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Pictures are Up!!

Saalam guys!

I posted pictures of the cruise to my Flickr account! My sister’s are stored on here too, so there’s a lot to see.

If you click on my flickr you can go to the collection I named Mediterranean Cruise 2008. Inside that collection are all the pictures organized by each stop. I literally took me something crazy like 8 hours to save all of hers one by one (she had hers on another site), upload and name all mine, and then upload them onto Flickr. The good news is that thanks to Flickr I now know how to say Hello in like 16 different languages (hence my greeting above)!

You can gauge how hot and humid the day was by how few pictures we took of ourselves in each set. ha ha. As you can see- Tunisia was pretty miserable.

It was truly the best trip of my life and I’m glad I can share it.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

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The Post Before The Big Update One

Anyone want the most beautiful Rottweiler ever?

Because we have one for sale.


It hurts my heart to even type that. I really like him. Guys, he’s BEAUTIFUL. The vet even asked us if we planned on showing him. I love holding him and playing with him and just looking at him.

He’s a great dog, and he’s really smart. The trouble is that he’s having trouble getting along with our other puppies.

Oh guys, it makes me so sad. Over dinner tonight Will told me he thought it was time to sell Rocky.

I hate that so much.

I was the one that wanted the Rott. I wanted one so badly. I’ve wanted one for years, and now that we have one we have to give him up. My heart hurts.

Teddy? She’s amazing guys. I wish you could meet her. You would fall in love. There’s just something about a lab that makes everyone smile. Go to this site and you can see Teddy’s first pictures. Her name is Star on this site because that’s what the breeder named her before we picked her up.

Isn’t she ADORABLE?

She’s fox red in color, and it’s so unique. I just love her and she already loves us. She’s going to be the sweetest dog. The trouble is that Rocky is a big meanie to her, and guys, we can’t have him changing her disposition because that’s what we love about her.


So, we talked it out and made the hard decision to sell our little Rocky. The dog I’ve wanted for so long.

Just looking at him makes my heart hurt because we know our time is limited. We contacted the breeder to see if anyone was interested in a pup and he’s going to get back to us. I just want him to go to a good home because he’s a good dog.


So anyway, I had these great visions of telling you guys all about how great Rocky and Teddy were and how they were going to be part of our family for a long time, and sadly, I’m not.

I don’t even know why I’m posting. I guess just to vent.

Also because I miss you.

I never realized how turning comments off and not reading blogs daily would make me feel lonely!

With the whirlwind of a summer we’ve had between the move and buying a house and starting a job and going on my trip I haven’t made any friends and hope to do so soon. I need to start getting involved in the community and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fresh friend meat to meet (ha ha, say that 3 times fast!). I’ve missed you guys though, and I’m sorry for sucking this summer.

I’m watching Rock sleep and it makes me feel sad. Perhaps a UN Peacekeeper guarding the back yard would be a good investment and allow us to keep him?

Yeah Yeah, I know. Shot in the dark.

More to come…

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

That’s where we’re off to today friends!

I’m so excited. We’ll spend all day out and about visiting the Tuscan Landmarks of Florence & Pisa.

I’m sure you can expect incredibly annoying pictures of me and P leaning with the tower, or holding it up with 1 hand. I think you’re obligated to take cheesy shots like that when you’re there, right?

Oh- did I tell you guys the average age for people on our cruiseline is 58?

5-freaking-8! That means there’s a host of people way older than that for that to be the median!


We’re having fun. I’m sure. 

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Driving Miss Daisy (I’m Driving Will Crazy)

Will’s last day of work was yesterday.

Yep. The guy is officially a house-husband, but don’t get any visions of fresh baked cookies or newly painted walls. Will? Yeah, he’s not exactly into such things.


Anyhow- along with not renewing his contract come a whole host of potential arguments inconveniences- such as no longer being able to drive a company car.

You wouldn’t think driving would be a big issue between husband and wife.

Ha- who am I kidding!? Driving has been an issue since day one. You don’t think Adam had a lead foot as they road out of Eden?

“Adam! Slow down! Don’t make me stop this camel!”

“Cleopatra you MUST properly signal while driving this chariot! Do you know what people must think of me,Caesar, when they see the way you recklessly drive?”

Yeah- driving has been an issue among the ages.

See, Will is the driver of the marriage. Whenever we go somewhere, Will is behind the wheel. Now, however, it’s me behind the wheel, and well, let’s just say Adam and Eve have nothing on us.

We went out last night to celebrate a few things in our lives (namely Will’s contract completion and my sister’s college acceptance letter) which required me to drive in extremely heavy traffic to our destination. Have I told you Kuwait is one of the most dangerous places to drive? Lovely.

Prior to arriving, we made a pit stop at the movie store. After our stop, Will thought it best to take a “short cut” to avoid the Gulf Road traffic.


This little short cut was not only filled with last minute, “Turn there!” comments as I passed by the exit, and “You need to give me time!” responses.

Not only that, but this “short cut” actually put us farther away from the destination! So then we had to take another “short cut.”

Repeat above conversation.

Times 5.

Oh guys- it was fun.


“You’re such a bad driver.”

“Well you better get used to it because I’m the driver now!

That’s right Will, I’m, the driver.”

Oh wow- I only wish there were a video camera to capture last night’s events. Let’s pray that Will never breaks his right foot. We’d be in trouble friends.

I know I’ve said this a thousand times- but I really mean it: Will and I could absolutely never ever go on The Amazing Race.


Despite the constant bickering to and from dinner we had a great night. I posted a few pictures on my Flickr. My camera’s battery was low so sadly, they didn’t turn out very well.

Oh and I posted some pics of the old apartment. Excuse the mess- we were moving.

Have a lovely weekend! More crazy driving arguments to come- I’m certain…

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Just FYI-

I’m downloading some old pictures to my flickr account. So, no I did not travel the world this past week. They’re all old pictures.

that is all. carry on. 

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P-Dub Is Legal.


I simply can’t believe you’re 18. I feel so full of adult (albeit parental) feelings right now, and once again I’m reminded that you’re grown up and are about to venture out on your own to begin a whole new part of your life.

The last 18 years of my life have been full of so many fun memories, and so much of that is because of you! I love you so very much and hope you’re having a great time in NYC. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

As you can imagine, this is one of those posts where I could drone on and on, but I figure I ought to save that emotional crap for when you leave for school. Probably a good idea, right?

So here’s a short list I compiled about all the FUN and EXCITING things you can do now that you’re the big 1-8:

*Drink in virtually every country other than Kuwait and America.

*Rent rooms from sketchy back alley motels. 

*Be tried as an adult- and then get sent to seriously terrifying maximum security women’s prisons where you have to bunk with a 7 foot tall hairy-legged woman with Russian ancestors. Oh- and you’d have to wear those scary orange jumpsuits too- except for every 6th Tuesday- that’s Pajama Day.

*Run for public office. You could totally instate Cute Belt Day!

*Vote. For yourself. Do I smell a write-in?

*Get into posh clubs- where you can handout pamphlets about your campaign.

I’m sure there’s more… but it’s been a few years since I was 18 (ha ha, I sound so old!)

I love you bunches. I hope today is full of happy surprises- and a little bit of warm weather! Come home soon- I want sushi!

Just a few pictures over the last year:



(last year’s b-day)



Oh and PS- you look totally gorgeous in this last picture.  excaim



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