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A Series of Short Posts

A Series of Short Posts: 13 Feb 2008: The First Child

My sister is going to New York for a week next Friday. The kids here get 10 days off for a Kuwaiti holiday (!) so she’s off to meet up with some of the girls she paged with last summer.

Uh- how come our parents never let us do stuff like that when we were teens? I swear the first child is just a test run!

A Series of Short Posts: 13 Feb 2008: The Cruise

We found the cruise! Now we just need to book. Have I mentioned how excited I am about this trip? Between you and me- I must admit, I’m a LOT tad stressed about having to be the responsible one on this trip. Will always keeps track of everything when we travel. This time I have to be Will! AHHHH!

A Series of Short Posts: 13 Feb 2008: Gummy in My Tummy

I accidentally swallowed gum this afternoon, and my stomach feels sick now. I haven’t done that in years. Is it true that the gum stays in your system for a zillion years after you swallow it? I heard that was a farce. I bet it is.

A Series of Short Posts: 13 Feb 2008: Why I Have a Chubby Stomach

Soon after we got back from vacation we ordered from Casper & Gambinis, one of the places we often order. When I called, the lady instantly recognized me and said, “It’s been a long time Ms. Brittny! We missed you!” There’s nothing that makes you feel chunkier than having a person you’ve never met instantly recognize your voice, know exactly what you’re going to order, and also mention how much the business missed you while you were away. Sigh.

A Series of Short Posts: 13 Feb 2008: Jenny

Happy birthday to my beloved Jenny! You can send her birthday wishes here!

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