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Will and Brittny’s Five Year Run: Year Five, The Year of More Changes

I know you’re shocked, but I’ve dubbed the road to year five The Year of More Changes.

I can’t imagine why.

This year was so different than I ever would have imagined. I never thought we would have been back in America. I honestly thought we’d be in Kuwait for a couple more years. Ha- and here we are, almost in America for a whole year!

This year was such a whirlwind, full of many changes.

From resigning, to two weeks later being back in America, and two weeks after that finding our house- to almost losing it to other buyers- to getting it again and then finally moving out of the in-law’s house and into our own place- and an awesome 20 day cruise somewhere in the fray!

It was full of learning a new job, housing guests, and getting used to the American life. Oh- and buying two pups which have quickly turned into horses.

And who could forget expensive gas, no maid, and taxes!?

It’s been quite a year of changes, and yet again we’ve adjusted and plowed through- although this year was sort of a tough one. I guess life can’t always be easy, right? If only!

This year has been full of lots of things, both good and bad. I miss my family a lot. This has been the first time in my life in which I’ve lived away from them. I also miss living in a foreign country. I really enjoyed living overseas. However, I must say life in the slow lane definitely has its perks. I forgot how many things I missed.

It’s been full of adjustments and getting used to different things, and it has continued to grow us. This is our life, and this is the life we have made for ourselves- together as a team. We have become a team- albiet a team that doesn’t get along very well when needing to do home improvement projects- but nonetheless a team. It’s almost like I can’t remember my life before Will. It’s always just been us, and I’m thankful for just “us.”

I have no idea what the road to year six will be dubbed. I hope it’s the year of Winning Five Million Dollars, or the year of Inventing Something and Retiring or even another year of Fun.

I have no idea what this year will bring our way- but I’m thankful to God for the things He’s brought us through thus far. I look forward to the road to year six with Will, and I hope you stick around to share the trip with me.

Tonight will consist of making dinner and hanging out on the couch together at home- so thrilling I know. The secret truth is that we’re major home bodies and I’m very excited about our “big” Friday night anniversary plans. Tomorrow we’re going to Zios for a late lunch (um yum!!) and then we’re going to hear Dave Ramsey (google him) speak! I’m excited about our date night. Like I said- we’re not very exciting, even when it’s our fifth anniversary.

Happy Five Year Anniversary, Will. It’s been a really interesting run full of lots of twists, and I’m so glad we’re in it together.



Will and Brittny’s Five Year Run: Year Three, The Year of Honesty- Year Four, The Year of Not Much

I have to double up on today since I was a slacker on Monday and didn’t start the week out right.

The road to year three was sprinkled with adjustments, but by that point we were pretty much pros at handling the scorching Kuwait heat, the annoyances of the job, and any new changes that came our way.

I like to call our road to Year Three The Year of Honesty because I think it was at this point that Will and I got really close and began to really grow into each other and our life. The dust had finally settled long enough for us to get used to something and adjusting to life the way it was. I feel like being overseas made us really rely on each other. We shared and we confided. It was a year in which we really began to search within ourselves about our future together, our plans in Kuwait, and everything in between.

The road to year 3 we spent a long vacation in America during the fall, going to all the big OU football games. We also made a trip to Miami in 2007 to watch the Colts win a Super Bowl! It was a lot of fun. Oh- and who could forget our trip to Dubai in May of 2006!? That was such a great trip-and I almost forgot!

So I’m going to share something really goofy and personal with you guys-

every year of marriage (except for the first :( ) Will and I have made a short little video capturing what’s going on in our life. Check out our third anniversary video:

I’m such a goof. I like doing this though. It’s not too long- and just captures a glimpse of something I will always want to look back on as we go farther down this journery of marriage.

The road to Year Four I’ve entitled The Year of Not Much. Nothing really too big seemed to happen. We just sort of coasted. We worked, we vacationed (at home again woo hoo!), we tried to enjoy the weekends (when I’d actually get one). Not too much happened. We made a trip to Jordan, which was amazing, and we went home for Christmas.

While we didn’t know it at the time, I think the Lord was preparing us for the road to Year Five. We just didn’t know it. Sort of funny to watch this video knowing what we know now, right!? And yes- we will most definitely be taping from a different “venue” this year. ha ha

Tomorrow’s the big day! 

Will and Brittny’s Five Year Run: Year Two, The Year of Changes

Without a doubt, the road to our second year of marriage was what I called The Year of Changes. In April of 2005 my mom and sister followed my dad over to Kuwait, and in May of the same year we did the same!

It was a whirlwind of a move (and you can read all about it in my spring/summer 2005 archives!).

We began our stay living with my parents in an apartment. It was tough, but when I look back on it I’m thankful for it.

Will had a job, but I had yet to get one. My sister and I spent that whole summer of 2005 literally locked inside the apartment day after day with nothing to do- but when I look back on it I’m thankful for that too.

We even took our first trip together, spending about a week in Qatar (um- once again, you can read about all that in the archives).

We went back home for Christmas that year and made a pit stop at the Mall of America and even caught a Packers game. It was lots of fun.

Will and I had a lot of adjustments to get used to- a new job, living with my family, eventually a new apartment, selling our condo back home, a new country, new customs- it was all so new!

But we managed- and came out stronger for it.

The road to year two was full of so many transitions and changes, all which I’m so thankful for. It was so fun moving to Kuwait and experiencing everything for the very first time. In fact- I’m starting to miss it just typing about it!

The road to year two was full of lots of fun- but most of all- lots of gigantic changes. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come!



Will and Brittny’s Five Year Run: Year One the Year of Fun!

Hi guys!

So it’s been a few days since we’ve last talked. I’m sorry about that.

I’m back and better than ever!

This week is mine and Will’s “anniversary week!”

I’ve never really given Will and I an official “week,” however this Friday (ha ha, yes, Friday the 13th) will mark our fifth year in marriage. While it doesn’t seem like an eternity compared to those married for 25, 30, or 55 years- it still seems like somewhat of a milestone!

With that said, I thought everyday this week (ahem- I’m already one day behind. oops!) I’d post something about each year of our marriage! So- let’s get started.

For some goofy reason I’ve labeled each year of our time together. Year one was what I called: The Year of Fun.

We had such a great time our first year of marriage, it was the best.

Here are just a few things I’d like to share.

Will and I stayed in the Poconos on our Honeymoon- Caesar’s Palace Resort to be exact! It was the greatest honeymoon and we had so much fun.




Our first year of marriage Will somehow managed to save our money and surprise me with our very own beautiful Christmas tree! I got home from class one Friday afternoon and when I opened the door Christmas music was playing and our beautiful tree was all lit up. It was the best surprise.


Our first married Easter Will remembered how when I was little my parents would make this whole big ordeal out of finding our Easter basket- complete with candy trails and everything. He was so so sweet and thoughtful and it was the nicest surprise.


We got OU season tickets that summer and went all the home games sitting in our overy own seats.

Will surprised me and took me to the Quartz Mountain Resort the first summer we were married. It was such a sweet surprise.

I was laid up with my foot surgery for our first anniversary, so that was a bummer (you can read about it in my March 2005 archives if you get bored). We still managed to have fun.

Year one was so great. When I look back on it I’m always full of such joy and love.

The road to year two will be tomorrow. I suppose I’ll double up on one of the days since I slacked off and didn’t post yesterday!


Miss P Turns 19

Today Miss P begins her last year as a teenager.

Gosh- that now seems like quite a while ago for me!

Happy birthday my love. Can you believe this is the first birthday we’ll spend apart from each other? How much does that suck right?

Don’t worry- I’ll still eat like a cow in your honor-

and complain about it for 3 hours afterward-

in your honor, of course.

I miss you a ton and so wish I could celebrate with you.

I’m holding your present ransom until you come see me.

Okay- I’m lying. I’ll send it to mom and dad’s.

You are my kindred spirit and I love you so so much. Today is definietly a BadGal Mascara day- and perhaps the new Chanel Chance? Definitely. In fact- I think I’ll wear those things for your day too! smile

I miss you. The Village or Bust.

Since I still have her gift in the states I infiltrated her email account with literally like 15 different birthday cards. ha ha I’m hilarious.

Given that P is one of the three readers that frequent my blog- she is sure to see this post. Don’t forget to wish her a Happy 19- and offer lots of last year teenager advice.

My last year of teenagedom advice is don’t get too hasty to be out of your teens. Enjoy putting the “teen” on the end of your age this last year. Oh- and don’t date boys your age. “Teen” may be good for you but notsomuch for them. ha ha

Love you <3

i heart my sister

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P Goes To College.

So the last two days have been entertaining blasts from the past. Today we’re going to tone it down a bit.

I know- I’m disappointed too (not).

Among other things (ie: spilling the baby planssmile ) Jessica suggested I write about how P is doing in school-

and I thought that was quite possibly the best.idea.ever!

P decided to pursue a degree in hotel management. Her experiences abroad have given her the desire to travel for the rest of her life and work in a growing industry that gives her the opportunity ahd flexibility to go wherever she wants! I think it’s awesome.

Why didn’t I think of that 8 years ago when I was entering college!?!

Anyway, it appears as though her current plan has changed and she will stay at her current university for a couple years, and then she will finish her degree elsewhere.

I keep trying to get her to come to Oklahoma. OSU just started a program for hotel management.

She’s not biting.

I don’t understand why…

Anyway, her school is so so so awesome! P- you really must guest post while you’re back in Kuwait next month! The people need to know the truth! ha ha

She is getting a BS, and along with the normal boring “basic” classes she has fun classes like kitchen!

Although- I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think of Kitchen Class as “fun.”

Their final exam is like a bad episode of Hell’s Kitchen. She had to cook a three course meal in like 12 minutes and serve it all fancy.

Okay- so I’m exagerrating about the time, but it was pretty astonishing when she told me about it.

She also gets to learn about wine and fine dining and she has to be able to speak another language fluently before graduating.

She speaks French.

And I love her for it.

Guys- when did my kid sister get so totally way cooler than me!?


Anyway, her school is freaking awesome and it makes me want to Freaky Friday our lives for a week.

I’m joking.

Actually, really- I’m not.

I saved the best part for last!

I got a random phone call from P a week ago at like 5:55 to tell me she had received the hotel she was assigned to work in for 2 weeks during this one special part of their class.

Ha ha- like how technical I am?

I’m sure P can clear things up for us and make me sound more coherent.

Anyway- you’ll never guess where she is going to be working!


Hint- we stayed there in the Spring of 2006.

We took goofy pictures like this




and this


have you guessed yet?

Actually- aside from like three of you, has anyone even been reading my blog since 2006?

I’m thinking no.

So I better just tell you!

She’ll be working at the Burj Al Arab!


One of the nicest hotels in the world.

I’m pretty sure after adding that to her resume, it will be like a blank check and she’ll be able to intern wherever the crap she wants.

It’s sort of funny- back in 2006 while we were there we were served this:


and now it will be served by this:


Knife included, of course.

We had beautiful flowers in our room like this:


and now they’ll be arranged by this:


Okay, so I won’t be participating in the flower fun- just P.

I simply wanted to be in the picture because I want to pretend that I am.

(um- remember the living vicariously through my sister thing?)

And wow- my hair was really blonde.

And wow, P’s hair was really blonde too.

Sorry, I went darker this past weekend and am sort of missing the look of “blonde blonde.”

But this post isn’t about me, is it?

Moving on-

P is doing great in school. I’m really proud of her and so excited for all her opportunities.

I’m pretty sure after working at a place like the Burj she won’t be making any plans to attend OSU’s school of Hotel Managment (I still don’t understand why!… ha ha).

Kindred spirits are never very far apart, so I don’t worry so much about was the future holds.

I’m really proud of my sister and am so happy she’s found something she enjoys and loves.

P- you really must guest post when you’re home next week. I’m sure I speak for most of my blog friends when I say your life is far more interesting than ours and it would be fun to hear how school is going!

Does that come off desperate? I’m thinking it does…

Oh well.

So there you have it, P’s school update.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

More to come.

All Signs Point to No.

I’m pretty sure we lost from the second Will and I got on the airplane.

Although- it didn’t seem so at first.

We rode the same plan as Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford’s parents as well as Jeremy Beal’s parents.

Good sign, right?

We thought so.

We ended up getting delayed on our way there, which was a bit of an annoyance- yet we didn’t think it was the end of the world.


We got to Miami late and had to wait almost an hour catch the Enterprise shuttle to get a rental car.

That whole slogan, “Pick Enterprise, We Pick You Up” is a HUGE lie. Apparently that holds true for all places except Miami.

We waited forever and finally caught the shuttle to enterprise.

When we got there we should have known there was going to be a problem. A mass of people, all clad in game gear, was standing outside waiting for a shuttle to take them to their hotels.

Hmm- that seems strange, right?

Will got in line and waited.

We waited, and waited, and waited.

Will finally got to the counter and the manager turned the lights off- all in attempts to say that Enterprise no longer had any cars- despite people making reservations for cars 3 weeks in advance- and that they were closing for the night.

Bad sign?

We thought so…

Yeah- Will wasn’t humored.

They offered to take us to our hotel and bring us back in the morning for a car.

Um- no.

They briefly mentioned trying to go to their sister company’s office to see if they would be able to honor our reservation.

Will and I decided to take a chance and walked over to the rental place. A tiny hole in the wall kiosk sort of place.


Apparently a lot of Enterprise customers had the same idea. There was a line almost out the door all full of people hoping that this company didn’t give away all their cars just as Enterprise did.

We waited, and waited, and waited once again.

Will finally got to the counter.

The Oklahoma gods were looking out for us because we got the

Everyone else was turned away.

Good sign?

We sure thought so.

We were the proud renters of a white Dodge minivan.

Oh yeah baby.

We loaded up and returned to the airport to pick up Ross and Rachel (we took different flights).

While we waited I made a video recapping the evening. As you will see- Will was not humored.

At all.

HA HA I look freaking hilarious in the freeze frame Flickr used. Nice.

We got Ross & Rachel, went to the hotel and called it a night- or late morning… whatever.

The next day we donned our Sooner gear and were ready to go to Miami!

We should have known we were destined to lose…

We got on the elevator and were on our way down (with a dozen other people, some OU fans, some Gator fans… fun times). As we arrived to the ground level, the elevator got stuck.

We couldn’t get the door open.

Bad sign?

We thought so.

This insane Gator fan started to panic and freak out. She began yelling and beating on the door. She started trying to pry it open yelling, “You don’t understand! I’ve got to get out of here! You don’t understand! HELP! HELP!”

We don’t understand that you’re psycho and need to calm the crap down in situations like this?

Yeah- we pretty much understood, lady.

All of a sudden we started to go up again.

Um- not a good sign.

We got to the 2nd floor and there was this huge jolt.

Yeah- I was thinking I was about to meet my Maker right there in a Miami elevator.

What a bad way to go.

We finally somehow got back to the ground level- with this woman going absolutely insane and really freaking us out. Ross and Will were trying to calm her down, but it wasn’t working.

The door finally opened and we tripped the lady on our way out.


But don’t think it didn’t cross my mind.

Bad sign?

We thought so…

The rest of the morning and afternoon was great. We went to Hard Rock for lunch, walked around, and took pictures. We went to South Beach and had fun there too. It was a really good afternoon.

Good sign?

We thought so…

We went back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for the big game. We arrived at the stadium ready to claim our title. This game was ours for the taking.

Well- at least we thought so…

As soon as I entered the stadium I ran into a couple that used to teach me in Sunday school! Too crazy. They moved to Florida and got tickets to the game. I hadn’t seen them in years. What a small world.

I took that as a good sign.

While we were wandering the stadium we decided to get dinner.

As I was waiting in line I ran into my ex-boyfriend’s parents!

Random, right? I mean, I know a lot of people I knew were probably going to be at the game, but in a stadium that size I didn’t figure I’d run into one person- let alone a whole freaking family!

I hadn’t really talked to them since the breakup, so it was nice to catch up.

After my 2nd random encounter we had dinner and were on our way to our seats when…

I ran into not only my ex’s parents- but the whole entire family.

I was going to play it off like I didn’t see them (mainly because I’d seen my ex a few times since the breakup and he totally ignored me), but my ex actually called me over and we talked. He got to meet Will, and I met his wife.

It was sort of nice because things had ended badly. It was sort of like closure because we’re past all that now (I mean it was like 6 freaking years ago) and are both really happy in life.

So- I figured I ought to count that as a good sign.

We got to our seats and were ready for the big game.

Can we please glaze over this part?


I should have known it was going to be a bad game when the Gator girl in front of us flicked Will off.

Yeah- I probably should have taken that as a bad sign.

The game was slow the first half, and well- you know how the 2nd half ended.

We left the stadium bummed about the loss and decided a huge pile of fast food may dull the pain.

Well I thought that…

We drove around for literally an hour trying to find a place that was open.


Nothing at all.

Don’t drive-thrus in Florida stay open late!?!

Apparently not…

We finally found a Wendy’s that had a drive thru open late. At this point it was 1:15. “Yes!! It says the drive thru is open until 2!”

As we approached the drive thru we noticed that the drive thru was open until 2 on Fridays thru Saturdays.

It closed at 1:00 Mondays-Thursdays.

Talk about irony.

We couldn’t catch a break!

So- we just headed back to the hotel.

The next day was pretty much full of airport stuff- which is generally never fun.

We got in Friday night, and it was so nice to be home.

The doggies were very happy to see us, as you can imagine.

My house is a mess, but I’ve vowed not to clean it until tomorrow.

Sort of a mourning thing, perhaps?

All-in-all it was a really fun quick trip.

I know I painted a depressing picture with all the “bad signs,” but I was sort of kidding about all that.

Sort of.

We had a nice time. It was really fun to go with another couple too. It made the trip a lot more fun.

So, we didn’t win our eighth this week and that’s pretty unfortunate. I have no idea what this means for the next season, Bob, Sam, everything…

I just know I’m sort of glad the season is over and now my husband can focus on going thru footlockers with me (ha ha).

Hope you guys had a good weekend. boomer sooner <3

“What I Did This Weekend!” A Short Story by Brittny

This weekend was one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time-

and it’s partly due to my work Christmas party!

Who would have thought, right?

I have so much to chat about today- are you ready to sit for a while?


So Friday was my big work Christmas party (see the below post).

Guys- I had a freaking blast. I came thinking it would be alright, but it turned out to be so much fun.

As expected I saw some funny dancing- to include our vice president! I loved it. People were totally getting down. It was too funny. I sat by my boss and another girl I work with and we had a good time.

By the way- who decides to play musical chairs three hours into an adult Christmas party where 95% of the attendees have been drinking?

Crazy people, that’s who!

I must say, though- it was pretty funny.

I somehow got roped into being one of the players. I only made it two rounds.

I blame my high heels. My feet were killing me by the end of the night.

I don’t think Will had as much fun as I did.


I know Will didn’t have as much fun as me, but I guess that’s because I know these people and Will didn’t.

Anyway- it was a lot of fun, and yes, I will be laughing on the inside when I see some of my coworkers tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was just as much fun.

We went to dinner with Ross and Rachel followed by going to a Christmas play at their church, so that was nice.

After the play we came home and watched the Heisman Presentation (we DVRed it. I love that thing.)!

As you can imagine, we were stoked to see Bradford win.


I think “Stoked” needs to be added to my running list of stupid words I’m not allowed to say anymore…

Anyway- we were very excited to see Bradford win (How’s that? Better than stoked?).

As you can see from my Flickr pictures, we had a good night. I’m partial to the one of me and Rachel doing the Heisman pose. Don’t ask me how we ended up in my belly dancing skirts. I don’t remember. I do remember it was funny though.

Can I blame it on the fact that we were so happy about Bradford winning the Heisman that it impaired our judgement? I’m going to go with that.

This year has been so freaking fun to be a Sooner fan. Just thinking about it gets me fired up. The last home game- against Tech- was freaking amazing. I’m so excited for the National Championship.


Did I tell you guys I’m going?

I know most of you don’t care about football- but as you know, Will is highly obsessed, and now that we’re back in the states it’s only worse.

Anyway, because of our season tickets we qualified for four season tickets through the school so we didn’t have to pay outrageous prices so that was very exciting!

So- Ross and Rachel are going with us to the big dance! I’m so freaking excited, and now having Bradford as the Heisman winner makes it that much sweeter.

We spent a week in Miami in February of 2007, and I figured that’d be the only time we’d be there. Now we’re heading back!

Sigh- I want to go on, but I realize you don’t care, so I’ll shut up.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more in time…

After the game we celebrated which was oddly enough followed by a 1:00 am game of Scrabble.


Oh and just for my own odd benefit- let me tell you what a freaking cow I was last night!

We had leftover pizza from dinner so I ended up eating like 2 pieces of that at like 10:30, followed up with a Reeces Christmas Tree,

(sidebar- have you guys had those yet? They’re freaking AMAZING. They’re like the Easter egg ones. I love those things. They’re way better than the regular ones because the annoying ridged chocolate doesn’t get in the way.)

3 (or 4… I can’t really remember) regular Reeces- because apparently I WANT to be fat,

chips (Reduced Fat!… although… I think after about 2 cups it doesn’t really matter...)

a peanut butter sandwich,

and Cheetos.


No amount of working out will undo that carnage.


I’ll sure try at the gym tomorrow, though, guys- I promise.

Sorry- I just felt the need to unload my weekend fatness on you. I generally share this information with my sister, but she’s asleep right now, so you guys have to suffer now.


Anyway, we had a really good Saturday night too. In my life it’s not very common that I have two nights of big fun. A party, a play, Scrabble!? Too much fun to handle! (ha ha- I’m kidding about the Scrabble part)

Wow. I realize you guys probably could care less about:

“What I Did This Weekend!” - a short story by Brittny

However, I figured I ought to use my blog to chronicle certain things I want to remember so I can look back and, well, remember them! So- sorry for the lame post.

More (less boring crap) to come…

What did you do this weekend? 

another wreckless and wild evening at the wb household

Welcome to an edition of my life. A slice of my evening, if you will.

Before we begin, I feel as though I should warn you of a few things.

In case you’re wondering- yes, once you get to know me really well I’m pretty much loud and annoying and yell-y for no good reason.  In fact, sometimes I even annoy Boz and Lucy, which I imagine is difficult to do seeing as how they think I’m the best and smartest and greatest woman alive (um- largely due to the fact that I’m pretty much the only human they know aside from Will). Anyway- I apologize in advance for being annoying. Will loves it (ha!).

Also- yes, our walls are sad and bare. We decided to buy stuff we want and not crappy crap (ha ha, crappy crap. What is that?) to slap up on there “just because.” Anyway, I’m hanging three tapestries from Kuwait on the wall but want to get a few nice custom frames for them but haven’t had the chance to go get them. So- hence the naked walls. Such a sleazy little living room right? Prancing around with nothing on!

Ha ha- look at me, compensating. No one would have noticed my empty walls, but now that I’ve pointed it out, well, that will be your entire focus.

Way to go, Brittny…

Yes- Will calls me Britter, but I’m pretty sure most of you already knew that one.

Just so you know, we stuck with Will’s “interpretation” of how the nativity scene should be arranged. I guess it’s silly to have the little sheep on one side of the mantle and the wise men on the other. Sort of goofy, but the truth is that I feel sad for the rest of the mantle. It desperately needs to be decorated and this is the first time we’ve had anything adorn this space. I got a little overzealous.

Oh and one more thing- yes, we’re always this much fun. We’re a blast. We’re so funny and crazy and careless.

You do sense the sarcasm, right?

Something Bad Happened to Me This Week:


My chubby knuckles were covered in the crap yesterday, and I think I went to work this morning with brown edges on the corners of my mouth.


I’m pretty sure this purchase was NOT a good decision. 

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