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A Series of Short Posts

A Series of Short Posts: That’s Mrs. Pooper Scooper to You

Did You know I have four dogs?

Probably not because all I do is take pictures of my little inside doggies.

But we do. Boz and Lucy have other siblings.

FOUR dogs.

Who does that?

Don’t get me started.

Anyway the other two are outside doggies, and here they are:



Well somehow throughout the duration of their lives, I became the poop picker upper.

It wasn’t horrible when they were all the size of Boz and Lucy (who am I kidding, its always horrible) but now they’re pretty much rideable mammoths.

Poop picker upper.

How does one get to hold such an esteemed position?

And seriously, how do I resign from this post?

A Series of Short Posts: The Buzz Around Here

Why is it that something as small as a buzzing bee in my house can send me off the edge, yelling for Will, who is sick, to come take care of the suburban sized bee?

I want to feel sorry for me,

but I really just feel sorry for poor, sick Will. 

A Series of Short Posts: Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

I am seriously contemplating going to the store right this very freaking second and buying natural crunchy peanut butter. I’ve been out since Monday, and it is my biggest vice.

I need a hit guys.


Real bad.

I thought I could be mature with out it, but the truth is that I am weak and can’t.

At least I can be honest with myself.

A Series of Short Posts: Crack Kills

On a whim I ordered workout shorts online.


I rarely wear shorts to workout, but hey- let’s get some confidence by ordering shorts and wearing them!

Except I ordered the shortest.shorts.ever.

I’m pretty sure someone at my age should NOT be wearing shorts in which you have an intense fear of not only bending over but just existing in general while wearing them.

Good plan. 

A Series of Short Posts: Why Can’t I Be Tan?

But I’m not. So I’m forced to slather fake tanner all over myself to have that “healthy glow” all of you other people get from actually being kissed by the sun.

For some reason, though, my sun “kisses” always look like there was a giant make-out session on my knee caps, elbows, and ankles.

Fake tanner… grrr…

A Series of Short Posts: They Ain’t Lays

I made a batch of kale chips last night so I would STAY OUT of Will’s Lays potato chips.

Because, let’s face it- they’re freaking delicious, even for a health nut.

They turned out delicious, and I even used nutritional yeast to give them a cheese-like flavor.

Except I didn’t let them dry well enough before baking because today they’re all wilty and sad looking. Definitely no salty, cheese crunch like last night.

Better tell Will to hide the Lays. 

A Series of Short Posts, 6 August 2009, Lunch Poll

Quick! What should I do for lunch today?

A. Leftover Lasagna

B. Sandwich and Cheez-Its

C. Cereal (pick C, pick C!)

A Series of Short Posts, 6 August 2009, There’s a Reason

Pantene is made for hair and not feet.

I’m just saying…

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A Series of Short Posts, 6 August 2009, Healthy Girl

Someone from work got me a subscription to Women’s Health- which I think is very thoughtful.

I guess now that means I have to stop stealing their Men’s Health magazines.

Do you think they were trying to tell me something? 

A Series of Short Posts, 6 August 2009, I’m Having an Off Day

So I mentioned earlier that I thought today was Friday.

For this reason I believe I’m having an off day.

When I wear flats with no socks I spray my feet with deoderant.

Only today I sprayed them with Pantene Pro-V hairspray.

I think that calls for some dry joke about having feet so healthy they shine.

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