fantabulous weekend!

And crazy- did you know fantabulous is a real word?

I totally thought it was a “fake” word. I am notorious for adding a “y,” “ing” or “ous” to the end of anything to make up my own variations of words.

And yes, I’m 30.


So, I just typed it and the red spell check error of death didn’t come up, so we should totally overuse this word now since it’s legit!

Anyway, back to the weekend part of this post. I hope you had a greatfantabulous one.

Mine has been nice. Friday was uneventful. A thrilling trip to Sam’s, and that was about it!

A quiet Friday was fine, because Saturday was full. We ended up driving to see Will’s grandparents (and a lot of other family) for the day. We typically have a family reunion every July, but this year it was cancelled. Instead, our “branch” of the family tree got together and cooked out and spent the afternoon together.

Can I tell you how much I love both sides of my family?

My MIL called to make sure I wouldn’t starve, and even picked me up black bean burgers.

We have a lot of July birthdays, so we ended up celebrating them all together, so that was nice too.

Not only that, but Will’s grandma gave me the prettiest apron! Her mother (Will’s great grandma) left behind lots of fabric, so Will’s grandma made aprons for all the ladies in the family based upon fabric that seemed to reflect each of us. It was so thoughtful! Mine is white with pretty red and pick flowers on it, complete with pretty lace around the edges. Very girly.

I look forward to doing some clean cooking in it.

Special apron Will's grandma made me

We ate, shot paintballs-

And even Will’s grandpa got in on the fun!

Shooting paintballs with grandpa

We got home sort of late, so Sunday morning we watched Life Church at the movies online instead of going. Definitely check the series out! I posted a list of times below you can catch it.

The rest of today will be full of chores and more chores. Boo.

And then there’s my beautiful sister.

She starts her big first job tomorrow!

Ugh, when I think back to my first job, there were a lot of growing pains! Plus I documented it all on this blog, which makes me cringe when I go back and read about my immaturity, but at the same time, makes me thankful for some of the life lessons I learned along the way- and also makes me thankful I got out from under such a crappy work environment.

What about you guys and your first jobs?

I remember the helpful insight you offered way back when P first started college and felt sort of lost and alone those first few days on campus, and I thought I would throw out the same request for helpful hints and advice as she nervously begins this next big phase in her life.

Any tips she should consider?

I gave her funny ones, like no stripper heels or blowing giant bubbles with pink Bubble Yum (obviously grape, however, is totally acceptable haha), but I also gave her some practical advice she hadn’t thought of, like what to do at lunchtime her first day and all those silly insecurity things you fail to think about but panic about your first few days.

Anyway- I’m sure any thoughts or stories on your own first job would be appreciated.

Now let’s take a look at what is on the agenda this week:

-The Nice Girl Campaign continues
-Cleaned up Vegan Twinkies. Yes, after Tuesday’s post, this is happening.
-Workout hydration
-Ipsy Review
And More!

Check in this week!

And here’s a list of of upcoming At The Movie times (all in CST)! Check it out! All you have to do is go here and click on “Watch Live” at at the top of the right corner of the screen at the designated time you choose below.

1:00 PM
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Holiday Weekend & Look Ahead

Hi! Can you believe it’s already Sunday?

I sure hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend. And hopefully some of you were lucky enough to have a four day weekend.

In which case I’m pretty jealous.

Although, I should not complain.

I was able to work from the house Friday, and it was very quiet. So that was a win in my book.

Did I tell you I started a real Brittny Boot camp?

Yeah… I mentioned that.

But can I please just mention it again (even though I just did)?

So yeah, I started a real boot camp during the week.

Granted, my two attendees are some of my biggest fans (P and my dad), but that’s neither here nor there, right?


Plus I selfishly find that I get more benefit out of the whole thing than they do. Sure they get a better, healthier, more sculpted body. However, I get to work out and get that benefit too, plus the fun of creating a new workout and spurring them on to be their best!

Double win for me.

Um, and a triple win would be if I could do more of these for people other than those that have to do it because they live right down the street,

and know I will come to their house and gently wake them up if they are not in attendance.

So yeah.

Anyway- lots of fun.

Lots of sweating.

Lots of burpees.

You should join.

I’ve sort of veered off.

A lot.

My weekend.


Was good.

The 4th was fun- boot camp, tanning, cooking, eating, fireworks. Yay!

Friday was a lot of fun too.

Boot camp, working from my parent’s house, cooking, and spending time with my family! Layla’s birthday was so special.

Layla turns one!

My mom, sister (um who just finished school two weeks ago and landed a super huge job with the state this past Tuesday! YAY P!) , and I had fun getting everything ready. P made her this beautiful cake.

Layla turns one!

So pretty right!? And I made myself pretty vegan cupcakes!

Layla made out very well for her birthday, getting lots of fun stuff P and I enjoyed playing with more than just as much as Layla. The only downer was that we couldn’t fit into the little car she got.




Saturday was a super fun day. We went to the Toby Keith & Friends Moore Relief Concert.

It was hot.

Really hot.

And I wore a goofy hat.

And didn’t even care.

Braving the heat! Toby Keith Moore relief concert

It’s not often we go to OU for something un-football related, so Saturday was a fun treat.

Will was like a kid when Garth Brooks took the stage. It was too cute. I’m so glad he got to see him! I have lots of video that I hope to upload later this week.

And today we were blessed by Life Church’s at the movies!

I would love for you guys to join us in our series.

You can usually watch the Life Church sermons anytime you want, but since these have actual movies in the sermons, they can only show them during specific times for licensing reasons.

For that reason, take a look at the upcoming opportunities in the next few days to watch online (or go if you are close enough!). Definitely a fun series, and if you are able to go to the campus, the decorations are out of this world! All times are CST.

4:00 PM
8:00 PM
10:00 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
4:30 PM
6:30 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
7:00 PM
8:30 PM
10:00 PM

So let’s take a look ahead to what we’ll be chatting about this week!

The Nice Girl Campaign continues!
Why a calorie isn’t a calorie
How the right music can improve your workout
50 Shades of Brittny
A backyard workout (hopefully with video instructions)
And more!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Check in soon!

the gratitude journal.

Last Friday was stressful.

The Moore tornado left me afraid of a single dark cloud in the sky for fear there might be another terrible storm to follow.

Plus the weather anchors promised bad weather pretty much every day the following ten days after it happened.


Last Friday was no different.

Meteorologists warned treacherous weather could mimic events in Moore.

And I suppose the night did not “disappoint.”

Five tornadoes and double digit deaths.

The tornado on Friday was an F5 and the widest tornado on record.

But that’s not what I’m posting about today.

However, it was this event that led me to this post, so allow me to set the scene.

Many businesses allowed their employees to go home early that day to ensure everyone had the opportunity to get to a safe place, mine included.

I left around 3:00 that afternoon and rushed home, trying to do some of the major things I had put off since the Moore tornado:

do a quick video inventory of my house for insurance purposes, and pack a backpack of things I simply did not feel I could live without if the worst happened.

Talk about sobering.

Reducing your entire life to a backpack?


I sped home and immediately started a video inventory of my house. I didn’t do a great job, but figured it would definitely serve its purpose.

And then I got my backpack out and thought to myself, “How in the world am I going to do this!?”

Thankfully most of my pictures are stored online, so although I have lots of important photo albums from the “old days” when you actually had to use a camera with film and take it to MotoPhoto to get developed, I opted not to lug those along.

I will have to deal with those sometime soon.

Anyway, it was really hard to pick what I simply could not bear to lose, because there are lots of things.

I would guess most of you feel the same way about certain things too.

I picked a box full of letters I wrote to “my future husband” when I was a teenager, since they’re freaking ancient now, and also since they were something I made for Will before I even really knew him.

I picked our wedding video, as well as another small box of important “stuff.” There were still two other boxes I was unable to bring, which made me sad. I suppose in hindsight I should have just brought another small bag and found a way to cram it in the shelter with us.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Anyway- I suppose I should get to the point.

After the dust settled from the five tornadoes that tore through the state that night, I put a couple of my prized possessions in their place the following morning.

It was at that moment I noticed a small little book with the words, “Gratitude Journal” inscribed on the front.

As soon as I saw it I instantly remembered how important this book was to me, and I was surprised how easily I had forgotten about it!

Back in 2004 I started writing little letters to Will in it, capturing some of the funny or sweet things he had done throughout various days that brought me joy or for which I was grateful.

It was funny to look back at all I had written.

I kept this little journal active when I was in Kuwait, and would try to write in it at least once a week, recalling small events that made me appreciate Will.

Although I had seemingly forgotten about it, I sure would have been sad to have lost this book.

It brought me such joy over the years.

I remember at the time thinking how doing something like this really made me appreciate the small stuff, and how absolutely crazy we were about each other. And even when it seemed like Will and I weren’t as absolutely crazy about each other as we were during our newlywed stage, there was certainly a deep love that abounded and something I could certainly see in those little day-to-day recollections.

And it was nice! It was a way to count my blessings, no matter how small, and in doing so my love for Will got stronger.

And it’s so strange how you can be in the habit of doing something, and then all of a sudden stop without any reason, really.

And not only that, but forget about such a treasure altogether.

I wrote sporadically from 2004 to 2007, and it looks like I forgot about the book and picked up once again in 2008.

The last entry was in January, when we were still in Kuwait and had no idea we would soon be moving home. 

And now I am sort of bummed I didn’t keep it up to date with little everyday thoughts of gratitude the last five years. Because I am sure there was enough to fill he book by now!

It’s funny. When we first moved back to America in 2008, I felt like I had so much time on my hands.

It was crazy!

Granted, at the end in KuwaitI was working all week for about 11 hours a day, which left no free time at all. Moving home was like a vacation.

However, it’s interesting how “so much time” can be filled with tons of empty “stuff.”

I have been struggling with how to be a better time manager time lately, and finding this book was a nice reminder that I need to fill my life with more goodness and less meaninglessness.

Do I really need to check social media a million times a day?

Could I find time in my schedule to volunteer once a month?

Can I make my family a bigger priority?

How can I be more efficient on the road, at work, in the morning, during my evening hours?

I saw an interesting quote the other day by someone who said, “I make myself rich by making my wants few.”

This statement struck a chord deep within me.

I find myself getting excited about a million things,

wanting a million things,

trying to commit 100% of myself to a million things,

or at least the idea of a million things, which in and of itself can be exhausting.

And before long, I feel like I am on this never-ending hamster wheel of complete insanity.

And I end up exhausting myself and being ineffective.

Seeing this journal.

Reading such simplistic thanks for the most basic of niceties or compliments really refocused me on the richness in enjoying each and every day, free from as much clutter as possible.

I’ll be honest. I don’t have a plan of attack yet, but I am certainly thinking about it.

My first action is to make a daily appointment with God each morning.

So often I hurry myself through my Bible study and make such little time to pray, let alone take time to really seek God or take in His word.

That alone will be a major step to my time management and refocusing.

I also think it will help with the prioritization of so much else. This one act will really help set each day on the right path of less clutter, and I know from firsthand experience.

I have also been thinking about ways to manage my evenings better. There are plenty of things I can do over the course of the week that I leave until the weekend.

I’ve also been thinking about realistic volunteer opportunities. Instead of saying I am going to do something twice a week and then never doing it, how about setting a more attainable goal for myself?

Anyway- you get the picture.

I have so much to be grateful for, and really want to take time to focus on such things.

So the book.

I suppose we should get back to that, since that’s where it all started, right?

The book remains unfinished, with lots of pages left to write.

I decided it would be a fitting ten year anniversary to give to Will next March.

That leaves me plenty of time to fill it full of more day-to-day gratefulness and memories to look back on in another ten years.

It also leaves me with a little time to harness my time and make it count. And who knows, maybe that will end up leading to more gratuitous memories to write to Will?

Would I have liked to have more for him to read between 2008 and today?


But the good thing is that I found it last week and not another five years from now, looking back thinking, “What in the heck have I been doing with my time?”

So here’s to a refocus and rededication of everyday gratefulness in the small stuff.

Because most of the time, that’s the big stuff.

More to come…

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