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A Series of Short Posts

A Series if Short Posts: Harlem Shake

Um- am I the only person that had to find out about the latest dance craze, “The Harlem Shake,” from the evening news the other night?

How old do I feel right now?

Seriously- is this dance an actual thing?

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A Series if Short Posts: Cinderella

Will is working tomorrow morning, so I am going to take advantage of those hours by speed cleaning my house.

Have you tried this yet?

Definitely more effective than my old way.

It will all be nice and clean before Will even gets home that afternoon.

I am sickly very excited that I get to clean my house while he is at work.

If there were glass slippers and an amazing ball to attend at the end of this session, I could understand the excitement- but being excited just to be excited?


A Series if Short Posts: Eggs and Drains

Why must Easter candy be EVERYWHERE!?

Seriously everywhere.

Even in the nonfood related aisles, like body wash and draino.



Do you really think I am going to crack open a Cadbury Egg while showering or digging a pound out hair out of my drain?

Perhaps now is not the time to answer that question.

I suddenly have a disgusting craving for Cadbury Eggs in their nonvegan glory and all.

A Series if Short Posts: Face Spackle

I started incorporating primer into my foundation routine each morning and have decided it is one of my best decisions of late.

How have I not been using this all my adult life?!

Why didn’t you tell me I needed this!?

I thought primer was a waste… but seriously- we prime the walls of our homes before we paint something pretty on them, so why not our face?


Perfect sense.

A Series if Short Posts: Hamming it Up

I am officially beginning to be a bit of a vegetarian snob.

I made a pot of beans in the crockpot yesterday (if you are from the South this makes sense, if you are not and this grosses you out? Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds.).

Will loves ham with his, so I always cut up chunks to add to the crockpot.

Only I literally got grossed out at the thought of “my” portion swimming around with his ham and couldn’t have them comingle.



Simply Taking Up Blog Space

Alright, I’m a failure.

I don’t have a post planned for today.

I’m sorry!


I do, however, feel a series of short posts coming on tomorrow.

It’s been ages and it just seems like the right thing to do.

Almost to Friday! We can do it!

A Series of Short Posts: This is Sure to Make Me Feel Better

I love this little bunny! Just looking at her makes me feel better.


P says I should have my own bunny. But she forgets I already have two!

Baby ones



I meant four!

See Pooper Scooper Post below. 

A Series of Short Posts: Father Time

I’m torn between really needing more time in this work day and wanting it to end immediately.

I’m not sure which one I should choose!

Unfortunately, I think it’s the needing more time one.

Please tell me I am wrong and vote for the better option.

Lets face it, that’s what we really want anyway!

A Series of Short Posts; “Bee-ing” Sick

My throat is all sore and scratchy now.

If I believed in karma, I’d think perhaps it was getting back at me for making my sick husband get the bee out of our house when he was feeling his worst.

Anyone have some tea I can sip?

A Series of Short Posts: Green Monster Snack Time

There’s really nothing else to say other than, Ew.

Bottoms up!


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